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09:35<kolai>hello everyone!
09:36<kolai>I need help to clarify me about the "If My Linode is Powered Off, Will I Be Billed?" question.
09:36<LouWestin>Yes you will
09:36<kolai>I just purchased a plan a while ago.
09:36<kolai>then I will setup my server environment.
09:37<LouWestin>If you have a linode setup, you’re getting billed.
09:37<kolai>@louwestin, even though I don't have any files there yet?
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09:38<kolai>Okay, then I think I should setup the deploy when my app is ready.
09:39<kolai>si that correct?
09:39<kolai>Thanks. Louwestin.
09:40<LouWestin>You’re welcome
09:42<kolai>So since I did not setup the deploy yet, I should not expect any bill for next month? is that correct?
09:44<LouWestin>If you have or had setup a linode you’re billed per hour as long as it exists or existed.
09:44<kolai>Okay, Thanks.
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12:11<linbot>New news from community: libapache2-mod-php7.0 <>
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14:07<ax25>any way to check why my linode has been rebooting a few times over the last hour? linode46625 (atlanta)
14:08<Peng>Your logs. lish's logview command.
14:08<LouWestin>The linode manager is one way
14:08<Peng>What does the job queue in the manager say?
14:08<ax25>Lassie initiated boot: My Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Profile Entered: 4 minutes 23 seconds ago - Took: 13 seconds Linode failed to boot for unknown reason.
14:09<LouWestin>Ubuntu 8?
14:09<ax25>Yes, a bit old.
14:09<Peng>I hope you've upgraded?
14:09<LouWestin>Ya think!?
14:11<LouWestin>Well you might want to start from scratch
14:12<ax25>Ok. Just thought I would check if the host was having issues.
14:12<Peng>LouWestin and I don't know that, probably.
14:12<Peng><Peng> Your logs. lish's logview command.
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14:13<Peng>"Lassie initiated boot" is inconclusive -- it probably means your node crashed, but it could also happen if there was a host issue
14:13<ax25>Nothing in my end of logs, just reboot message.
14:13<Peng>and logview?
14:14<ax25>Checking now..
14:14<narveer>will you please tell me, how your service is better than Digital Ocean. This time I am using Digital Ocean. Pricing is same on both side
14:14<LouWestin>You can call for help
14:14<ax25>Aha, new ticket to me: We have detected an issue affecting the physical host your Linode resides on.
14:14<Peng>Well then
14:15<LouWestin>Ok good it doesn’t mean you need to upgrade.
14:15*Peng pained expression
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14:17<LouWestin>I mean I would highly recommend upgrading though
14:17<LouWestin>Another why is linode better than Digital Ocean question...
14:17<ax25>Will do.
14:20<LouWestin>Might not be able to do a direct upgrade though
14:21<Peng>first you upgrade to 10.04, then 12.04, then 14.04, then 16.04, then 18.04
14:21<ax25>Thank you. Will probably spin up a new one as it is old 32 bit.
14:37<gparent>DigitalOcean is a lot longer to type, making Linode The Very Best.
14:42<LouWestin>I like the color green so that makes linode better in my opinion.
14:43<csnxs>gparent, aws is the easiest on a qwerty keyboard, so by that means aws would win
14:45<Peng>What's the status of Linode and Cloudflare's Bandwidth Alliance?
15:07<@mcintosh>no updates at the moment
15:09<Peng>I use 2 MB of transfer a month, so this is URGENT and IMPORTANT
15:09<dwfreed>csnxs: you can type "DO" faster on a qwerty keyboard than "AWS" (with or without proper case)
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15:42<Peng>Quotas aside, the 'Bandwidth Alliance' should result in more reliable routing, which should be nice for everyone.
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17:39<ausjke>alright, i have two different linodes that both had 'physical host' issues led to urgent maintenance in the last 6 days? i only had one of such issues(in which case the machine was gone, i lost everything) in the last 10+ years
17:41<ausjke>hopefully this is just some rare cases, my git-push essentially stopped working as the host is down, considering i want to push the code changes before the thanksgiving week :(, now i'm stuck
17:41<LouWestin>Did you have backups?
17:42<ausjke>it's a git server, in that case my local code is the backup, so the answer is yes or no
17:42<ausjke>i don't have backup at linode because of git's design nature
17:42<dwfreed>servers break
17:42<dwfreed>the more servers there are, the more likely that somebody with more than one VM on those servers is going to see more than one issue
17:44<ausjke>one in 15 years(?), then 2 in 1 week, let's wait and see, hope this does not become a pattern
17:44<ausjke>or frankly speaking, hope the rapid expansion will not degrade the quality of service
17:45<Peng>It's probably only a pattern of "3 in 15 years"
17:45<dwfreed>correlation does not imply causation
17:46<dwfreed>which medical study reporting fails to mention every time
17:46<dwfreed>everybody who drinks water dies
17:46<dwfreed>everybody who breathes air dies
17:46<dwfreed>everybody who eats food dies
17:47<dwfreed>this does not mean that drinking water, breathing air, or eating food kills you
17:47<LouWestin>At one end or the other the best practice is to have backups
17:47<Peng>dwfreed: I mean, if you're in southern California drinking raw water and eating weird sushi it probably does
17:48<Peng>or northern California?
17:48<@mcintosh>I like my water fried
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17:50<LouWestin>I reckon he didn’t like our responses
17:50<@mcintosh>Peng: what's weird about the sushi? my interest is piqued...
17:51<Peng>In general, nothing. I hope. But there must be unusually weird sushi somewhere.
17:52<LouWestin>I mean if you’re managing a company’s server, let’s say git and you loose ten years of their work because you didn’t think backups were necessary then...
17:52<@mcintosh>GitHub ftw
17:55<LouWestin>Somethings make more sense to have someone else manage for you.
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17:59<dwfreed>GitHub can lose data too
18:02<Unit193>mcintosh: But gitolite is sooo amazing! :(
18:07<LouWestin>But I like pretending that, that won’t happen.
18:08<dwfreed>just because you pretend it won't happen doesn't mean it won't happen
18:08<LouWestin>lol I know.
18:09<LouWestin>No I keep a few backups of stuff that I can’t afford to lose on different drives and offsite.
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19:39<Shrap>Packetloss anyone?
19:40<Shrap>oop.. totally dropped now...
19:41<v0lksman>wakey wakey @staff
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19:50<cheapie>Yeah, I had a brief period of packet loss and then suddenly couldn't reach the Linode DNS servers at all.
19:50<cheapie>Changed to a different DNS server and my stuff is back up.
19:51<cheapie>Not really a big deal for me, but yeah, something happend.
19:51<cheapie>I'm hosted on newark1122 if that's any help.
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19:57<Karrde>I have an unhappy node on newark1166
20:01<v0lksman>now they are all gone
20:01<Karrde>hm ..a reboot may have made mine happier
20:01<v0lksman>another friday night disaster
20:04<v0lksman>huh...well that helped
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20:08<Znorb>reboot helped
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20:10<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - Newark <>
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