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01:27<linbot>New news from community: How do I explore my MySQL database? <>
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02:03<malnus>I want reversed outstanding billed amount for inactive period of my account
02:04<malnus>attention billing support
02:14<millisa>did you have linodes provisioned during that period?
02:16<malnus>may be, but I did not used as my account was blocked
02:16<malnus>I am a simply a developer
02:20<millisa>if you provisioned them and left them provisioned, sounds like you need to pay for that
02:22<malnus>then why you blocked my account?
02:22<millisa>why did linode block your account? thye usually say in mail
02:24<malnus>yes, then informed me.
02:25<millisa>so what'd it say?
02:26<malnus>Ok. they informed me. I did not paid. But, after blocking my account why they charged??
02:27<millisa>Your question is why did they charge you for the things you owed them?
02:28<malnus>Its only $11.29 outstanding. Please waive it
02:28<millisa>it's only 11.29 outstanding. please pay it
02:29<malnus>OK. Good reply. I am paying.
02:29<malnus>Now you happy
02:29<millisa>i'm happy most of the time
02:32<malnus>I paid
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02:37<Peng>You should ask Linode for a cut of that
02:37<Peng>Like $3
02:37<Peng>Recovery fee
02:42<Cromulent>this is probably a stupid question but if I get a /56 routed to my Linode can I have daemons running on different IPv6 addresses on the same Linode - so for instance if I had a daemon which was running 4 instances each instance of the daemon would have its own IPv6 address?
02:43<Cromulent>I want to build a simple web crawler but I want each instance of the web crawler to have its own IPv6 address
02:47<Cromulent>thanks :)
02:48<Peng>The software you're using may or may not make it easy to choose which outgoing IP address to use.
02:48<Cromulent>I'll be doing it in Python
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03:06<Woet>millisa: please waive my invoice
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06:32<HoangPhantom>Hello everyone, nice to meet all of you
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08:22<Wsmay>Please I need help
08:23<Woet>not badly enough to ask an actual question though
08:24<Wsmay> Please I am planning to host wordpress site on linode
08:26<Wsmay>But with different tutorial have been watching they hosted it by opening software that looks like cmd but can I install it directly without any line of code
08:27<Woet>Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes. you need to be familiar with Linux and how to install, configure, secure and maintain a Linux VPS.
08:28<Wsmay>Please is their any tutorial you can give me to fully understand it on how to wordpress website
08:29<Woet>Wsmay: why do you want an unmanaged Linux VPS? rather than shared hosting or a managed VPS?
08:30<Wsmay>I want to create a website whereby people we download music and videos from it
08:30<Woet>that sounds familiar.
08:30<Woet>same question.
08:31<Wsmay>But I don't think shared vpn can do that and managed hosting is expensive
08:32<Woet>shared hosting can definitely host videos and music.
08:32<Woet>and yes, managed hosting is more expensive than unmanaged. but unmanaged requires you to have sysadmin knowledge, which you don't seem to have.
08:33<HoangPhantom>that's hard
08:33<Wsmay>But I chatted with an online agent he told me the if I use shared hosting and I reach more than 25% of what I can upload that my site can be suspended or blocked
08:34<Woet>then get different shared hosting
08:34<Wsmay>Is there any web hosting website that you think can handle my work
08:34<Woet>yea, avoid all of them that advertise unlimited storage.
08:34<Woet>and then get one with decent reviews and has enough storage
08:35<HoangPhantom>Wsmay: this may help:
08:35<Woet>i think that URL could be a bit longer
08:35<Woet>and in Vietnamese as well
08:36<Woet>Wsmay: - probably better.
08:36<HoangPhantom>Wsmay: or this:¤cytype=vnd&gclsrc=aw.ds&&slid=&pgrid=46463517287&ptaid=kwd-10188881&mkwid=sYo0RQcY0_pcrid_260523076038_pkw_hosting_pmt_p_pdv_t_&gclid=CjwKCAiAjNjgBRAgEiwAGLlf2rYBqa0yFpWzXiQ5U3WVzYCIf1IPxyqrCkuIR48K7_Cgc9HmBMPXTRoC79UQAvD_BwE
08:36<HoangPhantom>i don't know
08:37<HoangPhantom>I can only find vietnamese sites on my browser, sorry
08:39<HoangPhantom>Wsmay: ok this one english:
08:41<Wsmay>Thanks I am very greaful
08:42<HoangPhantom>you're welcome
08:42<Wsmay>But are there music and video website that uses shared hosting
08:42<HoangPhantom>I'll look it up, please wait
08:43<HoangPhantom>I can't find anything unfortunately, sorry.
08:44<Wsmay>Hoangphantom can I please have your whatsapp number
08:44<HoangPhantom>I don't use watsapp, maybe gmail?
08:45<Wsmay>Okay thanks
08:45<Woet>true friendship is being created
08:46<HoangPhantom>U just listening, right
08:46<Wsmay>But is there website that teaches Linux on how to install WP on VPS
08:47<Wsmay>and again vultr gives direct installation for wordpress which is also vps site without any line of code
08:49<HoangPhantom>there is a youtube video, I haven't watched it yet, but I think it may help you:
08:50<HoangPhantom>it's a little bit long tho
08:52<Wsmay>Have you heard of vultr
08:52<HoangPhantom>no, I'm not a programmer
08:53<Wsmay>Then what are you
08:54<HoangPhantom>a 13 year-old kid :)))
08:55<Wsmay>You know it's hard to believe
08:55<HoangPhantom>i really am
08:56<HoangPhantom>hey, I have this thing from a hacker, an instruction book. Give gmail address.
08:57<Wsmay>If that's true keep the knowledge you know and I really want to know you more
08:58<Wsmay>But do you know seo very well because there are jobs for you
08:59<HoangPhantom>no, I'm not a hacker just yet, I haven't even read the book
08:59<HoangPhantom>btw, you got the apk yet
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09:04<HoangPhantom>Woet: btw you want the book or nah.
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09:27<HoangPhantom>no? k then. bye
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10:49<linbot>New news from community: I'm running CloudLinux on my Linode, and it's experiencing connectivity issues -- what's going on? <>
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11:57<Abi12>lol millisa amazing amount
11:58<Abi12>amazing reply**.. had too much to drink last night
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14:38<@mcintosh>!point millisa
14:38<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (73) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
14:39<millisa>worth it
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16:40<tbsaunde>repost from the freenode channel since I guess this is the main one, I can log into fine, but the same creds don't seem to work for the new cloud manager I get a popup for? I guess I'm doing something wrong
16:41<millisa>anything unusual about your account? really old - maybe on the old style non-hourly billing?
16:42<millisa>(just tried logging into and and it seems to be working)
16:42<tbsaunde>it was created 2013, and I think uses monthly billing
16:42<tbsaunde>but I didn't know that was odd?
16:42<tbsaunde>given my current machines is always running
16:44<millisa>are you logging in with the primary user for the account? (Under the old manager, Account-UsersAndPermissions, would show users, are you a restricted user?)
16:44<tbsaunde>noap, pretty sure I'm the only user
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17:39<@mcintosh>tbsaunde: sounds weird! can you open up a ticket about that?
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21:28<tbsaunde>mcintosh: fwiw I did, and it was the old style billing thing
21:28<tbsaunde>guess the error message there should be clearer than just failing to login ;)
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