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02:52<Jack>can i install Windows on this servers?
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08:19<RLa>is Linode now able to collect vat? some time ago I heard they were implementing this and there is a vat number entry under account settings
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08:34<RLa>voker57, so how to enable it?
08:35<RLa>I'm sick of doing usd-eur conversion, tax declaration & pay myself
08:35<RLa>it brings so much more work for less than 10 usd per month
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09:22<Abi12>Any Linode black friday deals ;;)
09:23<Abi12>Buy 1 Nanode get 1 free.
09:26<dwfreed>they would have announced them already
09:27<Abi12>it's a joke :p
09:27<Abi12>Doesn't make much sense for a hosting company to have black friday deals..
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09:28<Okay>Please I need your help.
09:28<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:29<dwfreed>Abi12: I feel like they did do that once, though
09:29<Okay>Got an email from Support that my IP has been blacklisted for sendingSPAM. I don't do that hence I know it must have been one or more of the domains hosted on the server that's misbehaving
09:29<Abi12>Okay: You should call support or submit a new ticket.
09:30<Okay>Anyone know of a Good working Guide on how to Configure Postfix to only send emails as a RelayHost using a Smart host depending on the email that's trying to send
09:31<Okay>They want to know what am doing to arrest the issue and that's why am here
09:31<Okay>Want to configure all domains to be able to only send emails using a relayhost
09:31<Okay>More like Sender dependent Relayhost
09:32<Abi12>ahh. I jumped the gun. Are you talking about domain/user specific relayhost?
09:32<Okay>every Domain or Email account would have it's own RelayHost
09:32<dwfreed>I would use something similar to postfix
09:32<Abi12>dwfreed: I think postfix supports this.
09:32<dwfreed>not similar to, meant different than
09:32<dwfreed>Abi12: yes, but there are easier tools for this
09:32<dwfreed>msmtp, which I just recently set up, is dead simple
09:33<dwfreed>and impossible to get wrong and become an open relay
09:33<Okay>Please what is msmtp used for
09:33<dwfreed>sending mail to a smarthost from the local system
09:33<dwfreed>it supports picking the smarthost based on the from user
09:34<Okay>And can it be installed on Debian 9 and made to work with Postfix and Dovecot
09:35<Okay>I would look it up later BUT if I configure Postfix to only send emails using a SmartHost, would they still be able to receive incoming emails
09:35<RLa>postfix conf is something I always feared to touch
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09:37<RLa>isn't handling for incoming mail configured through mx records
09:37<Okay>My emails have been working for over 2-years now BUT recently having this issue hence I just want every domain to use a Gmail or any other SMTP provider as SmartHost.
09:37<RLa>of course if it's the same machine and postfix instance then it has to deal with it
09:37<Okay>That would give me less Headaches
09:38<RLa>I'm using fastmail smarthost but also as mail storage
09:38<RLa>their webmail is pretty decent compared to gmail
09:39<RLa>and uses folders instead of labels
09:39<RLa>I used to run a mailserver 6 years prior migration to fastmail
09:40<Abi12>RLa: postfix has great documentation.
09:40<RLa>Abi12, yes, but you need lots of other things for mail
09:40<Abi12>I probably wouldn't run one in production unless I dedicate some serious time to learning all the details.
09:40<RLa>even basic dkim requires a separate daemon
09:41<Okay>Okay Please any Decent Tutorial on how to Configure Postfix to send emails using a Sender Dependent RelayHost
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09:42<Abi12>Okay: pretty sure I posted a link. You can try that or configure msmtp to to relay based off of users.
09:42<RLa>fastmail uses postfix but they handle it every day and are probably pretty experienced with it
09:42<bukola>how can i configure postfix and dovecot to send email using multiple smart hosts depending on the sender
09:42<RLa>in my opinion their paid account is worth it
09:43<Okay>I can see another person with same issue
09:43<RLa>lol, that's pretty common it seems
09:43<Okay>seems not just me having this issue
09:44<Okay>The Link you sent me doesn't seem to be clearenough
09:45<Okay>I know where to put this []
09:45<Okay>but i do not know where to configure the Username and password
09:45<Okay>I might need help BUT my issue is Finding Tutorials that assume you already Knows the rest
09:47<bukola>yes you are right, might require login details. where do i put those
09:47<Abi12>Are you even reading the tutorial?
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09:48<RLa>if it's using sasl then it's credentials mapping file should be in the format like []:555 username:password
09:48<Abi12>Okay: Read the tutorial line by line, and then tell me you don't know where to put that. It's quite clear which files need to be created as well as what postfix configuration fields needed to be added.
09:49<Abi12>It **assumes** you have a working postfix server setup.
09:49<Okay>so in the same file, instead of just having [] , I can write []:555 myusername:mypassword
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09:50<RLa>port is likely something else than 555 tho
09:50<Okay>yea i know it's just for example
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09:51<Okay>I configure one other server for relay hosts and i know what goes into /etc/postfix/TRANSPORT and I also knows what goes into /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd BUT in this new tutorial, none of those were said
09:54<Okay>Does it mean I need to have the following files /etc/postfix/TRANSPORT, /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd and /etc/postfix/sender_dependent_default_transport_maps ,
10:01<bukola>i need your help
10:01<bukola>have installed postfix but can't get it working
10:05<bukola>should i include the boxes e.g [] or just write it this way
10:06<Okay>No more responses again
10:07<bukola>any help please
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13:01<lejag>Anyone know if I can use Linode's DNS servers if I have a VPS but no domains with them?
13:02<LouWestin>Linode doesn’t do any domain name registration if that’s what you mean.
13:03<LouWestin>Meaning you’d register your domain elsewhere and point it over.
13:07<lejag>Right, I have domains registered elsewhere, but want to use their name servers rather than hosting my own. Good point - if they don't do registration, that sort of implies the answer to my question is Yes.
13:08<LouWestin>Ok. Yup you can do that. I do. Some use Linode to run their own DNS.
13:09<lejag>Perfect - thanks!
13:10<LouWestin>You’re welcome.
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14:14<linbot>New news from community: About Nodeboost <>
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16:00<manolo>Hey guys, does anyone know if I can run Cloudlinux 6 with Cpanel on linode?
16:08<LouWestin>What’s cloud Linux? Another distro?
16:09<LouWestin>I know CPanel requires CentOS which Linode has available.
16:12<manolo>Yes, its supposed to be the most efficient version for cpanel, What is the best way to talk to someone about managed linode and transfering over sites?
16:13<LouWestin>Managed Linode start at $100 per month.
16:13<LouWestin>As far as CloudLinux, Linode doesn’t have it available. You might be able to custom install it.
16:16<LouWestin>That’s got all the details.
16:18<manolo>Do i signup after spinning up a linode?
16:19<manolo>I was wanting to do cloudlinux with cpanel, would DNS be about the same as I currently have on my dedicted server?
16:21<LouWestin>For managed I’d contact them before selecting a linode since they can tell you how it works. For DNS, They have five name servers that don’t cost extra.
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19:24<tharkun>I have this isue with an old computer. It runs an old version of linux with a kernel that does not use the spectre/meltdown patch. As much as I would love to get rid of the patch I would never runn a vps without it unless I owned the full hw stack. Can someon please point me to the right google term to keep researching this isue?
19:26<LouWestin>Research the security issue?
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