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00:02<@mcintosh>dwfreed: that's just crazy enough to woik!!
00:05<Woet>but does it work?
00:05<rsdehart>Woet: easy there, not *that* crazy
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05:26<codi>Hello, I represent Codi ( a free full webstack bootcamp. We focus on minorities and endangered populations. Part of the training consists in setting up and using a VPS. We have about 80 students every year, and even the 5$ per month Linode is not something we can consider (we have very little to no means)
05:27<codi>Is Linode interested in supporting such initiatives?
05:28<rsdehart>codi: if no one from linode (as indicated by an @ in front of the nick) responds here right now you probably will have better results by email
05:28<codi>Yea but I wasn't sure if this was "sales" or "support"
05:29<rsdehart>it's community chat :)
05:29<codi>I figured maybe an informal chat was the best way to start this convo, but maybe you're right
05:29<rsdehart>you may not be likely to get a response quickly at this hour
05:30<codi>For sure. I will try by email, thanks for the suggestion!
05:30<rsdehart>no one had uttered a word in here in about 5 hours. Good luck!
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07:12<dzho>codi: what timezone are you in?
07:13<dzho>I'm in the same TZ as the linode HQ and since I'm getting my day started, I expect it won't be long now until someone is awake and paying attention :-)
07:17<rsdehart>lies and slander
07:17<rsdehart>er, I mean, mornin' dzho
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08:43<linbot>New news from community: Yubikey as 2FA option for Manager? <>
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10:03<dzho>rsdehart: I'm given to understand it's an honest mistake, the keys are, after all, right next to each other
10:03<dzho>I guess codi gave up tho
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10:08*nate kinda wishes this whole focus on specific 'groups' would phase out already and focus on just helping everyone that actually has interest and will do well
10:09<nate>Was talking to a cop I know last night about a while back he dealt with a big veteran-run of police qualifications by vets that otherwise wouldn't have passed the basic exam score-wise if it wasn't for the "bonus points" they get for being vets, which seems like a really bad thing
10:09<nate>(mind you I work w/ army guys and respect them but just being a former soldier shouldn't probably get you a point buff on something like qualifying to become a police officer)
10:09<dzho>so vets are one of the 'groups' you mean, then?
10:09<dzho>or cops?
10:10<nate>dzho: The emphasis on groups for anyone that uses a label period. We're all people, we're all human, yes a lot of people were fucked over historically speaking but now we're in this weird balance of so many people in positions they aren't capable of working just so companies can appear diverse
10:11<nate>which from a security-perspective in IT really can turn bad usually
10:11<dzho>reply hazy. please try again.
10:11<nate>Not really sure what's hazy about it, pretty sure I was clear
10:12<dzho>you were clear, you just didn't address my question. Which, you know, random person on the internet asks a thing, you don't have to address.
10:12<dzho>but since you brought it up, I thought you might.
10:12<dzho>but if not, that's ok.
10:13<nate>I addressed it clearly, vets are a label, people use the phrase 'vets' as a label, thus they're segmented as a specific group, just like codi is segmenting 'minorities' and 'endagered populations' into specific groups. In his case though he's at least focusing on them from a teaching position, and hopefully working with the ones that genuinely want to learn
10:14<nate>but from employment perspectives we've got entire industries full of companies trying to save a public relations of 'diversity' by hiring people who have no idea what they're doing, and it's kinda disasterous
10:14<dzho>as opposed to the ones who genuinely want to swing on swings and not get shot
10:14<dzho>as opposed to the ones who want to walk or drive down the street and not get hassled
10:14<nate>Ah so you're one of those kind of folks, who are going to immediately turn it into a racial death thing
10:14*nate waddles off to other shit
10:15<dzho>see, this is the thing about 'labels': They're things that people apply to *other* people and that's where, historically and currently, a lot of problems arise.
10:15<LouWestin>I don’t see it as racial. More like class status.
10:15<dzho>it can be all sorts of things
10:15<dzho>race, sex, how you dress or speak, which day of the week you worship
10:15<dzho>what you eat
10:16<dzho>on and on and on
10:16<nate>None of which literally had anything to do with being shot, or hassled, literally was just talking about employment shit, and you turn it into "oh but people are dying"
10:16<dzho>star belly sneeches or not
10:16<dzho>well, that's the thing: They are!
10:16<nate>Great, so because a general minority of the million~ some active officers in this nation do questionable shit, I should hire people who have no idea what they're doing just to balance out statistics?
10:16<dzho>no, you should make sure you know what they're doing, at least to the extent that you can actually measure that
10:17<dzho>a lot of hiring is bullshit like "fit"
10:17<LouWestin>If we’re talking about saving endangered populations then that’s would be online with what dzho said.
10:17<dzho>and this has been documented
10:17<LouWestin>Unless we’re talking about native tribes living on an island
10:17<dzho>andaman islands ftw
10:17<nate>Then I have no idea why you're bringing up people getting shot and shit, when that wasn't even anything being talked about, companies hiring qualified people instead of just whoever because of PR was the subject
10:18<dzho>nate: so, this is the thing. If you can just define the problem narrowly enough then you can make that kind of argument.
10:18<LouWestin>Endangered populations = bad neighborhoods
10:18<nate>I was assuming they're reference to endangered populations were probably religious/national groups living in areas dramatically hostile to them
10:18<dzho>I reject your narrow view and so now you're upset about it.
10:18<nate>LouWestin: and stuff like that yeah
10:18<nate>dzho: What narrow view? You just agreed to my view that people should be hired after being vetted that theyh know what they're doing
10:19<LouWestin>Maybe it could be national groups too
10:19<dzho>nate: I put a pretty big qualification on that acceptance.
10:19<nate>So either you're contradicting yourself or you didn't read all of what I said clearly
10:19<dzho>I read it clearly.
10:19<dzho>you ignored what I said.
10:19<dzho>but again, you can ignore it, that's fine.
10:19<dzho>must be nice
10:20<nate>lol okay, right, like I was gonna do earlier I'm just gonna waddle to other shit, I've been up far too many hours to deal with someone on a personal top floor throne
10:20<LouWestin>I think the minority issue is way more complex and multi layered then what can be put into simple terms.
10:21<dzho>even what qualifies as "minority" is a sort of gerrymandered concept
10:21<dzho>it depends on where you draw the lines
10:22<dzho>this sort of clicked for me when reading about "The Troubles"
10:23<LouWestin>A person living in a bad neighborhood that has a higher risk of being shot or joining a gang; it’s not simply race or racist views that’s holding back everything.
10:23<LouWestin>There’s many layers underneath
10:30<LouWestin>Deep talk on Friday
10:32<LouWestin>My philosophy is simple. If you want to learn, I’ll teach you. We can go as far down the rabbit hole as you wise.
10:32<dzho>funny thing about education is that it takes time.
10:32<dzho>people talk about how high tuition is and such.
10:32<dzho>but even just having the time to study and practice can be a luxury.
10:33<dzho>I think the economists call it "an opportunity cost"
10:33*dzho has been very fortunate in this regard, praise FSM
10:33<dzho>would that everyone were
10:33<LouWestin>Its hard for me since I have work, plus the family.
10:34*dzho nods
10:34<dzho>everybody's got something.
10:35<LouWestin>And oddly enough, I might be going back to get my teaching certificate since I found I like teaching elementary school kids.
10:35<dzho>something they care about, worries of their own, struggles of their own.
10:35<dzho>oh cool!
10:35<dzho>I like teaching, but it just drains the life out of me.
10:35<dzho>funny thing is I can't tell if that's a good thing, or not.
10:35<LouWestin>The wife has been telling to substitute at the local school for a few years. Ow.
10:36<dzho>like, is it good, because I'm so into it, or bad because it consumes me and limits what I can give?
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10:39<LouWestin>Finally started subbing a few weeks ago after the superintendent asked me about it.
10:39<LouWestin>I’m like... ok. After the first day, I’m like hey that was fun!
10:40<dzho>I've been wondering how much one can get into it just by subbing
10:40<dzho>eg, having very limited contact with the students and where they are with a subject
10:40<LouWestin>The only thing is going to back to school... again gah...
10:40<dzho>oh yeah
10:40<LouWestin>Ah math is rough for me. Reading writing is much better
10:41<LouWestin>I don’t think I could substitute high school math blindly lol
10:42<LouWestin>Calculus? Forget it
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11:09<dzho>LouWestin: so, what grades?
11:09*dzho watches the eternal race: rm vs rsync
11:09<dzho>who will win?
11:10<dzho>looks like rm is ahead, so this all might turn out ok
11:17<LouWestin>So far k-5
11:17<LouWestin>I could do 6-8 too.
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12:08<linbot>New news from community: Disk size is fixed to image size when deploying a custom image. <>
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14:24<booeyoh>hello, are there official linode folks here?
14:25<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
14:26<booeyoh>cool. Quick question. What is the upgrade path to take a server that starts at basic level and then move it to a higher # of cpu's or memory? Is that possible to do with no downtime?
14:26<millisa>not without downtime, but it's easy to do
14:26<booeyoh>how much downtime
14:26<booeyoh>roughly speaking
14:27<millisa>depends on the disk size. if it's moving it to a new host, the recent ones I've seen run at about 100MB/s
14:27<booeyoh>Thank you, and assuming everything is working normally it will boot up and start serving normally right away?
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14:28<millisa>same IP, same everything you had.
14:28<booeyoh>very cool, thank you
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14:28<millisa>you can use it to downgrade too. it's not only for sizing up
14:29<booeyoh>does linode offer balancers?
14:29<millisa>they do
14:30<booeyoh>is there any sort of "which size should I use" calculator for linode?
14:30<millisa>i like to go with 'smallest' and resize upwards as I find I need more
14:31<booeyoh>yeah, me too, but my client is a little more paranoid
14:31<booeyoh>want to give him something more concrete
14:31<millisa>it would depend completely on what you're doing; linode wouldn't be able to guess (they don't have a calculator).
14:32<booeyoh>k, thanks
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14:37<Abi12>My monthly network transfer pool always seems to be fucked.
14:38<Abi12>One server is showing 20GB usage and one is showing 7GB.. but my transfer pool only says 11GB used.
14:38<gparent>are you combining both outbound and inbound usage?
14:39<Abi12>Yeah, those are totals. Does the network transfer pool only show outbound?
14:39<gparent>Linode doesn't bill inbound
14:40<Abi12>Interesting. I had no idea.
14:40<gparent>glad I could help solve an additional mystery today
14:43<dwfreed>!point gparent
14:43<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to gparent. (7)
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17:34<relidy>!point mcintosh
17:34*mcintosh bows
17:34<relidy>Nooooo! Linbot, come back!
17:34<dwfreed>linbot was on graviton
17:35<dwfreed>which died when the KVM host it was on died
17:35<relidy>uh oh
17:35<dwfreed>(graviton is not hosted at Linode)
17:35<relidy>So much for read-only Fridays
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17:36<@mcintosh>!point linbot
17:37<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 15)
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17:45*mcintosh sighs
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17:46*mcintosh pets linbot
17:47<LouWestin>Well at least one of the staff already answered it
18:05<LouWestin>Was there a net split earlier?
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18:17<relidy>LouWestin: <dwfreed> (summarized) linbot was on graviton. Which died when the KVM host it was on died (graviton is not hosted at Linode)
18:22<LouWestin>Wait... I missed that part where dwfreed said that.
18:31<rsdehart>someone fired an anti-graviton beam, no doubt
18:32<rsdehart>I've watched entirely too much Voyager the last couple of weeks
18:35<LouWestin>There’s also that old carnival ride
18:47<rsdehart>isn't that the GravitRon?
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18:49<LouWestin>Possible. I haven’t seen one In 100 years.
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19:03<rsdehart>at least, no doubt
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21:30<Cromulent>hmm this is an offtopic question I know but I was wondering what people here thought - if you wanted a domain name to target Africa which TLD would you use?
21:31<rsdehart>there's .africa, but .za might be within the realm of possibiltiy
21:33<Cromulent>oh I didn't know there was a .africa TLD
21:35<rsdehart>seems like there are particular restrictions, but I can't remember what they are
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22:04<linbot>New news from community: How do I test part 2? <> || How do I test? <>
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22:11<ausjke>just did a 'nmap myhost' and found port 53 is open by systemd-resolv, running debian 9, why is 53 open 'by default' as I don't recall I ever enable this
22:12<ausjke>is this safe? I did not intend to host a public dns service
22:25<Abi12>ausjke: what's the output of netstat -autn -p
22:25<Abi12>Do you have bind9 running or something?
22:28<Abi12>`systemd-resolved is a system service that provides network name resolution to local applications.`
22:28<Abi12>Did you nmap mhost from myhost ? :P
22:33<ausjke>Abi12: checking, I somehow have bind installed, but it's not activated and not running
22:33<Abi12>netstat should tell you that.
22:33<ausjke>i think linode enabled bind in the default debian 9 image? I did not install it as far as I can tell
22:33<Abi12>No it did not.
22:34<ausjke>tcp 0 0* LISTEN 10640/systemd-resol
22:34<ausjke>udp 34560 0* 10640/systemd-resol
22:34<Abi12>that's correct.
22:34<ausjke>that's the only 53 port from netstat -autn -p
22:34<Abi12>Read bullet point 3 on this page:
22:35<ausjke>but it showed on nmap from my home PC, which seems 53 port is openning to the internet?
22:35<Abi12>can you temporarily stop the service then try nmap again from a remote host?
22:36<ausjke>you mean systemctl stop system-resolved?
22:36<Abi12>If you're not using system-resolv on purpose than I don't see any harm in following that article on disabling it.
22:37<ausjke>after that, netstat -autn -p showed no 53 port, but my nmap still shows 53 port open, along with 80/443, the latter two are expected
22:37<Abi12>I guess just try stopping the service first then attempt nmap from a remote host.
22:37<ausjke>let me try from another remote host
22:38<Abi12>Is nmap showing it as filtered or as completely open?
22:38<ausjke>completely open, however nmap from a DO server it only shows 80/443
22:39<Abi12>are you using the ip or hostname in nmap
22:39<Abi12>I don't think it'll make a difference but try 'nmap [open_dns_ip]' at port 53 from the previous remote host.
22:40<ausjke>no difference indeed
22:40<ausjke>with/without systemd-resolved
22:41<Abi12>weird and netstat and ps -A aren't showing any bind/systemd-resolv services running?
22:42<ausjke>no, i now think it might be my home network issue
22:42<Abi12>Sounds like it.
22:42<Abi12>Try starting the systemd-resol service again
22:42<Abi12>and then nmap from the DO server.
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22:42<ausjke>thanks for the help, i was worried i'm running a dns server without knowing it
22:42<ausjke>tried that, DO never saw 53 port
22:43<Abi12>You could just try scanning from one more remote host just to be safe
22:43<Abi12>but that articles mentions that only local apps can only use systemd-resolv
22:43<ausjke>have a few linode, one DO, and home PC, that's all the network i know have :)
22:44<ausjke>so systemd-resolved is safe then, will enable it just in case
22:44<ausjke>thanks for the help again
22:46<Abi12>yeah o/
22:46<Abi12>I'd get rid of it just to be safe though :p
22:46<Abi12>I don't like things I don't know about running on my system most of the time.
22:48<ausjke>agree, too many systemd service that i have no idea, sigh
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