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01:01<root_>just testing
01:01<LouWestin>we can hear you
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01:01<pep3four>thank you
01:02<linbot>New news from community: how do I increase the speed of my dns server <>
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01:12<linbot>New news from community: how do I increase the speed of my dns server? <>
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02:27<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:28<JACK>my website got problem, i can not open it
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05:16<wamlan>HTTP ERROR 500 on my site
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05:41<sisnet>my server on not response.
05:42<sisnet>Please help me
05:45<sisnet>No ping no trace
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06:06<grawity>sisnet: open the Linode Manager, go to the 'Remote' tab, and use the Lish console found there
06:13<sisnet>I am end user my site is to this server ip: not responce
06:14<grawity>if you're not the server's admin, then you need to contact the server's admins
06:18<sisnet>This is network problem ip range : not accessible You can test it
06:19<sisnet>Is it related to the California fire?
06:21<grawity>that looks like a Linode Atlanta IP address, isn't it at the completely opposite end of the US from California?
06:27<sisnet>Please ping this IP
06:31<sisnet>I used the or and did not ping
06:31<grawity>oooookay, and what do you expect us here to do with it?
06:35<sisnet>I expect to understand the cause of this problem
06:38<sisnet>I'm waiting for one of Linode to answer
06:39<grawity>if it's not your server, they probably won't answer
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08:20<khaled>any one here?
08:20<khaled>im talking to who
08:21<LouWestin>The Linode community
08:21<khaled>okay , i have a problems with a website and it is hoster in Linode
08:22<khaled>so how can i send an abuse?
08:25<DrJ>khaled: what's the problem with your website
08:27<khaled>it is not my website , it is a website "hostinf provider : linode" and they insult every one , the put personal informatons for everyone , i wanna stop this
08:28<khaled>the website site : is
08:29<DrJ>hmm, not sure if that really violates linodes TOS unless it is illegal. However, even if linode was to terminate them they would just move to another provider I'm sure
08:32<khaled>if they use an other provider i will do the same , they insult my country , they put my photos and any one talk with them to stop them they do the same with him
08:33<DrJ>well, just know you are probably going to have a hard time. I looked at the site (which is really just a forum) and don't see anything about it that would cause linode to terminate them
08:34<khaled>did you saw the Gallery in this forum ? how many photos ? name ? ages?
08:34<khaled>they share everything about any one
08:34<DrJ>but again, that is not really against any linode TOS
08:34<khaled>they have problems with few guys , but they insult everyone try to stop them
08:35<khaled>so what can i dot ?
08:35<DrJ>outside of civil action through the courts (which is going to be hard unless you live in the same jurisdiction as the person/company that owns the sites) there is little to nothing you can do
08:36<khaled>so i do the same ? i share their photos ? or i look for them in the real life and do what i should do ?
08:36<DrJ>that will just make things worse for you I'm sure
08:37<DrJ>I would just ignore it
08:37<khaled>im behind them before more than 3 years , i find few member from this website
08:38<khaled>i mean i find real information about them
08:38<khaled>so i make website and put everything like them
08:39<DrJ>that is up to you. But if it was me I wouldn't do that. Antagonizing them will never help and can only make things worse.
08:43<DrJ>also, if I ran that site and linode terminated me I would be able to get that back up on another provider in minutes
08:44<DrJ>eventually they would find a provider that wouldn't do anything
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08:49<khaled>this is it ? everyone can do what he wants ? no controle ?
08:49<sisnet>My site is on linode but I do not have access to it from outside usa
08:50<sisnet>No ping from anywhere
08:50<sisnet>my site is
08:50<DrJ>khaled, in most cases these days on the internet, yes
08:50<DrJ>unless you can get the government or courts to step in
08:51<DrJ>sisnet: there doesn't appear to be any dns records for that domain
08:51<DrJ>if you just changed the nameservers or created the DNS records they might be still propagating
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08:52<sisnet>problem is to network you can test it ping to
08:52<DrJ>it appears you might be trying to run your own dns server
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08:53<DrJ>might want to consider using linode dns
08:53<DrJ>but the problem is with your nameservers
08:54<sisnet>my site is on share server whit this ip
08:54<grawity>sisnet: is the website on *your* linode, or someone else's?
08:56<sisnet>for me dns lookup response:
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08:59<sisnet>Is it up can you test it?
09:01<sisnet>grawity: my site is on server
09:02<DrJ>sisnet: is the server even running?
09:02<DrJ>stupid question, I know
09:02<DrJ>but it's not responding on any common ports
09:03<DrJ>if it is, can you ping out from it through lish?
09:04<sisnet>linode range ip not response this is network broblem
09:05<DrJ>sisnet: can you test through lish?
09:05<DrJ>just see if it can ping like
09:05<sisnet>no i windows user
09:06<DrJ>doesn't matter
09:06<DrJ>login to the manager
09:06<DrJ>select your server, click remote tab
09:06<sisnet>yes ping
09:06<DrJ>from the server?
09:06<DrJ>not your windows machine
09:07<DrJ>anyway, on the remote access tab choose "Launch Lish console"
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09:08<DrJ>you can also use putty on windows to access lish (which is what I prefer)
09:09<sisnet>DrJ: I do not have access to the linide manager. I only have a few sites on this server
09:09<DrJ>if you have no idea what you are doing, then you might be better off to just open a ticket
09:09<DrJ>so this is not your linode?
09:09<sisnet>I only have a few sites on this server
09:10<DrJ>in that case there is nothing anyone here can do to help you. Whoever actaully runs the server will have to resolve the issue
09:10<DrJ>my suspicion is the server is down/not running
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09:11<DrJ>or someone screwed up the networking on it
09:12<daragos>Hello, I am very new to this platform and I hope I can get a bit of advice please.
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09:12<DrJ>daragos: ask away
09:12<sisnet>I want to know if this linode server is up or down can you test it
09:13<DrJ>sisnet, no one here can tell for sure and linode itself will not tell you since it's not under an account you have access to
09:13<daragos>I am trying to find a solution for when my website goes down. I understand that I can use a loadbalancer to ensure that visitors can still access the website.
09:13<grawity>sisnet: if you aren't the server's owner, you won't receive any other answer than "well it looks down I guess"
09:14<DrJ>sisnet: don't youhave a way to contact the person who hosts the site for you?
09:15<daragos>DrJ: Hello. Do loadbalancers act as clones (for lack of a better word) of the main website?
09:16<DrJ>you would two or more linodes behind the loadbalancer
09:16<daragos>ok. Would you know of a way that I can use via Linode to achieve this?
09:16<DrJ>you would need to keep them in sync with each other
09:17<DrJ>also loadbalancers themselves don't really protect your site from going down
09:17<DrJ>for example, if the datacenter the loadbalancer is in has issues your site is down
09:18<daragos>I see. If my understanding is correct, load balancer have more to do with the amount of traffic
09:18<DrJ>they are more for as their name implies... load balancing
09:18<daragos>thank you
09:18<daragos>How would I go about telling one loadbalancer to server 2 linodes?
09:19<daragos>I think you're saying, create a copy of the main website and have it as a synced backup
09:20<DrJ>to protect your site from going down daragos you do need to have two or mor servers, idealy in different datacenters that are kept in sync
09:20<sisnet>DrJ: Yes, but he responds late I think this is a bigger problem in a part of the network
09:20<DrJ>you then need multiple nameservers, again in different datacenters
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09:20<DrJ>sisnet, if it was a linode network issue there would be others here complaining
09:21<DrJ>believe me, when there is a network issue with linode itself this place blows up
09:21<daragos>DrJ, thank you
09:22<DrJ>but even if it was a network issue with linode themselves we still can't help you
09:22<DrJ>(it's not)
09:22<DrJ>sisnet: imo it sounds like it's time for you to become a linode customer and start hosting it yourself
09:22<DrJ>that way you are not at the mercy of this guy that takes forever to respond
09:25<sisnet>DrJ, Thanks for your patience and your answer I'm trying to call hosts
09:26<daragos>DrJ: One more question please: How do I sync?
09:26<DrJ>daragos: for files you can use tools like rsync
09:27<DrJ>if you have databases like mysql:
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09:41<daragos>DrJ: Thank you
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10:03<linbot>New news from community: pay with other way <>
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13:32<grimysoul>anyone online ?
13:32<grimysoul>how to use this ? i am using this the first time !!! help
13:32<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:33<LouWestin>Using IRC? VPS?
13:33<grimysoul>okay tell mw , how can i keep my nick name permanent , i have to put it everytime i connect to a server
13:34<LouWestin>You have to register it with /nickserv
13:34<grimysoul>and whois also not working for me
13:34<grimysoul>okay wait checking
13:35<LouWestin>Type/nickserv help for more info
13:35<grimysoul>and how to scroll ?
13:35<grimysoul>can i host my own server ?
13:36<Peng>If you want to
13:36<grimysoul>how ?
13:36<LouWestin>scrolling going to depend on what client you're using.
13:37<grimysoul>m using irssi
13:37<LouWestin>You have to look in the irssi guide for help
13:38<LouWestin> for how to get started with Linode
13:39<LouWestin> and pricing
13:39<relidy>And for using irssi
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13:45<grimysoul>got it
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14:34<linbot>New news from community: How do I get passenger to serve my page on port 80 or 443? <>
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15:24<linbot>New news from community: DNS Propagation Check <>
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16:32<LouWestin>That DNS propagation check was having slow issues with his server.
16:33<Cromulent>blimey just found out that Ubuntu have extended support for 18.04 LTS from 5 years to 10 years
16:33<Cromulent>that is pretty cool
16:33<LouWestin>Outside of the USA which is probably latency
16:34<Abi12>ubuntu and cool
16:34<Cromulent>eh it works well for me
16:35<Abi12>heh. I used to use it when I first started linux. They also use ubuntu a lot in CS curriculum.
16:35<linbot>New news from community: WordPress set up page not showing <>
16:35<LouWestin>Doesn’t Debian go into extended support for up to 10 years?
16:36<dwfreed>5 years
16:37<LouWestin>Thanks. Wishful thinking. Lol
16:37<Abi12>I usually just update whenever they have a stable release \o/.
16:37<LouWestin>Me too
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17:25<linbot>New news from community: Nginx uses self-signed certificate instead of Let’s Encrypt one <>
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18:27<Alex_>Hello, is there a Linode live support?
18:27<millisa>There's folks in here
18:27<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:27<LouWestin>Community support
18:28<Alex_>Could you check my ticket #11117238? this is an urgent issue.
18:28<LouWestin>You’d probably be better calling
18:29<dwfreed>^ what he said
18:32<dwfreed>if you're not in the US, Skype will let you call US toll free numbers for free
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19:06<relidy>Anyone else seeing a rash of backup service failures "due to normal maintenance"? It's hard to write it off as "normal" when it's not announced or tracked and has already been down several days. But only for some Linodes.
19:07<millisa>Had one of those for a Dallas linode about a week ago.
19:07<relidy>Yeah, the two I'm seeing right now are in Dallas.
19:08<millisa>rephrase, had one of those for only one of the linodes I manage; nearly all of them have the backup service, so I'd have a hard time calling it a 'rash of failures'
19:09<relidy>Yeah, I overreacted a bit. I'm seeing two out of about two dozen right now.
19:11<millisa>What was odd was the system that had it happen only has about 2-3 gb used and the backup usually only took 2-3 minutes. For several days leading up to the failure the backup time kept getting worse
19:11<millisa>eventually taking 60-70 mins to do after a few days
19:13<millisa>after they poked at it (maybe an hour or so after I put the ticket in) it went back to only taking a couple minutes
19:14<relidy>Yep, see the same behavior. Looks like these maxed out at around 90 minutes for the backup, compared to the usual handful of minutes.
19:14<millisa>looked like this: (the 12th failed, 13th they poked at it)
19:16<relidy>Well, I'll pipe down. At least it seems like they're trying to address an underlying problem. It'd just be nice to have a little more information (maybe I'll poke them in the tickets they opened).
19:18<LouWestin>I had a couple that missed a few days. Put in a ticket and they said it was the time 0200-0400 that was the issue. So i changed it and keeping an eye on it.
19:19<relidy>I've had issues before that I've raised tickets about. They usually were able to fix whatever it was pretty quickly. I've had one time I can think of that they had to come back to it several times (that may have resulted in my VM getting migrated).
19:19<millisa>I went back to look at the ticket and it had three different Linoders reply while it was open. The first ends with 'Warm regards', the second with 'Regards', and the last with 'Best Regards'.
19:24<@mcintosh>i prefer "Cheers," personally
19:25<millisa>now I feel the need to try to find if I've ever had a ticket answered by The mcintosh.
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19:32<Duykhanhqb12>hi admin
19:32<millisa>Hi Duykhanhqb12
19:32<Duykhanhqb12> you is admin of linode
19:32<Abi12>we r all admin of linode
19:32<millisa>Nope. Most of us are customers/friends of linode. There are a few of the official folks floating around
19:33<Duykhanhqb12> I restricted ip
19:33<Duykhanhqb12> Please help me remove that limit
19:33<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
19:34<Duykhanhqb12>Hello, In order to comply with federal law, we have placed restrictions on your Linode. If you would like to remove access to the material at this point, you may boot your Linode in Finnix to remove the content. You may find instructions to do so here: Once you have booted your Linode into Rescue Mode to remove the infringing content, please let us know, and we can remove the restric
19:34<millisa>(If you are talking about adding another IP address)
19:34<millisa>oh, then not what I thought. It sounds like you need to remove the infringing material then
19:34<Abi12>Duykhanhqb12: call or submit a ticket if you removed the infringing content
19:34<nate>Duykhanhqb12: You need to do that through a ticket or as the instructions state
19:34<Duykhanhqb12> We have copyrighted content, but we deleted it and did not send it back so it was restricted to IP
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19:36<Abi12>wow no thank you :(
19:42<retro|blah>No, thank you.
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