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00:16<trelane>what's the name of the setting for creating an internal network between linodes?
00:18<Woet>trelane: private network?
00:18<Woet>not really private though, its shared among everyone in the same DC.
00:19<trelane>found it, add a private IP
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01:09<RSA>Hello. Any tech support here?
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01:09<millisa>There are folks about
01:09<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:10<RSA>Well it is not something to solve but simple mortals :) "Phishing attack on one of the Ips that belong to them"
01:10<RSA>Any one wanna help :) XD
01:11<Woet>RSA: what do you need help with?
01:11<millisa>I didn't quite follow that - but if you are wanting to report abuse originating from a Linode IP, use the address
01:11<Woet>im sure they're the abuser
01:12<RSA>Well thx for the advice. Trust me, we done that . Small debrief, I am from RSA Security, . We already sent emails in this regard. Look for new and faster way to take care of that issue. ANy way . Seems no one from tech support here. So i will be trying to call again.
01:12<RSA>Have a nice day guys!
01:12<millisa>sure you are
01:13<RSA>Stay safe from phishing and malware
01:13<LouWestin>Nice try
01:13<RSA>LOL what!
01:13<Woet>you're either a terrible troll or a terrible employee
01:13<Woet>not sure which is worse
01:13<RSA>nice try what?! For you to google rsa security
01:13<LouWestin>Phishing scammer talking about phishing
01:14<RSA>AHAHAH this is a new!
01:14<LouWestin>I know what RSA is
01:14<RSA>Guess i can stay a little longer.
01:14<RSA>Ok, if you know what RSA is. tell me please
01:14<RSA>And what make you say that i am a terrible employee?
01:14<millisa>Just a minute, let me get my credit card number to give you first.
01:15<RSA>LOLOLOLOL Milisa please dont make me laugh
01:15<RSA>I dont remmber asking you to enter any website
01:15<RSA>to say that !
01:15<millisa>I just want to save some steps
01:15<millisa>I like efficiency
01:16<LouWestin>His IP address is from Israel.
01:16<RSA>Want the adress as well?!
01:16<RSA>wait a sec
01:16<millisa>Would you prefer a money order?
01:16<RSA>EMC Israel Center of Excellence Address: HaMada St 7, Hertsliya
01:17<RSA>feel free to google it,. see some photos
01:17<RSA>It is funny that people actully think right away that it is a scam.
01:17<RSA>Not that i am not use to it.
01:17<RSA>But i must say , THIS ONE would be the worst case ever
01:18<millisa>Well, the address would enjoy reading it.
01:18<RSA>Sure they are .
01:18<millisa>I am sure.
01:19<RSA>ok ok .. what could i do to prove that i am from legit security company?!
01:19<RSA>i would liek to know
01:19<LouWestin>You work for DELL?
01:19<RSA>to act that way in the future. Unless there is a way. It seems that a law inforsmant office email does not help
01:19<millisa>Send mail from your address to with your report? It is a pretty standard way of handling this sort of thing.
01:19<millisa>It's how RSA handles it even...
01:19<RSA>Dell EMC. RSA Security
01:19<Woet>RSA: basic grasp of English would be a good start
01:19<Woet>RSA: lack of "AHAHAH" and "LOLOLOLOL" would also help
01:20<RSA>I am trying to be friendly instead of been a robot!
01:20<millisa>Most robots mail the abuse address.
01:20<millisa>Non-robots too
01:20<RSA> i used this chat room, cause I was sure, there are single rooms, like in TS
01:21<RSA>O Gosh . What i got my self into
01:21<millisa>I don't know, what?
01:21<RSA>Team speak
01:21<RSA>you know. CS -go
01:21<RSA>COD5 , 4
01:21<millisa>CS -go ?
01:21<RSA>counter strike ? !
01:22<RSA>Forget it. Jesus.
01:22<LouWestin>I’d think if he or she was really working for RSA they’d have a registered nick.
01:22<millisa>We will never forget.
01:22<RSA>What for?! i mean register a nick?
01:22<LouWestin>If you were official that is.
01:23<RSA>ok ok .. I know. who wanna send email to /
01:23<millisa>ooh. oooh. oooh. me me me.
01:24<RSA>OK. it was fun. I learn my lesson. People are the worst . It is better to have a chat with robot.
01:24<millisa>Should I address it to Mike?
01:24<RSA>Who ever you want.
01:24<millisa>not Mike?
01:24<LouWestin>Don’t do it! He’s trying to phish your personal info
01:24<RSA>Pretty sure , no one even bothered to check the rsa website
01:25<RSA>or google it.
01:25<millisa>I even still have one of my tokens around here somewhere.
01:25<millisa>the LCD barely works
01:25<RSA>wait, why do you even all sit in this chat room?
01:25<millisa>Mostly we talk about Linodes.
01:26<LouWestin>And other odd topics sometimes
01:26<millisa>another spacex launch is coming up in a few hours, isnt it?
01:28<RSA>Well, must say i have nothing to say . I was sure it was sort of a quick comunity help service chat rooms.
01:28<millisa>That's generally the idea
01:29<LouWestin>In all seriousness the abuse email would be the way to handle the Bad IP address issue
01:30<RSA>LouWestin -you will be suprised. Godaddy take more then 7 days to reply to email. And 12 say to take care of the issue.
01:30<RSA>Hostinger! THEY ARE THE BEST less then 1 hour
01:31<RSA>namecheap, they have bad policy about brand abuse cases
01:32<millisa>So have you not mailed then?
01:32<RSA>As i though in the past , the security companies have sort of an open chanel with companies, so that the hacked acounts would be taken care of in instants. But after starting working here, i learned it was not like that
01:32<RSA>We did.
01:32<millisa>and what did they say?
01:32<RSA>Wanna see the content?
01:32<millisa>sure, why not
01:32<RSA>Tehydid not replied yet
01:33<RSA>Only confirmation that the email was semt
01:34<RSA>"Thank you for bringing this to our attention , We've opened a ticket with our costumer at this IP adress and are taking the steps to resolve the issue"
01:35<millisa>There are quite a few typos in that for a linode response
01:35<RSA>I mean, come one, i do the simple job by going to sentral ops, check the domain, see it was created 2 days ago, so i guess it is a phishng attack . So why cant they do that, or open the page, and see that there is a fake bank page?
01:35<RSA>Oh stop been so mean. I did not copy it as it is. And my English is not perfect, as it is not my mother lenguage
01:36<millisa>Ah, then you wouldn't want to use quotes.
01:36<millisa>What's the site?
01:36<RSA>you want to the full link?
01:36<RSA>or the domain ?
01:36<millisa>Why not both?
01:38<millisa>Looks like a compromised wordpress site. I'm sure the linode folks contacted the owner then if you did send an abuse mail
01:38<RSA>Yeah, but when? It is online for 39 hours already
01:38<millisa>If they said they contacted them, they did
01:39<LouWestin>Now that’s an epic WP hack.
01:39<BDIkaros>Firefox stopped me in my tracks from visiting.
01:39<RSA>Yeah but, they can do it faster. I mean i really don't wanna get all into it, but i am sure, they can block the site, untill it will be fixed by owener
01:39<RSA>it is much faster
01:40<LouWestin>The main url even redirects back to the bad link
01:40<BDIkaros>"Deceptive site ahead"
01:40<millisa>Hang on, does someone have my discover account handy, I need to login here.
01:40<RSA>yes, cause goole block it, we have direct comunicstion with the, The moment we register it in our system, it send block notification to google
01:41<RSA>Jesus sorry for all those mistakes XD
01:41<BDIkaros>Well that IS clever.
01:41<RSA>what is ?
01:42<BDIkaros>Looks like a pretty decent attempt to harvest Discover account information, lol
01:42<BDIkaros>I should put "fuckyou" as the username and "youhavefailedyouloser" as the password >.>
01:43<RSA>Are you still thinking that i am the scammer ?!
01:43<millisa>I don't think you are making up a report for a compromised wordpress site. I doubt you are from RSA
01:44<millisa>I like the name of the form action 'lolo'
01:44<LouWestin>Well You could be trying to see what we all think of your work?
01:45<RSA>give me an email that you dont use, or something. I will sent you the copy of the email. (and i dont relly care, but do prefer that people belive me. I would liek to prove it , that is all. )
01:45<BDIkaros>I don't think I ever accused anyone of anything...
01:45<BDIkaros>I just commented on how clever that was, whoever did it
01:45<BDIkaros>Also reminded me of a Wordpress compromise I once had to deal with waaaaay back when.
01:46<RSA>Well, i kinda feel that people here still dont trust me. And teh trust is important for me.
01:46<RSA>That is why i am wasting all this time.
01:46<RSA>Just to proive, and have a good feeling . That is all.
01:46<RSA>if you not interested it is fine, btu i kinda take it personal, that is all
01:46<LouWestin>This is public chat where we really can’t know who anyone is for sure.
01:47<RSA>well, if you would get email from email that goes
01:47<RSA>wouldnt you belive?!
01:47<RSA>But unless, it would be a spuffing case, when you can convert any email domain, to legit one. But this one is very rare
01:48<LouWestin>It’s entirely possible that you’re using a VPN to hide your address or even tor
01:48<RSA>So there is no way for me to prove it, right ?
01:49<LouWestin>It’s a good hack though and I’m going to screenshot it for warning others to check the url
01:49<RSA>wanna see some more? XD
01:49<BDIkaros>The experience I had with a compromised Wordpress site, wasn't my site (belonged to a client on a box me and a few friends were operating)...but it forced us to null route the IP and work via the internal interface to diagnose and correct the problem. Turned out that in our case the client's site had been backdoored through it and it appeared that a rootkit had been installed as well, we assumed
01:49<BDIkaros>through a 0-day. You can imagine what the restoration process was for us.
01:50<RSA>Not really, i am not sure how it all works. I am just a student, with regular salary, doing this kinda stuff
01:50<RSA>as contacting people by email, chats, phone
01:52<RSA>Oh oh... you know James Veitch on youtube. love this guy. Check his video,
01:52<RSA>He got scumm email, and decided to reply back XD
01:52<millisa>Veitch is amusing
01:53<millisa>my favorite is the ducks.
01:53<RSA>I wonder if all he showed , was real
01:53<RSA>I mean, in this case i really have doubts .
01:53<RSA>It is not hard to fake. What he did . Just for the amusement.
01:55<RSA>Any way guys, it was fun guys. Shame i couldnt convince you. Be safe. And have a good one!
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01:57<LouWestin>He was an inspiration
01:58<BDIkaros>Pretty much in our case we had to wipe the entire server clean, deep clean at that, then reinstall the OS from scratch, reinstall/recompile everything, etc. We also isolated all clients completely from eachother in terms of filesystem, and enforced a stricter policy regarding updates.
01:58<BDIkaros>e.g keep yer Wordpress shit up to date or you're given the boot
01:58<BDIkaros>No exceptions.
01:58<millisa>going to submit an abuse@ mail just in case it was taken as seriously as I took him/her
01:58<LouWestin>Yeah you wonder...
01:59<LouWestin>BDIkaros: I also setup a password restriction on the WP-Admin page for my sites
02:00<LouWestin>But yeah some people don’t even do security updates.
02:02<BDIkaros>The client we booted off was like "WTF why?!!!"
02:02<BDIkaros>They didn't think it was fair to be given the boot because they literally felt it wasn't their fault.
02:02<LouWestin>Of course
02:02<BDIkaros>But I had news for them - it IS your fault because it was through YOUR Wordpress site that this occurred.
02:03<BDIkaros>Yes, we had issues on our end and in a way that compromise highlighted a few of the flaws we had to deal with, and we dealt with them. But that doesn't change the fact that, that would likely not have happened had you kept your Wordpress site up-to-date.
02:05<BDIkaros>It just irks me when people shrug off updating things as a hassle or some other lame excuse.
02:05<LouWestin>Unless I’m in charge, I assume that clients will never bother with updating.
02:06<LouWestin>Even Linode customers come here and have 90 plus security updates available
02:06<LouWestin>I saw it once through a screenshot
02:06<BDIkaros>If my OS has updates available, I'll apply them.
02:06<BDIkaros>Plain and simple
02:06<LouWestin>I’m on the Debian security email list
02:07<millisa>looks like someone official was watching the channel.
02:07<BDIkaros>If it involves the kernel, then a reboot is scheduled.
02:07<BDIkaros>Heh, it's a gone :D
02:07<millisa>Hm. either that or the cpanel box blocked me
02:08<LouWestin>If it blocked you, it blocked me too
02:08<millisa>(there were a few other sites on the same IP that didn't appear to be hosed)
02:09<LouWestin>Well that’s resolved now
02:09<BDIkaros>That or it broke.
02:09<millisa>it was listening on lots of ports (ftp, mail, all the joyful cpanelly ports)
02:09<millisa>nothing now
02:10<BDIkaros>No ping response either.
02:10<millisa>pings from my dfw node
02:11<BDIkaros>Not from mine though.
02:11<BDIkaros>So perhaps a good sign then.
02:12<BDIkaros>Whatever, really. The fact is it's likely down for all.
02:12<millisa>i couldn't log into my discover account anyways
02:12<BDIkaros>I was serious about inserting that "fuckyou" and "youloser" as username/password
02:20<LouWestin>I still question if that guy was from RSA. I have doubts
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02:22<LouWestin>I’d think Linode would’ve yanked it sooner if he had emailed them that.
02:29<super>i have question about linode vps service
02:29<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:29<super>i can buy vps + multi ip's?
02:29<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
02:30<Woet>super: why do you need more than one IPv4 address?
02:30<super>i have more one domain
02:30<millisa>You can have multiple domains on the same IP
02:31<Woet>super: yea, and we've had vhosts for about 30 years.
02:33<super>i can buy servers for week to test?
02:33<Cromulent>you pay by the hour so yes
02:34<BDIkaros>And just as I was speaking, my primary router here at home has 437 updates.
02:34<millisa>There is a trial period mentioned down at the bottom of the pricing page -
02:34<super>Cromulent i see in Preload your Account 5$ mini
02:34<millisa>Sounds right
02:34<Woet>super: what is your question?
02:37<super>it is okey now, thank you Woet, Cromulent, and all friends
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04:57<Tharuka>anyone here?
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04:59<Cromulent>oops caps
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07:13<tafa2>cPanel kernel care keeps sending me e-mails about an unknown kernel
07:13<tafa2>now I know in the Linode docs it says to not use a Linode kernel and I checked that I wasn't
07:13<tafa2>Unknown Kernel (CentOS Linux 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64) <--- this is the output I'm getting though, is that Linode kernel version?
07:16<LouWestin>You can run a command to see what kernel you’re running
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07:21<tafa2>LouWestin that's exactly what I pasted above - I'm just seeking confirmation on whether it is or isn't a Linode kernel
07:27<LouWestin>The uname command plus quick research would answer that
07:29<LouWestin>Also linode manager will tell you too
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09:24<manish_>resize disk stuck?
09:29<@mcintosh>you'll need to open a ticket if you think your disk resize is stuck
09:29<@mcintosh>that doesn't usually happen, though
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11:09<Oscar>Anybody knows if CPUs used by Linode are Intel Skylake?
11:13<Oscar>Useless, Bye!
11:13<hawk>Oscar: The particular host I looked at is E5-2680 v3, which I think would be Haswell?
11:14<Oscar>Thans @hawk
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11:15<Peng>People have seen some Skylake 6148s
11:15<Peng>Not me, I'm on older CPUs. But... people.
11:20<Abi12>I think someone posted they were running on a Xeon Gold.
11:22<Peng>Honestly, though, I don't even want newer Intel CPUs anymore. All it means is more Spectre vulnerabilities
11:31-!-telega [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
11:31-!-fergtm [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:45-!-stephenplatz [~steve@] has joined #linode
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11:49<stephenplatz>Hi folks, I have a beginner admin question: when tailing my auth.log, is it normal to have a constant stream of invalid user entries? I don't want to overreact if this is just a fact of life.
11:49<LouWestin>Failed root logins?
11:50<stephenplatz>I'm not seeing those, but a lot of POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT warnings as well
11:51<LouWestin>Any specific user names that could be yours?
11:52<stephenplatz>the user names are all over the map
11:52-!-fergtm [] has joined #linode
11:52-!-fergtm is "Fernando" on #linode
11:53<Peng>stephenplatz: It's a fact of life, yes. Bots try to hack SSH on every IPv4 address.
11:53<relidy>SNAFU (in regards to SSH logins)
11:53<Peng>stephenplatz: If you disable password auth, or use good passwords, you'll be fine.
11:53<stephenplatz>I disabled password auth long ago
11:54<stephenplatz>I kind of figured as much, thanks for your reassurance
12:04<warewolf>seriously, any service exposed to the public internet will be attacked brute force w/ potential usernames and passwords.
12:05<warewolf>I've had to put 2FA on services I can, and rate limit login attempts (and then fail2ban CIDR netblocks for an hour)
12:05<Abi12>stephenplatz: If you only access the server from certain locations. I also add firewall rules to only allow access from those ips to ssh_port-whatever.
12:06<Abi12>warewolf: 2FA is so annoying :(
12:06<Abi12>Especially when it has those codes which refresh every 1 minute.
12:06<warewolf>it's becoming a requirement
12:10<Abi12>Security is like an arms race :(
12:17<warewolf>and that's why I fight the good fight.
12:22-!-CodeMouse92 [] has joined #linode
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12:33-!-ntox [~textual@] has joined #linode
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12:37<dwfreed>stephenplatz: the "POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT" is a relic from when host-based authentication for ssh was common; they recently removed that check entirely
12:39<dwfreed>stephenplatz: it's caused by the reverse DNS of the connecting IP address not being properly forward-confirmed (IP's PTR record points to a name whose A or AAAA record doesn't point back at the IP)
12:39<stephenplatz>yes, that was the rest of the log entries
12:41-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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13:00<grawity>not just any kind of host-based, but rsh/rlogin style rdns-based
13:00<grawity>(there's another kind of "hostbased authentication" in sshd, which uses host pubkeys instead)
13:03<millisa>13 mins till liftoff -
13:06-!-Ikaros [] has joined #linode
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13:13-!-descender [~heh@] has joined #linode
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13:13<nyancat>Can someone link me to status page
13:13<nyancat>My phone is spazzing and I can’t open chrome for whatever reason
13:14<LouWestin>Reboot the phone and try again
13:14<nyancat>Is it just ?
13:14<nyancat>.... yep
13:14<LouWestin>Just Incase that doesn’t work
13:15<nyancat>I own a domain that uses Linode dns but not in my account and I wanted to see if there was a problem with DNS since the record for irc.* seems to result in NXDOMAIN
13:30-!-descender [~heh@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:32<dwfreed>nyancat: what domain?
13:35-!-stephenplatz [~steve@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:38-!-descender [~heh@] has joined #linode
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13:46<Woet>who are you
13:47<@scrane>The question isn't who. It's when.
13:47<frailtyy>zwarte piet
13:47<Woet>thats racist
13:47<frailtyy>it is
13:47<LouWestin>Any update on Eugene?
13:47<frailtyy>but thats all you, baby.
13:47<Woet>no wonder you got so many HR complaints you ended up fired
13:47<Woet>LouWestin: he ceased Linodin'
13:48<Woet>fled to a 3rd world African nation together with bhanks and Zimsky
13:48<frailtyy>I worry that his cameras are still up and running and its just a bloodbath in there.
13:48<frailtyy>Zimsky RIP
13:48<dwfreed>he's alive, just not on IRC anymore
13:48<frailtyy>bhanks RIP
13:53-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:54-!-ntox [~textual@] has joined #linode
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14:12-!-Kurt__ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:12<Kurt__>Hi guys , any information regarding nodebalancer will be apriciated
14:13<smallclone>probably a good place to start
14:13<Kurt__>thank you smallclone
14:13-!-chan [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
14:13-!-chan is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
14:13<chan>does bigbluebutton work on linode servers
14:15<relidy>If it runs on Linux, it should run on a Linode.
14:15<millisa>looks like their doc at is written for 16.04
14:16<chan>yep! it runs on Ubuntu 16.04
14:17<grawity>if it runs on Ubuntu 16.04 elsewhere, it'll run on Ubuntu 16.04 on Linode
14:17<chan>lol, they recommend it to install it on Dedicated (bare metal) hardware
14:18-!-Bullit_ [] has joined #linode
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14:18<frailtyy>What kind of requirements are they looking for?
14:18<frailtyy>Sounds like they're running a powerhouse app
14:18<millisa> that person appears to have done their setup at linode
14:18<chan>does it affect any performance since they use FreeSWITCH which works best in a non-virtualized environment
14:19<smallclone>people run freeswitch on Linode, but yeah it's recommended that you use dedicated hardware
14:22-!-thiras [~thiras@] has joined #linode
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14:47-!-Emilian [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:50<smallclone>hello, feel free to ask your question
14:53<Emilian>I want to use cloudways
14:53<Emilian>Can you help me if Linode is better?
14:53<Emilian>Options: Vultr, DigitalOcean or Linode
14:53<smallclone>cloudways is a managed hosting plan on top of common vps providers
14:53<Woet>Emilian: why don't you start by checking what cloudways sells?
14:54<smallclone>ok, if you are trying to determine if linode is preferable to the other options
14:54<Emilian>I use Wordpress with 300k visits*
14:55<Emilian>I use Cloudflare CDN (pro version)
14:55<smallclone>the cloudways linode plans are oddly more expensive than DO's
14:55<LouWestin>What is your reason for switching?
14:55<Woet>cloudways is so full of crap
14:56<linbot>New news from community: Server timing out after installing Certbot certificates <>
14:56<Woet>apparently "IaaS Providers" and "Other Hosting Providers" don't offer "24/7 Support On All Plans", only cloudways does
14:56<Woet>and "Multiple PHP Versions", "Multiple Databases", "Easy DNS Management"
14:58<Emilian>I want to use Cloudways because I don't have time to administrate my VPS.
14:58<Emilian>Now I have DO with nginx
14:59<LouWestin>Ok so you need managed?
15:00<LouWestin>Linode managed would run $100 plus the server cost a month.
15:01<smallclone>Linode managed is not comparable
15:01<Woet>LouWestin: they already mentioned they want to use cloudways.
15:06-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:47<nate>Curious, one of my linodes is throwing unresolvables for all of the linode nameservers
15:48<Woet>just like my relationship with frailtyy
15:48<nate>which in turn apparently caused linode to dump all my DNS records because the master hadn't connected to it in a while. Well that's a fantastically awful design lol
15:49<relidy>I really have to watch my window focus >.>
15:49<frailtyy>resolvable like my problems with my father
15:52<LouWestin>relidy: One does not Exit Vim.
15:53<nate>the fuck is my named trying to do
15:53<nate>network unreachable resolving './DNSKEY/IN': 2001:7fe::53#53
15:54<relidy>LouWestin: Managed to use a related joke in a recent interview. The ole "How do you exit vim?" "Restart the server"
15:55<nate>I hate how my like, 6 year old EoL fedora linode still churns along with no issues yet I can seemingly never get 'newer' ones to roll more than a year before they start having random issues :(
15:57<nate>named apparently cannot see the resolutions of linode nameservers
15:57<nate>but dig can
15:57<nate>Why can't this stuff get weird on days I have time to mess with it
16:02<LouWestin>nate: Murphy’s law
16:25-!-nuevu [~nuevu@] has joined #linode
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16:56<linbot>New news from community: Why did my bill go up? <>
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17:13<LouWestin>Oh dear... someone didn’t realize how much managed costed.
17:15<relidy>*cough* s/costed/costs/
17:18-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:22<LouWestin>I intentionally “ed” ;-)
17:22<LouWestin>I thought about ending it with s, but choose to break the rules. lol
17:23<LouWestin>Well someone’s Christmas money is getting a little digged into. ;-)
18:06<linbot>New news from community: How do I remove my IPv6 from my Linode? <>
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20:29<frailtyy>Eh, support will usually refund the difference
20:31-!-leslie [~leslie@] has joined #linode
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20:40<LouWestin>How is Linode’s managed vs... eh some other managed service?
20:53<LouWestin>Oh lord... I hope my neighbors don’t join a cult... i see a FB post about the twin towers and
20:54<LouWestin>One guy comments that he thinks they were storing gold and it was an experimental power plant...
21:17-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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21:33<trelane>LouWestin, there's always upsides if they join a cult. L Ron Hubbard might haunt you
21:34<trelane>on second thought that might not be an upside.
21:36-!-thiras [~thiras@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:06<rsdehart>you don't have to be in a cult to be batshit crazy
22:26-!-fstd [] has joined #linode
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22:31<LouWestin>lol Oh man...all true.
22:33-!-fstd_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:48<Woet>yea, just look at frailtyy
22:51<LouWestin>At least I know if I ever get invited to some event in a far off remote area called something like “new beginnings” and everyone is moving in... just politely pass up the offer.
22:56<LouWestin>We’ll welcome you in, but you’ll be dying to leave.
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23:58<trelane>hrm looks like the network autoconfigurator doesn't work with Centos 7 when adding an internal ip address
23:58*trelane has opened a ticket
23:58<trelane>that's what I need, a cult. It's a massive tax dodge
23:59<LouWestin>Just sign over your assets to the leader and he’ll take care of it. ;-)
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