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01:01<rsdehart>hi miky101, anything we can help you with?
01:13<linbot>New news from community: How to easily upgrade from Nanode 1GB to Linode 2GB? <>
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01:33<linbot>New news from community: Migrating a site from one Linode to another Linode <>
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04:00<Rohit>Hi! What is the costing for cPanel & WHM for a linode?
04:00<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
04:00<csnxs>as much as it costs for you to get a license
04:01<Rohit>So I can get a license straight from cPanel and use it with my linode? Without having to get the Linode Managed plan
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05:26<fernaa>vps with port 25 open?
05:27<Peng>Don't send spam.
05:27<fernaa>which message limit per hour?
05:28<dwfreed>if you have to ask that question, you're probably spamming
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06:08<Woet>anyone want a free linode for a week?
06:08<Woet>i used 300 GB of bandwidth so i need to keep one running for a week for no reason
06:08<Woet>because logic
06:14<dwfreed>gotta pay for your transfer
06:16<erik>no thanks
06:16<erik>Too bad you can not give transfer to other linode accounts ;)
06:19<Woet>dwfreed: yea, so why not just charge me 0.005 USD per GB instead of 4 times the price
06:19<Woet>unless Linode likes having a bunch of idle linodes using up resources for the sole purpose of bandwidth
06:20<Woet>if anything, it should be even less than 0.005 USD, since that gets you a Linode + 1 TB of bandwidth
06:20<Woet>but definitely not 4 times more
06:20<Woet>anyways, a bunch of other hosts do the same. I guess too many people pay the 0.02 USD for it to be worth fixing.
06:21<dwfreed>most people don't spin up linodes for short periods and then use lots of transfer
06:22<erik>Do people really have issues with transfer?
06:22<erik>I think the allowances are generous and I never run out neither on my work account or my private
06:22<Woet>dwfreed: of course. but even people who want a $5 Linode with 2 TB of bandwidth
06:22<Woet>why would they pay $20 in overages if they can just spin up a second $5 Linode?
06:23<Woet>its just a waste of resources
06:23<Peng>I *almost* ran out of transfer once.
06:23<erik>I am good so far
06:23<erik>42275GB Used, 2967532GB Remaining
06:24<Peng>You can use a lot by running a Tor relay or something. Though it's hard to use so much transfer without using too much CPU.
06:24<Woet>309GB Used, 307GB Remaining, 616GB Quota
06:24<erik>and my private account is 2091GB Used, 56909GB Remaining
06:24<Woet>my linode gets me 1.5 GB per hour
06:24<Woet>so it needs to stay online for 200 hours
06:24<Woet>8.3 days
06:25<Woet>time to fire up the btc miners
06:25<erik>Woet: against the tos
06:25<erik>and stupid
06:25<Woet>time to fire up the eth miners
06:26<erik>or just pay the price ;)
06:26<Woet>time to fire up the bruteforcers to hack peoples servers, install ransomware and make lots of money
06:26<Woet>wrong channel
06:33<Woet>also, fyi - uploading 1.9 million small files to google drive is a terrible idea
06:33<Woet>lets just say my google drive has been "retrieving new changes" for the past 4 days
06:34<dwfreed>rclone, yo
06:35<Woet>drive_fs_4.txt:2018-11-12T12:39:19.990ZI [123145727631360] Executing cloud query ['oh82hnzAOWd81nZNDqohd' in parents].
06:35<Woet>drive_fs_4.txt:2018-11-12T12:39:23.275ZI [123145727631360] Got 1 items
06:35<Woet>drive_fs_4.txt:2018-11-12T12:39:23.279ZI [123145727631360] Executing cloud query ['1fz8nfi32_zn91_zn1nrrM' in parents].
06:35<Woet>drive_fs_4.txt:2018-11-12T12:39:27.248ZI [123145727631360] Got 6 items
06:35<Woet>roughly 1 file per second
06:35<Woet>so it'll be finished in.. 527 hours
06:48<Woet>im gonna upgrade to the 4 GB linode and cut down my bandwidth time to 50 hours
06:51<Woet>or i could launch 50x 4 GB linodes
06:51<Woet>and cut it down to 1 hour
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13:35<customer>can I pay with LiNode with Paypal?
13:35<linbot>Make a Payment - via PayPal (beta):
13:36<dwfreed>in order to sign up, you must provide a credit card, and make at least a $5 deposit with that card; after that, you can add credit to your account with PayPal
13:36<customer>ok thx
13:36<customer>after that can you remove your CC?
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13:39<DrJ>customer: I believe you can open a ticket and ask it to be zerod out
13:40<DrJ>or you could just get a prepaid cc for the upfront payment
13:40<customer>okay thx
13:40<customer>I see a bunch of peeps on this community no one chatting.... just wondering what most peeps do on this channel
13:41<AlexMax>Is the linode API having issues?
13:41<@scrane>AlexMax I'm not aware of any issues. What are you seeing right now and I can take a deeeper look.
13:42<AlexMax>Well, right now I have an app that's running on top of the v3 API
13:42<AlexMax>and I think I'm getting timeouts to the endpoint that grabs a Linode by ID
13:44<@scrane>Hmm let me test this out. Do you have any error outputs you can share redacting any personal information?
13:48<AlexMax>Hrm, this thing just finished
13:49<AlexMax>I was not getting any error messages from the API directly, unfortunately this thing swallows the exception and just assumes that the server was deleted some other way
13:49<AlexMax>and that's all I get
13:49<AlexMax>However, in an interesting turn of events, suddenly, I was getting through again
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13:54<AlexMax>approximate timeline of events: tried to get linode info at 13:38:48, timed out at 13:40:53. tried to get second linode's info at 13:40:53, successful at 13:43:03 at which point second linode was deleted via API, taking until 13:45:12 at which point server 3 was "get info"ed which took until 13:46:17, at which point server three was deleted, being done nearly instantly
13:55<AlexMax>this is EST btw
13:57<AlexMax>so in the end, 2 of 3 servers were successfully deleted, and the API went from unrepsonsive to just slow to near instant response times
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14:43<AlexMax>scrane: Any luck?
14:43<AlexMax>I haven't checked the API in a minute, but I was wondering if you guys at least saw a blip or if it was just our linode or something
14:47<@mcintosh>not aware of any APIv3 blips today
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14:49<@scrane>Sorry, I was checking a few things but I couldn't find anything that might have caused what you encountered.
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15:24<Steven_>good afternoon, I have a question my system currently uploaded in LINODE 4GG currently it is http, would there be the possibility of doing it https?
15:25<Steven_>that cost has?
15:25<Woet>Steven_: Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes
15:25<Woet>Steven_: SSL is not a Linode thing.
15:27<Steven_>and how can I make my system have the https certificate?
15:29<Peng>It depends on what software and OS you're using. There are many tutorials.
15:31<Steven_>can you help me? I understood that https certificate was something additional that the hosting provider offers
15:31<Peng>In an unmanaged VPS, you are the hosting provider. :D
15:32<Peng>Linode handles lower-level stuff. Installing and configuring software is your part.
15:36<Steven_>So, so that my system can have the https certificate I just have to make a configuration in my operating system?
15:38<Abi12>Steven_: yes
15:38<waltman>Yeah, it's basically your own linux box. You can set it up however you want.
15:38<Abi12>Steven_: look into 'how to setup SSL with [insert your webserver software name here]'
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15:44<Steven_>OK thanks Another query, if you want to configure the time of the operating system, is it also possible?
15:44<Abi12>Steven_: use ntpd
15:46<Abi12>you could use timedatectl also
15:47<Abi12>Steven_: ntp synchornizes it with a remote server
15:47<Abi12>using the 'ntp' protocol
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15:53<Steven_>What is the difference between timedatectl and ntp?
15:55<Abi12>they're both used to manage/change the system time.
15:55<Abi12>ntpd is used to synchronize the system time using a remote ntp server
15:57<Steven_>Can you use both?
16:05<Steven_>If I increase the hosting of a LINODE 16G, nothing is unconfigured?
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16:29<robert_>so I'm trying to resize the disk on a linode that I manage for my company, and I'm not really sure how to do it
16:43<millisa>shut the linode down, goto the disk in the manager and type in the new size
16:44<millisa>in the old manager, you click the linode, then click edit next to the disk, and there's a spot on the following page to put the new disk size in
16:45<millisa>the new manager it's over on the settings tab for the linode, look under advanced configuration, the disks should be there and you can click the '...' next to it to get a resize that has a similar box
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16:55<robert_>the image is already 50GB
16:55<robert_>it's the data in the partition and the "disk" itself
16:56<millisa>what do you mean by 'the image'?
16:59<robert_>well, /dev/sda reports it's only got 30GB available
17:00<millisa>are you trying to shrink the disk more than that 30gb of empty space?
17:01<millisa>(the official linode reference on resizing a disk is here but it's pretty much the same steps listed above for the old manager)
17:02<millisa>The blue box text at the bottom is relevant
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17:04<robert_>I'm trying to grow it to the 50GB that the disk is allotted
17:04<millisa>ah, ok. you already increased the size of the disk in the manager?
17:05<robert_>"Linode 2GB: 1 CPU, 50G Storage, 2G RAM"
17:05<millisa>The bit in step '7 (Optional)'?
17:08<robert_>oh, weird
17:08<robert_>I could have sworn I did that already
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17:08<millisa>it *is* optional
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17:08<millisa>I like not resizing it personally unless I really need the space; makes it easier to size back down later.
17:09<robert_>oh ours is running out of space lmao
17:09<robert_>because systemd does a ton of logging lmao
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18:16<saabi>Hi, did anybody try installing certbot in debian buster?
18:17<saabi>I'm having trouble with apt-get and the linode repositories
18:20<Unit193>Might want to pastebin some errors.
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18:23<pissed>stop spamming me
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18:30<Peng>Nice to see people enjoying IPv6
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18:37<saabi>Here you go:
18:37<saabi>Err:1 buster/main amd64 python3-setuptools all 40.4.3-1 404 Not Found [IP: 2600:3c00:1::68c8:17a2 80] Err:2 buster/main amd64 python3-tz all 2018.5-1 404 Not Found [IP: 2600:3c00:1::68c8:17a2 80] Err:3 buster/main amd64 python3-acme all 0.27.0-1 404 Not Found [IP: 2600:3c00:1::68c8:17a2 80] Err:4 buster/main amd64 py
18:43<Unit193>So a bunch of 404, looks like you need to `apt-get update` first, since those are not the current versions either.
18:44<saabi>you're right, that worked
18:44<saabi>I didn't even try it since I had updated it a few days ago
18:44<saabi>Didn't think it would change so fast
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18:45<dwfreed>buster is always changing
18:46<saabi>I should have known... silly of me
18:48<Unit193>Buster only changes every 3-5 days! :>
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21:07<linbot>New news from community: Do I have to purchase a domain name to connect to my linode? <>
22:09<Abi12>^ lol
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22:24<warewolf>yes, from Honest Achmed
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22:43<vuidiem73>Hello. I want buy more IPv4
22:44<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
22:45<vuidiem73>I was created ticket
22:45<vuidiem73>But still no response
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