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06:10<tedmi89>anyone online? need help
06:16<Woet>did you try asking a question?
06:46<tedmi89>i want to builb up my vpn trhough the vps but fail
06:46<tedmi89>now want to cancel it and ask for refunding
06:46<tedmi89>my email is
06:48<Woet>and what do you expect the community do it about it?
06:50<tedmi89>i am from China. my business i foreign trade. we want to open google, facebook, whatsapp etc smooth. now they are locked
06:50<Woet>time to buy a VPN then
06:50<Woet>not a VPS
06:51<tedmi89>yeah now i know that
06:51<Woet>usually you check those kind of things before buying.
06:51<tedmi89>so what should I do about to cancel this order and refund the payment?
06:52<Woet>you open a ticket
06:52<tedmi89>open a ticket?
06:52<tedmi89>and then?
06:53<Woet>you wait.
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07:15<nate>I mean they coulda done it with linode, at a high expense, and potential chinese gov drama :P
07:18<grawity>from what i've heard, chinese gov understands the need of VPNs for international business purposes
07:57<dzho>keep things on the down low, don't make too much noise or overt challenges
08:20<LouWestin>He keeps asking that question.
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08:55<Woet>wheres dcraig been?
09:01<Peng>!mtr-dallas -bz
09:01<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 4. AS63949 2600:3c01:3333:4::2 0.0% 3 38.1 38.3 38.1 38.5 0.0 -- 5. AS63949 (2600:3c01::4b) 0.0% 3 37.7 38.5 37.7 40.2 1.4 -- see for full mtr
09:01<Peng>!mtr-dallas -4nz
09:01<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 4. AS63949 0.0% 3 37.8 38.0 37.8 38.1 0.0 -- 5. AS63949 0.0% 3 37.8 37.7 37.6 37.8 0.0 -- see for full mtr
09:03<Peng>!web title
09:03<linbot>Peng: [mtr] 8. AS63949 2600:3c01:3333:4::2 66.7% 3 108.6 108.6 108.6 108.6 0.0 -- 9. AS63949 (2600:3c01::4b) 66.7% 3 108.2 108.2 108.2 108.2 0.0 -- see for full mtr
09:03<Peng>Okay that's worse though Telia always sucks so who knows
09:03<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Fremont <>
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09:23<Valko>Hey hey :)
09:23<Valko>Can you tell me which tire are Linide servers
09:24<grawity>servers don't have tires, and I'm not entirely sure whether they have tiers, either
09:24<Peng>Valko: What do you mean?
09:25<Valko>Sorry for the typo
09:27<grawity>oh, *datacenter* tier
09:28<Peng>Linode uses different data centers, which have different but similar certifications.
09:28<Valko>I am interested for those in US and EUrope
09:28<Peng>Do you have questions about a specific location? For some, the alphabet soup is publicly available; for others, you would have to email Linode or file a support ticket.
09:28<Peng>That's most of them! :P
09:28<Valko>Franfurkt, London as well as Fremont, Newark Dallas and Atlanta
09:29<Valko>Do you know if that is listed somewhere on the site
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09:30<Peng>On Linode's site? No. On the data center operators' sites? For some of those six locations.
09:31<Valko>Can you give me a link please
09:34<Woet>Valko: why do you care so much about the tier?
09:34<Peng>I'm getting distracted figuring out what's wrong with Cologix's DNS servers.
09:35<Valko>It is just a question, can you help me with that
09:36<Woet>Valko: yea, mine is just a question as well.
09:36*Peng compiles DNS resolver
09:36<Woet>Valko: all of the Linode DCs are tier 4.
09:36<Woet>Valko: now what? what did you learn? nothing.
09:37<Valko>do you have that written on the website
09:37<Woet>aka first result on Google
09:37<Woet>Valko: can you start answering my questions yet?
09:37<Valko>Like something that is a bit more official
09:37<Peng>oh that's right, TelecityGroup got acquired by Equinix, so probably everything is hard to find
09:38<Woet>Valko: can you start answering my questions yet?
09:38<grawity>Woet is being an asshole to customers again? must be Monday.
09:38<Valko>@Woet you have 2 question and your answer to them in the same message
09:38<Woet>grawity: 1) not being an asshole 2) most likely not a customer
09:39<Woet>Valko: why do you care about which tier the datacenters are?
09:39<Woet>Valko: it's a simple question
09:39<dzho>!to Valko ops
09:39<linbot>Valko: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:39<Peng>For example, Newark is
09:39<Valko>I agree with grawity :)
09:39<Valko>It is monday
09:40<Peng>Cologix is better at building data centers than DNS GSLBs, eh
09:40<Valko>Great thanks
09:41<Valko>May I also know what is the data center operators in London
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09:53<Peng>Equinix renamed it to LD9
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09:57<Peng>Equinix's websites make my browser slow. :T
09:57<Peng>At least is fast, but uninformative
09:59<jv_>do you know how to download a copy of the database of a website hosted in linode?
10:01<grawity>ask the website's admin
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11:33<LouWestin>I was going to say to jv_ that he could've done a mysql dump
11:34<dwfreed>Peng: Equinix bought out Telecity?
11:35<dwfreed>January 2016
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14:55<gparent>18:03:43 <@root> jabber - Login error: Could not connect to server
14:55<gparent>sorry about that.
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15:04<exitnode>hey can someone help? Is the possible to have windows installed one of the High Memory Plans
15:06<@mcintosh>it is possible to install windows on Linodes, but that is an unsupported configuration
15:06<@mcintosh>so you'd be on your own in managing/configuring that, largely
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15:35<Q3Man>Fremont alive?
15:35<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 4.|-- 2600:3c01:3333:4::2 0.0% 3 40.4 39.3 38.0 40.4 0.7 -- 5.|-- 0.0% 3 37.7 37.7 37.6 37.7 0.0 -- see for full mtr
15:35<Peng>What's wrong?
15:36<Q3Man>ssh disconnections to fremont hosts, disconnections from lish console to hosts
15:36<Q3Man>never seen the lish disconnections before
15:36<Q3Man>was getting serial tty errors on the lish console before it disconnected and cleared the lish screen
15:36<Peng>There was an issue several hours ago. Are you still experiencing issues? mtr?
15:37<Peng>Wait what
15:37<Q3Man>could be just my server is on fire... checking
15:38<Q3Man>Getting these errors in Lish:
15:38<Q3Man>[2952303.224123] serial8250: too much work for irq4
15:39<@mcintosh>that doesn't look like a "datacenter" type error
15:40<@mcintosh>happen to know what kernel you're running? out of curiosity... not a pointed question
15:40<Q3Man>ok.. mtr's seem to be calmer now... assuming it was a hiccup between fremont and our offices
15:41<Peng> is interesting
15:41<Peng>I don't know if it's correct but it's interesting
15:41<Q3Man>it'it's the ubuntu 18.04 LTS kernel - not the linode kernel
15:42<@mcintosh>Peng: I saw that - I can't imagine it's that, because 2008 is a lonnnnng time ago
15:43<Q3Man>right now I think they are unrelated. probably too many lines being spat out to lish
15:43<Q3Man>it was after I started up a dmesg to see if anything was broken
15:45<Peng>I dunno, here's a different report of it being fixed in 2011:
15:45<Peng>Might as well need to be fixed again in 2018 :D
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16:10<LouWestin>I'm helping my one cousin with getting a website going. So I recommenced Porkbun to her and she was happy with what they're offering. :-)
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16:27<Dan>Hi, my site recently went down because the disk filled up with logs :(
16:27<Dan>It wasn't responding via SSH either but I easily connected via Lish. Freed up 9gb of space. Rebooted.
16:27<Dan>But it still won't respond to anything but Lish. No ssh, no web. Everything seems to be running properly according to ps (web server etc.). Any theories?
16:28<Woet>SSH won't go down because of a full disk
16:28<@mcintosh>can you ping it?
16:28<Dan>ping also times out.
16:28<@mcintosh>sounds like you don't have networking
16:28<Dan>but if i connect via Lish and do ping localhost, it works.
16:28<Dan>yeah it's as though I don't have any WAN.
16:29<@mcintosh>do you have Auto-configure networking set to "yes" in the Linode's configuration profile?
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16:29<Dan>in fact (now that I try it) i get get the whole website's homepage HTML via telnet if I do it from Lish
16:31<Dan>it was set to No, i changed it now to Yes
16:32<Dan>should i reboot?
16:32<@mcintosh>Dan: yes
16:36<Dan>thank you that worked!
16:39<Woet>you're welcome
16:39<Woet>i accept donations
16:40<@mcintosh>Dan: wonderful!
16:40<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
16:40<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
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16:40<ctkr>when you get off at the wrong station and stay to see whats going on
16:41<Dan>This was definitely a positive IRC experience. I should have known the "Make website work" switch was set to false!
16:42<@mcintosh>ctkr: welcome!
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16:43<ctkr>Good evening UTC @mcintosh
16:45<ctkr>Any linux sys admins about?
16:46<@mcintosh>many of them
16:47<linbot>New news from kernels: 4.18.16-x86-linode138 <> || 4.18.16-x86_64-linode118 <>
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16:49<ctkr>considering the move from Fedora over to Suse.. anyone use suse as a daily driver?
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16:54<zzainss>i need help with a linode account to change cpanel domain
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20:35<linbot>New news from community: Useful CLI Examples <>
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