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08:02<Avik>Hi Guys, I have some presale question, who can help me out ?
08:20<Peng>Hello. It depends. What's your question?
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08:25<Dileep>can be install whm/cpanel there
08:26<Woet>does whm/cpanel support Linux?
08:26<Woet>if so, yes.
08:26<Woet>seeing as Linode sells Linux VPSes.
08:27<LouWestin>You need Centos for CPanel
08:28<Dileep>can you provide this?
08:28<Dileep>& i ll purchase that
08:29<Woet>Dileep: do you know how to install, configure and manage a Linux VPS?
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08:29<Avik>Is there a cheaper but still good solution instead of Cpanel ?
08:29<Woet>there are hundreds of control panels, sure.
08:29<Dileep>No i dont now because i m working this time reseller linux
08:29<Woet>Dileep: okay, so don't buy an unmanaged Linux VPS.
08:29<Woet>Dileep: because that's literally your job.
08:30<Avik>Wouet - Do you know how to set it up ?
08:30<Avik>sorry for spelling your name wrong
08:30<Woet>Avik: sure.
08:31<Avik>Do you have ofer such a service ? to set it up ?
08:31<Dileep>Is this linode support?
08:31<Avik>Can I PM in some way ?
08:31<Woet>Dileep: as the website and topic mentions, it's the community channel.
08:32<Woet>Avik: my hourly rate is $150 / hour.
08:32<Dileep>ok please tell me how to chat with linode support
08:32<Woet>Dileep: you can't.
08:32<Woet>Dileep: because they don't offer chat support. only phone and email.
08:32<Woet>Dileep: if you don't know how to manage a Linux VPS, you can get
08:33<Woet>it's $100 a month on top of your Linode price.
08:33<Avik>Woet: How much time do we need to set it up ?
08:33<Dileep>thanks a lot for this
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08:33<Woet>Dileep: no problem
08:33<Woet>Avik: depends on the panel you want and whether you need more than the initial set up
08:34<Avik>if we choose Cpanel for example
08:34<Avik>and Lets encrypt support
08:35<Woet>probably 2-3 hours
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08:38<Avik>Ok, can I send you a PM somehow ?
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09:04<Woet>Avik: sure
09:05<Woet>just double click my name
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09:56<linbot>New news from blog: Now Available: Linode Terraform Provider <>
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10:23<SiteHoster>Hello Folks, I am hosting a site on Ubuntu 18.4, and would like to remove the site from this server ... can someone advice on how?
10:23<LouWestin>You have to do it through apache assuming you're using it.
10:24<SiteHoster>Thanks LouWestin. Yes I am using apache... is there a guide i can follow, I have looked online to no avail
10:24<LouWestin>you can
10:25<LouWestin>a2disconf the config file for the site you want to drop
10:25<LouWestin>and then go into the Linode's control panel to drop it there too from the A records.
10:25<LouWestin>and of course delete the site's files
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10:29<LouWestin>You’re welcome.
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11:03<waltman>linode staff -- Thanks for keeping a local cache of ubuntu packages. I upgraded my linode to 18.10 last night. Took under 10 minutes!
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11:15<aaronraimist_>Anyone else having issues with connectivity? I can't ssh in to my Linode. Lish works but things like apt update don't
11:15<aaronraimist_>Temporary failure resolving ''
11:16<Peng>DNS aside, does IPv4 work? Does IPv6?
11:16<aaronraimist_>connect: Network is unreachable
11:17<Peng>"ping6 2600::" or something?
11:17<aaronraimist_>ipv6 seems to work
11:17<Peng>Oh good. Who needs IPv4 anyway.
11:18<Peng>As a side fix, you could use some IPv6 nameservers so that DNS will work.
11:18<Peng>Or you could skip that and just fix IPv4, I don't know.
11:18<Peng>What OS? What do "ip a" and "ip r" and "ip -6 r" show?
11:19<aaronraimist_>ip a returns more than Lish can show, never really used Lish. How do I make it bigger?
11:20<linbot><command> | curl -F 'sprunge=<-'
11:21<dwfreed>oof, that's not going to work
11:21<dwfreed>well, you could make an /etc/hosts entry
11:21<Peng>aaronraimist_: stty should be able to resize the console.
11:22<Peng>aaronraimist_: "ip a show dev eth0" will be much shorter
11:22<dwfreed>what version of ubuntu?
11:23<aaronraimist_>Ubuntu 18.04
11:23<Peng>aaronraimist_: Your IPv4 address(es) are also supposed to show up in that command. Evidently they're not configured.
11:24<aaronraimist_>Everything was working fine until yesterday.. hmm
11:24<dwfreed>did you set up a firewall recently?
11:28<aaronraimist_>The only thing I changed yesterday was I installed a docker thing. I'm not really sure what that would have changed. It was working fine until around 03:00UTC according to the Linode graphs. I installed it around 20:00 the previous day.
11:30<aaronraimist_>It apparently installs firewalld on CentOS but not on Ubuntu
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11:41<aaronraimist_>The network was up this morning but nginx and stuff had stopped working at 03:00 but after rebooting then the network went down completely
11:42<LouWestin>Ubuntu doesn’t use firewalld
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11:45<aaronraimist_>That's why I said it didn't install that.
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11:51<LouWestin>Did you check your firewall settings to see if anything changed?
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12:30<aaronraimist_>Was able to fix it with
12:30<aaronraimist_>sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd
12:30<aaronraimist_>sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd
12:30<aaronraimist_>sudo networkctl status
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12:33<jcrimmins>I need help wiht my hosting account wiht linode
12:33<LouWestin>Sometimes it’s something so simple.
12:33<LouWestin>What is the issue?
12:34<jcrimmins>my shop.domain SSL is not longer working
12:34<LouWestin>Certificate expired?
12:34<millisa>why not?
12:35<jcrimmins>no idea
12:35<jcrimmins>i have no notification it was expiring
12:35<jcrimmins>i have no account infomration to login anywhere
12:35<LouWestin>Ok we can’t help if we don’t know either?
12:35<jcrimmins>i just did a whois lookup and it says linode hosts my site
12:35<millisa>Do you pay linode?
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12:36<LouWestin>Maybe he’s under a reseller?
12:36<LouWestin>He’s gone
12:36<millisa>I have a problem, I don't want to give you any details, fix it fix it
12:37<LouWestin>Lol. My computer won’t turn on. What’s wrong with it?
12:38<LouWestin>^thats easier, than trying to answer why my Linode won’t boot.
12:38<LouWestin>*Easier to answer
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12:47<LouWestin>Speaking of SSL, I was reading today that the major browser venders want to depreciate TLS 1 and 1.1 by 2020.
12:47<millisa>why wait?
12:48<Peng>People use them
12:49<LouWestin>Maybe there’s too many sites still using older stuff?
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12:51<LouWestin>I actually double checked on my two sites if I was behind the times. Noobish I know. lol
13:01<nate>LouWestin: TLS 1.0 has largely been considered-deprecated since POODLE & BEAST
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13:02<nate>And most of the stuff that did support 1.1 have been superceded by versions that support 1.2 market-share wise, so yeah, honestly you could largely do it today and have low-impact outside of ancient stuff with broken crypto or android under I think 4.x
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13:03<LouWestin>nate: K. I’m a little late in the game compared to those who’ve been admin since or before those times.
13:03<LouWestin>I’m slightly ignorant of that stuff. lol
13:06<LouWestin>But I’m learning more thanks to this channel and various sources.
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13:27<LouWestin>Someone’s MacBook keeps going to sleep
13:40<nyancat>macs need their beauty sleep
13:40<nyancat>every fifteen fuckin minutes
13:40<LouWestin>Lol I guess so!
13:42<LouWestin>I would turn off that noise but then I would be answering questions half the time to someone who left 10 seconds after their initial question.
13:45<LouWestin>I’m going to yell at him politely when he comes back on.
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14:39<LouWestin>bumbleVole: Your MacBook keeps going to sleep. lol
14:41<bumbleVole>well, thats because i went out and closed it, and now i am back and opened it
14:41<bumbleVole>i turned off power nap
14:41<bumbleVole>i know that is annoying
14:41<LouWestin>Eh it’s ok. Lol
14:43<LouWestin>Reminds me of the old windows XP days when everything would turn off after 10 mins. Now that was annoying.
14:51<Woet>bumbleVole: real men use BNCs
14:51<bumbleVole>yeah, it's on the list!
14:51<LouWestin>IRC cloud was the easiest solution for me.
14:51<bumbleVole>Woet: i want to setup a VPS that blcoks ads for my iphone, and on the same VPS have a BNC
14:51<bumbleVole>i don't want all my data going to a third party though
14:52<bumbleVole>so thats why i don't use IRCCloud
14:52<LouWestin>makes sense
14:52<grawity>um, Linode is a third party
14:52<LouWestin>I don't talk about anything private or private enough to worry about it really.
14:52<Woet>OFTC is a third party
14:54<LouWestin>I could try configuring VNC again, but cost vs convenience...
14:54*LouWestin breaks out weigh scale
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15:01<bumbleVole>grawity: well, i mainly use freenode
15:02<bumbleVole>and i know I'm typing in a public channel, so it is logged
15:02<bumbleVole>but i also have private messages that i don't want stored by IRCCloud
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18:31<Woet>mcintosh: that's.. not helpful
18:33<@mcintosh>I mean, I find it hard to believe they aren't aware they're quitting every minute
18:33<nate>to be fair they did stop
18:38<Woet>mcintosh: it happened before, they said it's their macbook / power nap
18:38<Woet>they actually discussed that 3 hours ago
18:38<Woet>[19:39:45] <LouWestin> bumbleVole: Your MacBook keeps going to sleep. lol
18:38<Woet>[19:41:19] <bumbleVole> well, thats because i went out and closed it, and now i am back and opened it
18:40<@mcintosh>that makes me think "stop" would have been even clearer to them
18:41*LouWestin shrugs
18:46<Woet>it happens when the macbook is off though
18:46<Woet>oh well
18:46<LouWestin>Maybe mcintosh likes exercising his operator powers?
18:49<wraeth>Maybe, if they were already aware it happened, as evidenced by having discussed it, they should have done something to prevent it.
18:56<LouWestin>They kind of did, but when said person left, it was the final straw for the king.
18:58<csnxs>hail mcintosh
18:58<csnxs>!point mcintosh
18:58<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (77)
18:59<LouWestin>Hail to the king!
18:59<LouWestin>!point mcintosh
18:59<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to mcintosh. (78) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 33)
19:13<Woet>!towel mcintosh
19:13<linbot>Woet: Point taken from mcintosh! (77)
19:13<Woet>just to compensate for the points you gave him for no reason
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19:31<LouWestin>You should do it one more time.
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19:57<@mcintosh>i don't get no respect!
19:59<wraeth>!lick mcintosh
19:59<linbot>wraeth: Point given to mcintosh. (78) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 33)
20:03<TheMaster>Licking someone surely is a strange way to show gratitude. Hope he's showered recently.
20:04-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:13<LouWestin>Supposedly he enjoys it.
20:13<@mcintosh>TheMaster: hope is not a strategy
20:13<frailtyy>!towel Woet
20:13<linbot>frailtyy: Point taken from woet! (23)
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21:07<LouWestin>I just noticed a whole bunch of people left. lol
21:23<LouWestin>Ah... I thought it was the conversation for a moment, but that seemed unlikely.
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21:56<@mcintosh>bumbleVole: get an irc box
21:56<@mcintosh>stop using irc on your macbook
21:57<wraeth>Or /quit or /part when you're not here.
21:57<@mcintosh>well I don't think not being here is an ideal solution :p
21:58<wraeth>Neither is quit-spamming. ;)
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23:34<footshooter>I upgraded to 18.04 via do-release-upgrade and now I have no networking
23:40<@mcintosh>what did you upgrade from?
23:43<@mcintosh>is "Auto-configure networking" turned on in the Linode's configuration profile?
23:43<footshooter>@mcintosh: This is not on Linode :(
23:44<dwfreed>oh, I thought this was #linode
23:45<dwfreed>I think you want #ubuntu on freenode
23:47<footshooter>dwfreed: Touche. But I have had 5 Linodes for 7 years.
23:48<footshooter>It's an Ubuntu question. Thought someone who has experience with networking may be able to troubleshoot
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