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00:00<LouWestin>Ok if he was connection failed...then that’s a different story
00:01<LouWestin>Then what I originally told him.
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01:03<reginald>Hey do you guys happen to have a plan that's lower on memory and CPU and yet higher traffic throughput? I'm serving files from RAM and would like to achieve really high throughput for a video game.
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01:40<linbot>New news from community: Telnet connection closed <>
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01:50<elliot007>My ISP probably did something wrong with there routing and now i cannot access Linode or any website hosted on Linode
01:50<elliot007>can't even ssh into my server
01:51<grawity>can you ssh into Lish, or access it through the Manager?
01:51<millisa>are you able to download the speedtest for your region?
01:52<elliot007>and it cannot be DNS problem because i run my own DNS server at home
01:53<millisa>have you run any traceroutes?
01:53<grawity>yeah that doesn't discount it from being a DNS problem at all
01:53<elliot007>grawity: I cannot open Linode at all in my browser
01:53<millisa>that'd make it hard to see that doc then I suppose
01:54<elliot007>I can use my phone
01:54<millisa>google cache maybe
01:57<elliot007>Okay I'll run the tests
02:00<elliot007>Traceroute and mtr from my laptop to linode:
02:01<elliot007>mtr from Linode to my home:
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02:03<millisa>looks like a painful call with your ISP to me
02:04<elliot007>I did but the customer care can't understand the problem and asked me to restart my modem :p
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02:05<millisa>if you can get to other things ( they would hopefully understand that it isn't your modem.
02:05<millisa>but that's probably me being hopeful.
02:05<elliot007>yeah I tried explaining them and at last they were like we don't have any updates and hanged up on me
02:06<millisa>if that last mtr didn't suggest otherwise, I'd think you were a comcast customer.
02:07<elliot007>Yeah, I'm using BSNL from India
02:20<elliot007>This is so weird, I looks like i can reach Linode for brief intervals
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02:24<kashike>yeaaah, time to open a ticket .-.
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03:03<bolade>Hello. Am having a slight issue. Have configured Postfix for Sender Dependent Relays and am able to send emails BUT am unable to send to one Domain hosted on my server whose email is hosted on Zoho Email
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03:03<bolade>Any help would be greatly appreciated
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03:07<grawity>any details and postfix log messages would be greatly appreciated
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05:21<linbot>New news from community: How do I setup my linode for Webmin/Virtualmin to manage my DNS? <>
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06:09<bolade>I can confirm Linode seems not to be very fast as they used to
06:09<bolade>and it's seriously affecting me.
06:10<bolade>Have upgraded to the 8GB ram plan (despite it being too expensive fr me) and after 3-months, can say it's not helping matters
06:10<bolade>But Support never would agree it's their Fault
06:10<bolade>Keep making you think it's you not doing something right
06:11<grawity>I wonder why
06:11<LouWestin>This is unmanaged service so
06:11<bolade>and directing you to Articles and Guides
06:11<LouWestin>It’s possible your on a noisy server
06:12<bolade>Yea I know and Understand it's UnManaged Service BUT still, Linode has got a role to play and that's to ensure their Platform is fast enough.
06:13<bolade>Linode is my First VPS and have been with Linode for over 4-years now BUT recently, the Performance degradion is so bad
06:13<grawity>disk i/o performance? cpu? network?
06:13<bolade>Suspected being on a Noisy Server at a time and they Assured me I wasn't
06:14<bolade>Have also taken some time to go through most recent reviews and can tell Linode is failing to some extent
06:14<LouWestin>You haven’t given any specifics as to what the actual issue is or what’s running too slow
06:14<bolade>Websites are loading so Lowly even static websites
06:15<bolade>and nothing much have changed in my server configurations other than I upgraded from 4GB plan to 8GB plan 4 months ago just because I thought that might solve the issue
06:16<LouWestin>That could be configuration setting issues, hackers trying to break in, or other issues
06:21<nate>I've got like an archiac linode that's been around ages without any performance issues. What I do see is you pretty quickly and frequently shifting blame onto linode (going so far to say they're even failing really?) yet nothing from you indicating you've fully looked into your own system to see
06:21<nate>or maybe rebuilt the OS on there to be absolutely certain
06:22<nate>There are a variety of things I would be looking at locally before I'd jump to blaming linode, many if not all of which I'm getting a feeling you probably didn't do or hire anyone to check into perhaps. Maybe worth doing that first :P
06:22<LouWestin>Could also be one of the web applications you’re using that’s a resource hog
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06:31<rsdehart>nate: I always know it's Linode's fault when something happens with my server because there's no way it can be me
06:31<LouWestin>bolade: also, if you haven’t changed your server configurations since upgrading to a higher plan then you should have.
06:43<bolade>what should I have changed
06:44<LouWestin>Read the docs like Linode staff said!
06:44<grawity>you should have changed your attitude
06:44<LouWestin>You should know what you’re running
06:47<bolade>Thanks BUT was never Rude or Unappreciative to any of the staff.
06:47<bolade>The worst of my attitude is in here and above if that's what you are basing your comment on
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07:45<nate>literally comes in here saying that linode is failing (as a company? at least how I interpreted it). But "totally not unappreciative or rude to staff" despite many of them being in here too to see those comments
07:50<rsdehart>you forgot to capitalize random words
07:51<rsdehart>you Forgot to capitalize Random words
08:11<LouWestin>Technically I’m a customer, but I have experience. ;-)
08:38<Abi12>you can't make everyone happy \o/
08:38<Abi12>provide a cheap/decent service and it's 'too slow'
08:38<Abi12>He needs to give Frantech a go and see how fast they are ;)
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09:09<DrJ>Abi12: that's not true
09:09<DrJ>All you need is Bacon, and lots of it, and everyone is happy
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23:15<kashike>Woet: opened a ticket with linode about my network connectivity issues. "minor latency originating in the PCCW Global network", and they're telling me to contact PCCW Global -.-
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23:20<Chrls>What's up?
23:20<millisa>trying to find somewhere I can get a 2200GE or 2400GE proc in the US. not having much luck.
23:24<relidy>Aww, you broke the 14 hour silence!
23:25<LouWestin>Yeah it was very quiet today!
23:27<millisa>quiet is why I want one of the GE procs. I have this big brick of aluminum to use as a passive cooler that should be able to dissipate a 47w tdp
23:29<Chrls>Can't you find it on Amazon?
23:30<gparent>kashike: what's wrong with that?
23:32<kashike>gparent: I've never had to contact someone other than my provider with other VPS providers, I don't see why I should need to start now.
23:34<gparent>generally the idea is to cut the number of intermediaries
23:34<gparent>going from that ticket, it doesn't look like Linode would have any benefit from contacting them about their own network problems?
23:35<gparent>It's cool if other providers are willing to do that, but I'm okay with my provider only taking care of its own issues.
23:35<kashike>I just find it hard to believe that I'm the only one encountering this issue, after being in Tokyo 2 for ~2 years now, and only for the past few days
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23:37<gparent>The internet is a big place.
23:38<gparent>At the moment, it seems like you're in an even better place than Linode to help PCCW Global with the issue, which I suspect is why they suggested you do that.
23:39<gparent>they're not closed to helping further if that changes, from their wording
23:39<gparent>or to help you understand tool output
23:40<gparent>So if PCCW Global comes up with a question you can't answer, at this point I would turn back to Linode and I'm sure they'll be happy to assist.
23:40<kashike>I don't see how I am, really. Connectivity is lost at random times, quite often when I'm sleeping. My connections to my linode, as well as connections from my linode to various IRC networks and other services, are randomly disconnected.
23:40<kashike>I'm in the process of sending PCCW an email, just annoyed
23:40<gparent>That's why you're in the better position, you're actually having the problem.
23:41<gparent>If Linode was having the latency trouble then they'd be on it
23:41<gparent>right now it's not in their network, and you can provide better information than they can to PCCW about it
23:43<kashike>now I just need to wait who knows how long until PCCW responds, assuming I even contacted the right office
23:44<millisa>spend a couple bucks and spinup a nanode at the same place and see if it has the same connectivity issue? spinup a nanode at somewhere else and see if you can replicate it from there?
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23:45<kashike>unable to do that currently
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23:58<kashike>and again, disconnected. oftc is the sole survivor
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