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02:04<linbot>New news from community: How to remove the default LINODE certificate ? <>
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02:27<nate>since when does linode do anything with certificates? or are they on a cPanel/managed plan that probably did it?
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07:16<scoyle>Hi, looking at moving from Digital Ocean to Linode... want to ask about capping costs?
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07:34<dwfreed>nate: definitely not cPanel, as those show up on
07:35<dwfreed> has no results
07:37<dwfreed> shows lots of cPanel certs
07:39<Peng>and some Let's Encrypt certs
07:40<dwfreed>9,922 certs listed on that page
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07:44<Peng>probably most of them duplicated because pre-certificates and certificates are counted separately
07:55<dwfreed>would be nice if those could be filtered out, but I don't see an option for it
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10:29<io____[m]>I am not able to set up a reverse DNS for my IPv6, I have a AAAA entry in the DNS manager with pointing at my IPv6 but if I try to perform a forward lookup I get " • No match was found for ''. Reverse DNS must have a matching forward entry that points to one of your IPs. "
10:30<dwfreed>what's the real DNS name you're using
10:32<io____[m]>, was setup today with 5mins TTL
10:33<DrJ>io____[m], probably not propagated yet
10:34<dwfreed>at least one of your authoritative ameservers does not have any records for that name
10:35<io____[m]>ok I ll just give it 24 hours and try again
10:35<dwfreed>just checked all 4, none of them do
10:36<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 aaaa
10:36<linbot>dwfreed: The DNS query name does not exist:
10:36<io____[m]>IPv4 is setup just the same and the reverse DNS is accepted
10:37<dwfreed>linbot: dns6 a
10:37<linbot>dwfreed: The DNS query name does not exist:
10:43<Peng>!dns6 ns
10:46<io____[m]>so i reset the reverse DNS for my linode and in fact it does not accept the IPv4 that was there before. I have both the A and AAAA entry in the DNS configuration ... what am I missing here?
10:47<Peng>They are not in the DNS configuration, on at least some of your nameservers
10:48<Peng>They exist on Linode's nameservers, but the domain is configured to use 1&1's nameservers.
10:49<io____[m]>oook thanks let me check
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10:54<io____[m]>i was using their DNS to be able to use their MTA, I am switching back to linode DNS server to test the lookback
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11:11<Peng>You can set the ionode records at 1&1
11:13<LouWestin>Yep. Gotta switch to linode DNS on your domain name provider unless you’re doing DNs yourself or something else
11:13<io____[m]>what are you guys using here as domain provider? I really despise 1n1... or anything alike
11:13<LouWestin>I like Porkbun that was Peng ‘s recommendation
11:13<LouWestin>And millisa ‘s
11:13<Peng>You don't *have* to switch to Linode's DNS service
11:14<io____[m]>price are ok and they give you a mail to use but the panel is awefull and the site bloated
11:14<Peng>You can set the appropriate records in any DNS service (if they'll let you)
11:14<io____[m]>mmm I don 't eat meat
11:14<LouWestin>^right not to confuse you. I use Linode’s dns, but it’s not required
11:16<io____[m]>I have to admit that getting asingle email address is conveniet as you can at least setup a info@ for each domain
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15:13<Woet>go away frailtyy
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15:33<simon_>Hi all... a site I run for a charity is being spammed by multiple IPs every day, some of which point to a member on Linode... I suspect its a ping service that was set up previously, but no-one has any idea which service it could be...
15:33<simon_>is there any way I'm likely to find out anything from ?
15:34<dwfreed>no, but you cam send an abuse complaint
15:36<simon_>perfect, thank you
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16:28<frailtyy>Woet: I did leave.
16:29<frailtyy>It's snowing out here.
16:29<frailtyy>I dont trust the internet
16:30<Woet>you can thrust me
16:30<frailtyy>But it's kinda crazy and messy
16:30<frailtyy>ur messy
16:30<Woet>housekeeping can take care of it
16:30<LouWestin>You’re on the internet
16:31<frailtyy>yes but only selectively.
16:31<Woet>select me daddy
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16:33<LouWestin>Selection is perception.
16:35<Abi12>selections? Are we talking about multiplexers?
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16:45<frailtyy>selection as in who gets to live and who gets to die
16:46<frailtyy>hunger games style
16:47<LouWestin>It’s kind of like frailtyy what said.
16:48<LouWestin>I think we need a sub channel called... Linode-Deep-talk
16:50<frailtyy>that can be arranged
16:50<frailtyy>have to say the passcode to get in
16:50<LouWestin>Ok someone get on that. lol
16:53<LouWestin>We’re all experiencing the internet together. #Linode-deep-talk.
16:55<frailtyy>The way it was meant.
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19:02<tharkun>I recieved notifications of lassie restarting one linode, yet reviewing the logs I find no evidence. Is that normal?
19:16<dwfreed>if you got an event notification, a job happened
19:16<dwfreed>if you look at the job log of the Linode Manager, there might be interesting bits
19:17<dwfreed>also looking at the previous console log from LISH might be enlightening
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20:30<nikko>Hello Everyone!
20:31<nikko>I'm from philippines.
20:31<nikko>I am planning to use your hosting for my clients project
20:31<nikko>which is an EHR System.
20:31<nikko>I believe your hosting is an HIPAA Compliant.
20:32<frailtyy>Probably the most helpful for your search.
20:32<nikko>Thanks man :)
20:32<nikko>That would be a great help.
20:33<frailtyy>Of course.
20:34<nikko>Does all your price plans are HIPAA compliance?
20:34<frailtyy>The servers are all the same, just different resources allocated per plan.
20:35<nikko>Can you please explain further about "just different resources allocated per plan."
20:36<nikko>For example the plan of "Nanode 1GB" standard plan?
20:36<frailtyy>Just different CPU cores, RAM, storage options.
20:36<frailtyy>None of those will impact its compliance.
20:37<nikko>Ohh, I now understand.
20:37<dwfreed>oh, frailtyy already linked that
20:37<frailtyy>dwfreed: yep :)
20:37<nikko>Thanks for the help guys!
20:37<LouWestin>In regard to HIPPA. You should consult someone who knows about HIPPA
20:37<nikko>Because I am planning to purcharse the basic plan, then upgrade accordingly.
20:37<frailtyy>Yeah. I think the ultimate thing is that it's as "safe" as you make it.
20:38<frailtyy>and to talk to a lawyer or respective expert.
20:38<nikko>@LouWestin, okay thanks for the tips.
20:38<LouWestin>If it’s for medical then consult an expert.
20:39<dwfreed>it's 1 P and 2 As
20:39<dwfreed>Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
20:40<nikko>Okay thanks for the big help.
20:40<LouWestin>You don’t wanna violate HIPPA. Lol
20:40<frailtyy>lol only one person said hippa
20:40<frailtyy>Don't get caught violating or ELSE
20:40<nikko>Okay. we will. :)
20:41<LouWestin>Lawsuits up the wahzoo
20:41<nikko>Please note that I'll save this conversation for referrence with my client.
20:41<LouWestin>And federal involvement
20:42<frailtyy>dont want the cops
20:42<LouWestin>I work in a hospital, but HIPPA is more complicated than a woman.
20:43<frailtyy>it's just reasonable security for patient records afaik
20:43<frailtyy>and offering ways to transfer.
20:46<nikko>where can I read the about the security for linode's server hosting? please? thank you :)
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21:26<Abi12>frailtyy: 100% correct xD
21:26<Abi12>Lots of practices ignore HIPAA.
21:27<Abi12>or their I.T people bring up all the possible violations, and they're like 'too expensive. no'
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