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00:45<kashike>is tokyo 2 having some sort of network issue? my linode has disconnected twice now, yesterday and today
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00:46<Woet>kashike: disconnected how?
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00:47<kashike>connections to external services dropped, connection to it via ssh dropped
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00:54<kyhwana>kashike: got a mtr/traceroute?
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00:55<kashike>now? if so, from linode/to linode/both? it's responding now
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00:57<kyhwana>yeah, tho obviously it's too late now
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01:00<Woet>kashike: from a single place?
01:01<Woet>kashike: or many different connections to different endpoints drop as well?
01:01<kashike>ssh -> linode, linode -> multiple irc networks
01:01<kashike>all drop
01:01<Woet>then yea, a MTR would help.
01:02<Woet>nothing in syslog? uptime is still the same?
01:03<kashike>journal has "Timeout, client not responding from user kashike" for ssh
01:03<kashike>uptime is the same
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01:06<kyhwana>probably a network issue then
01:06<kyhwana>(I use mosh instead of IRC, because I live ~150ms away from my linode)
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04:06<linbot>New news from community: How do i route packets from one linode to another? <>
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04:35<JamesTK>anyone awake
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05:53<rsdehart>JamesTK: no
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10:49<Whiskey`Wonka>Hellos. Just wondering if there are plans to offer vlans with in a DC vs the curent private ip setup?
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11:37<linbot>New news from community: MySQL always disconnected <>
11:47<linbot>New news from community: Publish Python Console App <>
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19:08<LouWestin>So, almost a year ago to date, I had a help desk job interview that I never heard anything about after that...
19:08<LouWestin>Interesting twist
19:09<LouWestin>Today I’m reading the news about this guy who was arrested/charged with child porn and sending nude photos to students at this high school...
19:10<LouWestin>It was a contractor job through a company.
19:11<Peng>I take it they have an opening
19:11<LouWestin>So this past January he was accused of Snapchat/Instagram pics to students. Which correlated with the would be hire date.
19:12<LouWestin>So that was the man who got the job... mmm..
19:13<LouWestin>I’m like wow! So I know how that went!
19:15<LouWestin>I don’t know who I should be more mad at, him for his stupidity or the HS tech director for hiring that idiot because apparently she was in a rush to fill the job.
19:17<LouWestin>I don’t know, but I think it was for the best that I didn’t get hired. lol
19:34<MrPPS>must be a weird feeling, being so "close to home" in that sense
19:34<LouWestin>Yeah it was like whoa...
19:36<LouWestin>I’m 20 minutes out from there, but still.
19:37<LouWestin>Actually I’d say whoa like that’s the position interviewed for and all that happened with the person they hired.
19:39<LouWestin>It was a very low level entry job. Working with Chromebooks mostly.
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20:29<linbot>New news from community: Can I reserve the ip address across different instances? <>
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20:43<rahulv>Question about pointing a zone to a linode. I went to DNS manager and pointed one domain to a new linode that I built today.
20:43<rahulv>I can do ssh using that domain name, but ftp and http don't show that domain. Both work using pure ip address.
20:43<rahulv>Is there a latency?
20:43<rahulv>Or do I have to go and open up those ports?
20:44<LouWestin>How long has it been since you switched over the domain?
20:45<rahulv>Few hours.
20:46<LouWestin>Usually it takes 12 to 24 hours.
20:47<rahulv>Oh. That is good to know. I can wait and test tomorrow. Thanks for the info.
20:48<LouWestin>You’re welcome. If it’s still not working then something else is going on.
20:52<Peng>What error message do you get?
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21:15<rahulv>Peng, for FTP I get "Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server". Error: Could not connect to server"
21:15<Peng>Do you have an FTP server installed and running?
21:15<rahulv>I guess I will wait for one or two days and then try again. Perhaps DNS entries will take some time to propagate to my ISP's dns tables.
21:15<Peng>You shouldn't -- that's what SFTP and HTTP are for. :D
21:16<Peng>A connection refused error means you tried to connect to something, so there must have been DNS records (though perhaps not the ones you wanted).
21:16<nate>Peng: HTTP instead of FTP...? >.>
21:17<rahulv>True. I think what is happening is that I was pointing this domain to another linode. So my ISP's dns table is still pointing to that. After a bit when they get updated, it will work.
21:17<rahulv>I hope.
21:17<Peng>nate: Well
21:17<nate>but yeah, 'rejected/refused' generally means it's being blocked by something like a firewall
21:20<rahulv>OK I will keep that in mind. After a couple of days I hope that my ISP's DNS tables would have refreshed.
21:21<nate>rahulv: I think you're misunderstanding, the fact you're getting a connection refused implies whatever domain name you're trying is resolving, it's the server that's rejecting it
21:22<nate>Use a command like dig or such to see what IP the domain is resolving to and if it's accurate
21:40<rahulv>Nate, OK. Let me try that dig command.
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