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07:08<linbot>New news from community: Why was my server restarted? - "Lassie initiated boot" <>
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08:49<newtolinode>i want to order a linux vps
08:50<newtolinode>can any one answer me a question?
08:53<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:54<PetryaevA>Hello. I have problem with account registration. When I push "Create account" it follow to with above text — No CSRF/authenticity token submitted. —
08:55<LouWestin>Sounds like a cookie or browser issue
08:57<newtolinode>will the linode linux vps provide additional ipv4 address? what is the cost?
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08:59<DrJ>newtolinode: not without a really good reason
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08:59<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
08:59<DrJ>what is your reason for needing additional IP addresses?
09:02<newtolinode>I want to create a personal network
09:02<DrJ>yea, that will be denied
09:02<grawity>that doesn't actually *need* additional public IP addresses though...
09:02<newtolinode>OK. i give up
09:02<DrJ>yea, really doesn't
09:03<DrJ>why do you think that needs more than 1 IPv4 per server?
09:03<LouWestin>Personal networks would run under a private IP anyway
09:03<newtolinode>Hard to explain. Not easy to clear in few words
09:03<Peng>What's a personal network?
09:04<DrJ>newtolinode: well if you plan to make the request then you better be ready to explain
09:04<grawity>explain in more words
09:05<DrJ>if you are going to "network" multiple linodes in the same facility you can use the backend private network IP that linode gives you
09:05<grawity>I mean, if you want to set up a VPN, and specifically want VPN clients to have a different public IP address from the linode itself, feel free to request that
09:06<newtolinode>can i talk to you private? So i can explain to you.
09:06<grawity>but why can't you explain it here
09:06<DrJ>newtolinode: you can explain it here
09:06<Woet>newtolinode: channels support the same amount of words as private messages
09:06<Woet>newtolinode: a VPN does not need more than one IPv4.
09:06<grawity>admittedly, private messages don't have Woet in them, but...
09:07<DrJ>grawity: I kind of doubt they would even approve your VPN example... but idk
09:07<grawity>DrJ: well at least it's a vaguely legitimate request
09:08<grawity>as opposed to most other "personal network" setups which really don't need that
09:08<DrJ>but honestly, I've yet to see anyone say "I got an additional IPv4 because of this..."
09:08<DrJ>so I have no idea what they would approve them for
09:08<LouWestin>PetryaevA your response is best kept public to get help.
09:09<DrJ>[09:08:35:am] <newtolinode> i read some articles about how to create proxies on one vps
09:09<DrJ>[09:09:17:am] <newtolinode> That's why i think i can add more ip to vps and try create more proxies on it
09:09<DrJ>he PM'ed me
09:09<DrJ>that's his reasoning
09:09<PetryaevA>I tried other browser, but no effect. Problem solves when I create account on this page: nor main
09:09<DrJ>why he couldn't type that here... idk
09:10<DrJ>newtolinode: I'm thinking you might be better off getting a VPN server like or something
09:11<DrJ>they, and others like them, allow you to have multiple connections/proxies active at a single time and you typically get a new IP everytime you connect
09:11<Woet>newtolinode: why do you need proxies?
09:11<Woet>with multiple IPs? sounds like you want to abuse something
09:12<DrJ>*VPN service (not server)
09:13<newtolinode>No, you know vps or proxies provider sell them on internet, the only reason one need to create it on his own way is because his own created product is better then someone sold to him
09:14<DrJ>I use PIA and have 4 different VPN connections on my router to PIA. I then use rules on my router that decides which VPN, if any, my traffic goes through. For exmaple, IRC goes through my "IRC VPN" because my rules state all traffic over ports 6660-6670 and 7000 goes over it
09:14<DrJ>web traffic, ports 80 and 443 over another
09:14<newtolinode>So for me, if i need to use proxy, i think i should better build it myself. It's fun and better
09:15<DrJ>but.... WHY do you need more than one IP for that?
09:17<DrJ>you can submit a ticket after creating your linode and ask for the extra IPs and give that justification. I strongly believed you will be denied though.
09:17<newtolinode>i didn't create the vps yet. I just thinking about it.
09:18<newtolinode>It's an idea, i came here to ask for some help, to learn some information
09:18<DrJ>On the flipside, they will give you for free and without justification about 1.5 gazillion IPv6 addresses
09:21<DrJ>newtolinode: you can use linode as your own personal proxy, there is no issue with that. However, I still don't see why you need more than one IPv4 addy for that
09:21<DrJ>it will work just fine with 1
09:21<newtolinode>Thank you all
09:22<newtolinode>I just need if linode allow to add additional ip.
09:22<DrJ>look into softether if you decide to proceed
09:23<DrJ>newtolinode: okay, to answer your question straight up then. No. You don't have a good reason.
09:23<newtolinode>Now i know it cost $ for each ip. Thank you!!
09:23<Woet>newtolinode: except they won't give you any
09:23<Woet>newtolinode: because you don't have valid justification.
09:23<newtolinode>I love to try something , so maybe i just want to do what the articles said. Not for something, just for fun
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09:28<rgnagiev>Goog afternoon! Do I have an option to payvia PayPal please?
09:28<grawity>yes, but only after making at least one payment with a card, afaik
09:30<rgnagiev>Thanks for the answer! So the option will just pop up during the next purchasing dialog or what? :)
09:31<Woet>rgnagiev: you can top up your account with paypal after adding a creditcard
09:32<grawity> – you can pre-pay with Paypal but it's currently manual
09:32<grawity>afaik, monthly bills will always use the card if you run out of the pre-paid balance
09:33<csnxs>brb stealing grawity's card
09:33<grawity>brb replacing card
09:33<csnxs>brb slightly dismayed over foiled plan
09:34<rgnagiev>So can I just _add_my visa card but actually pay via PayPal from the very first time?
09:34<csnxs>i believe you need to add some initial credit from your card
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09:35<grawity>probably just enough to verify the card
09:35<grawity>since the actual payment is done at the end of the month IIRC
09:36<rgnagiev>Okay, I see... I wonder if my card details can be deleted after that, since I don't want my CVV to be stored somewhere permanently...
09:36<grawity>the CVV is *never* stored somewhere permanently
09:37<grawity>part of the credit card issuer's rules
09:38<grawity>(the card can be charged even without the CVV, afaik it's mostly some fraud-related differences)
09:39<rgnagiev>"the CVV is *never* stored somewhere permanently" >> That's not obvious from what I see on the payment page, sorry
09:41<Peng>It's the rules.
09:42<grawity>it's part of e.g. Visa's rules for merchants, and part of Linode's claimed PCI-DSS compliance, both of which prohibit storing CVVs after the initial authorization
09:42<rgnagiev>Thanks for your answers, guys! I appreciate
09:42<grawity>it's generally not obvious from most sites' payment pages since that's how it always works anyway
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12:19<linbot>New news from community: Which CPU is better? <>
12:20<Peng>E5-2680 v2 versus Gold 6148.
12:20<LouWestin>Go for the gold?
12:21<Peng>Say the five-year-old one is better because it has a lower TDP. :P
12:26<Peng>Post-Spectre my favorite Intel is whatever is oldest but still gets firmware updates. :P
12:27<LouWestin>On a shared environment I wouldn’t really worry about which one I’m getting.
12:28<LouWestin>At the same time though, you get what’s given.
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14:10<dwfreed>"Neither processor would even notice that workload"
14:11<LouWestin>For what I run, I don’t think it would matter.
14:11<dwfreed>here's the breakdown, fwiw:,75277
14:13<LouWestin>At quick glance the gold holds better specs, but it’s newer too.
14:14<dwfreed>double the cores, lower base clock, higher boost clock, can run in 4 socket configs instead of 2, DDR4 instead of DDR3, lots of new instructions
14:14<dwfreed>yeah, it's 4 years newer
14:14<Peng>I use a lot of CPU, but I don't use new instructions, so what matters is clock speed and load and so forth.
14:14<dwfreed>the 6148 is the Xeon Skylake
14:15<LouWestin>For me, extra cores are going to make the biggest impact
14:15<LouWestin>But I’m not running anything that intense b
14:15<Peng>As a customer, twice as many cores doesn't help *you* if it means Linode puts twice as many nodes on the host.
14:16<dwfreed>a 4 socket 6148 setup would report 160 threads to the OS
14:16<dwfreed>picture that htop
14:16<Peng>[picture of the big board at NORAD ]
14:17<dwfreed>I'd need a bigger monitor to be able to fit the entire thing on screen and still see a process list
14:30<dwfreed>btw, filling a supermicro X11QPH (the 4 socket 6148-supporting mobo) with 64 GB modules (48 slots) could cost upwards of 48k (1k per module)
14:31<dwfreed>and would be 3 TB of RAM
14:32<dwfreed>add 12k for the CPUs, and you're at 60k for a system you haven't even put disks in
14:32<Peng>I'm sure there's a box of SATA drives in the back somewhere ;)
14:33<dwfreed>oh, there's still spinning rust in the racks, just not on VM hosts
14:34<dwfreed>(Linode has publicly mentioned that block storage is an SSD-HDD hybrid setup)
14:35<Peng>I forgot D:
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14:36<LouWestin>Are they those hybrid drives or is it a mixed bag?
14:37<dwfreed>most likely separate disks; eg SSDs for one tier, HDDs for another
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15:07<csnxs>[19:16:01] <dwfreed> a 4 socket 6148 setup would report 160 threads to the OS
15:07<csnxs>[19:16:07] <dwfreed> picture that htop
15:07<csnxs>imagine dual socket amd rome
15:07<csnxs>256 threads
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15:09<BeBoo>I am having an issue with OpenSSH and IPv6. When the VM boots, I cannot connect to my VM over IPv6. Reviewing netstat, OpenSSH is only listening on IPv4. If I restart the OpenSSH service, it will listen appropriately on IPv6 as well. I'm thinking this has something to do with IPv6 not being ready when OpenSSH starts.
15:13<grawity>if you're configuring openssh to listen on a specific address, yes
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15:15<BeBoo>Ah, ok. What is best practice then?
15:15<grawity>a) stop doing that and let it listen on all addresses
15:16<grawity>b) order the ssh service after the network configuration service
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15:16<grawity>c) find a way to use IP_FREEBIND with sshd
15:18<BeBoo>ssh.server is set to after and auditd.service
15:18<BeBoo>ssh.service *
15:20<BeBoo>Do I want
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15:38<BeBoo>Didn't work :(
15:40<linbot>New news from community: How can I reconfigure my running Linode to add virtual hosts to host multiple websites? <>
15:43<millisa>what didn't work? what did you do?
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15:52<BeBoo>I changed ssh.service's after from to
15:54<BeBoo>On boot, ssh is not listening on IPv6. I really don't want to listen on all interfaces
15:55<millisa>did you also include a ''?
15:56<BeBoo>I tried that as well, just below the After line
15:57<millisa>pastebin your sshd.service file?
15:57<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
15:59<BeBoo>During boot, I see this:
15:59<BeBoo>So I guess it is working but I wonder if it is just waiting for an ipv4 target
16:02<millisa>(don't know the answer, but this thread sounded like a similar issue -
16:05<Peng>The question is how it defines "up".
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16:07<BeBoo>millisa, that sounds plausible
16:07<millisa>found a few other threads where they disabled the dupe address detect for ipv6 to work around it
16:10<BeBoo>So, I can't modify /etc/network/interfaces because Linode re-generates it on boot, according to the header
16:12<BeBoo>Ah, can do it through sysctl
16:15<millisa>(and as for the auto-gen of /etc/network/interfaces - you turn off the auto-config networking and set things manually if you need that sorta thing - covered here -
16:16<BeBoo>Ok, disabling DAD through sysctl worked
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16:51<LouWestin>Peng: off topic, interesting. Clients didn’t want to spend money on rails.
16:51<LouWestin>Side note, has anyone ever heard of a service provider replacing their IP address pool?
16:54<Peng>Like, a VPS provider?
16:54<millisa>physical datacenters, yes.
16:55<millisa>just had to deal with one where a datacenter got sold, and the buyer didn't make sure the IP space was coming with it...
16:56<LouWestin> said on Facebook that their provider was updating the pool and the site was going going to be down for a day or more.
16:56<millisa>sounds like they aren't planning their transition out all that well?
16:56<Peng>Yeah uh
16:57<LouWestin>Right lol
16:58<Peng>If you turn on the new IPs before you turn off the old IPs...
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19:00<linbot>New news from community: No login prompt via lish on ubuntu 16.04 <>
19:20<Abi12>*cough* use ssh...
19:20<Abi12>oh no. `ssh using a private key, but recently lost this key thanks to a series of backup and hard drive failures.` poor guy.
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21:53<LouWestin>If I remember correctly with lish you have to press the enter key to get the prompt.
22:01<retro|blah>May be the case, though I suspect that isn't unique to Lish.
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22:14<LouWestin>Good evening
22:15<Ramal>in linode, SMTP port 25 is block or not?
22:15<LouWestin>Only if you block it by firewall
22:16<Ramal>im from digitalocean and after create site. they said they block poer 25. thats why im here.
22:16<Ramal>are you port 25 is open in linode? most of companies block that
22:17<LouWestin>Ports are only blocked if you block them yourself by firewall rules
22:17<Ramal>i wish to do dropshoping site
22:17<Ramal>ok thnk you
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23:23<Abi12>what is dropshoping
23:23<Abi12>and how do I sign up.
23:25*dcraig tickles abi12 around a bit with a large ghost pipefish
23:25<dcraig>it's like that
23:28<LouWestin>Shop till you drop?
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23:29<dcraig>LouWestin looks dropshopped
23:30<dcraig>I can tell from the pixels
23:30<dcraig>hey my speakers are better now
23:30<LouWestin>Oh good.
23:30<dcraig>I got a usb-to-audio-jack dongle
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