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#linode IRC Logs for 2018-11-18

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02:48<linbot>New news from community: Upgrade to Php 7.2 in Debian 8 <>
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08:27<megamind>does anyone know if linode offers gpu support?
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08:40<Woet>megamind: of course not
08:40<Woet>why do you need it?
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10:49<linbot>New news from community: How do I run MIAB and Apache2 on one linode? <>
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12:00<Abi12>He wants to play WoW remotely.
12:01<LouWestin>Like while he’s at work he can log into his computer and play?
12:17<Abi12>It's a joke :p
12:17<Abi12>He probably wants to use it for mining.
12:17<Abi12>or maybe some sort of development work.
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12:30<LouWestin>I know it was a joke. Lol
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18:10<linbot>New news from community: What are these BIZARRE network devices in my ifconfig? <>
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19:01<linbot>New news from community: About DOCS10 <>
19:22<Ikaros>Ok, netplan is BS. I liked the old system better.
19:22<Ikaros>That is all
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21:22<@mcintosh>!point Ikaros
21:22<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to ikaros. (4)
21:22<kolai>Hello Everyone!
21:22<@mcintosh>hello kolai!
21:23<kolai>Hello Mcintosh, I have a question about using cron job
21:23<@mcintosh>kolai: ask away!
21:23<kolai>thank. Is it part of the plan?
21:24<Ikaros>What is?
21:25<kolai>the cronjob feature?
21:25<kolai>I just though that maybe it is disabled because my plan is not supported or anything else.
21:26<Ikaros>Uhm, I don't know of any Linux distribution that doesn't have some form of scheduled task execution.
21:26<kolai>Yes. it is available in almost all Linux distribution.
21:26<kolai>I saw other hosting that it is disabled.
21:27<kolai>I'll be using Ubuntu, by the way.
21:27<Peng>It's a VPS to which you have root access.
21:28<kolai>Peng: Okay.
21:30<kolai>I do a research and found an article about it, thanks guys
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21:33<Ikaros>mcintosh: I'm seriously tussling with netplan right now, lol. Apparently it just wants to sit there and whine about "no route to host" when I'm trying to configure the IPv6 gateway in netplan's convoluted format...even when I configure the blasted route in netplan that it needs to FIND the gateway. Oh and this isn't on a Linode, I'm smart and use ifupdown on those which is how it should be,
21:33<Ikaros>but similar setup regardless.
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21:46<Ikaros>Hah. There we go.
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22:14<a3k4>Would this be a good place to ask for help with setting up PHP on my server?
22:35<MrPPS>a3k4: are you looking for a guide to simply install php, or are you talking about configuring php with a webserver?
22:36<a3k4>@MrPPS I have it installed and set up as I think it should work, but no such luck
22:36<MrPPS>What's your distro?
22:45<a3k4>Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
22:52<a3k4>@MrPPS don't worry about it. I'm going to head to bed. Have a nice week.
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23:08<MTecknology>Do linode referral credits ever expire?
23:08<Peng>Not that I know of
23:08<MTecknology>digitalocean expired $350 in credits so I'm ready to move along.
23:08<LouWestin>They just have to be a customer for a certain amount of time
23:09*MTecknology wonders how long it'd take to migrate... & groans
23:10<LouWestin>how many hosts do you have to transfer over?
23:10<MTecknology>only two; one should be easy but the other has a lot of data
23:10<MTecknology>oh, three
23:10<LouWestin>ah, k
23:11<MTecknology>one is kinda super-customized /and/ has a lot of data
23:11<MTecknology>I just don't want to do it.
23:13<MTecknology>I'm also trying to figure out VRRP my WAN so I can have redundant firewalls. It /should/ just be working like magic right now, but it's not and I'm getting cranky.
23:13<MTecknology>so rebuilding machines and having already lost that credit... kinda sucks.
23:14<MTecknology>If I realized I wasn't going to be able to renew, I'd have invited people to abuse the crap out of the credits and get the balance to zero.
23:16<MTecknology>oh, lovely...
23:17<MTecknology>linode is telling me I have to settle up on a $5 balance from over half a decade ago if I want to reuse the same username.
23:17<Peng>You monster
23:18<MTecknology>I have another account with a $20 credit.
23:18<LouWestin>You might be able to get billing to fix that.
23:19<MTecknology>it's small enough that I could just settle up and abuse the rest
23:20<MTecknology>I'd be asking them to drop it from petty cash and petty is about what it is.
23:21*MTecknology grumbles...
23:21<MTecknology>I spilled a drink on my primary laptop last night and I don't like mucking with credential stuff on this laptop
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23:36<Abi12>Hi Jua.. nvm
23:36*MTecknology tilts head
23:37<MTecknology>the mouse seems to be doing something screwy too, or keepass just did something strang.
23:50<MTecknology>anyone have a referral code they wanna share?
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