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02:35<Esubiyi>Anyone here
02:36<grawity>are you looking for something specific
02:37<Esubiyi>Wat is the percentage of the amount of RAM that an account's processes can use at ago. Are there are other users on the server, What is limit memory usage in %.
02:37<Esubiyi>For Linode 2GB
02:37<csnxs>you can use as much ram as you're paying for
02:38<Esubiyi>I a using hosgator and each time I get cut off for over using the CPU
02:40<Esubiyi>On Hosgator is says, it's best to limit memory usage below 25%... What does this means, do you have such a thing as well ?
02:41<csnxs>you can use as much ram as you're paying for
02:41<grawity>on Linode, RAM and disk space are fully allocated to the VPS – you have a certain amount and you can use that amount as much as you need
02:41<grawity>same as with any other competent KVM host, I'd expect
02:42<Esubiyi>Linode 2GB is it VSP or shared ?
02:42<grawity>all Linode servers are KVM VPSes
02:44<Esubiyi>Ok, then.. let me give it a try.
02:44<Esubiyi>Do you they help in site transfer as well ?
02:45<grawity>Linode is not a web hosting company
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02:45<Esubiyi>What is Linode then ?
02:46<grawity>they're a server hosting company
02:46<grawity>although, now that you mention it, there's "Linode Professional Services" which *I think* includes site transfer and similar services
02:46<grawity>I keep forgetting that one, mainly because it costs a bit
02:48<Esubiyi>What is the difference between web hosting and server hosting company ? Can't I use a server to host my websites ?
02:48<csnxs>linode gives you a linux virtual machine
02:48<Esubiyi>both of them use server right ? For example I am using Linux server on hosgator but it's shared
02:49<grawity>the difference is that one comes with everything preconfigured, and the other needs to be configured by you instead
02:54<Esubiyi>I see.. That configuration may cause trouble cos I have no idea of how to configure it. What is the cost of configuring it together with site transfer and similar services ?
02:56<rsdehart>you can request a quote for the particular services you need
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04:12<Woet>does Linode do all the fancy math in regards to bandwidth and hourly billing?
04:12<Woet>if I have the server for 1 hour and use 1 TB of bandwidth, am I gonna get charged for excess bandwidth?
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05:50<linbot>New news from community: Linode DNS propagation time <>
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05:51<ivankin>I love Linode services and an awesome website
05:51<ivankin>keep it up guys
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06:31<Woet>literally, keep it up. they can't afford downtime.
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08:31<Mega-Dog>Anyone here that can answer a pricing question for me?
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08:33<Mega-Dog>no as in questions as in shared server status or is it pure dedicated stand alone...
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08:35<LouWestin>Virtual private Server. So shared hardware, but individual virtual servers.
08:35<Mega-Dog>but can it handle high web traffic?
08:36<Mega-Dog>I am moving a major buisness
08:36<LouWestin>That’s going to depend on your plan, setup, etc.
08:37<DrJ>MeGa-dog, that also depends on what you are serving up
08:38<DrJ>Mega-Dog, what are you using to host the site now? If it's a shared hosting plan somewhere then one of the linode plans will surely meet your needs
08:38<Mega-Dog>Files...peoples projects....
08:39<DrJ>just start with one plan and if you find it doesn't meet your needs you can easily scale up
08:41<LouWestin>You might need a load balancer or maybe a 20 dollar plan would be fine.
08:42<Mega-Dog>will look around cause I don't think lineode could provide my data storage needs anyhow
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08:43<DrJ>Mega-Dog, Linode offers block storage if you need more
08:43<DrJ>how much space do you need
08:43<DrJ>basically it is an extra 10cents/month for every additional GB you need
08:44<DrJ>so if you need an extra 100GB that would add $10/month to your plan
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08:49<Mega-Dog>still expensive since I need prob 1 TB for storage
08:50<DrJ>in that case you are probably better off getting a dedicated server
08:50<DrJ>linode does not offer those
08:51<LouWestin>Oh yeah for that much disk space dedicated
08:51<Mega-Dog>any suggestions?
08:51<Mega-Dog>looking cheap also...
08:52<LouWestin>Dedicated services aren’t going to be cheap unless you’re hosting from your business and even that’s not cheap
08:53<Mega-Dog>well no more than 50 a month
08:53<DrJ>forget it then Mega-Dog
08:53<DrJ>you will find nothing worth using for $50 a month
08:53<DrJ>you're probably talking the $150-$200/month range
08:54<LouWestin>Yup yup
08:54<LouWestin>What are you using now?
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08:56<DrJ>one option is to still go the VPS route but store the bulk of the files on a server at your business. then when a user needs a file the VPS pulls it from the server at your business
08:56<DrJ>downside: file downloads will be slower
08:56<DrJ>upside: cheaper
08:56<DrJ>I have years and years worth of audio archives I server and go this route as they add up to around 500GB right now
08:57<DrJ>*I serve
08:57<DrJ>If anyone requests a file older than a few days it is pulled from my home server but to them it looks like it came right from my linode
08:58<DrJ>however, you are going to want backups which means offsite. If you have that much personal files for people and your business server crashes... well, goodbye to your business
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09:52<ericoc>soo when i tried to create an image of a linode, it all pretended like it worked and even shows the image in the new manager. but in the old manager, it shows the image creation job as failed with "Unable to create image. Size of disk (2590MB) is larger than the per-image limit of 2048MB."
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10:33<DrJ>ericoc: I would open a ticket
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10:42<peterodd>Hi, Is it possible to use docker at your servers?
10:43<peterodd>ah, Thank you. Just found your service. I will take a deeper look
10:44<DrJ>you get full access to your server
10:44<Woet>peterodd: Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes.
10:44<DrJ>so basically if it can be installed on linux you can install it
10:46<peterodd>Is it possible to upgrade Plans (i.e. Linode 2GB -> Linode 4GB) if I need to?
10:46<DrJ>upgrading is very easy
10:46<DrJ>does require a few minutes of downtime though
10:46<peterodd>downgrading not so easy perhaps?
10:46<DrJ>downgrading is easy as well
10:46<DrJ>however, you have to make sure you have enough disk space free
10:46<warewolf>peterodd: hi, linode customer for over a decade. Upgrading and downgrading is basically just a time consuming process of resizing filesystems, and moving your linode from one host to another.
10:47<DrJ>for example the 4GB plan gives you 80GB but the 2Gb plan gives you only 50. So you'd have to get your server under 50GB first
10:47<peterodd>I see. Thank you for your replies
10:47<warewolf>I've been super happy with them, and they keep improving service and giving away free upgrades every $once-in-a-blue-moon
10:51<DrJ>so yea peterodd: both are easy but downgrading can sometimes require that extra step of freeing up space
10:55<@jackley>ericoc: what you described is a known issue, and we have a ticket to fix this in the API. I'll add your specific feedback/issue, though – thanks!
10:57<@jackley>ericoc: if you see anything else, feel free to send it to
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12:55<LouWestin>OMG Facebook is down
12:55<warewolf>work productivity skyrockets.
12:56<LouWestin>Facebook’s stocks plummet today
13:03<DrJ>the only thing I like facebook for anymore is the facebook marketplace
13:03<DrJ>if you have something to sell I've found the most success through that
13:04<LouWestin>I’m pretty much only on there to run a crime watch group and keep up with friends.
13:04<DrJ>my friends/family hardly ever post anything intersting anymore
13:05<DrJ>the actual feed page is usually 70% ads, 10% crap, 1% something interesting, and 19% fake news
13:05<LouWestin>Yeah, same. I hardy post anything. Most of it is drama and random BS.
13:06<guzzlefry>They've been trying to push that 'story' feature.
13:06<DrJ>and I mean fake news as in serious fake news
13:06<DrJ>not the political fake news
13:06<guzzlefry>Haven't been bothered to check any yet. :P
13:06<DrJ>as in, breaking news: defacting twice a day may lower your chance at getting brain cancer
13:06<guzzlefry>DrJ: ABSOLUTELYTRUESCIENCEALERT.COM: Man regrows arm thanks to rare strain of marijuana!
13:06<LouWestin>The last fake news someone shared was about some perfume scam. 😂
13:07<LouWestin>Makes you pass out or something. It’s as old as Hotmail chain emails.
13:07<guzzlefry>I have a few friends on there that got sucked into those multilevel marketing scams. :/
13:07<LouWestin>guzzlefry: Ooo... grinches...
13:08<guzzlefry>I don't get it.
13:08<LouWestin>When I did freelance work and was at marketing events, there was no shortage of multi-level marketing people.
13:10<LouWestin>It’s those charts and numbers that get people sucked in. You only have to sell 5000 bottles of vitamins and your profit margin will go up 10%. 😂
13:10<LouWestin>6 months later, you’ve sold 15 bottles.
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14:30<millisa>:( stan lee
14:31<relidy>Just saw that as well.
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15:42<linbot>New news from community: How do I uninstall Dropbox Command Line? <>
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