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02:18<litao1993>My account can not be landed.
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07:23<jaskal>Hm, I'm sure that if I logged into the Linode Manager between invoices being issued and cards being charged, I could see the outstanding balance from the invoice on my account.
07:23<jaskal>I've got my issue invoice but I've not yet been charged, but my account balance shows as $0.00...
07:36<DrJ>Merry billing day everyone
07:37<DrJ>jaskal: that is normal. Things usually sync up by end of the day
07:37<jaskal>Ah righto then, cheers.
07:39<csnxs>woo i managed to get $5.08 in outbound transfer overage
07:39<csnxs>thank fuck for that $20 referral credit...
07:39<DrJ>what are you running
07:40<csnxs>something i need to tune down...
07:40<DrJ>all my servers combine to give me 10TB of transfer a month
07:40<DrJ>I don't even use 1
07:40<DrJ>I think I average around 8GB a day
07:41<DrJ>with about half of that being offsite backups
07:42<DrJ>187.17GB out last month on my main server
07:43<DrJ>csnxs: do you know it's actually cheaper to buy another $5 linode than it is to pay for overage if you go over $5
07:44<csnxs>i really did not expect to go over my quota
07:44<DrJ>if you pay the overage straight up it's 2 cents per gig... but a $5 linode comes out to half a cent
07:44<csnxs>and i went over literally last night without realising
07:45<DrJ>and since they pool... it saves you 75%
07:45<DrJ>ah, yea that method really only works if you know from the beginning of the month that you will go over
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09:08<LouWestin>DrJ: What do you use to offsite backup? Local save?
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10:04<DrJ>LouWestin: linux server with a XFS file system. Basically my local backup server runs a script each night that does a rsync to all of the servers I backup. Once complete it then takes a snapshot of that XFS file system. This allows me to have incremental backups that appear like full backups when browsing them.
10:04<DrJ>works very well
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10:05<DrJ>script also manages rotating (deleting) old snapshots/backups
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10:13<DrJ>I also have the backup script set to do an "integrity check" after the backup runs. Before the rsync the script places a small file with random text in it on each server. After the backup completes it confirms the local backup has that file and the random text in it matches. If not, it sends me an alert.
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10:21<bobosan>Is there any linode billing people here or just linode users?
10:28<nate>There are linode employees in here however they won't really handle account stuff over IRC for security reasons, the ticket system and email are mostly there for actual account support
10:31<LouWestin>DrJ: oh nice!
10:34<bobosan>Yeah I figured. It'll be suspcious anyhow, guess I'll try to do it over email.
10:34<bobosan>Thanks tho
10:36<DrJ>LouWestin, yea, I highly recommend doing offsites if you don't already
10:37<DrJ>my offsites are great if I need to recover just a single file or something... with linode's system you have to do a full restore to get one file
10:37<DrJ>hopefully I never need to do a full restore from offsite though, as that would take forever to upload
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10:40<LouWestin>Did you write the script yourself?
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10:44<LouWestin>Ok. I have to look into something for myself. I don’t make that many changes where I couldn’t just simply manually off-site backups, but I should look into something better
10:51<linbot>New news from community: Delay to pay <>
10:52<lucas_>Question: suppose I have a node A. If I create a node B and attach it to node A, what happens? Does node B share processing capabilities with node A?
10:52<dzho>lucas_: not really, but I guess that depends on what values you use for "attach" and "share"
10:53<dzho>you could share a suitable workload across nodes, but that's all up to how you configure and run things.
10:54<lucas_>Ok, tahnks
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11:43<woodfluff>I'm seeing this in server logs. I'm not seeing any damage done, but is there anything specific I should be looking for?
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11:48<woodfluff>Everything I've found online suggests it's an attempt to use -- File Operation Induced Unserialization via the “phar://” Stream Wrapper -- but I'm not sure what the vunerabilities are there.
11:54<woodfluff>It's not looking like anything I should be overly concerned about, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something significant.
11:55<woodfluff>Everything I've read also suggests that it's primarily a vulnerability for WP sites, but I'm assuming that others can be affected too, right?
11:57<LouWestin>On line 6, maybe he was trying to use an exploit? I found this fwiw
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11:58<woodfluff>Thanks @LouWestin
11:59<woodfluff>I also just found this reddit thread somewhat discussing it:
12:00<LouWestin>I'm not much of an exploit expert, so I don't know too much.
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12:09<woodfluff>Not my area either and I'm out of my depth here. It doesn't appear to have been at all successful but I'm paranoid about not noticing something soon enough and ending up with a totally compromised server.
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12:46<LouWestin>Probably the worst thing would be them hacking Wordpress. Best thing is making sure you have root disabled. I’ve seen a few folks who don’t do that.
12:47<LouWestin>But that’s still bad though if Wordpress gets hacked.
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12:49<kadal-15>what is it
12:50<millisa>what's taters precious?
12:50<LouWestin>What is what?
12:50<millisa>Are you asking what is linode?
12:50<LouWestin>The meaning of life?
12:50<kadal-15>i don't know i new in here
12:50<millisa>We talk about linodes and things linodish -
12:51<LouWestin>Servers and Linux
12:51<kadal-15>i don't know but i am using termux to join this channel
12:52<LouWestin>It must be fate then
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12:55<LouWestin>Well, if you’re looking for unmanaged VPS then you’re in the right place.
12:55<LouWestin>Kids nowadays... 🙄
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14:02<linbot>New news from community: Setting IPv6 slow down ssh login <> || Setting IPv6 slow down ssh login <>
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14:03<Abi12>This is probably a bit off-topic.
14:03<Abi12>Does anyone know a good VPN service which uses dial-up?
14:04<Abi12>or hosts which use dial-up?
14:09<grawity>usually those aren't called "VPN services", just "dial-up ISPs"
14:10<Abi12>yeah heh. I'm kinda clueless when it comes to dial-up.
14:10<Abi12>but I'm not looking for a dial up ISP. err.. I'm looking for a VM I can connect to remotely using dial up.
14:22<warewolf>Abi12: do you mean like, dial up into a VM's serial port?
14:23<warewolf>Abi12: that sounds niche enough that I think you'd have to roll your own, or use a dialup ISP and use some VPN client to connect to your VM
14:23<Abi12>warewolf: I mean.. I want a machine ( like a VPS ) which can only be accessed via a dial-up connection?
14:24<Abi12>yes.. it is super niche. I'm trying to develop a program which communicates with machines that are behind modems.
14:24<Abi12>They're like in the middle of the desert.
14:25<warewolf>wow, with POTS rather than cell modems?
14:25<Abi12>yeah.. but I don't even have a phone line/modem available immediately.
14:25<warewolf>must be industrial stuff
14:25<Abi12>warewolf: yes
14:25<Abi12>Casino game machines.
14:25<warewolf>OH GOD
14:25<Abi12>lolol ikr.
14:26<warewolf>not helping you, I'm not qualified
14:26<Abi12>The company which develops this software and ships the production machines isn't even that old.
14:26<Abi12>It's all so vulnerable.
14:26<grawity>I think most people just use 3G/4G modems and directly attach to Internet that way, don't they
14:26<Abi12>They're using windows server 2000 for christs sake.
14:27<Abi12>grawity: that's what they're thinking of doing soon.
14:27*warewolf mumbles something about setting up a POTS testbed with an asterisk box and a FXO/FXS interface card
14:27*warewolf runs away screaming
14:27<Abi12>It seemed like an interesting project to take on, and not too difficult.
14:27<Abi12>I just have nowhere to test it apart from the production machines.
14:28<Abi12>Which I don't want to do..
14:29<Abi12>btw there are thousands of these machines.
14:30<Abi12>shocking how they can continue running such outdated software in production.
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16:16<LouWestin>on WordPress is it the wp-admin directory that hackers generally try to get into?
16:16<millisa>sometimes. xmlrpc.php is popular. so is reading wp-config
16:16<warewolf>LouWestin: are you trying to harden a wordpress install?
16:17<warewolf>LouWestin: running under apache perhaps?
16:20<frailtyy>just gimme your wordpress password and admin url and ill tell you if everything is fine.
16:22<millisa>i can tell you it's not fine without those
16:22<warewolf>LouWestin: if you want to harden your WordPress against exploits, what you need to do is make it impossible for PHP code to be uploaded (and executed) by the webserver.
16:23<warewolf>the way I go about it is I put the plugins/themes in a folder that the webserver has no write permissions to.
16:23<frailtyy>although seriously, there is a decent wp testing tool that'll let you know if you configured your wp install correctly.
16:24<warewolf>For "upload an image" plugins, I restrict how the webserver interprets files found in those directories to just the common image types (gif, jpg, png, etc), and disable PHP scripting in that directory.
16:24<warewolf>the _most_ important bit is _no PHP code_ should be allowed to execute/run from a webserver writable directory.
16:26<warewolf>oh, and _never_ use the web based wordpress plugin installer. That means your webserver can write to the document root, which means that any time someone finds a bug in a plugin, they can upload code to your site.
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16:37<LouWestin>fraityy lol
16:38<LouWestin>warewolf: ok cool
16:55<kyhwana>warewolf: hmm, does the WP auto-updater work with that tho?
16:56<kyhwana>Because a lot of popped WP instances are due to not patching WP core or the plugins.
16:56<kyhwana>(The rest are using shit creds)
17:02<relidy>kyhwana: No. That's where something like wp-cli and cron can come into play.
17:03<warewolf>kyhwana: well, in my case I was using an OS package of wordpress that stuck it in /usr/ somewhere.
17:04<relidy>You'd still need to worry about plugins in that case.
17:04<warewolf>it might be possible to download a "current" tarball and unpack that overtop of your existing install
17:04<warewolf>same deal for plugins
17:04<warewolf>like I said, the most important bit is the webserver must not be able to write to the docroot.
17:05<warewolf>that's not a panacea, but it'll kill a _lot_ of stupid exploits quick (the ones where people upload PHP code)
17:07<warewolf>I've secured wordpress sites before. The folks using them hated me for it. But that site never got exploited.
17:07<warewolf>the chief complaints were "aww, why can't I just upload plugins I want to use!"
17:08<drussell[m]>because plugins are the literal spawn of Satan
17:08<relidy>I've been getting a kick out of automated scanners recently that don't even follow a 301 redirect to SSL. They just keep slamming HTTP with WP exploit attempts that never even get to WP code.
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17:09<warewolf>oh it also helps to have a "default" website for dumb scanners that don't bother sending a Host header
17:10<warewolf>compare to -- same webserver, same IP, different host header.
17:13<LouWestin>Taking a closer look, I notice that wp-config.php is publicly writable
17:14<relidy>LouWestin: That's usually a side-effect of the installer needing to write to that file. You should change that.
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17:15<LouWestin>chmod 644
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17:17<relidy>Er, "Hello"
17:17<LouWestin>essh I should've checked that stuff long ago
17:18<shenkwen>Was checking your new
17:18<dzho>shenkwen: who are you talking to?
17:18<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
17:18<relidy>LouWestin: 644 might still be too permissive (other users on the machine can read the file that contains your DB credentials)
17:19<shenkwen>I thought I was talking to linode person
17:20<LouWestin>relidy: Ok
17:20<relidy>Just a suggestion, mind you.
17:20<LouWestin>relidy: Technically it wouldn't need to be publicly readable anyway right?
17:20<@scrane>shenkwen There are some Linode people around, though most people here are just members of the Linode community.
17:20<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
17:20<relidy>LouWestin: correct.
17:20<@scrane>What do you think of
17:21<LouWestin>relidy: Thanks!
17:22<LouWestin>600 it is
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17:44<@mcintosh>dzho: why the long face?
17:45<millisa>maybe dzho wants to be more than just a member.
17:46<@mcintosh>oh, or because someone duped his command
17:46<millisa>Viscount(ess) Dzho of #Linode
17:46<@mcintosh>!point dzho
17:46<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to dzho. (9)
17:46<@mcintosh>!boo scrane
17:46<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from scrane! (16)
17:46<@mcintosh>got eem
17:46<@scrane>It's okay I scared shenkwen away
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22:01<rwebb616>I have some questions about linode automated server setup - can someone help?
22:02<LouWestin>I can try an answer what I can.
22:03<rwebb616>I am about to launch a company that does cloud hosting of SuiteCRM and I want to set it up similar to linode where a user can sign up for an account and I can automate the process... The question I have is can I programmatically provision a linode through my backend web scripts and tie it to our company linode account?
22:03<rwebb616>We are obviously planning on using Linode as the infrastructure for this hosting :)
22:04<smallclone>yeah you can use Linode's API to create linodes
22:04<rwebb616>Ok so the login to the site won't be any kind of stumbling block?
22:05<smallclone>the API uses your Linode Manager credentials
22:05<rwebb616>Or you pass the login through the api
22:05<rwebb616>To start with most are going to be nanodes .. what would be the best way to provision them? Set one up and use it as an image?
22:06<smallclone>use some kind of configuration management
22:06<smallclone>ansible, chef, etc
22:06<rwebb616>Ok I'll have to learn about that a bit
22:07<LouWestin>What’s nice about linode is you can upgrade each linode as needed fairly easily.
22:07<rwebb616>Would that work better than say using a stackscript?
22:07<rwebb616>Yes, I love that feature!
22:07<LouWestin>I’ve upgraded and even downgraded
22:08<rwebb616>as have I... Linode has done a great job with their automated provisioning and migrations
22:09<rwebb616>Does anyone know if there is any limit to the number of linodes you can have in your manager account?
22:09<smallclone>on a new account the default is 10 iirc
22:09<smallclone>you can open a ticket to request more
22:10<smallclone>err maybe it's 20 i could be remembering wrong
22:10<LouWestin>Ah... I think after a certain time you can get more.
22:10<LouWestin>Someone asked that recently
22:10<smallclone>yeah it increases over time but also if you open a ticket and have a good reason / just generally seem legit they'll increase it for you as needed
22:10<LouWestin>The OP’s are usually around in the morning
22:11<rwebb616>Well that may become an issue... I wonder if I should be provisioning these as separate accounts
22:11<rwebb616>I'm sure they will work with me if they know I could be bringing potentially thousands of linodes to their system.
22:11<smallclone>yeah your best bet there is to open a ticket
22:12<rwebb616>I'll jump back on in the AM and see if someone is around...
22:12<smallclone>ops are in here, but it probably shouldn't be relied on for that type of thing
22:12<LouWestin>There’s also the balance too. I think bill after it reaches $50.
22:12<smallclone>particularly as they'll want to look at the details of your account
22:12<rwebb616>We're in the process of building our site so no where near being ready to start provisioning but just doing the groundwork.
22:12<smallclone>and this (public) channel isn't a great place to relay account information
22:13<rwebb616>Yes true
22:13<rwebb616>Well thank you both for your input.
22:13<LouWestin>You’re welcome.
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