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00:11<iiders>i have forgot password of linode website panel
00:13<iiders>i am trying to forget password link but no email is received for that
00:14<iiders>i tried 3 times in 2 days
00:14<iiders>any solution
00:15<Guest5138>Make sure the emails aren't being sent to your Junk folder. Otherwise, perhaps hang around for someone more knowledgeable than I. :)
00:19<iiders>I have also checked the Spam folder. No email there
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03:09<hello>I have a trouble, can't loggin into account. And can't reset password
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03:09<Guest342>any1 knows what wrong?
03:18<Woet>Guest342: why is the password not in your password manager?
03:19<Guest342>I using right password, but linode says: "Username or password incorrect."
03:19<grawity>are you using right username, too?
03:20<Guest342>yesterday all was okay
03:21<Woet>Guest342: did you share your account with anyone?
03:21<Guest342>Yes, i think my friend may use it
03:21<Woet>theres your issue.
03:21<Guest342>What wrong?
03:21<Woet>don't share your account?
03:21<Woet>just add a separate user for them.
03:22<Guest342>So, anyway, he's didn't change password
03:23<grawity>or so he says
03:24<Guest342>Anyway changing password request did not coming to mail
03:24<grawity>maybe he changed the password *and* the email address
03:25<Guest342>How i can contact support, only mail?
03:25<grawity>there's email and there's phone
03:25<Guest342>Can linode ban me for 2 users on 1 account?
03:27<grawity>they don't really have a reason to *ban* you
03:27<grawity>but they *do* have a reason to say "if you share your account and something goes wrong, it's your own fault." as in point 1. of
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06:35<_23>hello. Any1 have logging troubles?
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06:39<_23>Hello. Anyone?
06:46<rsdehart>_23: what's your actual question?
06:46<rsdehart>I'm sure you're not just taking a survey
06:48<_23>Do any1 here have loggin troubles?
06:48<_23>or just me>
06:49<rsdehart>so you are just taking a survey
06:49<rsdehart>nope. Not I.
06:50<rsdehart>when I asked what your actual question was, I meant for you to describe your logging troubles in a way that someone might actually have a chance of helping you
06:50<rsdehart>not just repeating what you'd already said
06:51<_23>oh sorry, i have a bad english
06:51<_23>I just can't loggin in account
06:59<rsdehart>ohh, sorry, I thought you were having problems with logging
06:59<rsdehart>no, I haven't heard any reports of people having difficulty logging in
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07:01<Woet>how often do you think he's gonna rejoin using different nicks and keep asking?
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11:59<AlexMax>Has anybody had any problems running jobs about now?
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12:03<AlexMax>Got a wedged job (that I already have a ticket for) just wondering if it's just me or if anybody else is having troubel
12:25<dwfreed>jobs are done by the host, so generally speaking there are never widespread issues
12:26<dwfreed>and if there are, there are more important issues than jobs
12:26<dwfreed>(network, power, or manager acccessibility)
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13:01<AlexMax>!point dwfreed
13:01<linbot>AlexMax: Point given to dwfreed. (68) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 16)
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