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01:04<learner>hey guys, i'm trying to run pyenv as www-data and run it, so when i host mezzanine, it runs as www-data all the way. Installation goes well. I've created a user, added the user to www-data group. Then installed pyenv. When i "su - user" however, it doesn't seem to source .profile. I tried runinng source manually too. It says source doesn't exist. help please?
01:07<learner>this is the command "$ source ~/.profile" and here's the error: "-su: 4: source: not found"
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07:08<terry_>I need to increase the data traffic by 100TB. How much do I have to pay?
07:09<terry_>Does anyone know?
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07:15<Woet>only 100 TB
07:15<Woet>$2048 USD a month
07:15<Woet>or $500 worth of nanodes
07:16<Woet>the transfer scales weirdly
07:16<Woet>$5 gets you 1 TB and $960 gets you 9 TB
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08:51<LouWestin>Probably needs some kind of CDN.
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09:26<dzho>yeah, slopes are different depending on which resource dimension you're considering
09:27<dzho>it's all projected onto the single "linode level" vs "price" plane
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09:41<mak>is your vps for technical person only or user who just work in cpanel can use it ?
09:42<eagle>ahoy, does the new cloud interface allow payments via paypal?
09:42<LouWestin>You would need to install CPanel yourself first.
09:42<LouWestin>eagle: Yes
09:43<eagle>LouWestin, doesn't seem to be the case...
09:43<@mcintosh>where are you looking, eagle?
09:43<LouWestin>The one in beta? Maybe not then.
09:43<eagle>"Make a Payment"
09:44<eagle>ot only lists my old Credit Card
09:44<LouWestin>I made a paypal payment yesterday
09:44<eagle>that's why I mentioned the cloud. interface
09:44<eagle>not the old manager. interface
09:44<LouWestin>Ah k
09:44<eagle>afaik, there is no non-beta cloud.- interface?
09:44<eagle>or am I missing something?
09:45<dzho>if I recall correctly, one cannot use paypal to open an account, but an established account can pay that way
09:45<@mcintosh>sounds like eagle has an account, though
09:45<eagle>dzho, that might be correct, but I was a customer before..
09:45<@mcintosh>under Make a Payment there should be a radio button next to your payment card that says "Paypal"
09:45<dzho>oh, hmm
09:45<eagle>mcintosh, I can't spot one...
09:45<eagle>I'm gonna check via the manager. interface
09:46<@mcintosh>well, that one definitely has it
09:46<@mcintosh>but so does the new one
09:47<eagle>mcintosh, the old manager. interface offers a payment via paypal..
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09:47<eagle>I can't see that via the new cloud. interface
09:47<csnxs>make sure nothing is blocking and
09:47<eagle>I'll make a scrot
09:47<csnxs>i had to unblock them in umatrix for the paypal radio button to appear
09:47<eagle>csnxs, oh...
09:48<eagle>but I don't get why I need to enable cross site requests for that on the new interface..
09:48<eagle>I haven't allowed them oon the old one either
09:48<@mcintosh>they are different
09:48<eagle>I think with serious stuff there shouldn't be necessary links to other sites
09:49<dzho>well, it's got to go there eventually
09:49<eagle>just to clearify that, csnxs, you are correct...
09:50<eagle>if I enable paypal resources via umatrix I get the option to use it
09:50<eagle>thank you
09:50<csnxs>yay im helping
09:50<@mcintosh>!point csnxs
09:50<eagle>[but I am gonna use the old interface :^รพ]
09:50<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to csnxs. (13) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
09:51<eagle>because paypal doesn't need to know when I login to that site...
09:53<Woet>yea, they'll definitely not know you're logged into linode when you make a payment to linode
09:53<eagle>they do...
09:53<@mcintosh>eagle: the paypal payment javascript doesn't execute on login
09:53<eagle>but making a payment is not the only reason for me to login to the interface
09:53<@mcintosh>so that's not exactly an honest representation
09:54<Woet>eagle: I'm pretty sure it's only on the payment page, just like 99% of other websites.
09:54<eagle>if I am loading the dashboard it is already requesting to load the script
09:54<eagle>so even if it is not being executed paypal knows that it is me
09:55<@mcintosh>that's not true
09:55<@mcintosh> does not load PayPal payment scripts
09:55<eagle>umatrix says so
09:55<@mcintosh>you're misreading it
09:55<eagle>no I am not
09:55<@mcintosh>all you have to do is check the network tab of your browser
09:57<eagle>let me restart the browser...
09:57<csnxs>paypal only appears if i go to accounts & billing
09:57<@mcintosh>!point csnxs
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09:57<csnxs>!point mcintosh
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09:59<eagle>ok, pardon my ignorance...
10:00<Woet>maybe your tinfoil hat is on too tight
10:00<csnxs>not tight enough
10:01<eagle>that, obviously, also umatrix being buggy
10:01*csnxs sacrifices his ethernet cables to please lord rms
10:01<eagle>!point mcintosh
10:01<linbot>eagle: Point given to mcintosh. (80)
10:01<Woet>thats why you shouldnt use shitty extensions like that
10:01<eagle>!point Woet
10:01<linbot>eagle: Point given to woet. (24) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 18)
10:01<Woet>just let websites load the resources they need
10:01<@mcintosh>eagle: no worries - I would be somewhat alarmed if I thought I saw PayPal JS executing on our dashboard too :)
10:02<Woet>i wouldn't
10:02<Woet>only if its stealccinfo.js
10:02<@mcintosh>right but I know that it's not supposed to, so at minimum it'd be a software bug :p
10:02<Woet>!point mcintosh
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10:02<Woet>wow csnxs
10:02<@mcintosh>he luvs me
10:02<csnxs>what's this hmm
10:03<Woet>mcintosh: did you gline Zimsky?
10:05<Woet>or bhanks? or bmartin?
10:05<Woet>or everyone else cool that vanished
10:07<@mcintosh>figure you would know better than I Zimsky's whereabouts lol
10:07<csnxs>mcintosh ate him!
10:07<Woet>her *
10:08<@mcintosh>!point Woet
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10:08<csnxs>same thing
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