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00:21<dwfreed>fwiw, there are still things you can't do in the cloud manager that you can do in the old manager
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00:28<Woet>a real man uses the API
00:32<LouWestin>They still are working on adding in those missing features right?
00:33<trelane>ugh. I really wish that linode would test longview, network configurator etc on new versions before dropping the image
00:34<trelane>especially main support stuff like Centos (Network autoconfigurator doesn't support internal IP's), Fedora (no longview build since FC22), Ubuntu 18.04 (network autoconfigurator again)
00:36<Woet>my non-existent linodes have no issues
00:40<trelane>see you need linodes, they're worth complaining about
00:40<trelane>once they work they're epic
00:40<LouWestin>My three Debian linodes are epic. No complaints
00:41<dwfreed>trelane: ubuntu 18.04 is the first version of ubuntu with their retarded netplan PoS
00:41<trelane>I just ripped out netplan
00:42<dwfreed>I wish Ubuntu would lay off the NIH syndrome
00:42<dwfreed>trelane: and network helper is probably expecting it to exist
00:42<trelane>ifupdown is still there
00:43<trelane>they're changing the userland massively and the documentation is absolutely awful
00:43<dwfreed>except the helper is designed to work with the templates Linode produces
00:43<trelane>if I wanted a non-documented userland with everything locked away in binary logs I'd have bought windows, at least I get support.
00:43<dwfreed>so when it seens Ubuntu 18.04, it writes the netplan config file
00:43<trelane>I'm using their templates
00:43<trelane>it really doesn't
00:43<trelane>it just uses dhcp
00:43<dwfreed>no it doesn't
00:44<dwfreed>the whole point of network helper is to *not* use dhcp
00:44<LouWestin>dwfreed is the Chuck Norris of this stuff. You can defeat him.
00:45<trelane>dwfreed, perhaps I'm stupid but this _REALLY_ looks like DHCP to me
00:45<trelane>LouWestin, my technique is superior. I control the copy, and the paste.
00:45<LouWestin>I've been here a really long time and listened to his talks
00:45<dwfreed>that was not written by network helper
00:45<trelane>ooh I know he knows what he's doing
00:45<trelane>dwfreed, then entwork helper is completely broken on 18.04
00:45<trelane>this is a brand new image
00:45<dwfreed>network helper puts in a comment telling you not to touch the files it writes
00:46<dwfreed>anyway, just install ifupdown2 (it's much nicer, really) and write your own /etc/network/interfaces
00:46<trelane>it's just a lot easier to automate these builds if this is provisioned properly.
00:47<grawity>huh, just how bad is netplan that you say ifupdown is much nicer
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00:47<dwfreed>grawity: ifupdown2
00:48<trelane>dwfreed, for what it's worth, I made shuttleworth look like a complete fool a few years ago at SCALE
00:48<grawity>oh, a separate project
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00:55<dwfreed>trelane: on 18.04, network helper writes a systemd-networkd file directly, and skips netplan entirely
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00:56<trelane>it seems to be missing the private ip then on eth0:0
00:57<dwfreed>it doesn't use aliased interfaces
00:57<dwfreed>because they aren't required
00:57<dwfreed>stop using ifconfig
00:57<dwfreed>'ip addr show'
00:58<trelane>I'm 37, I'll use ifconfig: -p
00:58<trelane>it was good enough for my dad in the 1980's
00:58<dwfreed>well then you're going to get incorrect information
00:58<dwfreed>because it's outdated and it makes terrible assumptions
00:58<dwfreed>(like one interface will only have one address)
01:00<Mazzzzy>Hello! Can anyone tell me if it's okay to use Linode for downloading data over torrent network? ISP blocks torrenting at my friend's place so I was wondering if I could provide them with a remote machine to download torrent data on and then fetch it over SCP
01:00<dwfreed>Mazzzzy: as long as you're only downloading things you have legal rights to download
01:00<LouWestin>if you're downloading illegal stuff then no
01:01<dwfreed>torrenting pirated content is not allowed, and you will get caught
01:02<Mazzzzy>Makes sense. So as long as he downloads things he's legit allowed to there will be no issues and my linode/account will not be banned?
01:02<millisa>depending how much data you are talking about, you could also hit the transfer limits - see 'Transfer' on the pricing page and the question at the bottom on quota
01:02<Mazzzzy>Yeah it shouldn't be much, no more than 100 GiB/mo
01:02<LouWestin>I would think your friend could vpn/proxy around that
01:03<Mazzzzy>They'd have to buy one (free VPNs would be completely unsuitable for this :( )
01:03<LouWestin>They're fairly cheap
01:04<Mazzzzy>I'm afraid that's not an option no matter how cheap it is… But I'm gonna be searching for other options too
01:04<Mazzzzy>Thanks for the info and tips!
01:04<LouWestin>Plus I wouldn't want to be responsible for his stuff
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01:05<Mazzzzy>Yeah that's what I was thinking, altho I do trust him. I used to provide this for him on my home server but now I have to take it down due to low reliability
01:06<viral>Well, is this bot or a person?
01:06<millisa>You or me?
01:06<millisa>I like to think I simulate a very autistic person rather well.
01:06<LouWestin>I see it all as just text on the screen
01:06<dwfreed>millisa: *snerk*
01:07<millisa>On the internet, no one knows you are a dog.
01:07<viral>I do have question regarding Nanode Instances server.
01:07<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:07<LouWestin>^that's a bot
01:07<viral>What is basic requirement of it?
01:07<LouWestin>$5 a month
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01:08<millisa>If you are asking about the specs, they are on the pricing page -
01:08<viral>Web in my web, it is disabled.
01:08<viral>I am unable to select it.
01:08<LouWestin>basic linux knowledge
01:09<millisa>Do you mean in the linode manager you can't pick the nanode?
01:09<viral>I am unable to create that instnace.
01:09<millisa>Are you on one of the old style billings?
01:09<viral>Yes exactly
01:09<millisa>(there's usually a nag screen up at the top asking you to convert)
01:09<viral>I am using pre-pay billing
01:10<viral>if you can guide me how to do.
01:10<millisa> If you convert to the new style billing, it should let you create nanodes
01:10<millisa> that should walk you through doing that
01:11<viral>is this the only thing?
01:11<millisa>should be
01:11<viral>Thanks millisa
01:12<viral>Thanks for your guide.
01:12<millisa>sure thing
01:12<millisa>The robot overlords will be pleased when you convert.
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09:21<Neel>Hello anyone tgr
09:22<Neel>I need to know that if I buy one server plan then will I get the cPanel installed
09:23<LouWestin>No only if you install it yourself or choose the managed plan for $100 extra a month.
09:24<LouWestin>If you install it yourself then you have to pay extra for it too
09:24<Neel>Can u install the cwp
09:24<LouWestin>If you can install it on Linux then probably
09:25<Neel>Will u do it in free
09:26<LouWestin>Linode is self managed which means you have to mange it yourself
09:26<LouWestin>So you can install it yourself.
09:26<Neel>These are cloud platforms
09:27<LouWestin>Unmanaged VPS I should say
09:27<LouWestin>With root access
09:28<Neel>If I buy one plan then will I get the os. Installed
09:29<LouWestin>You get a list of OS’s that you can choose from when you pick a plan
09:30<Neel>For os is thr any extra charges
09:30<LouWestin>No they come with the plan.
09:30<Neel>And last question datacenter locations.
09:31<LouWestin> towards the bottom lists their data center locations
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09:34<LouWestin>He gone
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10:26<linbot>New news from community: How do I forward my domain but hide (mask) the address? <>
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17:19<relidy>Anyone have Android IRC client recommendations they'd like to share?
17:20<LouWestin>Is mutter available?
17:26<relidy>Looks like mutter might just be iOS.
17:28<linbot>New news from community: nginx servers self-singed certificate instead of Let’s Encrypt one <>
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19:47<rahultest>I am seeing strange behavior after installing hadoop. An executable named java keeps running and eating up CPU. I tracked it down to /var/tmp directory.
19:47<rahultest>I even renamed it. But a new java executable was created and it runs. Even if I kill it, it gets revived again.
19:47<rahultest>Any idea on how to debug?
19:50<rsdehart>what's hadoop?
19:51<rahultest>It is an open source offering created by Yahoo but now it is used by almost every big data company.
19:51<rsdehart>what's java?
19:51<rahultest>I installed it yesterday. After that I started getting alerts for CPU utilization.
19:51<rsdehart>pretty sure that's coffee
19:52<rsdehart>have you spilled coffee on your linode?
19:52<rahultest>Stopped all Hadoop Daemons. But still there is a process 'java' taking up 99% CPU.
19:56<rsdehart>you stopped them by just killing them? Is there not a means of shutting it down gracefully?
19:56<rsdehart>and I can't imagine you really don't know what java is
19:57<rahultest>Gracefully stopped using shell scripts that came with hadoop
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20:10<LouWestin>It’s maintained by Apache
20:13<Abi12>lol hadoop is java
20:13<Abi12>well more like hadoop is written in java.
20:14<Abi12>I remember 3-4 years ago everyone was going nuts about how amazing it was.
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20:16<LouWestin>I’ve never heard of it, but I don’t dive into too many odd things.
20:17<Abi12>It has something to do with data processing. There were some pretty high paying positions for hadoop developers then ( I'm not sure about it anymore ).
20:18<Abi12>yeah but it seems like rahultest installed it without even understanding what it is or what's required to run it ( which is java )
20:19<LouWestin>I know a lot of folks here are developers so they’re of course more versed with all that stuff.
20:20<LouWestin>I took a couple classes on the company’s tab and learned that development is NOT for me.
20:20<LouWestin>I salute and envy those who can do it.
20:20<Abi12>try C
20:20<Abi12>even if it's not for you. It still teaches you a lot.
20:21<Abi12>C/x86 are the languages which have taught me the most about computers.
20:21<Abi12>lol I'm loving these quora answers about hadoop: `It is Most demanding Technology. It is a Huge Amount Of Data.and also Structured and Unstructured data. Yes. Big Data Hadoop is a Very Bright Feature Now a Days.`
20:23<Abi12>I guess people are cool with languages that have no concern for memory/processing power \o/. The future is bleak.
20:23<LouWestin>I was an idiot who went against my better judgement and took a VB class...
20:23<LouWestin>I should’ve taken c# at that time.
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20:24<rsdehart>Abi12: yeah, turns out people use java
20:24<LouWestin>The teacher for C# was better too.
20:25<Abi12>I remember watching an interview where Charles Petzold was saying that C# is C++'s successor.
20:25<LouWestin>That I know would be a joke
20:25<Abi12>I guess that was it's intent but if it actually *is*.. people probably disagree xD
20:26<LouWestin>If I was going to do M$ web asp stuff maybe...
20:27<Abi12>rsdehart: if it's not client facing and you have 8GB+ of ram.. go ahead :P
20:27<LouWestin>I don’t think my local college had offer C. C++ they did
20:28<LouWestin>I was saying to rsdehart that the only Java thing I run is a Minecraft server. Lol
20:28<rsdehart>Abi12: my first Android phone didn't have anywhere near 8GB of ram
20:28<linbot>New news from community: File Permissions in Wordpress? <>
20:29<LouWestin>^gotta recursively set those permissions.
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20:34<Abi12>I don't know much about that, but I think androids implementation of java is very different from the java we run on our desktop.
20:34<Abi12>I don't think it's even compiled into java byte code?
20:35<Abi12><-- not an android dev though :P.
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