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00:00<millisa>they are linux instances you spinup and have root on. so yes
00:00<millisa>a few of the docker docs are here -
00:00<Henson>if i have raw os images
00:01<Henson>can you have me to convert it on your environment?
00:01<millisa> might apply
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00:07<toliy>how easy is to transfer DNS to linode from digital ocean; my DNS is maged by Google domains and i\m locked out of that account; forgot my password
00:11<millisa>no harder than moving it anywhere. you setup the dns zones at linode, update your registrar with the new name servers
00:12<millisa>using the dns manager is covered in
00:13<Toba>sounds like your have a google problem not a linode problem, toliy
00:14<Peng_>Is Google your domain registrar or your DNS provider?
00:17<Toba>I assumed (prematurely) that the answer is both
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09:29<synfinatic>damn it
09:29<synfinatic>i'm too slow
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11:24<linbot>New news from community: Are all CPU cores roughly equivalent across Linode sizes? <>
11:30<@mcintosh>oh marques already posted that here :D
11:30<@mcintosh>!point marques
11:30<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to marques. (3)
11:30<linbot>mcintosh: 1. mcintosh (74) 2. eugene (72) 3. millisa (69) 4. dwfreed (63) 5. peng (26)
11:30<@mcintosh>eat my dust, chumps!!!
11:30<dwfreed>I think you cheated
11:30<dwfreed>also why is peng's score so low
11:30<@mcintosh>no, csnxs just gives me points for existing
11:31<@mcintosh>dwfreed: he is split between two nicks... guess I can fix that :p
11:31<dwfreed>Eugene has not linoded in a while
11:31<csnxs>!point mcintosh
11:31<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (75) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 31)
11:31<dwfreed>see, if we subtract csnxs's points, then you're at a much more reasonable level
11:31<dwfreed>!points peng_
11:32<dwfreed>why is that not a command
11:32<@marques>!point linbot
11:32<linbot>marques: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 10)
11:35<@marques>but, yeah.. In case you missed it .. You can now provision Linode resources with Terraform pretty easily.
11:35<@marques>echo 'provider "linode" {}' > ; terraform init
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11:49<montejunto>Hi everyone, i was wondering if i can bring a virtualized machines from Azzure to a Linode server ?
11:50<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: Hahaha that is great
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11:53<@mcintosh>!point marques
11:53<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to the respected marques. (5)
12:05<csnxs>!point dwfreed
12:05<linbot>csnxs: Point given to dwfreed.. (64)
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13:16<@mcintosh>extra period there... whoops
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13:27<AlexMax>Why are there two japanese regions?
13:27<AlexMax>ap-northeast and ap-northeast-1a
13:29<dwfreed>tokyo1 vs tokyo2
13:29<dwfreed>only tokyo2 is deployable
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13:32<AlexMax>what's wrong with tokyo1?
13:32<AlexMax>as in the famous song that goes "i wonder if you know, why we can't deploy in tokyo"
13:32<@mcintosh>it is one less good than tokyo2
13:33<AlexMax>by the Teriyaki Boyz
13:34<AlexMax>as featured in the movie "Hackers 2: Tokyo Drift"
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15:37<AlexMax>Hrm, is there a way to get the city/state of a region from the API? Not like it's going to change, but I'm kind of surprised you only see the country in the API output.
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15:53<maksudulmomin>hello i m new to here how can i active my account
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16:08<@mcintosh>AlexMax: there used to be, it was removed
16:11<DrJ>has linode ever considered extending the 2FA used for the manager login to lish?
16:11<DrJ>specifically, the ssh access
16:13<@mcintosh>DrJ: I don't know of any active considerations but I can add that to an internal list of considerations that we have
16:17<@mcintosh>DrJ: added it to said list
16:17<@mcintosh>!point DrJ
16:17<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to drj. (6)
16:17<DrJ>awesome, thanks!
16:17<@mcintosh>no problem - thank you!
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17:40<nyancat>Can Linode allocate a static v6 block to an account as opposed to a VM
17:42<@mcintosh>nyancat: if you acquire e.g. a /64 it will remain on your account even if the linode it was originally routed for is removed
17:42<nyancat>i just realized how stupid that sounded because of the multiple regions
17:42<@mcintosh>but if you removed all your Linode's in the DC that the pool was in, you would then lose access to it
17:43<nyancat>Is it actually a thing?
17:43<@mcintosh>i'm not sure what that question is asking
17:43<nyancat>Let me rephrase... Is it possible to allocate a v6 block to a specific region per account and not per VM?
17:43<@mcintosh>(fwiw, I believe if you then re-added a linode in the pool's DC, you would regain access to the pool, but don't know for certain offhand)
17:44<@mcintosh>it sounds like the question is, then, "Can you route me a /64 in $DATACENTER when I don't have any $DATACENTER Linodes"
17:44<@mcintosh>which would be a no
17:45<nyancat>Actually, there would always be a Linode in the DC I'm interested in
17:45<DrJ>so if I spent 10 years nonstop just adding linodes, requesting a /64, deleting the VM, and then rinse and repeat....
17:45<DrJ>I would be able to deplete 0.000001% of linode's IPv6 stash?
17:45<@mcintosh>i mean, you could request more than one /64 up front
17:45<@mcintosh>but yes :p
17:45<abi1>all that IPv6 loot.
17:46<nyancat>Basically I want to be allocated a range specific to that region and only for my account
17:46<nyancat>If I'm not making sense, it's because I'm tired ;)
17:47<nyancat>I know what I want but I'm terrible at expressing myself when tired
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18:30<dwfreed>all Linodes in the DC have access to all the routed /64s and /56s in that DC, regardless of which Linode they are routed to; however, in order to use those routed addresses to access the Internet, there needs to be some sort of tunnel between the Linode the block is routed to and the Linode that wishes to use the address
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19:18<jimcooncat>Hi, will be running a fairly simple apache http server. Is the general consensus that I should install Network Helper?
19:20<dwfreed>Network Helper is just to simplify configuring static networking (by doing it for you); it's not something you "install" you just enable it in the config profile
19:24<jimcooncat>dwfreed: understood, thanks. Do you think it would be beneficial? I may want to clone this Linode someday.
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19:28<dwfreed>it is helpful in that, because it'll automatically update the static IP configuration
19:28<dwfreed>note that if you have IP addresses in the Apache configuration, it won't update those
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23:11<Cromulent>can anyone recommend a cheap mailing list company at all? I'd quite like one that offers a hosted landing page but if I have to get my website up and running first then I can do that - I just don't have a lot of money to spend on the mailing list
23:16<abi1>Cromulent: a mailing company? Do you mean a company which does email hosting?
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23:17<Cromulent>I've actually just found a company that seem to do what I want - MailChimp - they offer a free tier which I am unlikely to ever out grow
23:19<Abi12>oh. You're talking about email marketing. Yeah, MailChimp is great. I had a friend who interned there.
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