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00:06<encode>hey guys, a few months ago i upgraded my linode from 14.04 to 16.04 ubuntu
00:06<encode>now when my linode boots my networking doesn't come up by itself
00:06<encode>i notice this message in the logs:
00:06<encode>[ 10.730832] eth0: renamed from veth209ab85
00:06<encode>any ideas why that would be happening?
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00:08<Abi12>encode: what does ipconfig say?
00:08<Abi12>encode: what does /etc/network/interfaces say?
00:08<Abi12>ifconfig** sorry.. still in a windurs mindset
00:09<encode>my interfaces file was a bit weird due to multiple ipv4 IPs, but i updated it to match and rebooted, same deal
00:09<encode>i have eth0 in the interfaces file
00:09<encode>but when my linode comes up i only have that weird veth interface, no eth0 until i run service networking restart
00:10<Abi12>So you need to restart the networking service in order to regain network functionality?
00:10<encode>straight after a reboot i have nothing useful
00:12<Abi12>encode: have you tried searching the issue?
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00:34<encode>i did try searching, but didn't find that page
00:34<encode>let me take a look, thanks
00:35<encode>i have only one line in the udev rules: SUBSYSTEM=="net", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="fe:fd:40:3e:e7:d2", ATTR{type}=="1", NAME="eth0"
00:37<encode>i'll try commenting that out and rebooting
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00:43<enc0de>ok so now when it comes up i have an eth0, it just doesn't have any IPv4 IPs configured
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00:46<encode> is my /etc/network/interfaces file, slightly redacted
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02:06<_2112comms>Hi there
02:06<_2112comms>We're having 502 problems on all sites on one of our servers after migration
02:08<_2112comms>Anyone that can help here?
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02:22<enc0de>any support staff online?
02:22<enc0de>my linode is currently booting then crashing
02:22<enc0de>"Linode failed to boot for unknown reason. " in the host job queue
02:40<linbot>New news from community: How to update php7.07 to 7.1 <>
02:52<enc0de>it would be nice if someone could look at my ticket 11117224
03:27<enc0de>i think i've had better responses when the whole DC is offline
03:27<enc0de>over an hour and still no response to my ticket
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04:01<Woet>enc0de: what gave you the impression you have a 60 minute support SLA?
04:02<grawity>Woet: legends from the past about Linode's great-by-default tech support
04:02<Woet>enc0de: AWS charges you $100/month for a 60 minute SLA, and that's only if your production server is down.
04:02<Woet>grawity: never been a SLA though.
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06:41<cleamoon>Hello, I have a problem with my linode account. I cannot remember my password so I tried to reset my password. But I cannot receive the reset mail.What should I do?
07:30<DrJ>cleamoon: you will probably need to call support
07:31<DrJ>use either the phone or email option
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07:59<cleamoon>OK. Thanks
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08:41<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible to downgrade my plan? <>
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11:00<baudster>I seem to be having issues doing apt-get update on all my servers
11:01<synfinatic>works fine for me.
11:01<synfinatic>you may need to provide more details :)
11:02<baudster>getting Hash Sum mismatch
11:02<baudster>and -- E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
11:02<baudster>happending to all my servers
11:02<synfinatic>try a different mirror?
11:03<synfinatic>fwiw, i use
11:03<baudster>I use the same
11:03<synfinatic>trusty or ???
11:05<synfinatic>i'm trusty... so yeah, that looks like your issue. the xenial mirror got some issues.
11:05<synfinatic>so yeah, try a different mirror
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11:47<chesty>I installed a custom distro, ubuntu 18.04 with zfs root, when booting though it's not finding grub.cfg, I get a grub prompt. I can then run `set root=hd0,msdos1` `configfile /grub/grub.cfg` and it boots fine
11:47<chesty>got any ideas?
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12:01<chesty>sweet, i changed the linode config from grub-2 to direct disk and it's working
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12:06<chesty>man, I'm so happy. that took hours of playing to work out, and as soon as I asked for help, writing it down in words, I had an idea and bam, fixed it
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12:12<relidy>!point chesty
12:12<linbot>relidy: Point given to chesty. (1)
12:14<chesty>for the logs I'm not using a separate boot disk any more either, grub boots fine with /boot on a zfs root
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13:21<jc->hi. in the new manager can you add clickable link for ssh? like old
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13:33<semi>Hi. I was trying to clone a volume but as soon as I did it, the new volume was in the state contact_support. I opened a ticket but its been 2 hours and I'm unable to proceed until I get this done. Could someone take a look at ticket #11119040?
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13:56<frailtyy>hey you monsters, its fedora appreciation week so throw your hands up for the worlds best distro
13:58*frailtyy smirks.
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14:07*frailtyy waves.
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16:30<Abi12>jc-: use lish.
16:30<Abi12>oh.. you said the new manager.
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21:23<rgk>hi, my linode recently stopped receiving data (I can't sync or npm update without getting name resolution failure) but I can still access my server via nginx, shh, etc... any ideas what is up? this just happened a few hours ago randomly
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21:23<millisa>if you can ssh to it, it is receiving data
21:24<millisa>did you set your name servers to something odd?
21:24<rgk>ok, yeah i was just going to say it is also receiving emails, but i can't sync anything
21:24<Peng>Pastebin "dig" and /etc/resolv.conf?
21:24<rgk>i haven't touched anything
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21:26<rgk>of course i don't have bind-tools installed and can't install them :/
21:26<Peng>Oh well.
21:26<Peng>How about /etc/resolv.conf?
21:26<rgk>and Peng all my resolve says is my domain "domain"
21:27<rgk>with a generated comment above
21:27<Peng>Mainly I was wondering what DNS servers you're using and whether they fail quickly or slowly.
21:27<Peng>rgk: You need one or more "nameserver" lines.
21:27<Peng>rgk: Whatever generated the file is apparently not doing its job. :P
21:28<rgk>-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 64 Nov 8 19:17 /etc/resolv.conf oddly it seems to have been updated
21:28<rgk># Generated by net-scripts for interface lo
21:30<rgk>Peng: is there a linode default? I use linode's ns
21:30<Peng>rgk: Yes. The IP addresses depend on your data center, though. They're listed in the "Remote Access" tab of the manager.
21:30<millisa>Well, you want to put some nameserver lines into it - the resolvers you want to use is on the 'remote access' tab of your linode in the old interface. The new interface it's on the linode's networking tab, it has the 'dns resolvers' off on the right side
21:32<rgk>any way to find out how or what changed this file?
21:32<Peng>net-scripts, apparently!
21:33<Peng>Sorry, that sounded uselessly sarcastic.
21:33<Peng>I don't know how to debug net-scripts. Maybe the system was relying on DHCP and the DHCP client fell over?
21:33<rgk>its all good :) ironically I learned from my own code to generally not fully trust comments :P
21:34<rgk>i did use dhcp but all of this would of been defaults setup by linode'
21:35<Peng>Yeah. It's not supposed to break, of course, but apparently it did. :X
21:41<rgk>via matching up the times it seems like emerging redis (and deps) might of caused the issue
21:55<linbot>The 90s called: they want their Free Unix back.
21:55*tharkun slaps linbot
21:56<millisa>rgk: saw this that had a couple solutions in the first post for stopping dhcpd from touching resolv.conf on gentoo -
21:56<frailtyy>!point linbot
21:56<linbot>frailtyy: Point given to linbot. (1337)
22:00<rgk>millisa: thanks
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22:39<zorbs>I have a support ticket, is this the right spot to discuss that?
22:40<millisa>It's a community chat, we won't know specifics but someone here might be able to help
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