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06:19<Jacky>Could hosting include ssl?
06:19<LouWestin>You have to either buy a certificate or use let’s encrypt
06:20<Jacky>Let's encrypt is free ,right?
06:20<Jacky>Ok, thank you
06:21<LouWestin>You’re welcome
06:21<Jacky>And where do that data centers locate?
06:23<LouWestin>US, London, and Asia I believe
06:25<LouWestin>Yeah two in Tokyo
06:25<Jacky>Any cpanel or pre-installed Joomla?
06:25<LouWestin>And Singapore.
06:25<LouWestin>No you have to install that yourself
06:26<LouWestin>Plans are unmanaged unless you get managed
06:26<Jacky>Is the plan Nanode 1GB managed or unmanged?
06:28<LouWestin>They’ll unmanaged. Managed starts at an extra $100 a month.
06:28<Jacky>Thank you
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07:31<Jacky>How long will I wait for review?
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09:01<Mokou>I remember reading years ago that the Atlanta datacenter didn't allow IRC use, does that still hold true today?
09:02<grawity>no, Linode manages its own network nowadays
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10:05<tcom>Hi, does anyone have a list of the approx. physical location of the London Linode data centre? Other than just London? Can't find any info on the Linode website.
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10:06<LouWestin>Are you interested in paying the center a visit?
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10:09<tcom>LouWestin: No, but when pricing I keep getting asked for approx. location. London could mean a shack by the river ( I know it isn't! )
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10:09<tcom>People basically like to get a feeling of where their data is stored.
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10:56<smallclone>tcom: you're better off opening a support ticket for that question
11:09<tcom>smallclone: Yeah, that's fine. Thanks.
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11:24<mawaissarwar>I need to know how many emails I can send from one domain in one hour?
11:27<dzho>is this a trick question?
11:32<v0lksman>how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
11:33<@mcintosh>2 wood
11:33<@mcintosh>the answer is 2 wood
11:33<v0lksman>all these years!
11:33<LouWestin>That entirely depends on how fast you press the send button.
11:41<MTecknology>smallclone: your limited to bandwidth but if you become abusive, you can expect complaints followed by action
11:45<smallclone>good to know!
11:46<smallclone>although really, if you're generating spam complaints on a brand new account, there's a good chance you'll just get cancelled outright
11:47<dzho>mawaissarwar: I hope this discussion has proven useful and informative.
11:48<mawaissarwar>Basically I do email marketing and for it, some hosting providers put restrictions.
11:48<mawaissarwar>I need to know if there are some limits on linode server?
11:48<dzho>that's interesting, since some governments *also* put restrictions!
11:48<dzho>mawaissarwar: did you see MTecknology's answer?
11:49<dzho>if that isn't helpful, perhaps a more specific question would get you closer to something useful.
11:49<smallclone>there is no ceiling in terms of number of emails specifically
11:50<dzho>it would necessarily depend, wouldn't it.
11:52<smallclone>Linode doesn't concern itself with how many emails you send, how many times you serve a page or a database query or anything like that, there is no limitation on any of it, aside from the bandwidth available to the machine
11:52<smallclone>they're an infrastructure provider and what you serve from the machine itself is your business, provided that it's legal
11:54<MTecknology>and that last one matters only if you get caught..
11:55*MTecknology suspects vultr is largely exit nodes
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12:08<linbot>New news from community: SFTP with FileBrowserGO iOS Fail <>
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12:40<CJ> how do i set my website up with SSL cert on linode
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12:40<CJ>trying to accomplish to
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13:00<CJ>Thank you Relidy
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13:35<juan>I want to buy mexico located vps server
13:35<juan>DO you provide it?
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13:35<LouWestin>Dallas Texas is the closest to Mexico
13:35<@scrane>Hey juan, we don't offer a data center located in Mexico right now, however you can test the best data center for you at
13:35<Guest3517>No mexico located?
13:35<millisa>has the locations
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13:37<v0lksman>Canada is next buddy
13:38<millisa>i'm not your buddy, guy?
13:38<@scrane>I'm not your guy, friend?
13:44<Abi12>Wouldn't Dallas work fine?
13:45<millisa>they might have some external, non-performance related requirements (fed policy, that sorta thing)
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14:26<AZ>Hello, General question about monthly transfer quotas... If I have a web scraper then only the requests I send out from the web scraper will count towards the quota correct?
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16:32<frailtyy>Sup guys.
16:37<LouWestin>looks like linode is
16:39<@scrane>wut wut frailtyy!
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16:40<DigitalJunkie>guttentag ^_^ someone told me about Linode a while back
16:41<millisa>Greetings. Linode is great
16:41<DigitalJunkie>and I haven't gotten the faintest idea about how many resources are required for hosting a (simple) Discord bot
16:41<DigitalJunkie>(so I'd need Node.JS)
16:41<DigitalJunkie>that's something I know
16:42<DigitalJunkie>but I was wondering if that way too cheap €5 package would suffice
16:42<frailtyy>I don't see that really being above a $5 server but if it becomes a nightmare, you could upgrade the server.
16:42<millisa>well, you could start small and resize a node upwards if you find it's not enough
16:42<frailtyy>It only requires a restart to do that.
16:42<millisa>linodes are easy to resize
16:42<DigitalJunkie>yeah, well, the thing is: I always start projects like this and halfway I get preoccupied with something else
16:43<DigitalJunkie>so I'd not go for anything above the €5 one :p
16:43<DigitalJunkie>but if you guys say that'd probably suffice
16:43<DigitalJunkie>I'll take your word for it
16:43<frailtyy>that's great to hear. lol
16:44<frailtyy>and FWIW it's $5USD which is super weak in euros so you can likely bank on that lol
16:44<DigitalJunkie>~ud fwiw
16:44<DigitalJunkie>not working
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16:45<DigitalJunkie>oh well
16:45<DigitalJunkie>I have the money
16:45<DigitalJunkie>I don't really know what to do with my money, lately
16:45<DigitalJunkie>have always been in debt
16:45<DigitalJunkie>then I got a webhosting job
16:46<DigitalJunkie>and now I keep buying random shit
16:46<DigitalJunkie>just because I dunno what else to do
16:46<LouWestin>Well if you have extra money you can send it to me.
16:46*millisa whispers 'monorail'
16:46<DigitalJunkie>I told a hobo to stay put, went to the atm and gave him €20 recently
16:46<DigitalJunkie>that was fun :D
16:46<DigitalJunkie>never seen a man so happy with €20
16:47<LouWestin>That’s enough to buy decent booze. I’d be happy too. lol
16:48<DigitalJunkie>first thing he mentioned was a type of sausage, tbh, I was amazed by that
16:48<DigitalJunkie>and then, later, he also mentioned booze, but well, I mean, I gave it to him, it was his to spend
16:48<DigitalJunkie>he looked really depressed
16:48<DigitalJunkie>so I figured I'd make his day a tad better
16:49<DigitalJunkie>back on topic:
16:49<LouWestin>If I was a hobo I’d probably be depressed too
16:49<DigitalJunkie>I know CentOS is great for webhosting, but does the same count for Node.JS discord bot hosting? CentOS = the way to go?
16:50<DigitalJunkie>it'd be that or Debian, I suppose?
16:50<LouWestin>How are you pulling from Centos repos or ppas?
16:51<millisa>going with whichever OS flavor you are most comfortable with is usually the way to go. There's probably more folks doing things with ubuntu
16:51<DigitalJunkie>dude, I'm stepping into this blindly, LouWestin
16:51<DigitalJunkie>I do this to learn
16:52<LouWestin>I have no idea what you know or don’t.
16:53<DigitalJunkie>barely anything
16:53<DigitalJunkie>but that's how I've learned everything I know... :D
16:53<DigitalJunkie>I just start projects for which I'm in way over my head
16:53<DigitalJunkie>I have that one opened in a tab
16:54<DigitalJunkie>tbh, I've read through the guides various times already, because they're pretty neat
16:54<DigitalJunkie>well written
16:54<LouWestin>Well as far as what distro is better that’s really depends on what you’d prefer. I stick with Debian, but that’s what I know best.
16:55<DigitalJunkie>I'm used to Mint, so that'd make me 'have' to go for Ubuntu
16:55<DigitalJunkie>but I dun like Ubuntu
16:56<LouWestin>mint is based on either Ubuntu or Debian
16:56<DigitalJunkie>I know
16:56<DigitalJunkie>but it's better
16:56<LouWestin>Ubuntu is based on Debian
16:57<DigitalJunkie>Debian is based on ... something
16:58<DigitalJunkie>lel, I'm just going for CentOS - the servers of the company I work for run on CentOS, so maybe it'll help me work myself up the ladder even more
16:58<DigitalJunkie>no degree, no qualifications, half a year of work, and I've already been promoted twice
16:59<DigitalJunkie>school is stupid
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17:00<frailtyy>I think you're right with Debian or CentOS if you're looking for something that won't require a zillion underlying updates.
17:00<DigitalJunkie>oh, lol, probably been drunk once... I had an account already
17:01<DigitalJunkie>that happens to me sometimes, weird stuff
17:01<frailtyy>I like CentOS but that's personal. A lot of folks seem to like Debian and it typically is more in line with many guides.
17:01<DigitalJunkie>parcels arriving with stuff I really like... and they're for me! from me!
17:02<LouWestin>Least linode has added more Centos guides.
17:02<DigitalJunkie>ye, the centos decision is already kinda definite
17:03<DigitalJunkie>any difference in server speed between UK & Germany?
17:06<DigitalJunkie>London is about... 5 times as fast for me
17:06<frailtyy>compared to frankfurt??
17:06<DigitalJunkie>might be my VPN
17:06<frailtyy>are you located in germany?
17:06-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
17:07<DigitalJunkie>VPN's currently connected to the Netherlands, south east
17:07-!-rsdehart [] has quit [Quit: brb]
17:08<frailtyy>south netherlands, so belgium?
17:09<frailtyy>Yeah. That's interesting but VPNs always make connections weird.
17:09<LouWestin>You could run your own VPN server
17:09<DigitalJunkie>makes it kinda less anon, don't it?
17:10<DigitalJunkie>I mean, I now am anonymous in the mass
17:10<devilspgd>Except to your VPN provider, which is always a crapshoot. Depends on who/what might be observing you.
17:11-!-ntox [~textual@] has joined #linode
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17:12<DigitalJunkie>they say they don't keep logs, so even if they do, within the jurisdiction I live, they're in the wrong if they keep logs
17:13<LouWestin>With the logs you don’t know if they’re keeping them or not.
17:14<LouWestin>Being anonymous really depends on who you’re trying to hide from.
17:15<DigitalJunkie>Okay... guess I'm not getting a linode
17:15<DigitalJunkie>I don't have a credit card
17:15<DigitalJunkie>is that really the only payment method?
17:16<Peng>Do you have a debit card that would work?
17:17-!-rsdehart [] has joined #linode
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17:17<Peng>> PayPal payments can only be made after an account is opened with an initial payment from a credit or debit card.
17:22<frailtyy>DigitalJunkie: If you already have an account, you can load value via PayPal.
17:22<DigitalJunkie>I can't find anything except for Credit Card
17:22<DigitalJunkie>maybe security coz I'm VPN connected
17:23<DigitalJunkie>to avoid fraud?
17:24<DigitalJunkie>there's literally options missing :p
17:25<Peng>I don't think it's specific to using a VPN
17:28<DigitalJunkie>I give up for now...
17:28<dwfreed>when creating an account, you need to do an initial deposit with a credit or debit card (a prepaid card works); after that, you can add credit from paypal, as Peng noted
17:28<DigitalJunkie>i'm just done working and this shit should've been relaxing
17:28<DigitalJunkie>and it 's stressin me out
17:29<DigitalJunkie>I'll try again some other day
17:29-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
17:37<DigitalJunkie>ugh, I'll just build my own server
17:38<DigitalJunkie>come to think of it... I have the parts to do that
17:38<DigitalJunkie>well,l'll maybe be back
17:38<DigitalJunkie>maybe I wont
17:38<DigitalJunkie>ty for the infos anyway
17:39-!-DigitalJunkie [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:44*LouWestin waves bye
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19:30<Abi12>making your server... easier than figuring out how to setup payments? xD
19:32<frailtyy>Abi12: It's probably a fun exercise but still hell to run.
19:33<frailtyy>especially with regular ole' ISPs
19:47-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
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20:35<Abi12>frailtyy: I run my own server for funsies
20:36<frailtyy>I have a server sittign in the corner but I can't power it up cause its loud and uses a ton of power lol
20:37<LouWestin>50 Jigga watts?
20:37<Abi12>my server is an old ass Intel 550 with 12GB of ram.
20:38<Abi12>Honestly. I'd opt for hosting my mail server locally but I need rDNS ( that's why I use linode ).
20:39<Abi12>frailtyy: it should keep you warm during the winters
20:39<frailtyy>Yeah. I have an old racked server that's more than I would need for running freenas but the power consumption is bonkeres
20:40<Abi12>Did you buy a synology?
20:40<Abi12>Those things are pretty :p.
20:40<frailtyy>I probably should for storage.
20:40<frailtyy>I just dont like the price
20:40<frailtyy>So I struggle with storage. lol
20:40<Abi12>I just setup a RAID across older disks.
20:41<LouWestin>You could do that^
20:41<Abi12>None of my hard disks are new. They're all used ones. I think one of them in 8 years old?
20:41<Abi12>People throw away some pretty nice shit.
20:45<frailtyy>Just run a disk test and you're usually p good
20:52-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
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21:04<LouWestin>Just hope one of the raid drives don’t get Corrupted
21:04-!-millisa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:04<frailtyy>RAID them in a way that you can pull it and toss it tbh
21:38-!-bumbleVole [] has joined #linode
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22:10<linbot>New news from community: Apache Install not working <>
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22:16<kyhwana>.. someone copy and pasted the entire thing eh
22:16<LouWestin>who? Where?
22:17<kyhwana>in that latest post
22:17<LouWestin>It just shows about a dozen lines in the image.
22:18<LouWestin>I saw syntax error on line 230 of apache2.conf so I told him look there.
22:18<@mcintosh>they copied the entire snippet from the linode doc
22:18<@mcintosh>including "..." (the service error mentions that)
22:19<LouWestin>I was going to say 230 lines on a config file!? Something is really complex there. lol
22:21<LouWestin>My comment is fixed
22:27<nate>That sounds pretty normal to me if they're not taking advantage of something like conf.d includes or such, or left all the comment blocks in
22:31<@mcintosh>when I say "entire snippet" i don't mean that copied something excessive in length
22:32<@mcintosh>just that they copied a bit that was intended as a placeholder for truncation
22:34<dwfreed>great way to prevent people from just copy/pasting from the docs
22:34<dwfreed>charybdis has a similar bomb in its default config file
22:40<@mcintosh>downside is that they reached out for support which the doc was ideally supposed to prevent from taking place XD
22:40<@mcintosh>can't always be avoided though, of course
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23:50<linbot>New news from community: how i can add c panel to my server <>
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