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00:00<trelane>I'm equidistant between EYE and TYQ
00:00<trelane>!wx kaid
00:00<linbot>trelane: [metar] OBS at KAID: 33.8F/01C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph, chill 27.73F (altimeter: 30.12) [KAID 040455Z AUTO 35006KT 10SM -DZ BKN017 OVC029 01/M01 A3012 RMK AO2 T00051013]
00:00<trelane>I seem to be getting shouted down
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00:12<Kurt__>LouWesting, you were right, is not a 7 day free trial, is a 7-day money-back guarantee
00:12<Kurt__>my mistake
00:22<Woet>pretty damn similar.
00:23<Woet>it used to be an actual trial:
00:38<Woet>I guess cakers "We profile everything – filtering various data through algorithms, pattern matching, historical information, ultimately resulting in a safety score" didn't work out.
00:39<Peng>caker built Ultron
00:39<Peng>git revert! git revert!
00:39<trippeh>work has a free trial program going. something like 80% of the signups are freudulent/abusive.
00:43<Woet>at least they're not fraudulent
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03:47<faijan>help me to setup my linode account
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05:30<Woet>no thanks
05:31<Woet>"Thank you for saving us a few keystrokes, [@Woet] (/community/user/Woet)!"
05:31<Woet>look at this snarky comment
05:31<Woet>i demand Evin is fired on the spot
06:08<nate>I believe the question to be asked is, was it technically more snarky than your reply?
06:10<Woet>absolutely not
06:10<Woet>I out-snark everyone
06:10<Woet>but I don't work for Linode
06:11<LouWestin>On a scale of 1-10 for snarky-ness Woet gets an 11. ;-)
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10:51<trelane>!metar ktyq
10:51<linbot>trelane: [metar] OBS at KTYQ: 30.2F/-01C, visibility 7 miles, wind 5.75 mph, chill 24.29F (altimeter: 30.21) [KTYQ 041535Z AUTO 31005KT 7SM SCT010 OVC031 M01/M02 A3021 RMK AO2 T10131021]
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11:25<tafa2>so I'm dabling with IPv6
11:25<tafa2>how on earth do you read the address?
11:25<tafa2>2a01:7e00::xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx /64 <---- is that the address
11:26<tafa2>or a range?
11:30<hawk>tafa2: Yes.
11:30<tafa2>yes... range or address? :)
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11:31<hawk>tafa2: The /64 specifies the length of the prefix. The address data that you obfuscated may very well be an address, that depends more on where you got it from
11:31<tafa2>from my linode's networking tab
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11:32<hawk>In the Linode manager? I don't have it open, but I would think address, but what does the label say?
11:34<hawk>This particular aspect is not fundamentally different between ipv4 and ipv6. In both cases you want to convey both the address and the prefix length/netmask. Or if you want to specify the range probably just the prefix and prefix length (/ netmask)
11:36<dwfreed>that one would be a single address
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11:41<hawk>If it does not end in all zeros (at least from where the prefix ends), that would indicate that it's an address. But the example is obfuscated, so I'm not going so far as to guess what the actual value was. (And don't have the Linode manager easily available for reference regarding which things are displayed there)
11:44<dwfreed>I can tell by the way he obfuscated it that it's the main IPv6 address
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13:21<hello>hi everyone ??
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13:22<Guest4651>can you please tell me if linode charge for windows (OS) explicitly other than the VPS monthly cost ?
13:22<dwfreed>Linode does not sell Windows licenses
13:22<millisa>though some enterprising folks have gotten their own windows licenses to run on linode, linode itself doesn't offer it
13:23<LouWestin>You have to install windows yourself and what he said.
13:23<dwfreed>if you want to run Windows, you have to obtain a license from elsewhere
13:23<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
13:23<Guest4651>alright so we can upload the windows ISO and install it by our self on the VPS ?
13:23<dwfreed>see in particular
13:38<Woet>but why would you want to?
13:39<millisa>to run windows hyperv?
13:51<LouWestin>Some people enjoy punishment
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14:11<Kurt__>Just move our linux server to linode, it works awesome, so far so good, should have done this before.
14:12<LouWestin>Good to hear. Did you add on the backup option too?
14:17<millisa>centos 7.6 is out in the wild
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14:18<Kurt__>hi LouWestin, by the way you were right yesterday, it was a 7 day money back ... not a free trial
14:18<Kurt__>I will purchase the backup fo 2 usd monthly
14:18<LouWestin>Ok. Yeah that 2 a month has saved my ass a few times.
14:21<Kurt__>LouWestin, and for ssl certs , what do you know
14:22<LouWestin>You’ll want to check a few times a week to make sure the daily backs aren’t failing. Usually it works fine. Sometimes you’ll have an issue.
14:22<Kurt__>do you have any tips
14:22<LouWestin>We use let’s encrypt
14:22<LouWestin>I followed certbots guide instead of Linode’s guide.
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15:09<frailtyy>Certbot is a true friend.
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17:01<linbot>New news from community: How can I fix certbot? (plugin errors) <>
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17:18*gparent asks RSA_Security for an auth token
17:18<gparent>come back
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17:26<Peng>Neat, Linode peers with Florida's research/edu network
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17:37<Abi12>How do you convince company management to stop paying for SSL certs? :p
17:38<dwfreed>tell them they can get them for free
17:38<Abi12>I've pretty much outlined everything.
17:38<Abi12>They just say 'it feels safer to buy it from godaddy'
17:38<relidy>I fought that fight previously. They were convinced commercial certs were "better"
17:38<Unit193>...Godaddy? Ugh.
17:39<dwfreed>Abi12: how much are they spending on certs?
17:39<Abi12>100.00/year per site.
17:39<dwfreed>I was looking for a total
17:39<dwfreed>but still, $100 is a lot
17:40<Peng>Abi12: Why does it Feel Safer?
17:40<LouWestin>The price has gone up
17:41<Unit193>I guess, 3 month vs 1 year, or if you want to go with EV but I'd presume that's not the case.
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17:43<Abi12>Hmm it's not that much. 700-800 per year, but that cost is deferred our the clients. We only host public web services which we've developed ourselves so it's not to many.
17:43<Abi12>Peng: I ask myself that all the time :P
17:43<Abi12>I'm not in a management position though so \o/ I guess my arguments/opinions don't mean much.
17:44<dwfreed>relidy: honestly LE should sue those companies for defamation
17:44<dwfreed>the ones listed in the "Who says free certificates are bad anyway?" section, I mean
17:45<Peng>dwfreed: Don't worry, this industry is only literally about trust, it's fine when it's run by unscrupulous people.
17:45<Peng>TBH, I think it's prudent to have relationships with multiple CAs, in case something terrible happens.
17:45<Peng>And it's useful to have a paid support contract, but I bet Let's Encrypt offers better support than 90% of expensive paid CAs.
17:45<Abi12>Well people equate secure services to $$$ if they don't know any better.
17:45<Abi12>How is it secure if it's free for everyone?!
17:46<Peng>Have these people ever used a computer?
17:46<Abi12>Sure. If you mean using a windows server UI.
17:47<Abi12>That's what qualifies as being an I.T professional these days.
17:49<Peng>Do they have any licenses that can be revoked?
17:49<Abi12>I have no clue.
17:50<Abi12>I'm talking about the I.T side of the company I work at.. but I'm more on the development side.
17:50<Abi12>I just offered some input on using LE and was rejected.
17:51<Abi12>It's not a big company so sometimes the development team do things on the server management side too when things get busy.
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17:54<LouWestin>I generally give people about two or three options since sometimes they don’t listen to my best suggestion.
17:55<Abi12>well even in 2018 clients don't know what's best... so if you tell them buy a 5000.00 server with a 800.00 windows license they'd do it.
17:55<Abi12>errr for example purchasing VPN appliance for 1000 USD.. even though you could setup the same thing on linux for cheaper.
17:56<Peng> ;)
17:59<Abi12>Can't deny they are pretty ;;)
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18:24<tafa2>would anyone know of an alternative much simpler version of freenas that can run on ubuntu with a gui to configure SFTP accounts quickly?
18:30<dwfreed>freenas is pretty simple
18:34<frailtyy>doesnt get much easier tbh
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18:44<tafa2>I'll check it out thanks
18:44<tafa2>anyone know how I can add tags to linodes that have already been created in the new dashboard?
18:44<tafa2>scratch that I found it
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19:58<potentialcustom>Hi there guys! I have pre-sales concerns regarding the Management option offered at $100 Anyone here can share their experiences?
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20:17<Woet>Peng: that keyboard though
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22:53<linbot>New news from community: I am unable to find my temporary MySQL password <>
22:58<Woet>why create a question instead of just improving the documentation
22:58<Woet>guess thats not enough SEO
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23:31<LouWestin>If my memory serves me correctly, he hasn’t created a password yet.
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