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01:17<zifnab>mcintosh: when you're alive/awake/at work, can you take a look at 11014809 for me?
01:18<zifnab>"backups have been broken for a month, we're looking at it" seems...wrong?
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02:22<xiaoshuangjiasu>Hello, I cannot login Linode
02:23<xiaoshuangjiasu>I have reset my password successfully, but It's not working, still shows "Invalid username or password"
02:29<@klopez>xiaoshuangjiasu: Hi! Send us an email to and we'll be happy to take a look
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06:23<azote>hello. how long does activation usually take? I have a client that i asked to create a linode account, the account was pending then after 2 days the account could no longer be logged in to. we re-registered the account, it got pending for 2 days then once again deleted.
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07:42<MrPPS>azote: might be worth a phone call to linode, or an email to support, to find out what is causing you to be rejected
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08:29<papiesz>is anyone there?
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12:15<drussell[m]>Woet: How dare you answer people 2 mins late :(
12:15<drussell[m]>This is IRC (Instant Respond Chat), shame on you :p
12:17<LouWestin>There should be a mandatory rule that explicitly states all responses should be made within 5 seconds.
12:18<relidy>LouWestin: You didn't get that notice on login?
12:18<LouWestin>Hmmm let me see.
12:19<LouWestin>No just the topic.
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12:23<drussell[m]>LouWestin: 5 seconds?! Mediocre.
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12:25<LouWestin>I was being modest. ;-)
12:28<LouWestin>Three seconds should be quick enough to cover those middle of night questions asking for pricing and password login issues before they close the web chat.
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12:52<LouWestin>I was even going to add on my resume that I’ve adequately answered community support questions since September, but the last answer I gave to a question wasn’t well received.
12:52<LouWestin>I better scratch that line out.
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16:06<noman>I need the Vps
16:06<frailtyy>You're getting warmer.
16:09<noman>I want to Install any Free Contral Pannel With this Vps
16:09<noman>Which One Would be the Best
16:10<frailtyy>that depends on usage.
16:10<LouWestin>If it installs on Linux then you can probably add it. And ^^
16:11<noman>well if i go to the Cpannel would it Cost me ?
16:11<noman>which Graphical free pannel is best
16:12<LouWestin>Most of us just use the command line.
16:13<DrJ>noman the best free one is webmin/virtualmin
16:13<noman>But i m Bit Weak in using Command
16:14<DrJ>but you really should learn command line if you are going to run your own server
16:14<noman>What About the Vesta CP?
16:16<DrJ>noman the best free one is webmin/virtualmin
16:18<noman>and Commad Line in Linux ?
16:19<DrJ>what about it
16:19<DrJ>if you're asking the best tool to connect to the server to do command line I would say putty
16:20<noman>yes i use Putty
16:20<noman>But can u Guide me How Can i use the Linux Commands in Putty
16:21<noman>Coz I have Not Enough Knowledge In linux
16:22<frailtyy>Great opportunity to become comfortable with Linux :)
16:23<LouWestin>Best thing would be to learn basic Linux commands.
16:24<noman>Yes You are Right First I should learn th basic Commands
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16:29<zifnab>drussell[m]: you're a towel
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16:40<shenkwen>Hi all
16:41<shenkwen>How do I get SSL for my website hosted on linode?
16:41<LouWestin>Let’s encrypt or purchase a commercial certificate
16:43<LouWestin>I like certbot’s guide better. But that’s me.
16:43<zifnab>probably better
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16:46<shenkwen>I need some clarification. An article I read says to enable SSL, your website has to have a dedicated IP, is that true?
16:46<LouWestin>Yes. But you have a dedicated one with linode.
16:47<millisa>er, no.
16:47<shenkwen>I host many website on a same linode machine, they all share one IP
16:47<millisa>that's an article from 2013. multiple ssl sites can have the same IP
16:47<LouWestin>Well wait no. That was 20 years ago.
16:48<LouWestin>Before SNI
16:54<LouWestin>When I was with inmotion a million years ago you had to pay for a dedicated IP.
16:55<synapt>That's because they knew people would be suckers and pay for it
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16:59<LouWestin>I think they had a crappy setup anyway.
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17:24<zifnab>SNI is supported on anything modern, if you have a weird requirement to support android 2.3 or xp you're stuck doing 1 IP : 1 hostname
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17:24<zifnab>although you'd be doing your users a favor by not supporting those
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17:32<DrJ>zifnab: I look at it this way, people still using those olders browsers are surely use to not being able to load many websites that others (on newer browsers) have no issue with
17:32<DrJ>so I don't really care if my sites are included in those they can't load
17:32<DrJ>plus, bu supporting them you are encouraging them to not update
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17:51<linbot>New news from community: I accidentally broke my grub <>
17:55<Woet>at least it was accidentally
18:00<LouWestin>He said he can boot into rescue mode.
18:00<nate>zifnab: SNI is supported on anything not-modern even at this point
18:00<nate>and XP even supported it so long as you used something other than IE
18:00<zifnab>it is not supported on android <2.3.6, even with a third party browser
18:01<zifnab>unless you don't use the java apis and build your own web fetch thing
18:01<nate>zifnab: Firefox on android 2.3 used their own cryptolib as far as I recall
18:01<zifnab>which, well, not even firefox does right now
18:11<zifnab>fwiw 2.3 did not get quantum, and things may have changed there
18:12<zifnab>there's also a pile of legacy shit on those devices (i've gotten stuck in the past supporting an OTA server that needed to work with <=2.3.6 devices, as an example)
18:17<nate>zifnab: Not sure what quantum has to do with it, firefox has always had it's own cryptolibs, same reason it worked on XP w/out using the ms cryptolibs. It'd be weird if they had no way at all to provide their own even on android
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18:22<nate>Weird, caniuse is showing firefox on android only introduced SNI support in v62 o_O
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18:51<zifnab>firefox pre-quantum on android was a shitty xul implementation on top of android's web stack
18:52<zifnab>quantum requires 5.0+
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21:31<linbot>New news from community: disk space keeps getting 100% full <> || my desk space is full <>
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23:17<shenkwen>Hi All
23:18<shenkwen>I was reading the linode guide about using Let's Encrypt to gain and distribute certificate, it doesn't mention whether we need to pay for the certificate or not.
23:20<LouWestin>it's free
23:27<LouWestin> This guide helped me make quick work of getting it setup and running.
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23:31<shenkwen>I get this error when I try to run apt-get install, can anyone please tell me what to do about it?
23:33<shenkwen>And the screen is just stuck there without returning to command prompt
23:33<LouWestin>Looks like you have a lot of package updates.
23:33<shenkwen>i c
23:34<LouWestin>also since you're logged in as root you wouldn't need sudo. But that's a security hazard though using root.
23:34<shenkwen>I am just a little worried if I do apt-get update my website will stop working
23:34<shenkwen>please tell me my concern is too unnecessary
23:36<LouWestin>If your website stops working because of that, then there's something else going on. It's possible though that something could go wrong and the whole system breaks.
23:37<LouWestin>You could install some new package and that could cause some issue. It's happened once to me on Debian.
23:37<wraeth>This is why people often have production and non-production systems - test in non-production, roll out to production when it doesn't break everything.
23:38<LouWestin>and keep good backups too.
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23:39<LouWestin>I prefer straight Debian over Ubuntu, BUT sometimes stable is too old.
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23:40<LouWestin>some need packages that are less primitive.
23:42<LouWestin>But you should really create a sudo user and disable logging into root.
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