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01:01<MrPPS>What is that quit message ^
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01:38<millisa>vogon poetry?
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03:44<linbot>New news from community: 原版UQ文凭证书【昆士兰大学毕业证书制作】Q|微信729926040澳洲学历文凭认证、原版制造澳洲假文凭,办理澳洲假毕业证假成绩单,仿制澳洲学士学位证The University of Queensland <> || 官方推荐*办理罗拉多大学CU-Boulder毕业证成绩单qq微信729926040咨询毕业证样本|办理本科文凭|硕士毕业证|代\xE5\x8A
03:54<linbot>New news from community: 伪造英国阿斯顿大学Aston毕业证q+微信729926040伪造英国成绩单、伪造英国学历文凭、伪造英国毕业证成绩单、真实回国人员证明留信认证Aston University <> || 原版UoN文凭证书【纽卡斯尔大学毕业证书制作】Q|微信729926040澳洲学历文凭认证、原版制造澳洲假文凭,办理澳洲假毕业证假成绩单,
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10:30<zen0>Hello do you provide dns domains .com ?
10:30<LouWestin>No they don’t
10:31<zen0>thank you
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10:34<Guest4226>We are a small company based out of Acworth, GA
10:35<Guest4226>we have an application that pulls in data from the emails and stores the information in sqlite3 database as of today
10:35<Guest4226>is it possible for your cloud architecture to support sqlite database
10:35<Guest4226>and our application is developed on python flask
10:36<Guest4226>what options do you have considering our requirements?
10:36<LouWestin>They offer Linux VPS hosting
10:37<LouWestin>I’d compare what they offer to what you’re currently using
10:37<dzho>Guest4226: please be aware that this is not direct private chat with linode staff only
10:37<dzho>!to Guest4226 ops
10:37<linbot>Guest4226: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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10:40<LouWestin>Stuff like that I don’t specific advice on.
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11:55<linbot>New news from kernels: 4.19.5-x86_64-linode119 <> || 4.19.5-x86-linode139 <>
12:01<linbot>New news from community: SSH and SFTP stop working after ufw enable <>
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13:36<frailtyy>Always eat fresh, guys.
13:36<LouWestin>No way like subway
13:37<frailtyy>welcome to the eat fresh thunderdome, sponsored by Subway.
13:37<@scrane>Eat ALL the romaine lettuce
13:38<frailtyy>A wise man once said: "Romaine calm"
13:51*dzho *snerks*
13:54<@mcintosh>!boo frailtyy
13:54<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from frailtyy! (1)
13:55<@mcintosh>sorry, i meant boo-urns!
13:55<frailtyy>I'm appalled, mcintosh
13:55<frailtyy>I'm driving to Philly right now to hulk outta my shirt and scream at the linode HQ
13:55<LouWestin>Make sure you’re wearing a linode shirt when you do.
13:57<frailtyy>I have to hunt it down.
13:57<LouWestin>I think it’ll add extra to your point. ;-)
13:57<dzho>didja at least get one of the recent green ones?
13:57<frailtyy>lol i have a few
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13:58<dzho>I'm just a red shirt away from a full landing party: yellow, green, blue
13:59<dzho> alas 404
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14:23<@mcintosh>cc dzho
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14:27<@mcintosh>only pink on the store rn (besides the green shirts) but that's close...
14:28<@mcintosh>we also might have a red one lying around if you open a ticket ;p
14:29<LouWestin>I think frailtyy should make his appearance with a pink shirt. ;-)
14:29<frailtyy>Maybe I'll visit Linode with a pink shirt on although I think I'd look more like I'm begging for a job than saying hello.
14:30<LouWestin>I was thinking pink because of the whole feminist movement.
14:31<LouWestin>Or whatever it is that was the rage a few weeks/months ago.
14:31<millisa>freminists? the spice must flow.
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14:34<Fvidal>Hi, anyone speaks spanish?
14:35<millisa>most people use english here
14:39<Fvidal>I need to invoice on behalf of my company
14:39<Fvidal>is that posible?
14:40<millisa>I'm not sure what you are asking - but if you need current/past invoices, they are under the Account tab, the Billing History subtab.
14:41<millisa>If you are trying to get linode to bill someone other than their direct customer; they probably wouldn't do that?
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17:04<linbot>New news from community: How can I add a boot parameter to a linode? <>
17:12<relidy>Anyone have experience with any of the PHP API (v4) clients and wish to recommend one? It looks like idimensionz/linode-api-v4 might be the somewhat more active one.
17:13<millisa>All of my apiv4 experience happens in perl. because I'm a terrible person.
17:14<relidy>Many would probably say the same about my using PHP.
17:25<@mcintosh>relidy: that one is prob your best bet, from what I know
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17:26<relidy>Thanks, mcintosh.
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19:57<robert_>okay I just noticed I have these weird networking devices on my linode
19:59<relidy>The "ip6gre0", "ip6_vti0", etc? That's expected.
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21:25<linbot>New news from community: email postfix dovecot mysql problems <>
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22:16<Redentor>i want to log the traffic of ipv6 /56 block. any suggesting.
22:18<Redentor>i dont want linode to tell me that i did a illegal download.
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23:03<dwfreed>I mean, don't do illegal downloads and Linode won't have to tell you that
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23:47<rsdehart>that's always been my solution
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