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01:15<Peng>til I've had three different Linodes on the same host at different times
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04:10<Akshay>I was wondering if you provide windows server on your VPS hosting service?
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04:16<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
04:16<rsdehart>not officially supported, though
04:17<rsdehart>they don't provide windows images
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04:57<linbot>New news from community: Is Vesta (or any other control panel) worth installing? <>
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05:44<hello>hello. Is any1 here have login truobles?
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06:01<plsNoSpam>hey I just got a spam mail from one of your customers and they included your information, by accident I guess
06:01<plsNoSpam>any way to report them?
06:02<plsNoSpam>paypal phishing attempt btw
06:03<Woet>include the email headers
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06:28<linbot>New news from community: Controlling logging functionality in hadoop <>
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07:48<linbot>New news from community: Linode account's services have been deleted <>
08:04<Cromulent>if I have an ISP that does not support IPv6 could I have an L2TP tunnel using IPSec on my Linode in order to access IPv6 sites?
08:04<Cromulent>I'm a bit confused about this issue
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08:54<dwfreed>Cromulent: yes
08:54<dwfreed>you could also just use 6in4
08:55<dwfreed>but if you already have IPsec+L2TP set up, then adding IPv6 to it shouldn't be too difficult
08:55<Cromulent>cool thanks
08:58<linbot>New news from community: How can I reset root password? <>
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09:19<tafa2>Does anyone know if there's a simpler Freenas equivalent for Ubuntu or CentOS? Something that allows you to create users/SFTP accounts and manage SSH keys - not webmin :)
09:30<LouWestin>tafa2: That question was asked before and the census said no
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10:18<linbot>New news from community: Help with installing steamcmd <>
10:33<LouWestin>Hmm.. someone is trying to run a steam server along side their webserver?
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11:24<Abi12>oh. must be down.
11:25<LouWestin>Logging in?
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11:26<Abi12>errr seems like it's not working for me.
11:26<Abi12> and
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11:26<LouWestin>The website came up for me at least.
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11:27<Abi12>Yup. It came up on my cellphone.
11:27<Abi12>rip dwfreed how is that link supposed to work for me.
11:28<Abi12>Is it possible that it could be down for the region my proxy is in?
11:28<dwfreed>it's also on github
11:28<Abi12>wait. It's back.
11:28<Abi12> is back atleast
11:29<linbot>New news from community: NodeBalancer princing <>
11:37<Abi12>it seems to be something in my firewall.
11:38<Abi12>All other sites work fine. It's strange that this doesn't work.
11:38<Abi12>o.o wut reloading the firewall fixed it.
11:51<Abi12>yeah it was a weird firewall rule.
11:52<Abi12>It's still weird that other sites worked perfectly fine though.
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14:29<linbot>New news from community: Disable YubiKey ssh authentication for my server <>
14:39<linbot>New news from community: Best Practices for SSL: IP Address <>
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16:37<tafa2>would anyone know if we'd be breaching GDPR by hosting uk client backups in the USA?
16:42<nate>that you would need to talk to a GDPR attorney about. If you yourself aren't actually in the EU then well, legal opinion about whether you need to even follow GDPR tends to vary heavily outside the EU to what the EU says
16:45<tafa2>I'm in the EU...
16:48<nate>yeah then consult a GDPR attorney
16:49<nate>far better to get official legal advice than personal interpretations from the internet since you're in the area you can actually be directly fined for :P
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17:09<DrJ>as for being outside of the EU... my opinion on that is their laws don't apply to me. Even if I provide a service online to people in the EU it doesn't apply to me if I don't reside or operate out of the EU
17:10<DrJ>what are they going to do, sue me in a US court over "breaking" a law from another country?
17:12<DrJ>if a US court (ultimately the SCOTUS, because it would go there) determined you could be liable then that is a huge can of worms they'd be opening
17:15<relidy>It's ultimately going to depend on trade agreements. The US (speaking as a US citizen) pushes its own law all over the place. It often works both ways (although typically to a lesser extent).
17:15<DrJ>because then you are basically liable for any law from any country. Kim dong ding (sp?) from north korea would make a law where you could be executed by dogs if you allowed your website to serve IP addresses from his country and then we'd be liable?
17:15<millisa>I am onboard with your canine execution idea and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
17:16<nate>DrJ: The thing is 'theoretically' they could by, as relidy noted, trade agreements. That said the main thing that attorney's outside of the EU state is that there are national PII rules in most countries that basically override anything, so what the EU defines as PII cannot be applied globally
17:17<DrJ>nate: yea, but it would just be a huge mess if they ever did
17:17<DrJ>personally, I think the GDPR thing is stupid
17:18<DrJ>just like the stupid "do you agree to let us use cookies"
17:18<DrJ>if you don't want websites to use cookies then uninstall your freaking web browser
17:20<nate>DrJ: That's why you never really heard of anyone outside of the EU getting fined for the cookie law
17:21<relidy>Has *anyone* been fined?
17:22<DrJ>instead of that stupid law they should just educate their citizens on how to disable 3rd party cookies
17:22<DrJ>who freaking cares if cookies are read from the actual site. They set them in the first place so it's not like they're reading some top secret information they didn't already know
17:23<relidy>To be fair, advertising networks pull a lot of dirty tricks to get around restrictions you think you have in place.
17:23<DrJ>relidy: I'm sure someone was as an example
17:23<DrJ>relidy: true, but I again go back to my earlier statement
17:24<DrJ>if you don't want to be tracked online, uninstall your freaking web browser
17:25<DrJ>another thing about that cookie notice law... I'm sure everyone just hits "I accept" or whatnot by now on every site without even thinking about it
17:25<nate>relidy: I vaguely remember stories of some larger sites in the early days of the cookie law getting hit, but since the cookie law itself didn't really last too long it didn't have a good timeline for it
17:25<DrJ>so really, what good does it do
17:26<DrJ>oh, and if they are like me they probably say in their head "not that *explicitive* notice again"
17:28<nate>DrJ: The only reason it's still around is because there was a study done that apparently showed EU users felt "more comfortable" with the notice and thought it was a sign that the website was likely respecting their privacy
17:28<nate>despite the fact it was in no way possible for that message to actually guarantee any privacy
17:29<DrJ>I don't know the history of it that law or what brought it about, but I'd guess it has something to do with how antivirus programs have over the years made people think cookies are always bad
17:29<DrJ>and older law makers who don't know a thing about them
17:30<DrJ>you tell the average joe there are 200 cookies on their computer and they will probably head to the bank to change all their credit card numbers
17:36<DrJ>I think the UN should pass an international law that no law involving anything technological can be passed by any country without the law makers listening attending a conference presented by someone under 30 years of age detailing everything about the technology involved that the 70 year old law makers have absolutely no clue about.
17:37<nate>... I feel like most of us in here over 30 might take some mild offense to that
17:38<DrJ>hey, I'm 32
17:38<DrJ>And I'll admit I'm starting to lose touch with some of the newest stuff
17:39<relidy>It's not so much a matter of age. It's simply those in a position of power not listening to those in a position of [subject matter] authority.
17:39<relidy>There are plenty of "in touch" seniors.
17:40<DrJ>yea, but like with the cookies... someone told someone in the EU that cookies can be used to track you
17:40<DrJ>didn't tell them about the main use of them and how they are vital to web sites these days
17:40<DrJ>and now the EU has the cookie law
17:55<csnxs>the cookie law excludes cookies vital to websites though
17:55<csnxs>its only for stuff like advertising and tracking and whatnot
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19:16<DrJ>csnxs: ah, I thought it applied to all cookies
19:16<DrJ>still stupid
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21:00<OBS-KID>Hiii I have a question.. Can we install OBS on a Linode? If so what will be the minimum config for 720P streaming
21:02<LouWestin>Looks like you need a GUI to run it
21:03<OBS-KID>Ubuntu GUI is more than enough for OBS
21:04<LouWestin>Linode is primarily command.
21:05<OBS-KID>We can Remote Desktop using VNC right
21:05<LouWestin>You could kind of run a GUI, but it’s not very common to because of the limited ram
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21:06<dwfreed>RAM is not that limited for it to be an issue
21:06<LouWestin>Looks more like a desktop application
21:06<warewolf>openbroadcaster, yeah
21:07<warewolf>OBS-KID: I'm curious, how do you intend to use OBS on a VPS?
21:07<OBS-KID>openbroadcaster via ubuntu without GPU.. possible ?
21:07<dwfreed>just use a lightweight environment, like lxde or xfce, or skip the full de and just run a window manager
21:07<OBS-KID>I need to setup some API based voting system (Live video )
21:08<OBS-KID>so it should run 24x7
21:09<warewolf>I don't quite know how OBS works, maybe there's some kind of server component? But if you're going to try to have your VPS do encoding, or overlays on top of video, I don't think you're going to like the bandwidth nor performance?
21:09<OBS-KID>so a windows VPS with a Dedicated GPU is needed, but I have few linodes .. and wondering if we can install Linux OBS .. mens .. it is cool
21:09<warewolf>OBS-KID: linodes don't have GPUs last I checked, so I think that's going to be your biggest problem.
21:10<warewolf>OBS-KID: second biggest problem is "how do I get my video stream from [home? work? school?] to the VPS, then to [youtube? twitch?]"
21:10<warewolf>in general, decent idea to try to offload to a different system, but that works *best* when the other system is on the local network (e.g. with 100mbit or gigabit wired ethernet)
21:12<OBS-KID>yea,, zo I need to find a Windows VPS with GPU right
21:12<warewolf>those are expensive
21:12<warewolf>because they tend to be used for things like machine learning
21:13<warewolf>you're not going to get super beefy video transcoding capable hardware for $20/mo anywhere
21:13<LouWestin>Plus the data usage too might get expensive
21:14<OBS-KID>for 720P stream it is
21:14<warewolf>OBS-KID: ok so lets go with this setup - you at [home? work? school?] have an computer recording streaming video, then ship that up to your VPS -- which then has to decompress it, do your overlay, recompress it, and then send it to [twitch? youtube?] etc.
21:15<warewolf>so problems:
21:15<warewolf>there's going to be a very big delay, because the VPS has to decode, overlay, then *encode again* (losing quality in the process).
21:16<warewolf>I *think* what you *really* want is someone to write a *web app* for you that runs on the VPS, which then your OBS at [home? work? school?] then connects to, and does the overlay there.
21:16<warewolf>you want to encode your video *only once*.
21:16<OBS-KID>I am streaming an HTML page, which will update Live Voting status. NO connection from home or other source needed.
21:17<OBS-KID>But it need to encode video 24X7 H264
21:18<OBS-KID>streaming to YouTube, twitch etc..
21:18<warewolf>OBS-KID: why does a web page (which is very small, fast, light weight, can be viewed by cell phones made 20 years ago) have to be encoded to h264 at 720P?
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21:18<warewolf>does it need to be on a TV or something?
21:18<LouWestin>OBS-KID: ok 30GB a day x 30 days would be almost a TB.
21:19<warewolf>could you get a RaspberryPi and run a web browser on that instead of trying to turn a web page into a stream?
21:20<OBS-KID>All I need is OBS Running on a Linode. But I am afraid about CPU usage ... Bandwidth is easy for me.. I gave over 7000 GB/mo left on Linode
21:21<LouWestin>OBS-KID: yeah data use wise, you should be ok.
21:21<warewolf>OBS-KID: well, you said OBS require a GPU. Linodes don't have GPUs.
21:23<OBS-KID>yea,, GPU is the issue.. I am searching help to setup OBS to use Software encoder
21:23<OBS-KID>on ubuntu
21:25<Abi12>What about using a virtual x server?
21:26<Abi12>I'm not sure how you'd get it to work with your application though.
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21:36<OBS-KID>=== VNC!
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