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04:56<UserXxx>hi, question, is it allowed to run teamspeak server on every linode virtual server, even on the cheapest one of 5 $ per month?
04:57<grawity>if it's not forbidden by, then it's allowed
04:57<grawity>or rather by I keep mixing up the two
04:57<UserXxx>at my current provider its not allowed... so i must change it, thx for help
04:59<chesty>i just installed ubuntu on my laptop with zfs on root, instant love. combined with sanoid and syncoid it's better than awesome. what do you reckon I would have to do to get zfs on a linode? does linode still have rescue images?
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05:09<Peng>Finnix is still around. I doubt it supports ZFS? Might be worth reserving a GB of disk space so you can deploy an emergency Ubuntu
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05:16<Peng>18.04 would presumably b e easier.
05:16<Peng>Linode's 18.04 images use Ubuntu's kernel by default
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05:46<chesty>Peng, I skimmed that, I wanted to put in on root and I didn't see that covered. so create my own rescue image basically.
05:47<Peng>Oh, sorry. I skimmed it less than you. :X
05:47<chesty>Peng, cheers. fyi, zfs root on 18.04 is done with the live disk and debootsrap
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06:54<jayed>do I need to verify my payoneer mastercard?
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07:58<linbot>New news from community: Can Block Storage be attached at several hosts at once to treat it as shared storage? <>
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08:38<linbot>New news from community: Which linode for forums <>
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09:17<guzzlefry>Don't suppose Arch Linux has something like fail2ban enabled by default?
09:18<guzzlefry>oh, just kidding. I wasn't specifying the correct user when logging in the first time. :)
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09:56<LouWestin>I generally avoid that by using a password manager. ;-)
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10:37<guzzlefry>Yeah, this is for ssh login. I forgot to specify the user in the command line.
10:37<guzzlefry>Is it okay for me to port scan my own instance?
10:38<@mcintosh>guzzlefry: yes
10:40<LouWestin>It’s Monday morning. lol
10:45<DrJ>guzzlefry: doing a port scan on yourself is not a bad idea to do every so often
10:46<LouWestin>What do you use to port scan?
10:48<DrJ>I like the solarwinds one
10:48<DrJ>it's free
10:48<DrJ>Only ports open on my server is 80 and 443 :)
10:49<LouWestin>22 is closed?
10:49<DrJ>I have 22 closed to everyone except certain IP addresses that I use
10:49<DrJ>through iptables
10:49<LouWestin>Ah... white list
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10:49<LouWestin>I should do that
10:49<DrJ>I have webmin installed, port 10000, and have that the same way
10:50<LouWestin>My isp’s address doesn’t ever change.
10:50<Woet>ew webmin
10:50<LouWestin>Even though it’s dhcp
10:51<DrJ>webmin FTW
10:52<DrJ>mine hardly does either unless the internet goes out for a few hours
10:52<DrJ>but I have a dynamic dns domain on my home IP LouWestin
10:52<Woet>why is it ftw?
10:52<DrJ>the rules file on my server has the domain in it instead of my IP so everytime I do iptables-restore < /etc/iptables/rules.v4 it refreshes
10:52<DrJ>for the win
10:53<DrJ>and I have a cronjob that does the restore every hour
10:53<DrJ> <--my rules file (redacted)
10:53<LouWestin>DrJ is much more advanced than myself. :-)
10:54<DrJ>ipv6 is basically the same thing
10:54<DrJ>when you load that file it resolves and only uses the IP at the time of loading
10:54<DrJ>which is why I have the cronjob to restore every hour
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11:01<DrJ>but yea LouWestin, if you only ever use SSH from certain IP addresses then I think you should just shut off access comepletely to others
11:01<DrJ>if nothing else it avoids bots from brute forcing you which, althoug minimal, surely takes up some resources on your server
11:01<DrJ>and then you don't have to worry about running things like fail2ban which, again, take up resources (even if minimal)
11:02<LouWestin>I can use my routers VPs to give me the same ip when I’m mobile so that works.
11:03<DrJ>if I'm somewhere, like on vacation, and need to manage my server I remote into my home computer through RDP, which is protected by Duo 2FA, and then ssh in from there
11:04<LouWestin>Yeah it would nice to RDP.
11:06<DrJ>yea, I'm RDP'd right now into my home computer from work
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11:32<gparent>I just force key auth and not care
11:33<guzzlefry>Is anyone using `ufw` with Arch? I'm getting this when running `ufw allow ssh`:
11:33<guzzlefry>ERROR: initcaps [Errno 2] iptables v1.8.0 (legacy): can't initialize iptables table `filter': Memory allocation problem. Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.
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11:48<Woet>guzzlefry: "Memory allocation problem"
11:48<linbot>New news from community: How to send email to Gmail address from Debian cronjob? <>
11:49<guzzlefry>I saw that. I somehow doubt it requires the remaining 700MB+.
11:49<Woet>monitor free -m while running it
11:51<guzzlefry>eh, there's no way...
11:51<guzzlefry>even `ufw status` gives the error.
11:51<millisa>anything more when you throw a 'verbose' on the end?
11:52<millisa>and just to be sure, sudo - are you using it?
11:52<guzzlefry>too late, nuked it :P Don't have time to futz with broken. :/
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12:03<LouWestin>My cousin is looking for website hosting. I’m trying to steer her towards Linode. She texted me that someone recommended Network Solutions...
12:04<guzzlefry>I have this feeling in my gut that I've worked with them before. A not very good feeling...
12:05<smallclone>lol 3 reviews on google and they're all 1 star
12:05<LouWestin>The reviews aren’t good. If I steer her here then I’m on the hook for updates. Which really isn’t that bad, but
12:06<LouWestin>When non-admins give hosting advice... oh dear...
12:06<smallclone>the scope of what they offer is pretty different from Linode..but if they're looking for more of a shared / hands-off service
12:06<smallclone>i have to imagine you can find something with better reviews
12:07<LouWestin>Yeah here it’s going to be managing the ship. Somewhere else it’s either things will be fine or really bad.
12:08<LouWestin>I know inmotion and web faction are off the list. Lol
12:08<LouWestin>Id like to bring people here. But 🤷‍♂️
12:09<LouWestin>I told her I’ll look at the reviews
12:25<uther>can anyone point me to a definitive guide on how to shrink a linode disk? i have a base centos 7 vm, that i would like to shrink down to a smaller plan. i have successfully resized the ext4 partition. i have tried booting from livecd and using both fdisk and parted to resize the partition, but neither works.
12:29<millisa>did you try putting in the smaller size in the linode manager and letting it resize down?
12:29<millisa>shutdown the linode from the manager, click on 'edit' next to the disk, then type the new size in the 'new size' box and hit 'save changes'.
12:29<uther>i'm using the "new" interface
12:29<uther>is it there
12:32<millisa>i think so. goto the 'settings' tab for the linode, and then look under 'advanced configurations'. it should have a section for disks
12:32<millisa>there's a ... to the right that you can click on to 'resize'
12:32<millisa>i had a hard time finding it, too.
12:33<uther>wow, thanks. trying that.
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13:16<uther>millisa: thank you. i'm good now.
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13:43<Bokul>Which country this hosting provider?
13:43<LouWestin>Based out of the United states
13:45<LouWestin>The data centers however are in other countries as well
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17:07<frailtyy>sup dogs
17:09*Woet bites frailtyy
17:09<frailtyy>Dont even get a lick
17:09<frailtyy>why i oughta
17:13<Woet>!lick frailtyy
17:13<linbot>Woet: Point given to frailtyy. (2)
17:13<frailtyy>thx dad
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21:58-!-mode/#linode [+o cparsons] by mtjones
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22:56<Suffokated>Hello. Trying to find information about IP Addresses for Linode plans. Obviously they have to come with at least one, but is it possible to purchase additional IP addresses?
22:57<LouWestin>You have to request for an additional one and specify the reason
22:58<Suffokated>DNS servers required at least 2 IP addresses. I know Linode offers DNS hosting, but I prefer to host my own DNS so it can't easily be tampered with.
22:59<MrPPS>Suffokated: typically you'd have two separate DNS server
22:59<MrPPS>rather than one DNS server with two IP addresses
22:59<@mtjones>Hi Suffokated! We generally don't provide additional IP addresses for nameservers as nameservers are intended to be on seperate servers entirely.
22:59<@mtjones>Ah, beat me to it MrPPS!
23:00<@mtjones>!point MrPPS
23:00<linbot>mtjones: Point given to mrpps. (7)
23:00<MrPPS>woo \o/
23:00<MrPPS>!point mtjones
23:00<linbot>MrPPS: Point given to mtjones. (2)
23:00<Suffokated>I'm not sure I follow. I've ran my own nameserver from a dedicated server which had multiple static IP addresses from a single process?
23:01<MrPPS>It's certainly possible, but it's not really the ideal scenario (given they're meant for redundancy), and certainly not a justification in this case for Linode to supply you with an extra IPv4
23:01<Suffokated>What's not ideal about it if another provider is providing secondary DNS?
23:02<Suffokated>Sorry--not trying to irritate, genuinely curious.
23:02<LouWestin>I’m not sure how it would be redundant though if it’s the same server.
23:03<LouWestin>It’s like a server with two nics
23:03<MrPPS>Oh, I mean, if you're providing secondary DNS elsewhere, doesn't that eliminate the need for you to have dual IP addresses? I am assuming the requirement for two IP's for your DNS hosting is coming from your domain name registrar, correct?
23:03<Suffokated>MrPPS: Yes.
23:03<Peng>Suffokated: Why do you need two IP addresses?
23:03<MrPPS>So then you could put in the 1 IP address for your hosted BIND nameserver, and then the secondary IP address from your backup provider
23:03<Suffokated>Peng: Because to host your own nameserver you need ns1 and ns2.
23:04<LouWestin>I would just run two servers.
23:04<dwfreed>you don't need to be ns2 if you have slaves elsewhere
23:04<MrPPS>instead of you can just use
23:04<Peng>Suffokated: The point of the rule is to have two separate servers. Not one server with extra IPs.
23:04<dwfreed>see for example ''; imogen is my master, and I slave Linode off of that
23:04<MrPPS>or probably make a cname for (though I've not done that)
23:05<Peng>MrPPS: You can't. NS records aren't allowed to point at CNAMEs.
23:05<MrPPS>and that'd more be for aesthetics than anything else :)
23:05<MrPPS>ah, thanks for clarification Peng
23:05<MrPPS>Never thought to try it before :)
23:05<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 ns
23:06<LouWestin>What would be the advantage of running your own name servers?
23:06<@mcintosh>it's fun
23:06<Suffokated>Thanks for the information. Linode seems to be a bit more of a restrictive provider then what I'm seeking.
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23:07<LouWestin>Not really...
23:07<MrPPS>that was a fast exit
23:07<MrPPS>Oh well, nothing lost :)
23:07<@mcintosh>!point LouWestin
23:07<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to louwestin. (3)
23:07<LouWestin>mcintosh: K
23:07<@mcintosh>!point MrPPS
23:07<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to mrpps. (8)
23:07<@mcintosh>!point Peng
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23:07<@mcintosh>!point dwfreed
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23:07<MrPPS>points all round!
23:07<MrPPS>!point mcintosh
23:07<linbot>MrPPS: Point given to mcintosh. (82) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 34)
23:07<dwfreed>LouWestin: control
23:07<LouWestin>I mean he could simply run his own shit...
23:07<LouWestin>dwfreed: k
23:08<@mcintosh>that too
23:08<dwfreed>I can create arbitrary records and manipulate them however and wherever I wish
23:08<Peng>LouWestin: I run some of my own nameservers. I have a warped idea of fun. There's an actual advantage in being able to do things different DNS providers might not support, or support cheaply.
23:08<LouWestin>Seems like the trade off is a bigger pain then I’d like to deal with. But that’s me.
23:08<MrPPS>I do all my DNS on paper with a caesar cipher, then send via homing pigeon to a tibetan monk
23:08<MrPPS>who enters them for me
23:09<Peng>LouWestin: Correct
23:09<@mcintosh>dwfreed: <insert ndt meme>
23:09<@mtjones>You can also do things that aren't technically allowed by RFC standards, such as Cloudflare-style cname-only records.
23:10<LouWestin>Of course some here are far more advanced than me. So the reasons go beyond my feeble mind. lol
23:10<linbot>Peng: 2001:db8:2018:11:6:4:10:33,
23:11<dwfreed>time encoded as an IPv6 address, nice
23:11<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 txt
23:11<linbot>dwfreed: 2018-11-06T04:11:30Z
23:11<LouWestin>If I find time to, I’ll look into it though.
23:16*Peng shrugs
23:16<Peng>I'm not gonna say everyone should run their own DNS servers. Or anyone. :P
23:17<Peng>If you need to do it, or want to do it, or do it as a learning exercise about a critically important and horrifying Internet protocol, go wild
23:24<Abi12>aren't some people talking about decentralized DNS?
23:27<Abi12>MrPPS: I laughed at that btw :P
23:28-!-Redentor [~Redentor@2600:3c01:e000:20c::1000] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:28<LouWestin>I would probably only run dns just for testing or some really good reason.
23:31<LouWestin>Like not running a mail server. No good reason to. Lol.
23:39<MrPPS>Abi12: haha, I'm glad :)
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