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00:43<linbot>New news from community: How to move website to new linode? <>
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00:59<Woet>so many fake questions
00:59<Woet>i love how Linode employees instantly answer the ones they posted
00:59<Woet>but never the ones actually posted by customers
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03:15<suresh>Hi Team
03:15<suresh>Looking for Server
03:16<suresh>can i get 50 GB storage space and 8 GB RAM ?
03:16<millisa>Where did you last see it?
03:16<millisa>linode's plans are all here -
03:16<suresh>Already using one
03:17<suresh>but i dont see for my requirement
03:17<millisa>The 8gb plan comes with 160gb of space, so that sounds like it'd work for you
03:17<dwfreed>the plans you see are the plans that are available; linode doesn't do custom plans
03:17<suresh>i dont need 160 GB space
03:17<Woet>then don't use it
03:17<millisa>then only use 50gb! I rarely assign all the space on my linodes.
03:17<Woet>there are no custom plans.
03:18<suresh>Any discounts for existing customers ?
03:19<suresh>if there is any , i can go with any one plan
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03:28<Woet>that felt insincere
04:14<linbot>New news from community: How do I setup a IPv4 Proxy that I connect to over IPv6? <>
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08:00<Streaming>I a
08:01<Streaming>Max CPU usage allowed for $ 20 VPS? I am currently using 190% for last few days
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15:32<Okjay>I planned paying linode every 3 month but it's seems they prefer a month please how do I go about it paying them every 3 months
15:32<LouWestin>You can pay extra in advance
15:33<Okjay>How will I do that
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15:35<LouWestin>make a payment and add three months worth of your account balance.
15:35<LouWestin>so if it's $10 a month, pay $30
15:36<Okjay>OK thanks
15:36<Okjay>I am planning on building music and video website which plan do you think is good for me
15:37<Okjay>I mean website where users can download music and video
15:37<LouWestin>I'd start with the lowest plan and build up as you see fit
15:37<LouWestin>You'll want to factor in data usage too.
15:38<Okjay>Louwestin it if was to be you what would you have done or buy
15:39<LouWestin>I believe you get 1TB transfer data a month, so you have to figure out how many downloads that'll give you based on file size.
15:40<LouWestin>ok lowest plan is 1TB
15:41<LouWestin>then 2, 4,
15:41<Okjay>What of the ssd size, and what do you mean by figure out download
15:41<LouWestin>25GB, 50, 80, etc.
15:42<Okjay>Please specify boss
15:42<Okjay>I mean the ssd
15:42<LouWestin>Your customers download a music file which is say 6MB, so that deducts 6MB from your data transfer quota.
15:42<LouWestin>that information is on the pricing
15:44<Okjay>Then what is the function of the ssd
15:44<LouWestin>That's where you store your files
15:45<LouWestin>disk space
15:46<Okjay>So what if my ssd is full how will I upgrade it
15:46<LouWestin>upgrade your plan or choose block storage. upgrading is probably going to be cheaper
15:47<Okjay>And the difference between storage and transfer boss
15:47<LouWestin>data transfer is all the data that's used from your website visitors.
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15:48<LouWestin>I don't think he understands basic networking
15:49<Abi12>The 1TB transfer is a lot to eat up.
15:49<Abi12>I scraped 600 720p videos, and only used about 300GB.
15:50<LouWestin>I just did quick math and that would be like 166,000 plus downloads
15:50<Abi12>at what size?
15:50<LouWestin>6MB file
15:51<Abi12>that's a crazy amount.
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15:51<LouWestin>Math is not my specialty so I could be wrong
15:51<LouWestin>I have no idea how big MP3 run now a days. lol
15:52<Abi12>depends on a lot of factors
15:53<LouWestin>I figure ball park figure. lol. You could always upgrade mid month too
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15:55<Abi12>heh yeah. I feel like a lot of people are trying to make quick money using technology.
15:55<Okjay>What is the differences between storage and transfer and bandwidth
15:55<Abi12>Someone asked me the other day 'How do I take up app development as a second job. I heard it was easy'
15:55<LouWestin>storage is disk space
15:56<LouWestin>bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at a given time
15:56<LouWestin>and data transfer is how much data you're using
15:57<LouWestin>Abi12: heh...
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15:59<Abi12>There should be a !pleasegoogle linbot command
15:59<LouWestin>lol yes!
16:00<LouWestin>I mean when I came in, I knew the basics
16:06<Abi12>even without knowing the basics.. search engines have answers to almost all questions these days.
16:06<Abi12>even niche stuff.
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16:14<LouWestin>It helped that I understood Linux better
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20:53<Debbie>Please I need a simple way to install wordpress or setup wordpress without typing any code
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21:31<HoangPhantom>hello everyone
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21:36<HoangPhantom>Hello, everyone. Nice to be in this chatroom
21:41<HoangPhantom>Abi12: Hello
21:42<HoangPhantom>Abi12: It's nice to meet you
21:44<Abi12>uh. Hi. Nice to meet you too.
21:45<HoangPhantom>my first time using weechat
21:45<HoangPhantom>can you help me
21:46<Abi12>Sure. You're in the right place, this is #weechat.
21:48<HoangPhantom>why can't I hear anyone else except for you
21:48<Abi12>They're not talking.
21:49<Abi12>It's rare that someone will entertain this type of conversation. It's off-topic.
21:49<Abi12>Plus 90% of people idle.
21:50<HoangPhantom>can I get to know more chatrooms
21:54<Abi12>A good suggestion is to first figure out what you're interested in then google '[interest] irc chatrooms'
21:55<Abi12>ahh duckduckgo* it ;)
21:55<LouWestin>There’s chat rooms for many topics
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21:57<Abi12>Sure but it's rare to find a channel where you can talk about anything casually. Try going to #mariadb on freenode and say something lul
22:00<HoangPhantom>can't connect to freenode, it says required SASL thingy and I don't know what to do
22:00<Abi12>Incorrect. You can connect to freenode without SASL.
22:00<Abi12>`/connect` doesn't work?
22:00<HoangPhantom>doesn't work, at all
22:01<HoangPhantom>it disconnect me, and then reconnect me to the server multiple times, I got very tired of this so I scrapped the server
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22:05<HoangPhantom>oftc is the only server I know that works
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22:06<retro|blah>freenode has been known to require SASL when connecting from certain ISPs, due to abuse and the like. At least that was the case many years ago.
22:08<HoangPhantom>Maybe it's cuz I'm using termux(Linux simulator for android)
22:10<HoangPhantom>retro|blah: how can I fix it
22:11<retro|blah>Check if freenode has a webchat site, and see if you can connect and register a nickname through that. Once you have a nickname registered, you should then be able to set up SASL authentication in your IRC client
22:12<HoangPhantom>I will try, thank you
22:18<HoangPhantom>I can connect to it but it comes with the site instead of going to weechat, thank you anyways
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22:24<HoangPhantom>The chatroom was lit, but sadly I have to go, goodbye everyone and thank you for the help. I appreciated it.
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