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00:32<makasino>hello, anyone here?
00:32<LouWestin>no just us skeletons
00:33<makasino>im having issues with the wordpress stackscript that I installed on a linode server. was wondering if anyone can offer some help in the right direction?
00:33<LouWestin>what issue are you having?
00:34<makasino>well, after installing the script I tried installing updraft to restore the website on this new server. but trying to install a plugin it was asking for ftp credentials.
00:34<makasino>I fixed this by adding absolute code to wp-config, now its not asking anymore, but now i got an issue "can not create directory"
00:34<makasino>and tried so far several websites with a "fix" for it, but nothing worked for me so far.
00:34<LouWestin>The plugin was asking for FTP?
00:35<makasino>well yeah to install it, so basically it couldn't install the plugin
00:35<makasino>so something is off, like my server doesn't recognize wordpress, or some privileges are not granted to it ?
00:36<makasino>because right now wordpress can't create the folder / directory in order to install the plugin. the FTP issue is solved though
00:36<LouWestin>might be a permissions issue with the files/directories.
00:36<makasino>tried that one to. didn't work.
00:37<LouWestin>Trying to remember what the command I used. I think it was...
00:38<LouWestin> chown wwwdata -r
00:38<LouWestin>I remember it has to be recursive
00:39<LouWestin>Unless it's a bug with the plugin
00:39<wraeth>chown -R user[:[group]] path
00:41<makasino>hmm but the user is like my user?
00:41<makasino>you mean like root? because im getting invalid user error
00:42<LouWestin>not your sudo user
00:42<LouWestin>or root
00:42<wraeth>Hmm, your FTP credentials would need to be the same user that owns the WP directories it's trying to create (which may or may not be a "safe" way to do things).
00:43<makasino>hmm im getting invalid urs 'user'
00:43<wraeth>Chowning the hosted files would likely make your webserver not be able to read them.
00:43<makasino>i see, but that's the thing, I didn't create any ftp users.. the script just blasted wordpress on this server and that's it. now that i think of it i don't even know why i tried this
00:43<makasino>I wanted to test speed difference using Centos Web Panel, and a full Lamp stack script
00:44<makasino>but this is way too much hassle getting basic wordpress things to work
00:44<LouWestin>If you're familiar with Debian or Ubuntu it's a little bit easier to setup than CentOS
00:46<makasino>i know
00:46<makasino>chown www-data /path/to/directory
00:46<makasino>and done basically
00:46<makasino>+ -
00:46<wraeth>makasino: WP is an application consisting of scripts and web pages that must be read by your web server. Often, to facilitate remote hosting, tools will expect you to set up FTP access to the remote host so it can upload files/updates/whatever. It would need to FTP those files to a location and as a user that can be read by the webserver. Alternatively, manually upload and copy in-place/chown the files, disregarding the FTP stuff.
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00:47<LouWestin>That's weird though, I've never had to deal with setting up FTP for WP
00:48<wraeth>It's not required - it's a convenience provided by tools (possibly WP itself, I don't know) to help with managing a remote-hosted installation.
00:50<makasino>holy maloney
00:50<makasino>it worked
00:50<makasino>wanna know how i fixed it? just for personal knowledge purposes :)
00:51<makasino>first this :
00:51<makasino>chown -R apache.apache /var/www/html/*
00:51<makasino>than this :
00:51<makasino>restorecon -R /var/www/html/
00:51<LouWestin>was it a permissions issue?
00:51<makasino>and it's fixed :)
00:52<makasino>awesome :) it now can create directories.. i couldn't upload my ftp files because it couldn't create the "upload" directory with the updraft plus plugin
00:52<makasino>so all is fixed now, no ftp requests from wordpress, plus it can create directories now
00:52<makasino>thanks for the moral support guys
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01:21<J-THL>anyone here with linode soc?
01:22<J-THL>anyone here with linode support?
01:22<linbot>J-THL: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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08:51<delmadord>Hello, after umounting, thhe resize2fs command still says that the device is busy
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09:11<Woet>delmadord: share your commands and outputs on a pastebin
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09:34<Guest1867>Hii I have a quary for lenode hosting can you told me
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09:39<Woet>not with that kind of grammar / spelling.
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10:03<kwagner_reality>Anyone else having problems logging into Manager?
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10:05<LouWestin>Yep, I'm getting invalid username and password
10:05<kwagner_reality>Thanks. Wondering if it was just me.
10:06<LouWestin>I use a password manager so I know it's correct
10:09<jerkob1000>Came here just to see if other people were getting errors logging in. Happening to me too
10:09<kwagner_reality>Yep, same here
10:10<kwagner_reality>I'm able to ssh into servers just fine. But can't log into Manager.
10:10<jerkob1000>They've updated their status page now (
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10:12<linbot>New news from status: Login Issues - Linode Manager <>
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10:15<jefex>Hello, some1 else here have problems with account?
10:15<jefex>can't loggin
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10:17<jefex>what is the problem?
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10:17<LouWestin>logging in doesn't currently work
10:17<jefex>Oh, okay. Thx
10:18<lovegoodan>can not login
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10:20<kwagner_reality>Linode now reporting they have identified the cause and are working on it.
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10:21<g30>What's happening? I can't login into any of my account? Even password reset is not working. Am I hacked?
10:22<kwagner_reality>Linode is having a problem with logging into the Manager.
10:22<LouWestin>No the site isn't currently working
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10:24<g30>I can't even find email accounts I created?
10:24<g30>When is this going to be resolved?
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10:26<FITSYSTEM>i have problem with login
10:26<kwagner_reality>Us too. Linodes on it.
10:27<kwagner_reality>I just logged in successfully.
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10:31<Rotem>Any support rep I can PM?
10:32<FITSYSTEM>I need your help I want to install ssl what you recommend and advice
10:32<LouWestin>FITSYSTEM: Lets encrypt
10:34<FITSYSTEM>I heard about it, Is it good and reliable I manage SAS with a sale point
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10:36<LouWestin>It provides pretty good cyphers to start with.
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11:39<fitsystem>it is logout on each action
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12:07<DrJ>he almost made it a minute
12:14<staticsafe>I am starting to suspect one of my long term Linodes has gotten a noisy neighbor because I am getting load average alerts for it everyday and the performance characteristics of the application running on it hasn't changed in a long time.
12:19<LouWestin>You could submit a ticket
12:21<staticsafe>Yeah I will shortly, just re-examined the system myself to make sure it wasn't something on mine acting up
12:22<relidy>I've had to ask for a couple of mine to be moved around over the years due to noisy neighbors. They're quite willing to do so when asked.
12:25<staticsafe>Ah okay, this is the first time for me
12:47<linbot>New news from community: Lish is just black box?? <>
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13:27<linbot>New news from community: Is Linode going to be Amsterdam Servers <>
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14:06<nyancat>I've finally broken 10GB usage on my linode :')
14:08<LouWestin>Monthly data usage?
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14:24<jas>Does anybody run FreeBSD on Linode?
14:24<LouWestin>You have to set it up yourself I belive.
14:24<@scrane>A few people! Here's our guide on setting it up
14:25<jas>I'm having problems with the dhcp after booting the image
14:25<jas>I'm already running it for a few months, but after each reboot I'm having a problem acquiring the ip address.
14:27<linbot>New news from community: Configure iptables for IPv6 <>
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14:45<staticsafe>since when did Linode get the ability to live migrate VMs? that's pretty cool
14:53<dwfreed>mcintosh: ^
14:55<staticsafe>yes, a Linode of mine was just live migrated (re: the noisy neighbour issue I mentioned earlier)
14:56<@mcintosh>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
14:57<@mcintosh>it's been in the works for some time, and it's very exciting :D
14:58<LouWestin>If it wasn’t mcintosh, someone moved their linode by request a few weeks ago.
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15:10<millisa>!point linode
15:10<linbot>millisa: Point given to linode. (5)
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15:29<Woet>!point digitalocean
15:29<linbot>Woet: Point given to digitalocean. (1)
15:38<DrJ>mcintosh: that's cool... so now when a host needs maintenace we don't have to be down while we migrate to new host :)
15:38<@mcintosh>DrJ: depends on the reason
15:39<@mcintosh>if it's an emergency, it may not be safe to attempt a live migration
15:39<DrJ>like the normal host security patch or something... I understand if the host is crapping out
15:39<@mcintosh>it should help in those situations :)
15:42<LouWestin>I recall now that it was someone having an issue with restoring his site. So the staff member noticed he was on a noisy server and switched him to a new one.
15:44<DrJ>... that was me
15:44<DrJ>but a live migration would not have really helped in that instance
15:44<LouWestin>Oh yeah yeah yeah
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16:33<dwfreed>linbot: errno 5
16:33<linbot>dwfreed: EIO (#5): Input/output error
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16:47<csnxs>!errno 52
16:47<linbot>csnxs: EBADE (#52): Invalid exchange
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18:57<guzzlefry>howdy, what would be the easiest image to set up Docker on?
18:58<guzzlefry>Should probably ask if Arch would be easy, first. :P
19:00<smallclone>the distro isn't going to make much of a difference really
19:00<smallclone>just go with whatever you're most comfortable with
19:02<guzzlefry>smallclone: I recall it requiring a custom kernel in a lot of instances. Maybe that's not the case now?
19:03<smallclone>guzzlefry: yes you'll want to use the distro kernel, the images have them built in now - some of them deploy by default with the GRUB 2 bootloader option, while iirc others will require you to switch to it
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19:18<guzzlefry>Running updates on arch, is this something I should reject? Replace ca-certificates-cacert with core/ca-certificates? [Y/n]
19:38<frailtyy>It's just during pacman updates? Seems fine but you can review package changes from Arch. They're great at documenting that stuff.
19:39*Woet eats frailtyy's dots
19:40<frailtyy>Niet doen
19:41<Woet>· · · · · · · · · ᗣ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ᗤ
19:48<frailtyy>je bent een klootzak
19:48<frailtyy>but there is a pacman plugin that switches status bars to actual pacman
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21:07<squirrel_>I'm chosing between Linode, which has more features, and SSD nodes, which has a lower price. What are some of Linode's key features that should make me want to use Linode?
21:26<dzho>where's their api?
21:34<dzho>what's more, is there anything even like this, some means for peer support amongst the user community?
21:35<dzho>squirrel_: which is to say, where would I go to ask questions like this, but there?
21:37<dzho>holy smokes their pricing is only good if you massively pre-pay
21:38<rnowak> what savings!
21:38<rnowak>9.99/mo for 24 GB RAM etc sounds legit
21:38-!-squirrel_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:39<dzho>rnowak: that requires a 3-year pre-pay
21:39<Ikaros>And therein lies the trick
21:39<dzho>I guess that's why the API is so hard to find (if there is one)
21:39<warewolf>linode has been around for over a decade
21:40<dzho>you aren't expected to spin instances up and down
21:40<dzho>you pay for it, and then good luck to you in getting your money's worth out of it
21:40<warewolf>they've also been upgrading their infrastructure the entire time, and as a result customers keep getting notifications "You have a free ugprade!" where ram/cpu/storage/bandwidth etc all go up
21:41<rnowak>I really enjoy their full-window plsgiveusyouremail popover
21:41<dzho>oh haha nevermind OP has scampered
21:42<dzho>so, drive by "organic" sales pitch or legit pre-sales query?
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21:42<warewolf>troll, IMO
21:42<warewolf>very "do my research for me"
21:42<dzho>well yeah but it could have been sincere lazy web instead of push-polling faux lazyweb
21:42<Peng>Maybe it's an employee of the other service advertising it
21:43<dzho>thank you Peng that is my point, yes
21:43<Peng>Oh damn it
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21:43<Peng>Guess what the one line of scrollback I skipped while quickly catching up was
21:43<dzho>no srsly I appreciate the restatement
21:44<dzho>there's something about how we read versus scrolling of a certain timing that does that to us I think
21:44<dzho>I miss a lot of things that way--just one line or so of context
21:45<warewolf>there's a fine line between "Hey, I've got 99% of my research done, how do I <x>, should I <y> or <z>?" v.s. "can haz LAMP wordpress for serving 40 blogs on 40 different IPs, no I'm not doing SEO keyword stuffing for pump & dump scams, GIEV IPS"
21:47<warewolf>in other news, I am _stupid_ happy, I can home fab PCBs now
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22:43<LouWestin>It’s like I say, where are you going to get service like Linode for the price?
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22:44<LouWestin>$5 minimum plus $2 for automatic backups. How can you beat that?
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23:05<react>where are the backups stored LouWestin?
23:06<LouWestin>They mentioned that they’re stored somewhere other than your Linode.
23:08<react>Are they kept in multiple locations? Geo-redundant?
23:08<LouWestin>That I don’t know.
23:10<react>Guess I can open a ticket for clarification. Np, thanks.
23:10<Peng>They're stored elsewhere in the same data center. If it's hit by a meteor, it will be a problem.
23:11<react>The public docs should mention that, perhaps a footnote. Thanks Peng.
23:13<LouWestin>I keep backups of the content I create like images. But I use their backup like if something goes wrong, I can quickly restore.
23:13<LouWestin>Been there done that a few times.
23:15<LouWestin>It’s a good idea though to check the update history to make sure you’re not getting a failure message.
23:16<LouWestin>I’ve seen one or two. But someone mentioned a month worth of failures.
23:17<LouWestin>That’s something that should be issued a ticket for.
23:42<Peng>They do. There's something automatic or semi-automatic that opens a ticket if you get several failures in a row, or somesuch
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