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#linode IRC Logs for 2018-12-24

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03:12<private>is this host dedicated?
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05:59<docke>I am gatting problem to setup lampp by using terminal
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09:29<Hjuioplkij>Does the backup service cover block storage?
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09:49<Woet>Hjuioplkij showing off their reading comprehension skills
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10:31<Sajadi>hello :)
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10:32<Sajadi>I have opened an abuse report over a domain on your IP range which is uses as host for malicious files - which are tried by a third-party IP to inject into not protected webservers
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14:17<LouWestin>I think there’s a lot of users coming on here that are ESL speakers.
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23:29<__>How many domain names can I bind?
23:30<millisa>as in how many can you host on a linode? (you can put as many vhosts as your server can handle)
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23:35<baaa>Can I bind 200 domain names?
23:36<DrJ>baaa: you got your answer
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23:36<___>Can I bind 200 domain names?
23:37<DrJ>do you think you are going to get a different answer if you quit and rejoin or something?
23:37<nate>Better question is can you even count to 200, because your goofiness makes me wonder
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23:38<DrJ>not good enough
23:38<DrJ>time to try again
23:39<millisa>will be ____ or __._ to follow the pattern
23:39<millisa>or did he have to use __ and ___ because that's his m.o.
23:42<DrJ>something tells me someone who needs to ask that question should probably not be responsible for 200 domain names
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23:48<poketdeal>hello millisa
23:48<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:49<poketdeal>our mail transfer from this domain hosted in linode i.e are goes into spam for gmail
23:52<millisa>gmail can be picky; you want your forward to match the reverse, for that name to be used by the mail server in the helo/ehlo string, and having it listed in the spf record usually makes google happy
23:54<nate>poketdeal: SPF, DKIM, making sure you're actually sending from proper SMTP authenticated accounts instead of plain system mail() stuff, etc
23:54<nate>there's a lot of potential reasons for that
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