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01:59<linbot>New news from community: how to install ssl on server <>
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10:43<Hue>Good evening
10:43<LouWestin>It’s happy hour right now
10:44<Hue>Please can I upgrade my disk size without upgrading my plans
10:45<LouWestin>Well you can get block storage
10:45<Hue>What of transfer
10:46<Hue>Can I install WP with block storage
10:46<LouWestin>You don’t need block storage to install Wordpress
10:47<LouWestin>What plan are you on now?
10:48<Hue>I mean after my transfer and disk size is full and I don't want to upgrade my plan what will I do
10:49<LouWestin>If your monthly data transfer usage is maxed out then I’d upgrade
10:50<LouWestin>Because you’re going to be getting charged extra
10:51<Hue>Why i am asking this is because I planned paying 20$ per month so if I should do upgrading my monthly payment will increase
10:54<LouWestin>If you’re on the $20 plan you get a 4TB monthly transfer which is A LOT of data.
10:55<Hue>What if it's full
10:55<LouWestin>Plus an 80GB storage. If you’re going over that then you’re running a lot off traffic
10:55<mlong2001>Anyone have a DDOS attack going on right now? Looking at the firewall blocking a MAC address over and over again for the last 30+ minutes
10:56<LouWestin>mlong2001: My site’s seem fine.
10:57<LouWestin>Hue: I think you’re confusing the disk being labeled as 100% as full which I doubt it is
10:57<mlong2001>sites are loading ok ... but my CPU usage has been running between 300-600%
10:57<LouWestin>mlong2001: yikes!
10:57<mlong2001>and i sent a support ticket in just to ask about it
10:58<Hue>What if it's full I mean the 20$ plan can I increase my transfer and ssd without upgrading my plans
10:58<LouWestin>If I’d had high CPU usage usually my sites are slow to a craw
10:59<LouWestin>Hue: no you need to upgrade your plans if that’s the case
10:59<mlong2001>yeah at 600% the sites were pretty slow but still loading
10:59<Hue>Then what will i do
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11:02<Hue>You said no need to upgrade it then what will I do
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11:46<LouWestin>I seriously doubt Hue is burning up that much data every month.
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12:11<Abi12>LouWestin: I can burn through it in a week.
12:12<Abi12>Video streaming is an expensive operation.
12:16<LouWestin>Yeah if he’s doing that
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12:43<tmberg>Hm.. How do you use the Linode ipv6 and an ipv6 tunnel from he at the same time? ( I can ping with both. But can only make one of them answer dns requests. )
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13:24<sabuj>I want to shift to linode :)
13:24<millisa>Sounds good to me
13:24<sabuj>but need some information
13:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:25<sabuj>linode provides ddos protection, backup and rdns service?
13:25<scrane2>We do provide backups and rdns, but not ddos protection.
13:25<millisa> specifically for backups
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13:26<scrane>Hmmm. Still don't have my ops.
13:28<millisa>You are still on the about page, so it looks like ssmith hasn't yet destroyed you to move up the leaderboard. at least that's how I'm assuming that page works.
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13:34<@scrane>Thank you bbigger!
13:34<@scrane>No wait... hmm. Still don't quite have the ops... I'll get there.
13:34<@scrane>millisa At least as far as I know!
13:35<sabuj>cpu is dedicated or shared?
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13:37<@jackley>sabuj: shared (we're working on dedicated, though!)
13:38<@scrane>Aaah, my ops are back.
13:38<@scrane>I feel better now.
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13:50<@mcintosh>Ahh, I've had my coffee now and I feel great! Sure you can go through! Are you in a hurry?
13:53*csnxs sneezes
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13:55<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
13:55<hi>whats poppin
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14:08<csnxs>once you pop, you are permanently vendor locked and can't stop!
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14:18<LouWestin>Locked in with Linksys
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14:41<linbot>New news from community: Cpanel not working with Network Helper On <>
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15:14<SleePy>Tell you what, that every 15 minutes window for dns generating is kinda annoying when your waiting for a new record to show up
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15:24<jay_>hi guys, If I have 5 instance will I be charged $100x 5 or only for the main server I need managed
15:25<LouWestin>5 instances of what?
15:26<LouWestin>Five servers and one needs managed?
15:27<ericoc> - Pricing is $100 per month per Linode on your account. / Can I designate which Linodes are to be managed? Yes. If you are running more than one Linode, not all are required to be managed.
15:29<jay_>need some clarity on this
15:29<jay_>on some pages it says I will be charged for all linodes on the accounts, other times it says I can choose which is managed
15:30<ericoc>> not all are required to be managed.
15:30<@bbigger>when signing up for Managed Services, all Linodes will be included on the service
15:30<dwfreed>reading the text, it means that you'd split your Linodes into two accounts
15:30<@bbigger>this means that there will be a $100 charge for each Linode on the account
15:30<dwfreed>1 account is managed, and has all the linodes that need to be managed; the other account is not managed, and has all the linodes that don't need to be managed
15:31<dwfreed>this is the solution we offered people back when managed first came out (I worked there at the time), and it sounds like it hasn't changed any since
15:32<LouWestin>Interesting didn’t know about managed
15:34<@bbigger>jay_: we're seeing the ambiguity in the language on our page and are working to make it crystal clear
15:34<jay_>thanks :)
15:34<@bbigger>thanks for pointing it out :)
15:38<LouWestin>That would be major sticker shock if you didn’t know. Lol
15:42<millisa>unless all 5 are 96gb+ linodes that all have backups enabled. then. incredible savings!
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15:49<jay_>@ $100 its worth it since I get backup+cpanel
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15:59<LouWestin>That runs about $3.33 a day. Which is less than a Starbucks coffee
16:00<jay_>not worth it for beta and testing servers
16:01<jay_>hopefully they update later where you can choose which server to manage
16:18<@bbigger>jay_: Indeed, and we've added your comment to our internal issue tracker to that end. Otherwise, as dwfreed pointed out, you can create a separate account with us to have specific Linodes under Managed Services. You can swap Linodes between these two accounts by opening transfer request tickets on each of them if you need to.
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16:31<linbot>New news from community: Can I choose which Linodes have Managed Services? <>
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17:17<Abi12>err it's been awhil since I've done this. I need to request that two servers are in the same data center right?
17:18<millisa>You can pick your datacenter on the add linode screen. It's a drop down at the bottom
17:18<Abi12>ahh so picking 'Dallas' for both servers guarentees they'll be in the same data center?
17:18<Abi12>I wasn't sure if they had multiple locations within Dallas.
17:19<millisa>Only one I know of where they have multiple is tokyo and it probably doesn't let you pick the first one
17:20<Abi12>Understood. Thanks.
17:20<millisa>er, to directly answer, if you pick dallas for both linodes, they are both in the same dc
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17:52<linbot>New news from community: Upgrade server OS from Ubuntu to CentOS <>
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18:25<crazyboy>Hi, how many ips can i add on 1 vps ?
18:25<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
18:25<millisa>sure thing
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21:12<linbot>New news from community: Why won't my Citadel start or connect properly? <>
21:52<linbot>New news from community: windows security mode <>
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22:02<linbot>New news from community: Minecraft spigot problem <>
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22:43<zifnab>i should become a mechanic
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22:48<millisa>do it.
22:48<zifnab>bought a car two weeks ago
22:49<zifnab>its been at a mechanic for a week because "used car"
22:49<millisa>buy another. a redundant array of cars is the way to go.
22:49<zifnab>it is expensive to store them
22:49<zifnab>this ain't florida
22:49<millisa>keep it with the horse.
22:49<zifnab>this is seattle, is that slang for heroin?
22:50<millisa>thing. 4 legs. knows the way home when you are drunk.
22:50<millisa>I also want to become a mechanic. Or at least someone that can convert lawnmowers into gocarts.
22:51<zifnab>i would like a garage
22:51<millisa>there's a place about an hour or so north of here that specializes in those inflatable dome type buildings where they pour concrete over these big air bags
22:51<zifnab>about an hour north of here they build air planes
22:51<zifnab>and crash air planes
22:52<millisa>supposedly the structures are strong, cheap, and they can do them quick
22:52<millisa>I want them for workshops
22:52<millisa>what is supposedly wrong with your car?
22:53<zifnab>nothing now!
22:53<zifnab>it was leaking a lot of oil
22:53<zifnab>valve cover gaskets needed to be replaced + oil pan gasket + something else i'm forgetting
22:55<millisa>probably the filter too with those things?
22:55<zifnab>probably. it was like $1800 all in, they gave me a list of things
22:55<zifnab>i youtubed most of them, they made sense
22:55<zifnab>(its an 08 subaru impreza, i was expecting a bit of work anyways)
22:56<millisa>first car?
22:58<zifnab>i don't need a car for commuting
22:58<zifnab>i went from 95 impreza -> 03 civic -> 12 vw gti -> 08 imprez
22:58<zifnab>its a "I would like to go snowboarding this weekend" car
22:59<millisa>what made you switch from the vw?
22:59<zifnab>car payment
22:59<zifnab>VW thing was $400/mo for a payment + $125/mo for insurance
22:59<zifnab>impreza is $0 for a payment (i paid cash) with like $50 for insurance
23:00<zifnab>overall, i went from $700/mo to $200/mo between payment/parking/insurance
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23:37*nate pays something around 1500~ a month between both cars and his insurance
23:38<nate>been meaning to get a quote from a different provider though
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