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09:29<LouWestin>Regarding I’m thinking the VM got compromised.
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11:49<AbleErik>Hey there - trying to understand the Linode private networking which seems very different from other cloud providers with their virtual networks. From what I understand, I can just set a second IP in a RFC private range on eth0 to communicate between VMs. But how do I avoid conflicting IPs with other users?
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11:50<relidy>AbleErik: You just need to enable it from the control panel and Linode will assign one automatically for you. I'm not even sure if manually assigning your own would work.
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11:50<grawity>AbleErik: the private range is datacenter-wide, so you don't get to choose your own in the first place – you're assigned an address, the same way as with the public one
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11:51<grawity>AbleErik: the only purpose of this private networking, as far as I know, is to bypass traffic accounting (i.e. not get charged for cross-linode traffic) – nothing else
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11:51<AbleErik>Ah - OK. The automatic assignment was the missing piece, which explains why I have to firewall it. I was reading other articles that talked about setting static IPs on the private range.
11:52<relidy>You should treat it (security-wise) the same as the public network.
11:52<grawity>but you might as well just use IPv6 for the same purpose, as it already has the accounting exception built in
11:52<AbleErik>So basically it's not a "private" network in the sense that there's a VxLAN associated with my account, but simply a non-routed IP range in the datacenter
11:53<relidy>Yep, that's basically it.
11:54<AbleErik>@grawity: That's probably the most sensible way to do things these days. Just have to brush up on IPv6 :-)
11:57<AbleErik>Many thanks - there were several articles where people were talking about manually configuring these which led me astray. Time to go look for some Ansible playbooks for configuring iptables on IPv6 then
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14:08<warewolf>LouWestin: oh man, I see wordpress sites get popped far too often. :(
14:09<warewolf>LouWestin: the last one I was responcible for I made more secure by making the wordpress plugins get installed in a location that *was not* the apache document root, and had those "upload an image for the blog" plugins only capable of serving gif/png/jpg/etc images so if php code got uploaded it was neutered.
14:17<LouWestin>warewolf: Oh yeah! I’ve run mine securely for years, but I really don’t use any plug-ins.
14:17<warewolf>plugins is the evil that leads to getting hacked, and everyone wants their plugins. :/
14:22<LouWestin>I’m wondering though if it isn’t the actual server that got breached? He mentioned /tmp has some cron job and permissions change.
14:22<warewolf>it's possible.
14:23<warewolf>my linode sees a *crapton* of brute force login attempts, on every protocol that supports user/pass.
14:23<dwfreed>could have used wordpress to get a reverse shell, and then escalated to root
14:23<warewolf>smtp, smtps, imaps, ssh
14:23<LouWestin>I’m not sure if the plugins or WP would have access to that directory.
14:23<dwfreed>/tmp is world-writable intentionally
14:24<warewolf>it's times like these that I wish A) the Linode TOS would permit it, and B) that I worked for Linode, so as a trusted tech I could step in, investigate, resolve it, and help stand up defenses for other linodes. Sadly that's a much more difficult problem than it soundsl.
14:26<LouWestin>I was able to clean up a WP site manually that was hacked. But that was years ago and it was a shared plan.
14:26<warewolf>yeah, it's possible, just not easy.
14:27<warewolf>and often if you're not experienced enough, the best course of action is literally the nuke-it-from-orbit option.
14:29<LouWestin>It was a pain staking process and the surgery was a success. lol
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16:19<LouWestin>I remember way way back when I played WoW and a guild leader’s account kept getting hacked.
16:20<LouWestin>They’d vendor all his stuff for gold and sell it.
16:21<LouWestin>I kept telling him, you’re antivirus isn’t cleaning out your system. You need to reformat!
16:26<relidy>More like, "quit choosing crappy passwords and buying gold online"
16:26<relidy>And it's not like Blizzard wasn't an early champion for 2FA.
16:27<LouWestin>LOL. I think it was a Trojan because he’d be AFK and someone would remotely control him and leave him naked at the mailbox.
16:28<relidy>That's actually pretty hilarious.
16:28<LouWestin>It was!
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16:29<LouWestin>We were on Vent too. Kept getting viruses that reinstalled themselves. 🙄
16:29<LouWestin>That was before the expansions came out.
16:29<LouWestin>Good times!
16:30<LouWestin>Bliz would give you back your stuff so he didn’t care. 🤷‍♂️
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16:46<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Linode Manager and API Maintenance <>
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17:05<AlexMax>man, "Linode API is going down" right as I fired off a long-running script to use it
17:05<AlexMax>oh well, here's hoping things are going okay on your end
17:05<AlexMax>hope it wasn't anything too serious
17:11<csnxs>WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!
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17:17<millisa>not sure if it is impacting the v4 api. my checks that use it haven't complained yet
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22:48<drooper>Good Day. :) Any one here using drupal content manager? :)
22:49<drooper>Im looking for a boot strap theme that has already has CSS and Design and we'll just add content to it, do you guys have any suggestions. I find it hard looking in drupal whereas in wordpress its easy to find one. :)
22:49<LouWestin>Hi. Not me anyway.
22:51<LouWestin>Maybe this link will help.
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