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06:17<GodMember>try register but have to wait so long for response
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06:27<Woet>thank you for sharing
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08:40<stefan>hi anyone can guide me
08:40<stefan>i cant access ssh with root
08:40<stefan>keep permission denied
08:40<stefan>my password changed correct
08:40<stefan>anyway to help?
08:41<@scrane>Hey stefan! So there can be a few reasons for this. Are you able to SSH as a limited user?
08:42<stefan>thanks for reply scrane
08:42<stefan>i was thinking am i setting something in sshd_config?
08:42<stefan>thats cause i cant login?
08:43<stefan>any advise?
08:43<@scrane>It's possible. Can you ping the IP address? If so, are you able to set up a telnet connection to your SSH port?
08:44<@scrane>This post on our Community Site might be useful.
08:44<stefan>can ping
08:48<dzho>stefan: what ssh client are you using? if you are using a command-line client via a Linux or MacOS terminal you can add -v or -vv and so on to get progressively more detailed debugging messages from the client
08:49<dzho>which I guess that web page mentions. Also, looking at the logs as it mentions can be helpful.
08:49<stefan>debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,password Permission denied, please try again.
08:50<@scrane>Are you attempting SSH from a different computer than normal?
08:50<stefan>i m using mac
08:50<stefan>accessing linode
08:51<stefan>my password is correct 1
08:51<@scrane>You can always access the Linode via the Lish console to take a look at your SSH config
08:51<@scrane>The command I generally recommend for taking a look at the SSH config is egrep -i '(password|permit|port|rsa)' /etc/ssh/sshd_config
08:51<stefan>can access sshd_config from lisg?
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08:57<@scrane>Are you able to successfully log in as root in the Lish console?
08:57<stefan>hi yes can login in lish console
08:57<stefan>but still cant login using ssh
08:57<stefan>i tail log also no such file
08:58<@scrane>Right, okay. So what do you see when you attempt to run " egrep -i '(password|permit|port|rsa)' /etc/ssh/sshd_config " ?
08:58<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
09:01<stefan>any advise?
09:02<@scrane>So you can't SSH to the Linode as Root via SSH because you have "PermitRootLogin" set to "no". You also have "RSAAuthentication" set to "Yes" so you need to make sure your Mac's public key is in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.
09:03<@scrane>You have both RSAAuthentication and Password authentication set to "yes" so to my understanding you will need both the correct RSA key AND the correct password to log in.
09:04<stefan>so how ya
09:04<@scrane>Did you configure this Linode?
09:05<grawity>RSAAuthentication was sshv1-only and no longer exists; you need to enable PubkeyAuthentication instead
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09:06<stefan>so what should i do ya. can i remain my password to login?
09:07<@scrane>You can run "nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config" to edit the file. Use your arrow keys to navigate and change "RSAAuthentication yes" to "RSAAuthentication no". Press CTRL+X to exit, press "Y" to save, then press "Enter" to confirm you want to save it as the same name. Then do "service ssh restart" to restart SSH and take those changes. From there you should be able to log into the Linode as the limited user via SSH.
09:08<@scrane>I don't recommend changing "PermitRootLogin no" to "PermitRootLogin yes" as I am biased against allowing SSH connections directly to root for security reasons, but that is also a change you can make.
09:09<stefan>Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart ssh.service Failed to restart ssh.service: Unit not found.
09:09<grawity>try sshd.service then
09:10<grawity>though I'm slightly confused as to why disabling public-key auth would be a prerequisite for enabling password auth
09:10<stefan>still cannot access
09:12<@scrane>Ooooh, I wonder. Try running this command instead egrep -i '(password|permit|port|rsa|allow|deny)' /etc/ssh/sshd_config
09:12<@scrane>I wonder if the "permission denied" error means there's something denying his limited user from logging in.
09:12<@scrane>And stefan did you try running SSH as the limited user again, or only via root?
09:13<stefan>i try both
09:14<@scrane>Can you share the output of a verbose SSH attempt? ssh -vvv <user>@<IP address>
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09:18<@scrane>And it then prompts you to enter the password?
09:19<@scrane>In the Lish console, log out as the root user and let me know if you can log into Lish as the limited user.
09:19<stefan>yes can
09:20<@scrane>So this isn't a password misconfiguration then.
09:20<stefan>List console can
09:20<stefan>but ssh cant
09:20<stefan>going faint
09:20<@scrane>What operating system is this running?
09:20<stefan>how check?
09:20<stefan>CentOS Linux 7 (Core)
09:21<stefan>Kernel 4.18.16-x86_64-linode118 on an x86_64
09:21<@scrane>hmmmm I'm a little rusty on checking this on CentOS 7, but can you try running tail -n 20 /var/log/secure
09:22<@scrane>and share that output?
09:23<@scrane>And just to make sure... because I have seen this happen in the past... can you check in Linode Manager and make sure your Linode's IP address is the correct one you are attempting to SSH to?
09:25<stefan>hi possible Allow users issue?
09:25<stefan>i saw some error Allow users
09:26<@scrane>It could be. Can you share that output?
09:28<@scrane>Where did you see Allow Users?
09:28<@scrane>Also, those SSH failures are because you are logging in as "root" when your SSH configuration says you can't log in as root.
09:28<@scrane>You need to attempt to log in as the limited user.
09:29<stefan>i able to login as limited user
09:29<stefan>but root cant
09:29<@scrane>via SSH
09:29<stefan>thanks scrane
09:29<stefan>after i remove Allowed users
09:29<@scrane>Cool. If you want to log in directly as root via SSH you need to edit that sshd_config file so "PermitRootLogin no" is changed to "PermitRootLogin yes"
09:29<@scrane>Then restart SSH
09:30<stefan>is it normal practice?
09:30<stefan>jz now u say cant
09:30<stefan>not practical
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09:30<@scrane>Setting PermitRootLogin to no is standard hardening practice
09:31<@scrane>I do not recommend allowing direct root logins to the Linode, but some people will allow it if they really want to.
09:31<@scrane>These are out recommendations.
09:32<stefan>1 last question
09:33<stefan>is it possible to create 1 user and he/she only allow access a folder only?
09:35<@scrane>That would be pretty complicated. You can limit them so they only have access to stuff on their user then create a shared folder with other users that they would have access to. You can read our guide on Linux Users and Groups here:
09:35<DrJ>if you want to limit someone to files in one directory you are better off only giving them like sftp access
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13:01<newbie>can someone please help me figure out why a ProxyPass exclude is not working
13:02<millisa>we'd probably need to see the config
13:02<newbie>I have this. ProxyPass /wp-json/ !
13:02<newbie>SSLProxyEngine on ProxyPass /wp-admin/ ! ProxyPass /wp-login/ ! ProxyPass /wp-json/ ! ProxyPass /wp-content/plugins/ ! ProxyPass /wp-includes/ ! ProxyPassMatch .*\.xml ! ProxyPass / ProxyPassReverse /
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13:02<LouWestin>Pastebin it
13:03<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
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13:04<newbie>the ones that don't work is wp-json and .xml
13:06<newbie>here is the full virtual host.
13:07<LouWestin>Are you getting any specific error message?
13:08<millisa>try removing the trailing slash
13:09<newbie>no errors.
13:10<newbie>tried removing the slash, still doesn't work.
13:11<newbie>I want apache to not proxy anything starting with wp-json, i.e
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13:23<millisa>is it something with the 404 processing? when I hit that page on the 'stag' system, it gives the same 404 as it does on the www system
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13:26<millisa>if you create a /var/www/html/wp-json directory on the primary www server, and put an index.html file there, when you hit /var/www/html/wp-json/index.html does it come up with that page?
13:26<millisa>er, hit http://yoursite/wp-json/index.html
13:27<newbie>yeah, it wouldn't work in stag. let me try that.
13:29<newbie>those pages shouldn't 404. If I remove the proxy rules they will work.
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13:32<Redentor>how cant i save traffic from a interface to a file ?
13:32<relidy>Redentor: tcpdump
13:32<newbie>so I created /wp-json/ folder and this works.
13:33<newbie>but /wp-json/ still doesn't work.
13:33<millisa>that's with the proxypass lines in the config still?
13:33<newbie>wp-json works too
13:33<millisa>so that sounds like the exclude is working then?
13:34<Redentor>relidy, thanks i will look a tcpdump.
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13:39<newbie>hmm, I guess wordpress is doing something strange.
13:57<newbie>I am still not sure why the proxy doesn't work. If I remove all the rules, u can see the json.
13:59<millisa>you have allow override on for the docroot, maybe there's some htaccess rewrite cruft being 'helpful'.
14:00<newbie>there was .htaccess stuff but I removed it.
14:02<newbie>actually I had to put it back because wordpress permalinks won't work without it. here is a pastebin.
14:04<AlexMax>I'm trying to recall, what is the average time it takes for a server to be upgraded/downgraded/migrated?
14:05<millisa>the one I did last week ran at ~100MB/s. took about 5 mins for a 30gb disk.
14:07<AlexMax>And when downgrading, how does the disk enter into it? IIRC when I upgrade, I have to manually resize the thing myself after it's done. Do I have to resize before downgrade, or does it handle it automatically?
14:07<millisa>it should stop you from resizing down if the disk can't shrink.
14:07<grawity>afaik, Linode tries to resize2fs the filesystem and aborts if that's impossible
14:11<AlexMax>Got it.
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16:17<AlexMax>Question. How does the Linode Types API handle free upgrades and such?
16:18<AlexMax>Like, when there are new linode types out and the old ones are being retired, how do and{typeId} work?
16:19<AlexMax>Does Linode use new names for new generations of servers (say, 1GB to 2GB)? What happens if you put old linode ID types into the "View Type" API call?
16:30<AlexMax>g6-standard-1 looks like a name that would've been used to used to refer to the old 1GB servers
16:30<AlexMax>But it points to the new 2GB servers.
16:30<AlexMax>Which seems like it might be problematic if you have an unupgraded 1GB server - can you tell the difference?
16:33<@mcintosh>g6-standard-1 never referred to 1gb linodes
16:35<@mcintosh>you can view an older type via{typeId}
16:35<@mcintosh>but if you deploy a Linode with an old type, you get the new one
16:36<@mcintosh>> Does Linode use new names for new generations of servers
16:36<@mcintosh>that's what the g$number prefix is
16:37<@mcintosh> only shows the current generation of types
16:37<@mcintosh>> Which seems like it might be problematic if you have an unupgraded 1GB server - can you tell the difference?
16:37<@mcintosh>I don't understand this question, I don't think...
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16:40<AlexMax>mcintosh: I think you answered my question.
16:41<AlexMax>Thanks for your time
16:41<@mcintosh>awesome :)
16:41<csnxs`>!lick mcintosh
16:41<linbot>csnxs`: Point given to mcintosh. (84)
16:41<@mcintosh>no problem and sorry for any confusion, AlexMax
16:43<csnxs`>AlexMax making funcrusher on demand? :p
16:44<dwfreed>the correlation between the number at the end and the plan stats appears to be CPU cores
16:44<dwfreed>so g6-standard-1 is the 6th generation of plans, and has 1 core
16:45<dwfreed>that said, I wouldn't put too much stock in the meaning of that number
16:45<dwfreed>possible for it to change meaning in the next generation
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19:02<linbot>The Linode API allows you to programmatically manipulate Linode services, including Linodes, NodeBalancers and DNS.
19:03<tharkun>That link point to a page with a big red sign This version of the API is deprecated - information about the latest version can be found here:
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21:27<Jose_>Im creating a wordpress site with woocommerce the company have a lot of client, like 1000 currenty user wich plan you recommend me
21:28<LouWestin>The 5-10 a month plan. Upgrade if needed
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21:58<linbot>New news from community: Akamai vs. Cloudflare <>
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22:49<durian>could I pay the bill by Alipay?
22:50<LouWestin>What’s Alipay?
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23:08<linbot>New news from community: I need to find this IP to buy things, how to contact him <>
23:09<Abi12>^ what is this even :P
23:11<LouWestin>The web address is currently not found
23:12<LouWestin>but I can ping the server
23:49<MTecknology>LouWestin: are you seriously asking for linode to share account details for one of their users?
23:50<rsdehart>I can't see where LouWestin said anything like that
23:50<rsdehart>all I see is a traceroute
23:50<MTecknology>"how to contact him"
23:50<rsdehart>please read the whole line
23:50<LouWestin>The OP posted that
23:51<rsdehart>that was linbot
23:52<MTecknology>"that was a response someone else's question", k, got it, thanks
23:54<LouWestin>I did answer his question on the forum, which I stated that the node is "on", but there's no web server serving traffic.
23:54<LouWestin>I'm actually not sure what they're evening looking for.
23:55<MTecknology>I understand the question, I just thought you asked it.
23:55<LouWestin>No lol
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