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00:08<poketdeal>normal mail also goes to spam
00:08<poketdeal>rverse dns setup hostname what should i put there
00:10<millisa>presumably based on what I see when I send a ehlo to your smtp port
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02:47<dcraig>I've entered an antigravity portal on google maps
03:13<nate>3 hours into the 25th and netflix still hasn't added infinity war. I am not pleased netflix :o
03:25<dwfreed>nate: it's there for me?
03:26<dwfreed>also, drop time was midnight PST, so you have to wait until 3 am EST anyway
03:49<nate>shows up when I search for it now, I was largely expecting it to be on my front page though lol
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06:51<Sure_nd>What is the cost for managed service
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13:22<Elyas>Hope you are all doing well
13:22<Elyas>wanted some advice on hosting a busy e-commerce site
13:23<Elyas>would it be better to separate the web and DB server?
13:23<LouWestin>What are you currently doing?
13:28<Elyas>hosted on a dedicated server
13:28<Elyas>but we are planning to expand to other countries so maybe we need to split up the servers and use load balancing?
13:29<LouWestin>You probably could load balance between data centers to reduce latency.
13:30<Elyas>okay, which data centers?
13:30<Elyas>our target markets are Middle Eastern countries and Africa
13:31<LouWestin>Probably the data centers in Europe
13:31<Elyas>okay, for load balancing should the servers in each Date Centre be identical?
13:33<LouWestin>I’d figure what you’re currently using now memory wise and see what plan would best match that.
13:33<LouWestin>I haven’t used a Load balancer so I’m not a big expert on them.
13:34<LouWestin>But tomorrow you’ll probably get someone on who more knowledgeable
13:34<Elyas>ah okay
13:34<Elyas>Thanks for your help though
13:34<LouWestin>You’re welcome
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13:37<LouWestin>He could save with VPS over dedicated but if you’re throwing in load balancers and additional servers cost wise not so much depending.
13:38<LouWestin>The only benefit I see is redundancy
13:38<LouWestin>Well back to family business
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14:07<linbot>New news from community: Lasting Python Console Application <>
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21:03<cole>Anybody available to discuss linode/apache speed issue?
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21:15<zifnab>On Christmas? Bah humbug.
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