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06:28<bmo>oh, ive never used irc before, I was just seein if anyone is there
06:30<bmo>im still trying to figure out how to use this
06:32<bmo>let me know if u can think of anywhere that explains irssi well, im looking for a good tutorial for someone who knows very little
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07:01<mandar>Is there anyone from presales here ? I want to know whether linode accepts "Indian" credit card ?
07:01<mandar>Apparently Digital Ocean (and Vultr and others) can not.
07:01<mandar>AWS can.
07:02<mandar>I prefer linode over AWS, but if I can't pay - my preference won't matter.
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17:28<linbot>The Linode API allows you to programmatically manipulate Linode services, including Linodes, NodeBalancers and DNS.
17:30<tharkun>That links leads to this This version of the API is deprecated - information about the latest version can be found here: Can any staff fix it. Take care nice Sunday
17:46<dwfreed>APIv3 still works
17:46<dwfreed>when that page no longer has value, I'll fix it
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19:44<LouWestin>IBM is buying Redhat
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20:14<kronos003>redhat has a pretty big patent portfolio from what I've heard. How much do you want to bet thats a big part of the purchase
20:14<kronos003>I just hope they don't pull an Oracle
20:15<LouWestin>34 billion is quite a bit of cash.
20:16<kronos003>I just hope they don't do anything evil
20:16<LouWestin>That seems to be the census in the comments.
20:34<kronos003>what is linode running on these days?
20:38<@mcintosh>running on in terms of what?
20:39<wraeth>I'm going to go with "computers". Hope that helps. :)
20:39<@mcintosh>powered by love and devotion
20:42<kronos003>like what host OS(s) are you guys running on your VM farms?
20:42<@mcintosh>nunya :P
20:42<kronos003>is that code for you don't know?
20:42<kronos003>not sure what that should be a state secret
20:42<wraeth>It's code for what they're running doesn't need to be known. :)
20:44<kronos003>ah secutity though obscurity - because that works so well...
20:45<synapt>Using the phrase security through obscurity incorrectly to try and engineer information, totally works well too
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20:46<kronos003>if you say so
20:46<wraeth>Security is a multi-layer process. Obscurity is one of those layers. If you don't agree, feel free to advertise what version of things you run to everyone. :)
20:48<kronos003>not sure how disclosing your OS vendor lends itself to a security breach
20:48<nate>Well I've yet to see you give a reason that shows you -need- to know, so nothing they said was wrong. That said the TL;DR of it would be they are most likely using linux
20:48<LouWestin>Speaking of obscurity, is there a way to better obscure the results from say, builtwith dot com?
20:48<kronos003>that much I know, and at on time I knew what OS, but it's been a while
20:48<nate>LouWestin: Avoid things that have visible fingerprinting?
20:49<LouWestin>nate: Yes. Maybe.
20:49<kronos003>like linode USED to use XEN, but has since moved to kvm
20:49<LouWestin>Or hide as much as possible.
20:49<nate>Most of what builtwith indexes just comes from publically identifiable stuff (such as wordpress always has a wp-* structure, a lot of backend software's utilize the Server header, etc)
20:50<kronos003>my reason for asking is I'm wondering how badly this RH/IBM thin could affect linode if IBM chooses to gut rh
20:50<LouWestin>Yeah I pick out a WP site in seconds. Lol
20:50<LouWestin>Linode’s running Linux using virtual box on Windows 10
20:51<nate>kronos003: Probably not at all for a while if linode is using RHEL services, considering IBM would still be required to uphold existing contracts/service agreements/etc
20:51<kronos003>the as yet unfullfilled dream of running a vm inside a vm
20:52<wraeth>Unfulfilled? Been there, done that. Was Gentoo, too. :3
20:53<kronos003>nate: we HOPE they do, and we HOPE they don't wreck the product, an we HOPE they don't take a page out of Oracle's playbook and use RH's patent portfolio to troll with
20:54<kronos003>wraeth: I think the closest we've gotten to VM in a VM is a docker container in a VM
20:55<wraeth>Rookie numbers...
20:55<kronos003>I see a lot of danger for the linux and FOSS community in this merger
20:55<nate>kronos003: Considering the legal payouts IBM would have to do if they do violate contracts, I highly doubt they paid almost 40 billion dollars just to pay further on contract violations
20:56<dzho>note the considerable distance between IBM and Oracle in
20:56<dzho>one of 8 full members, versus being the umpteen hundreth limited election licensee
20:57<kronos003>nate: so they keep up the contracts, but how well written are they? does the level of support have to be any good?
20:58<nate>kronos003: I imagine considering the level of business RHEL had and was doing that yes, they likely had pretty well written contracts and support agreements
21:06<dzho>and if the lawyers didn't get their work in before the fact, I'm sure they can make up for it after the fact
21:06<kronos003>We'll see how well that works out...
21:07<dzho>for the lawyers, quite the same as usual, I'm sure
21:07<kronos003>LOL so true!
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22:05<tedmi89>my email is
22:05<tedmi89>I just buy one month account USD5 to test
22:06<tedmi89>my purpose is to get one private IP address, user name/password to built my VPN. is it possible?
22:07<Woet>you get a Linux VPS
22:07<Woet>everything that Linux supports is possible.
22:07<tedmi89>but my computer is windows
22:08<tedmi89>i connect your public ip address, fail to connect the vpn
22:08<Woet>did you install a VPN?
22:08<Woet>I doubt it.
22:09<Woet>i'll rephrase
22:09<Woet>did you SSH into your Linode and install + configure a VPN server?
22:09<tedmi89>seems your vps don't support it
22:09<tedmi89>have your vps support this?
22:09<Woet>that depends
22:09<Woet>did you SSH into your Linode and install + configure a VPN server?
22:10<tedmi89>what is SSH mean?
22:10<Woet>do you know what a VPS is?
22:11<tedmi89>a little
22:11<Woet>perhaps it'd be wise to know a bit more about the thing you're paying $5 for
22:12<tedmi89>i just buy it. didn't know how to settup the vpn server
22:12<Woet>time to learn then
22:12<Woet>also, and
22:14<tedmi89>what is the main step to builb up my vpn?
22:14<Woet>[03:12:38] <Woet>
22:14<Woet>[03:12:59] <Woet> also, and
22:14<tedmi89>do we need to install something? or just settup?
22:20<tedmi89>any simple guide which lead us to settup and install it? your link seems complicated
22:21<LouWestin>No it’s a non-managed service.
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22:40<tedmi89>I want to builb my VPN. now I have buy your vps. what should we do next ?
22:40<tedmi89>do we need to buy others to go ahead?
22:40<LouWestin>You have to go through the guides that were mentioned.
22:41<tedmi89>could you give us the main step? we would view your link content one by one
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23:46<Prateek>I wanted a Linode machine with 8 cores but 16GB of memory
23:46<Prateek>what would it cost?
23:46<Prateek>as this configuration is not available on the plan
23:46<Prateek>the config with 8 cores goes with 32 GB of memory
23:46<LouWestin>That’s what they offer right now.
23:47<Prateek>So can they customize as per my requirement
23:47<Prateek>Okay thanks
23:47<Prateek>for the support
23:47<Prateek>If I wanted to increase CPU cores on a existing Linode
23:47<Prateek>is that posible???
23:48<Prateek>or they will provide the same combination?
23:48<LouWestin>You’d have to upgrade to higher paid plan.
23:48<Prateek>Thanks for the information
23:48<wraeth>You could try logging a support ticket, but you may be told the same response.
23:48<Prateek>have a good day ahead
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