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00:34<Cromulent>hmm I'm trying to decide between stripe and braintree but they both look like good options
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01:17<zifnab>braintree is owned by paypal
01:18<zifnab>if that's of any help
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02:11<MTecknology>^ sounds like a good reason to me
02:12<dwfreed>before paypal bought it, braintree's website looked like it was from the late 2000s
02:13<grawity>oh, just like paypal's?
02:20<dwfreed>yeah, pretty much
02:21<dwfreed>if you poke it in the right spot, paypal's website will go back to that look for certain pages
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02:37<Chang>is this linode support chat?
02:38<grawity>kind of but not really
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02:51<Chang>can i ask question regarding hosting?
02:52<Chang>i had site hosted @ linode
02:53<Chang>when i install plugin
02:53<Chang>its ask for permission
02:54<Chang>Backup directory could not be created... The folder exists, but your webserver does not have permission to write to it. You will need to consult with your web hosting provider to find out how to set permissions for a WordPress plugin to write to the directory. (/wp-content/updraft)
02:54<Chang>see this is error
02:55<Chang>when i want to install any plugin its show this backup error
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03:29<iiders>I am new to linode. I have purchased 4GB Ram Linode. Is there any facility like cpanel to host domains, files and databases
03:43<MTecknology>iiders: better! you get ssh
03:44<MTecknology>As long as you're either not using apache or java, or at least tuning them, 4G is probably kinda excessive for just playing around.
03:48<hawk>I don't know about apache httpd itself being a big factor in that, more so mod_php and stuff like that.
03:51<MTecknology>hawk: When's the last time you've seen someone start off with apache and /not/ involve mod_php & friends?
03:52<dwfreed>I mean, you can run apache with php-fpm
03:52<dwfreed>but that point, honestly nginx is still a better choice
03:53<dwfreed>s/but/but at/
03:54<MTecknology>I figure they asked for cpanel so it's pretty much a given what their apache installation would look like
03:55<iiders>when i tyru to login via putty then it is showing Access Denied. Is anything i am missing?
03:55<MTecknology>iiders: did you provide a password and a username? Where did you get them from?
03:55<MTecknology>iiders: is this your first time using linux?
03:56<iiders>I set in linode dashboard on website
03:56<MTecknology>*when you created the instance ?
03:56<iiders>before 30 min
03:56*MTecknology tilts head.. huh?
03:56<MTecknology>use more words; add details
03:57<iiders>I have created image and deployed before 30 min
03:57<iiders>and then i installed putty
03:57<MTecknology>08:55 < MTecknology> iiders: is this your first time using linux?
03:57<iiders>I am following Getting start guide of linode
03:57<hawk>MTecknology: It's very common, yes. But it's a pretty bad idea, and I think it's worth trying to correctly attribute the source of the problem.
03:58<iiders>not first time but using linode at first time
03:58<MTecknology>hawk: or easily go around the entire thing by not using a really horrible web server and instead offering up a much nicer solution! :D
03:58<MTecknology>a less trolly version... or easily go around the entire problem and just recommend something without those pitfalls"
03:59<hawk>MTecknology: That's the thing, I disagree that the web server itself is really horrible. It's mostly the third-party plugins that are really horrible.
03:59<MTecknology>we agree on at least half of that then! :)
04:01<MTecknology>hawk: fwiw- I've worked with nginx enough that it has a special place on my resume.
04:03<iiders>Anybody else got this Access Denied issue ?
04:04<MTecknology>08:55 < MTecknology> iiders: did you provide a password and a username? Where did you get them from?
04:06<iiders>from linodes dashboard after deploying an image
04:06<MTecknology>it should be during..
04:06<MTecknology>what user did you use?
04:12<hawk>MTecknology: Good for you. Nginx is great, I like it a lot.
04:14<MTecknology>Thanks. :) I mostly just had to add that as a disclaimer to my opinion, although I moved to nginx because I couldn't handle apache scaling at the rate we were increasing without exploding into more hardware.
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04:17<MTecknology>Any y'all know how to write a quick python wrapper/function to write/read a request/response from a uwsgi socket?
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04:20<dwfreed>MTecknology: pep-333 and pep-3333 probably know the wire protocol
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04:38<MTecknology>dwfreed: Is there a mistake on that page? Should that be? ``status, headers, body = call_application(app.application, environ)``?
04:39<MTecknology>that's nice, pretty, and easy. I think I could almost copy/paste that into my tests.
04:41<dwfreed>that's what the WSGI app server does (uwsgi, in this instance)
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04:58<MTecknology>I like that a whole lot more than trying to find a way to run uwsgi and write data to a socket I'm telling it to open
04:59<MTecknology>I just got excited to get my project back to 100% coverage. :)
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06:43<himanshu>do you provide cpanel installation support
06:43<himanshu>basicaly i am new with linode
06:43<himanshu>and i want to setup a vps with centos and cpanel
06:44<LouWestin>The service is unmanaged. Managed is $100 per month
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08:41<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
08:41<rsdehart>you can do it yourself as well
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08:52<DrJ>rsdehart: he gone :)
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09:48<trelane>ugh I hate cpanel
09:48<trelane>you might as well install a rootkit
09:49<trelane>smallclone, thank you for the help yesterday!
09:52<LouWestin>After learning the terminal, I wouldn’t bother with CPanel.
09:55<DrJ>yea, cpanel takes over your server way too much
09:55<DrJ>I do use webmin/virtualmin for somethings, mostly for creating new "hosting" accounts
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11:36<cliguy>new to linode servers and i am looking for the bios uuid on the server and cannot seem to find it. Deployed Ubuntu 16. is this something that is available for the system
11:37<Abi12>dmidecode doesn't provide it?
11:39<cliguy>i will check that out thanks
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11:49<cliguy>dmidecode shows the result for uuid as "Not Settable"
11:51<LouWestin>I don’t know that anyone has access to the bios settings.
11:51<LouWestin>I could be wrong though.
11:52<Abi12>err it's kvm right cliguy ?
11:53<cliguy>yes kvm
11:53<LouWestin>I believe they switched over to kvm unless he’s on a really old system.
11:54<Abi12>I found an article stating they'd need to be specify the uuid within the args when booting the system for it to work.
11:54<Abi12>I'm not sure the support staff would do that :p. Maybe try opening a ticket?
12:00<cliguy>sound like that have a busted kvm xml config
12:00<cliguy>support staff might be the right way?
12:00<Abi12>not busted, but probably just not specified :p
12:00<Abi12>and yeah try them. The worse they could say is 'no' or 'idk'.
12:01<Abi12>They may even be able to show you the correct way to the do it.
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12:39<test>any hosting plan is optimized for magento ?
12:39<millisa>they are linux vps you get root access to. install what you want.
12:39<DrJ>test: linode doesn't do hosting plans
12:40<millisa>There are newer guides at
12:40<DrJ>you could start with the smallest VPS plan linode offers and easily upgrade to plans with more resources if things don't work out
12:41<millisa>It is suggested in the centos7 and ubuntu18.04 guides to go with a 4gb+ node.
12:41<test>is there any trial period ?
12:42<test>any money back gaurantee ?
12:43<relidy>"Yes! If you're unsatisfied for any reason, you can cancel your account within the first seven days and request a full refund, no questions asked."
12:44<test>Magento2 will work with your plan "Nanode 1GB" ?
12:45<DrJ>test: short answer yes
12:46<DrJ>test: however, you may find that plan doesn't offer the resources you need, which may mean you need to upgrade to a higher plan
12:46<relidy>Magento recommends at least 2GB of RAM, but it will "work"
12:46<test>ok Got it Thanks for you time.
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17:14<R3den-T0r>is not working "/etc/init.d/networking restart"
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17:26<Abi12>R3den-T0r: what's the error mate?
17:26<rsdehart>perhaps something equivalent to "You aren't using the same linux distribution the instructions you're reading assumes you are"
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17:28<redent0r>i did ifup eth0
17:28<redent0r>in debian !
17:29<rsdehart>redent0r: what's the error mate?
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17:29<Abi12>redent0r: are you sure that's the interface name?
17:30<Abi12>rsdehart: ^\^ stealing my line.
17:31<redent0r>i want it to restart networking.
17:31<redent0r>interdace eth0 did not start
17:35<Abi12>redent0r: Why won't it start?
17:35<Abi12>and what command did you try?
17:35<Abi12>You gotta be a bit more detailed buddy.
17:37<rsdehart>Abi12: it didn't work when you used it, so I thought I might give it a try
17:37<rsdehart>you know, repeat the same steps and expect different results
17:38<Abi12>if only irc users knew how 2 read
17:39<redent0r>i did "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" and "sudo service networking restart"
17:39<Abi12>and what did it say exactly when you ran that?
17:40<Abi12>if you're logged in as root just remove the 'sudo' and do '/etc/init.d/networking restart'.. if you aren't, just log in as root then try it without the sudo.
17:41<redent0r>i solve it with lish access with command "ifup eth0"
17:42<Abi12>good work.
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