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00:06<LouWestin>There was a question posted about someone who is running out of disk space and one of the Staff answered with some query commands he could run to find out what's taking up space.
00:07<LouWestin>so I ran my own query just to see how i'm looking. I'm not having an issues, but I'm a little confused about the results.
00:08<millisa>(if you haven't tried 'ncdu' I like it a whole lot more for hunting down space hogs)
00:08<LouWestin> /usr shows 715M, but upon looking at it closer, it says 56K total
00:09<LouWestin>Thanks! I'll have to try ncdu
00:09<millisa>715M is everything in /usr including subdirs. the other is just a directory listing in /usr
00:12<LouWestin>At first I was wondering if it wasn't just showing the allocated space
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03:09<linbot>New news from community: What's a swap disk? <>
03:19<linbot>New news from community: What's a swap image and what is for? <>
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09:33<@mcintosh>zifnab: sorry, I saw that highlight and forgot about it... surely I can
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10:56<hdb2>I have a linode that is on the 65536 plan. which of the plans listed on the pricing page does that correspond to?
10:57<LouWestin>You could look at your account and see
10:57<hdb2>ah - on the invoice
10:58<hdb2>I didn't think about that - sorry for the noise, but thank you for the pointer
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11:34<@mcintosh>zifnab: updated
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12:48<userce>How long does "pending activation" for a new account usually take?
12:48<millisa>not long
12:48<millisa>there's usually a couple mails you get as part of the process, if they need something more, they'll send you something asking for it
12:49<userce>Screen just show "Your account is currently being reviewed."
12:50<relidy>userce: Yep, you'll need to monitor the email account you signed up with for additional information/instructions.
12:50<userce>Have received 2 mails that confirmed payment and a welcome email
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12:52<userce>Now I'm in
12:52<millisa>Get to Linodin'
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12:54<georgieboy>Hola buen día, ayer por error candelaron el servicio de dominio, quisiera recuperarlo de nuevo
12:54<georgieboy>Hi good day, Yesterday they mistakenly blocked the domain service, I would like to recover it again
12:54<millisa>What do you mean by blocked the domain service?
12:55<millisa>As in cancelled your linode account?
12:56<zifnab>mcintosh: thanks!
12:56<georgieboy>Within the account, the domain is
12:57<userce>This is my first Linode instance. Is the node password usually sent by email or via the dashboard?
12:57<millisa>userce: you set it when you provision the linode. you'll want to check out this whole guide
12:58<millisa>georgieboy: do you just mean the dns zone in the manager was removed?
12:59<millisa>you could try opening a support ticket to see if they have some way to recover it. otherwise, you'd need to set it back up by hand
12:59<userce>OK. I have to deply an image etc. Am used to doing all that during the initial creation (Digital Ocean)
12:59<relidy>georgieboy: Make sure you have at least one Linode provisioned on the account as well or the DNS manager isn't available.
13:02<georgieboy>Thank you
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13:19<userce>is there any ddos with the linodes?
13:20<userce>ddos protection
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13:20<millisa>not really. you can get a cloudflare service or similar to put in front
13:21<userce>have nailed down the vps with ufw for now
13:24<Woet>doesnt help against ddos, only dos.
13:26<LouWestin>Does Cloudflare bring up that delay page before letting you go to the actual site?
13:26<userce>I know, but it should keep the script kiddies out until I set up some CDN
13:27<userce>Cloudflare can be set to delay with 5 secs or similar
13:28<userce>but only meant if the site is under attack
13:28<LouWestin>Ok I’ve seen a few pages where there was a 5 second delay
13:30<userce>Would become a pain for regular visitors after a while
13:31<userce>Would be nice with some type of origin shield at a fair price.
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13:46<SammyG>Hi Guys
13:46<SammyG>I'm having trouble
13:46<millisa>You'll have to be more specific
13:47<SammyG>I want to transfer one linode instance from one account to another anyone knows the way to go
13:47<millisa>Open a ticket from both accounts about it.
13:47<millisa>The support folks can do it
13:47<SammyG>How long will it take?
13:48<millisa>Depends how big their ticket queue is
13:48<Woet>whenever they have time.
13:48<SammyG>There is no way I can do it on my end?
13:49<millisa>if you dont' care about keeping the IP, you could feasibly do something with booting two linodes into rescue mode and doing a dd over ssh
13:49<millisa>but that'd probably take longer than just asking them to move the node in a ticket
13:49<Woet>whats with the rush?
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13:59<SammyG>I wanna copy the server from my older client to save time cause I'm working on something similar now
13:59<millisa>copy or move?
14:00<SammyG>Copy to a new linode of a different account
14:00<millisa>clone it in the account that has it, then put in a ticket in both accounts to move the clone. go get a milkshake.
14:01<millisa>you are right. it is friday. *two* milkshakes.
14:02<SammyG>The other client might be worried cause of the notification of the ticket queue on the email
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14:03<millisa>hence the need for the second milkshake. "So, I need to briefly clone this linode, there'll be a ticket, and a few pennies on the bill . .but . .here's a milkshake"
14:03<Jarrux>Hello, Am i alone to have difficulties to log in on Linode ?
14:03<millisa>Jarrux: you'd be the first to report it
14:04<Jarrux>Ok, thanka millisa
14:04<LouWestin>SammyG: Email the client just to explain what’s going on.
14:04<SammyG>No I don't think its a good Idea
14:04<SammyG>I can't do it I have full access but now the emailgoes to him
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14:05<millisa>If this is something the account owner isn't going to be comfortable with you doing, maybe you shouldn't be doing it at all then?
14:12<SammyG>Is there any approval needed?
14:13<millisa>other than putting in a ticket from both accounts that linode will reply to?
14:21<linbot>New news from community: Using the same configuration on a new machine - Fedora <>
14:23<SammyG>Approximately how long does the ticket take for response
14:23<millisa>Are you a bot?
14:26<SammyG>Lol noway man
14:26<SammyG>no way*
14:26<millisa>13:47 <SammyG> How long will it take? 13:48 <millisa> Depends how big their ticket queue is 13:48 <Woet> whenever they have time.
14:28<Woet>just someone with severe amnesia
14:28<millisa>It's been a while since I've made that request, I don't remember it taking more than a few hours for them to get to it
14:29<LouWestin> You probably could of copied over the data from the client's site by now and made a clone.
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15:32<@mcintosh>zifnab: np
15:41<millisa>The mcrib. It is back.
15:41<csnxs>the who
15:41<millisa>An important foodstuff in American culture. It shaped much of history and waistlines.
15:42<csnxs>i have not eaten mcdonalds in several years
15:42<millisa>Well, I have some terrible advice for you...
15:48<@mcintosh>!point millisa
15:48<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (70) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
15:48<@mcintosh>wowww the big 7-0!
15:49<millisa>That's deserving of a second mcrib. Hopefully they're doing the 'extra mcrib only a $1' again this year.
15:49<csnxs>!point mcintosh
15:49<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (76) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 32)
15:49<csnxs>I dont think the UK ever got the mcrib
15:52<millisa>The last time it made it to the UK was 31Dec2014->3Feb2015
15:54<csnxs>i did not know that
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16:19<csnxs>aaa my box of malteasers is dusty
16:26<LouWestin>The fact that the UK isn't getting the Mc. Rib isn't a bad thing. lol
16:27<dwfreed>from now on the, the UK gets *nothing*
16:28<LouWestin>Hopefully they don't return the favor back to us.
16:28<dwfreed>I mean, they won't have anything to give
16:28<LouWestin>I purchased some nice shaving stuff from the UK
16:29<millisa>no more prawn cocktail walkers crisps?
16:34<LouWestin>on a side note, trying to switch over my old primary care doctor to a new one is a pain in the ass...
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