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00:05<trelane>see it's a great gig if you're the leader
00:05<trelane>I'd have to run things, obviously
00:05<trelane>I wonder if there's an existing cult where the leader could be disposed of
00:06<LouWestin>Ah... no idea. The biggest cult I knew of was Jim Jones, but that ended in November of 78.
00:17<dwfreed>nate: the SOA record contains an EXPIRE field (second to last field) that controls how long slaves will continue to serve records when they cannot reach the master anymore (note that slaves query the master every REFRESH (second numeric field) seconds for SOA SERIAL changes; if that fails, they retry every RETRY (third numeric field) seconds)
00:18<dwfreed>nate: this means they (axfr1/2/3/4/ were unable to reach your master for an entire EXPIRE period
00:25<nate>dwfreed: Would be nice though if linode manager would give some sorta warning when an entire record set is about to be dropped to at least indicate there was an issue lol
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00:26<dwfreed>I'm not sure named exposes this information
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00:27<dwfreed>it might generate a log entry, but I don't know at what level, and I imagine the axfr servers have most logging turned off
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00:32<nate>dwfreed: The manager usually populates records for view though so I assumed there might have been some kind of interface going on where the manager might be able to check, or at least I think it does under a slave model also... I'll have to double check.
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04:22<annonymous>General question, can I pay with crypto for the services?
04:23<annonymous>Thanks for the quick answer.
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04:47<rsdehart>!point Woet
04:47<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to woet. (27) (Biggest fan: woet, total: 18)
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07:07<bobo>Hi. I was considering buying a plan on linode, but it would be important for me to have the servers running in Italy. It is something that can be arranged?
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07:10<localhacker>hello friend1
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07:21<Woet>was that guy seriously asking if you could quickly arrange a new DC location for him?
07:22<localhacker>Woet: hi friend! can you see my message?
07:22<localhacker>Woet: lol
07:22<localhacker>Woet: But I can see
07:23<localhacker>Woet: Don't mind I am first time IRC user So..
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07:26<localhacker>is anyone here to reply?
07:27<localhacker>Actually, I just read Linode thread on "how to use irssi client"
07:27<localhacker>So I was just testing
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07:41<linbot>New news from community: Home Network <>
07:46<dwfreed>nate: the manager (and the database behind it) is the source of truth for master zones; it has no knowledge of records that exist in slave zones
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10:42<linbot>New news from community: Data Center Network Technician <>
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12:21<LouWestin>Eh, ok...
12:30<FluffyFoxeh>after a number of paragraphs extolling the glory of the Data Center Network Technician, they finish with "The main attention for the technicians is for installation/de-installation of network cabling throughout the data center and similar IT hardware."
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13:39<frailtyy>hey linode, first time long time, can you put a datacenter in mordor for me??
13:41<@mcintosh>Mordor DC Coming Soon(tm)
13:47<avelardi>iirc peering agreements require blood sacrifice there prob best to avoid
13:51<Peng>Yeah but whose blood? If it's just a Data Center Network Technician or three...
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15:29<csnxs>can you put a datacentre in my cupboard, thanks
15:32<csnxs>the ones in the kitchen are especially cold so you might be interested in those ones more
15:33<csnxs>i even have a spare intel i5 and amd athlon if you need hardware :D
15:36<gparent>I have a few old pentiums if you want to add an oven
15:42<csnxs>wonder if my dad still has his old athlon 64
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15:43<linbot>New news from community: Best Lightweight Distro <>
15:43<csnxs>that he used for like 12 years before upgrading to ryzen 5
15:46<CamiloAC>Hello, could someone help me to know information about virtual machine service on this platform?
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15:46<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:46<LouWestin>CamiloAC: look at
15:49<CamiloAC>I'm from Colombia, I need to know how I can get information about the virtual machine service. I have been trying by email but I haven't gotten answer.
15:50<millisa>What do you want to know?
15:51<relidy>The machine uprising has started:
15:52<millisa>Maybe it was just defending itself. We don't know what those amazon folks were doing to that poor machine
15:53<LouWestin>It’s good that I didn’t apply for any amazon jobs
15:53<gparent>must've been a pretty big explosion if they were sent flying off to 5 different hospitals
15:54<relidy>They're just lightweights.
15:54<LouWestin>24 critically injured... eesh
15:54<relidy>Only 1 critical
15:55<LouWestin>Oh read wrong
15:55<relidy>But 24 did go to the hospital. Another 30 treated on site.
15:55<gparent>No bear casualties.
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16:00<LouWestin>Although I do work at a hospital so lots of things happen there.
16:21<csnxs>remember to check your certificates people - if you let them expire, that's how you break mobile data for over 25 million people in the uk :D
16:21<nate>... wut
16:21<nate>critical condition from bear spray...?
16:22<nate>even pepper spray shouldn't put you into "critical condition"
16:23<Peng>Exploded in their face? Fell?
16:24<LouWestin>Speaking of expiring certs, I have to look at why my LE cert hasn't automatically renewed for my one site. One did, one didn't
16:25<dwfreed>gparent: typically when there's a large group of people that need to be hospitalized, they're split among area hospitals to avoid burdening one hospital with all of them
16:27<LouWestin>This is strange, my LE cert expires on Jan 5, but even doing a renew, it says it's not due for renewal yet.
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16:29<dwfreed>LouWestin: don't forget the time of the renew
16:29<Peng>The default is to renew when it's less than 30 days.
16:30<LouWestin>Jan 5, 2019 is the expiration date
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16:30<dwfreed>what is the expiration *time*
16:30<dwfreed>if it's after 21:30 UTC, it's not less than 30 days yet
16:31<csnxs>heh, one of my LE certs expires on christmas day
16:31<LouWestin>Said it's valid to Jan 5 3:58pm
16:31<Peng>Hm, one of mine *renews* Christmas day
16:32<LouWestin>i checked the servers date just to rule that out
16:33<LouWestin>The other site (different server) already auto renewed and that was a day ahead
16:34<dwfreed>openssl x509 -checkend 2592000 -noout -in cert.pem
16:34<Peng>Omg, that's amazing
16:34<Peng>Why does openssl even support that?
16:34<Peng>!point dwfreed
16:34<linbot>Peng: Point given to dwfreed. (67) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 16)
16:35<dwfreed>to be fair, I just pulled that from dehydrated
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16:36<LouWestin>that's what it outputs
16:36<dwfreed>I mean, you have to give it the path to the cert file
16:36<dwfreed>I figured you were smart enough to figure that part out
16:36<abi>'IRCCloud snippets require JavaScript to be displayed.' y u do dis LouWestin
16:36<LouWestin>I've been under the weather lately so the force is not with me
16:36-!-abi is now known as Abi12
16:37<Peng>The force of JavaScript is not with Abi12
16:41<LouWestin>dwfreed: Ok, I get certificate will not expire
16:41<dwfreed>so it won't expire in 30 days then
16:41<dwfreed>2592000 is 30 days in seconds
16:41<dwfreed>which is the unit the checkend parameter is expecting
16:42<LouWestin>but that doesn't make sense to me if it's expiring on the 5th.
16:43<linbot>New news from community: Can I upload/import a DNS zone file? <>
16:43<LouWestin>that one should have already renewed and then the other one today (which it did)
16:45<dwfreed>LouWestin: what time is it right now where you are?
16:46<LouWestin>3:45 pm CST
16:46<LouWestin>server time is Dec 6 21:46 UTC
16:46<dwfreed>so you can renew it in 13 minutes
16:46<dwfreed>because that 3:58pm you gave is in your local timezone, i'm sure
16:46*LouWestin Facepalms himself
16:47<dwfreed>LouWestin: if you use 2592780 for -checkend, what does it say?
16:47<dwfreed>(that's 30 days and 13 minutes)
16:47<LouWestin>Gotta run out now. I'll be in about 30 minutes
16:48<LouWestin>and ill let you know
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16:52<LinodeUser>Hi, I would like the know the maximum simultaneous connections available for a load balancer.
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16:53<dwfreed>the NodeBalancer supports 10,000 concurrent connections
16:53<millisa>it's there at the bottom of
16:54<@scrane>10,000 simultaneous connections is the limit for a NodeBalancer.
16:55<millisa>other good info on them at
16:55<LinodeUser>Thank you! I was under the impression they were 20,000 concurrent connections the last time I checked, but can't find where I read that.
16:55<frailtyy>It's always been 10k but bless your heart.
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16:59<Abi12>Anyone doing aoc 2018?
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17:13<LouWestin>dwfreed: Ok, I figured since you said you could renew in 13 minutes I'd just cut to the chase and run the renew command. You were 110% right.
17:14<LouWestin>no offense taken on the dis. It was well deserved. LOL
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17:23<linbot>New news from community: Setup webmail on a Linode? <>
18:09<LouWestin>This is interesting, M$ is cutting out the edge browser and switching to Chromium
18:10<Abi12>That's weird.
18:10<Abi12>I use chromium because it's open source, but it's kinda annoying that I'm hitting like 10 google servers everytime I open the dam thing.
18:10<Abi12>I heard firefox is pretty legit.
18:11<LouWestin>I generally use Firefox
18:11<Abi12>They're building it 'on top' :p.
18:11<relidy>Official announcement:
18:11<Abi12>So that means `let's steal the hard work, and make some massive display changes.. and release it'
18:11<Abi12>Is there version of it going to be open source?
18:12<Abi12>ahh seems like it: 'we intend to become a significant contributor to the Chromium project'
18:13<Abi12>Microsoft is looking towards the future huh.
18:13<Abi12>Will windows 13 be FOSS?
18:14<LouWestin>Microsoft did buy out Github right?
18:14<LouWestin>they also bought Minecraft, but that hasn't changed too much on the Java game.
18:16<Abi12>lol the day the github thing was announced gitlab was overloaded with transfers.
18:18<LouWestin>I have a few minor config and HTML stuff on Github, personally I tried Gitlab, but didn't really care for it at the time. But I'm not a developer.
18:19<trelane>if Google allows forking or modification of Chromium they will just end up with another Android
18:19<trelane>utterly useless.
18:20<Abi12>I might get hate for this.. but I'm a fan of SVN...
18:21<Abi12>I remember someone in here saying google makes nothing off of android.
18:22<LouWestin>I don't know if they sell off the code to the phone companies? I mean it's open sourced, but I'm slightly ignorant on how that works.
18:26<@mcintosh>> google makes nothing off of android.
18:26<@mcintosh>we can say with certainty that isn't true
18:26<@mcintosh>you can "make something off X" without direct sales of X
18:27<LouWestin>I'd think they make money off of data collection
18:31<dzho>how do business models work
18:31<dzho>you can't explain that
18:31<frailtyy>I think it involvees corrupting children and teaching them about the devil but that's a bit beyond me.
18:32<dzho>I heard the Russians are setting up a mission to confirm that Google makes money
18:32<frailtyy>I'd think how fuckin rich the head honchos are should be enough of a litmus test.
18:33<dzho>pay no attention to the oligarchs behind the curtain
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19:50<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
19:50<rsdehart>hi alice
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19:51<rsdehart>well ok then
19:52<LouWestin>Maybe she was looking for the singles channel?
19:53<rsdehart>#linode totally looks like the name of a singles channel
19:53<LouWestin>Or something lol
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22:13<Ayoub>is there any one of lionde agents ?
22:13<LouWestin>This is a community chat, but there’s OP’s that night answer
22:13<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
22:14<Ayoub>so no one can make my order process asap
22:14<Ayoub>i have a migrate to do
22:14<Ayoub>all what i have got
22:14<Ayoub>Thank you for completing your signup! Your account is currently being reviewed. You'll receive an email from us after your account has been reviewed, so hang tight!
22:14<rsdehart>>so hang tight!
22:15<rsdehart>how long ago was this?
22:15<Ayoub>and m in rush
22:15<Ayoub>i need to do my migrate
22:15<Ayoub>if it's gonna be more than half hour
22:15<Ayoub>i ll ask for refund
22:15<Ayoub>since they r telling that they v got instant activation after payment
22:15<rsdehart>where do they say that?
22:16<Ayoub>99.99 uptime and instant activation
22:16<Ayoub>ive saw it on forumtalk
22:16<rsdehart>someone from linode said that?
22:16<Ayoub>so it means that no one is gonna answer me tonight ?
22:16<Ayoub>it needs more time
22:16<Ayoub>right ?
22:16<LouWestin>They’ll email
22:16<rsdehart>did someone from linode say the thing about instant activation?
22:16<Ayoub>ive got 3 emails
22:16<rsdehart>ok then
22:16<Ayoub>but maybe the guy who posted in the forumtalk
22:17<rsdehart>why are you acting like you weren't given what you were promised?
22:17<Ayoub>is one of linode support
22:17<LouWestin>I don’t know
22:17<Ayoub>because i need to do my migrate
22:17<rsdehart>that's a bold assumption to make
22:17<Ayoub>im loosing customers
22:17<rsdehart>yeah, and they're reviewing your account
22:17<Ayoub>after being charged
22:17<rsdehart>linode doesn't promise unconditional instant activation
22:17<Ayoub>like m an isis ?
22:18<LouWestin>They have staff 24/7 so they’ll review your account.
22:18<rsdehart>at any rate, it's unfair to hold them accountable for some potentially random person's utterings on forumtalk
22:19<LouWestin>I have no idea either about the forum talk or who you spoke with.
22:19<Ayoub>now it's not about the forum talk
22:19<Ayoub>it's about lionde right now
22:19<Ayoub>ill wait what they r gonna do
22:19<Ayoub>cuz i have been charged and i'm not creating a bomb
22:19<Ayoub>it's just a vs
22:19<Ayoub>minimum req
22:19<rsdehart>they don't know you
22:20<Ayoub>cuz m new client
22:20<Ayoub>do i need to meet them irl ?
22:20<LouWestin>It’s for fraud protection
22:20<rsdehart>no, they just need to review your account
22:21<LouWestin>They’ll email you.
22:21<rsdehart>I wonder if there's any way transparency around this could be improved. This is probably the most common thing people come in about
22:21<rsdehart>Ayoub: it's not just you
22:21<rsdehart>I promise they're not picking on you
22:22<rsdehart> per this 10 year old blog post Linode used to have instant activation, some time greater than 10 years ago
22:22<LouWestin>It’s probably due to being in another country and having the potential for cc fraud protection
22:22<Ayoub>ok i see
22:22<Ayoub>i have created a ticket
22:22<Ayoub>ill give them 40min to answer
22:22<rsdehart>review for people in the US must just be really quick
22:23<Ayoub>otherwise ill call for refun
22:23<Ayoub>i'm not in us
22:23<rsdehart>I'm sure they'll be sad to lose your business
22:23<rsdehart>right, we know this
22:23<Ayoub>i didn't wanted to go digitalocean
22:23<Ayoub>cuz they r sucks
22:23<LouWestin>I had problems when I wanted VPS in Europe with my bank.
22:23<rsdehart>setting deadlines when they never said they'd have instant activation is unfair
22:24<LouWestin>My bank needed me to confirm payments first.
22:24<rsdehart>unless you mean simply for a response
22:24<rsdehart>unfortunately reviewing your account is going to take as long as it takes
22:24<Ayoub>dude i'm not making a startup over here
22:24<Ayoub>i got ddos in my old forum
22:24<Ayoub>and i'm owning an online mmorpg game
22:24<rsdehart>nobody said you were making a startup
22:25<Ayoub>and i need that vps only to make the forum hosted
22:25<Ayoub>over there
22:25<Ayoub>so bro if u lose ur forum just like that
22:25<Ayoub>u need to ut a backup instantly
22:25<rsdehart>they make sure everybody is who they say they are
22:25<Ayoub>they should call me
22:25<Ayoub>or make conversation video
22:25<Ayoub>if they wanted to
22:25<rsdehart>unfortunately for overseas customers it takes a little time
22:27<rsdehart>I hope they respond to you promptly
22:28<Ayoub>thanks for your help
22:28<LouWestin>It’s good service.
22:28<LouWestin>Been with them for a few years now.
22:29<Ayoub>they got a good reputation
22:29<Ayoub>thats why i choosed them
22:32<LouWestin>I recommend the backup service too.
22:33<Abi12>you should probably look into redundancy too.
22:34<LouWestin>They won’t protect with ddos either. You need another service.
22:34<Abi12>errr and if your old forum was ddosed.. why do you need to spin a backup? Won't the attacks just hit the new server?
22:35<Abi12>^^ LouWestin
22:36<Ayoub>i didn't change it cuz of the ddos
22:37<Ayoub>i changed it just because the provider compay is sucks
22:37<Ayoub>particular one
22:37<@mcintosh>> unfortunately for overseas customers it takes a little time
22:38<@mcintosh>to clarify, account review doesn't take longer for overseas customers in particular
22:38<@mcintosh>either your account is instantly activated, or manually reviewed which takes a varying (but typically measured in minutes as compared to hours) amount of time - simply being overseas doesn't trigger one or the other
22:38<LouWestin>Hey, There’s the king
22:40<Ayoub>i'm still waiting
22:44<rsdehart>mcintosh: I was going off of the fact that it seems that people who come in complaining of delays seem to always be overseas. Not that US customers never get reviewed :)
22:44<rsdehart>so I speculated that when US customers do get reviewed, perhaps the process is faster
22:45<rsdehart>but it was just that - speculation
22:45<LouWestin>I believe I was instantly activated.
22:45<@mcintosh>fair enough
22:45<rsdehart>I don't remember how it went for me, as it was over 8 years ago
22:46<@mcintosh>one reason might be that US customers are more inclined to call immediately if they get the "Your Account is Under Review" email
22:46<@mcintosh>I suspect customers overseas, esp. non-native english speakers are more comfortable in a chat setting
22:50-!-Ayoub [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
22:51<LouWestin>Well he’s gone
23:00-!-Cruiser is now known as Cruiser`
23:47-!-redentor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:53<trelane>what is linode cloud manager?
23:53<trelane>I DONT LIKE CHANGE!
23:54<@mcintosh>change is healthy
23:56<trelane>change is what ends up in the laundry because I forgot to check the pockets... again.
23:56<trelane>really it's just annoying and noisy.
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