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00:35<linbot>New news from community: Geolocation block using UFW <>
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08:59<io____[m]>hallo I ve updated Longview but I still get "An update for the Longview agent is available. Please update your installation of Longview. "
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09:02<Cromulent>oh I like the new cloud manager - first time I've looked at it
09:06<guzzlefry>Is it build on top of some massive client-side framework? Those don't work so well over my slow connection.
09:06<Cromulent>no idea
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10:57<rnowak>that does look much nicer, thumbs up
10:58<@mcintosh>rnowak: <3
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11:18<@jackley>guzzlefry: it's built on react. you can check out the repo here
11:20<guzzlefry>will do, thanks
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11:53<Steven_>Hi good day
11:53<Steven_> I have a question
11:56<Steven_>currently a companion has its Linode 4GB hosting
11:56<Steven_>If you want to increase the Linode 16GB, would there be any problems with the applications that are already working?
11:57<LouWestin>You’re going to have some downtime
11:57<DrJ>Steven_: should be no problem, but their will be some downtime. Probably about 10-20 minutes
11:58<DrJ>however, they should enable linode backups, if not already, and take a snapshot before they do
11:58<DrJ>if they don't have linode backups enabled they can then turn it back off after they determine the migration to be successful
11:58<LouWestin>You’ll want to expand the disk size too while it’s off.
11:59<Steven_>Would not have to reconfigure applications that are already working?
12:00<LouWestin>No. At least you shouldn’t
12:00<LouWestin>Like DrJ says, better run a snapshot before upgrading.
12:01<Steven_>another query, what would happen if after about 3 months of Linode 16GB pass to Linode 8GB?
12:02<LouWestin>You want to downgrade?
12:02<LouWestin>It should migrate fine, but that’s going depend on how much disk space you have.
12:03<Steven_>Currently we have Linode 4GB, we want to increase a 16GB Linode for 3 months and then have Linode 8GB
12:03<LouWestin>I’d just go to a 8GB.
12:03<Steven_>Is this possible?
12:05<LouWestin>Downsizing is really only an issue with disk space since you’re shrinking down.
12:05<LouWestin>If you’re moving up to a 16 and back down to 8. Why not just stick to 8GB?
12:06<LouWestin>Of course if you want to ensure that you’re not going to have issues, then you could clone the server, and upgrade the clone.
12:07<Steven_>But as long as I do not exceed the capacity of the Linode 8GB disc, there would be no problem true?
12:07<relidy>Steven_: Correct
12:09<Steven_>One last query, if I make these changes. with whom should I communicate?
12:10<relidy>You can manage that all yourself.
12:10<Steven_>And the payments are adjusted automatically?
12:14<Steven_>ok thanks for the estimated information
12:34<Woet>Steven_: you need to make backups and do the upgrade with a sysadmin available
12:34<Woet>things could break.
12:39<Steven_>Could they break?
12:40<Steven_>but if backup copies are enabled and increase of memory and disk with the administrator Should not you have a problem?
12:41<relidy>Steven_: I think Woet's trying to make the point that things can break at any time, for any reason. Tested backups are your friend. There are no specific concerns with your migration/resize plan, however.
12:42<Woet>Steven_: if anything, it involves a reboot. reboots can always break things.
12:42<Woet>especially if you don't do them regularly.
12:43<Steven_>I must enable the backup and Linode does the backup automatically right?
12:44<Woet>but again, have a sysadmin available. don't just upgrade and then panic if things break.
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12:45<LouWestin>You should have backups enabled anyway.
12:46<LouWestin>Backup, clone, upgrade clone, test upgraded clone, and see how things workout.
12:50<Steven_>Ok thanks for the information If I do not have backup copies enabled How long would it be advisable to be able to do the capacity increase?
12:53<LouWestin>Just switch on backups and create a snapshot.
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13:16<Cromulent>is anyone getting a lot of inbound IPv6 traffic from the private network in London?
13:16<Cromulent>wondering if it is something I should be concerned about
13:17<Woet>you shouldn't be concerned.
13:18<frailtyy>hack the ip and find out what it is
13:22<dwfreed>Cromulent: tcpdump is your friend
13:22<Cromulent>I'll hunt around with it - thanks
13:35<LouWestin>I need to add that to my servers.
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14:50<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Newark <>
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15:33<SToP_GAP>Hi. Upon updating grub under Ubuntu 18.04 and choosing to keep the locally installed configuration, I then get a Configuring grub-pc dialogue box which says "The GRUB boot loader was previously installed to a disk that is no longer present..., or whose unique identifier has changed for some reason." and then /dev/sda, sdb and sda again. When I select the first sda, it proceeds but then I get a bunch of other errors including:
15:33<SToP_GAP>"grub-install: warning: File system `ext2' doesn't support embedding."
15:34<SToP_GAP>Then cryptsetup starts reporting : cryptsetup: WARNING: failed to detect canonical device of /dev/sda cryptsetup: WARNING: could not determine root device from /etc/fstab
15:34<SToP_GAP>Can anyone assist, I'm not sure what's going on here.
15:47<@scrane>The cryptsetup warning you can ignore. You get that because the drives are designated by /dev/sd* instead of UUID
15:50<SToP_GAP>OK, I'm not actually using encryption on drives. So why isn't grub finding the drive? Has something messed up the UUIDs or something?
15:50<SToP_GAP>(thanks, by the way!)
15:51<LouWestin>Just a shot in the dark, but maybe try switching to the latest 64 bit kernel and reboot
15:51<@scrane>It's not finding the drives because we don't rely on UUIDs
15:52<SToP_GAP>So if I select the first SDA it should be OK then, I presume?
15:52<@scrane>Pretty much. Are you usuing the Linode Kernel or the distribution-supplied kernel via GRUB2?
15:53<@scrane>the cryptsetup thing you can ignore entirely.
15:54<SToP_GAP>I just built this server from a linode 18.04 image and performed a full apt upgrade... is that potentially changing the kernel? I think I saw kernel whizzing by in the list of things it updated...
15:55<@scrane>The apt upgrade won't change the kernel. I believe by default the 18.04 image uses GRUB2
15:56<SToP_GAP>Yes I think so. In which case, it should be the default Linode Kernel, yes
15:57<@scrane>Sorry, I misspoke. I mean the apt upgrade will upgrade the kernel to the latest distribution-supplied one if you are using GRUB2. Otherwise, it won't upgrade the kernel if you are using one of the Linode-supplied kernels.
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15:57<SToP_GAP>I invert my statement then. Should I switch back then?
15:58<@scrane>Nah. As I said, the warning from cryptsetup is just a warning and so long as you are not encrypting anything you can ignore it.
15:58<@scrane>It won't hurt or impact anything
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15:59<@scrane>change "encrypting anything" to "encrypting the disk"
15:59<SToP_GAP>Great, many thanks - I was struggling to find a good answer via google! Cheers :)
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16:00<@scrane>Not a problem! Have a great day!
16:00<SToP_GAP>You too. Bye
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16:04<@cparsons>Hey everyone! We are working on a Linode Discord channel to increase community engagement. If there is anyone here that would like to participate, feel free to PM me
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16:17<LouWestin>cparsons: Sure.
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16:29<dwfreed>cparsons: what's wrong with IRC
16:33<millisa>not enough discussion of linoder's mom's proclivities
16:33<@cparsons>dwfreed not a thing. We are not moving away from IRC. Only opening up additional community touch points.
16:35<dwfreed>you say that, and then 6 months from now the IRC channel will be closed down because of "lack of use"
16:36<dwfreed>that's just what happens when people "add" chat services
16:37<relidy>Unless it's bridged with the other service(s), then things just get weird.
16:38<dwfreed>bridging doesn't always work well, because irc is lacking certain fancy features
16:38<dwfreed>message edits, reactions, native emoji support
16:41<relidy>Honestly, go where the people are. If it means that this channel eventually goes away because the other chat service is crazy popular, so be it. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for IRC.
16:42<millisa>ln -sn ./IRC /myheart/spot
16:44<LouWestin>Personally I don’t like Discord as much and its possible that they’ll start charging businesses for commercial use. But I’ll offer my help for linode
16:44<dwfreed>in the hierarchy, it's IRC > Discord >>>>>>>> Slack
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16:45<relidy>Not a fan of Slack, eh dwfreed?
16:45<relidy>I can appreciate the simplicity of that answer :)
16:46<LouWestin>I’m only on Discord because of my kids really.
16:47<LouWestin>There’s a lot of privacy settings that I needed to go through and turn off. That’s another reason I don’t like it.
16:48<grawity>I kind of find it ironic that everyone's moving to Discord from what once was the "Eris-free network"
16:50<LouWestin>I don’t think Discord will remain free. If it does, then they’re selling information or something
16:51<LouWestin>Or it’s going to be ad hell.
16:51<grawity>um, they've been selling Discord Plus subscriptions (err, "Discord Nitro") for quite a while now
16:51<LouWestin>Ah... ok
16:52<grawity>besides, how does OFTC remain free?
16:52<LouWestin>I’m not well versed with it
16:53<LouWestin>Server sponsors I believe
16:58<dwfreed>OFTC has a lot of server sponsors
16:58<dwfreed>there are 5 Linodes, for example
16:58<dwfreed>and only one of them is a hub
17:00<LouWestin>I’ve been wondering, what would be the minimum requirements for a server donation?
17:04<dwfreed>not much, though we don't really need anything right now
17:04<@mcintosh>this channel isn't going anywhere
17:05<millisa>not until we buckle up and be quiet back there? Dont make him turn this channel around.
17:05<LouWestin>dwfreed: k
17:05<@mcintosh>!point millisa
17:05<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (71) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
17:05<dwfreed>!point millisa
17:05<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to millisa. (72) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
17:15<linbot>relidy: 1. mcintosh (82) 2. eugene (72) 3. millisa (72) 4. dwfreed (65) 5. peng (27)
17:16<Woet>where am I
17:16<Woet>also, is Eugene dead?
17:16<Woet>he hasn't been linodin' for 1 month, 13 days, 13 hours, 54 minutes, 29 seconds.
17:20<LouWestin>And counting
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19:45<cusanet>Does linote cap network speeds by plan?
19:47<LouWestin>The only upload speed limits are listed by each plan
19:48<cusanet>You mean -> Nanode 1GB 1 GB 1 Core 25 GB SSD 1 TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps --- 1000 Mbits?
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19:58<LouWestin>That's it! Next time don't leave so fast!
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20:10<frailtyy>LouWestin: You're doing gods work but they don't want the help
20:10<frailtyy>!point LouWestin
20:10<linbot>frailtyy: Point given to louwestin. (4)
20:10<frailtyy>since they wont
20:10<LouWestin>It happens a few times. lol
20:41<Abi12>LouWestin: lol'd
20:41<Abi12>More than a few times m8.
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21:07<LouWestin>Abi12: Ok I'm being modest. lol
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