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02:08*Solver prefers Debian over Ubuntu
02:09<Solver>Rather than old I prefer to call it mature, wizened or venerable.
02:29*Shentino prefers Debian over Ubuntu, but Mint isn't bad. Gentoo uber alles.
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06:15<LouWestin>Good evening
06:19<Thething>lmao its liek 11 am rn
06:19<Thething>well for Nigeria at least
06:20<LouWestin>’s very dark outside so i wasn’t sure.
06:20<Thething>but I sorta have a question
06:21<Thething>about the beginning of this month, my Linode had transfer speeds of about 5mbps but recently I've been getting 50kbps
06:21<Thething>about that
06:21<Thething>I wonder why
06:23<LouWestin>Hmm... see if one of the @op answers.
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06:34<LouWestin>Thething is gone.
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08:22<shenkwen>Help! All of my websites stop working.
08:22<shenkwen>After I did this yesterday, I get apache error: mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: session_write_close(): Failed to write session data (user). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/home/cry/tmp) in /home/cry/public_html/libraries/joomla/session/handler/native.php on line 194
08:24<LouWestin>It quit working after installing git?
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08:24<shenkwen>Now all of my site just dispaly "Error" on a blank screen
08:25<shenkwen>I think I didn't install git successfully, instead, I was trying to run apt upgrade but was told I need to run dpkg --configure -a
08:25<shenkwen>which I did and got stuck as shown in the screenshot
08:26<shenkwen>Just now I ran "apt update" and when I ran "apt upgrade" I was again told I need to run dpkg --configure -a
08:27<shenkwen>and I got stuck again, this time the terminal shows: "Setting up mysql-server-5.7 (5.7.23-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) ... Renaming removed key_buffer and myisam-recover options (if present):"
08:28<shenkwen>It is now returning to command prompt and shows: "Errors were encountered while processing: mysql-server-5.7 mysql-server"
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08:31<shenkwen>I reboot the machine and the website is working now. But what is wrong with my Mysql installation, can anyone shows any light?
08:31<LouWestin>Try apt-get install -f
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08:39<LouWestin>Also are you running the linode backup service?
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08:45<Guest1316>please advise what's your Affiliate page?
08:48<LouWestin>There’s a link in your account
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11:19<LouWestin>Good morning
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11:35<FluffyFoxeh>not a cat
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12:46<linbot>New news from community: What have I got to do, Linode-side, before connecting to a instance? <>
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13:02<Guest1335>hi, i have to buy a certificate, i see that linode don´t offer ssl products, can some one tell me a good provider
13:03<millisa>you can use whatever cert provider you want. lots of us prefer the price of letsencrypt...
13:04<Guest1335>it´s my case too, who do you prefer ?
13:04<millisa>for domain validated certs, letsencrypt
13:05<LouWestin>Let’s encrypt doesn’t cost anything and gets you going pretty quickly.
13:08<Guest1335>i can see, thanks for the info!!!
13:23<DrJ>yea, use letsencrypt unless you need something more than DV
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13:26<@mcintosh>inb4 EV certs are meaningless anyway
13:26*mcintosh runs away
13:26<Peng_>I was thinking it, but I wasn't going to speak first
13:27<DrJ>mcintosh: yea... no visitors understand the difference
13:27<LouWestin>The EV certs give you that pretty green bar in most browsers.
13:28<LouWestin>For an extra $100 or so?
13:28<DrJ>LouWestin, yea, but again, no one know the difference between that and the padlock or whatever is shown
13:29<LouWestin>I see it like having a foil version of a Magic card.
13:29<DrJ>find someone on the street who has never dealt with SSL certs before who can tell you the difference
13:29<DrJ>and I believe Chrome doens't even show the full name for EV certs anymore
13:30<LouWestin>Interestingly in the mobile browsers. You only see the padlock regardless.
13:31<LouWestin>Of course you won’t find me trying to sell anyone EV certs.
13:36<DrJ>yea, looking in both firefox and chrome on my pc they don't appear to show anything different with DV vs EV
13:38<@mcintosh>gotta go next level
13:38<@mcintosh>and get the Eevee cert
13:39<LouWestin>mcintosh: Pokémon? lol
13:44<@mcintosh>hell yes
13:47<LouWestin>I have three Eevees.
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13:59<Woet>!lick Eevee
13:59<linbot>Woet: Point given to eevee. (1)
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14:14<softinio>so I want to create a new linux linode to run a lightweight desktop env which I can remotely. Is this a good option:
14:15<softinio>also what size linode best for this?
14:15<softinio>plan i mean
14:18<Woet>probably 1 GB++
14:18<Woet>not sure why people want desktops in the cloud
14:18<Woet>super odd
14:20<softinio>ok thanks
14:22<LouWestin>Looks kind of cool. Not sure what I would do with it though.
14:37<frailtyy>whats up you animals
14:38<Woet>the ceiling
14:39<LouWestin>The cloud
14:40<frailtyy>the cloud is kinda parallel
14:40<frailtyy>depending on server location
14:40<frailtyy>and thx for the obvious Woet
14:40<Woet>the clouds are up too
14:41<LouWestin>I suppose it could be metaphorical too. Ex: Is the “cloud” down? Nope it’s up and running.
14:43<frailtyy>That's a clever one too.
14:43<frailtyy>!point LouWestin
14:43<linbot>frailtyy: Point given to louwestin. (2)
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15:45<fergtm>If I am getting high ping and packet lost but only in the last hop is it a problem on Linode side or is it my ISP?
15:45<fergtm>mtr report:
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15:47<Peng_>Hrmmmmmmmm. That's weird.
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15:53<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:53<millisa>or don't.
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15:56<fergtm>it has been like that for a couple of days. I think I'll open a ticket
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16:14<dwfreed>that sounds like your ISP or modem is ratelimiting ICMP echo replies
16:14<dwfreed>or handling them poorly
16:17<linbot>New news from community: Test algolia <>
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16:18<fergtm>I don't think it is just the pings. When I type in ssh I can feel the lag
16:21<dwfreed>your ISP could be prioritizing ICMP TTL exceeded traffic
16:21<dwfreed>which would be opposite of what one would expect
16:22<dwfreed>not not implausible
16:23<dwfreed>fergtm: do you see similar latency issues with the speedtest servers in various datacenters?
16:24<fergtm>let me try
16:24<dwfreed>huh, that's weird; I don't see weird latency to your home IP like your mtr shows
16:25<dwfreed>at the same time, I don't see any latency to your Linode from my Linode (which is also in Dallas)
16:26<dwfreed>but I also don't see any latency from your Linode from my home either
16:26<Peng_>!mtr-dallas -bzc 8
16:26<linbot>Peng_: [mtr-dallas] 12. AS??? ??? 100.0 8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- 13. AS6503 ( 0.0% 8 29.7 29.8 29.7 29.9 0.0 -- see for full mtr
16:27<dwfreed>and no unusual latency to your home from my home either
16:27<dwfreed>!mtr-dallas -4 -bzc 8
16:27<fergtm>to dallas speedtest
16:27<linbot>dwfreed: The read operation timed out
16:28<dwfreed>!mtr-dallas -4 -nzc 8
16:28<linbot>dwfreed: The read operation timed out
16:29<dwfreed>!mtr-dallas -4 -n -c 8
16:29<linbot>dwfreed: [mtr-dallas] 1. AS63949 0.0% 8 0.9 1.4 0.5 3.8 1.0 -- 2. AS63949 0.0% 8 0.8 0.7 0.4 0.9 0.0 -- see for full mtr
16:29<Peng_>The first one timed out because of the router's broken rDNS, probably; dunno about the others
16:29<dwfreed>Peng_: probably slow AS lookup
16:29<dwfreed>AS lookup is just a DNS request
16:30<Peng_>Not that time. The DNS queries were already cached.
16:30<dwfreed>(it is basically an rDNS lookup with a different base)
16:30<Peng_>They happened 1 second after linbot said it timed out.
16:32<Peng_>You used "-c 8" but mtr took at least 12 seconds to run.
16:55<fergtm>thanks for investigating. It looks like it is getting better. I still see some ping spikes
16:55<fergtm>weird that it is only to my linode. Even to the speedtest server in same DC the mtr report looks good
16:56<Peng_>Could it be extremely coincidental ECMP and an overloaded router?
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17:22<fergtm>I think dwfreed's idea on my IPS/modem filtering some ICMP replies better explains why I only see high latency in the last hop
17:22<fergtm>but I have no idea why they would do that
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18:19<LouWestin>fergtm: Are you leasing a cable modem by chance?
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18:57<frailtyy>It happens, unfortunately.
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19:11<toothe>Hi all. Is there a way to backup an existing disk image(s), test out a new build, and if I don't like it reconstruct the existing image?
19:11<toothe>old image*
19:11<millisa>How about cloning it?
19:12<millisa>it costs a little bit to have both nodes provisioned, but it gives you a quick/easy fallback
19:12<LouWestin>Only pennies per hour
19:14<toothe>i'll look into that...
19:14<toothe>i might use it
19:14<toothe>switching to FreeBSD>
19:15<millisa>also, ipv4 addresses can be swapped between nodes in the same dc -
19:17<toothe>oh wait, linode doesn't offer
19:17<LouWestin>Data center
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19:18<toothe>we were switching over a few servers from debian
19:18<dwfreed>you can install FreeBSD yourself
19:24<toothe>yes, but its a whole process.
19:27<toothe>Is there a reason freebsd isn't supported by default?
19:28<dwfreed>because Linode can't even keep up with the Linux tickets
19:28<dwfreed>imagine adding a practically completely different OS to the mix
19:29<@mcintosh>prob has more to do with freebsd's relative market share
19:29<@mcintosh>but, we'd like to offer it someday and likely will do so
19:29<toothe>we just like its stability
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19:39<fergtm>LouWestin: it is not a cable modem, it is a ISP owned fiber terminal, I just get an ethernet port that gives one public IP via dhcp.
19:39<LouWestin>fergtm: Ah ok.
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