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00:00<LouWestin>How long was the outage?
00:01<zifnab>started around 3am, seems to have completed by about an hour ago?
00:02<zifnab>so that's what, 0300 - 2100, 18 hours?
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03:10<Hiep>I want to create a VM has this config:4 GB RAM 2 CPU Cores 80 GB SSD Storage
03:10<Hiep>sorry, 4GB RAM, 2cpu, 200GB SSD
03:10<Hiep>is this possible?
03:10<zifnab>if it's there you can get it
03:10<zifnab>if it's not you can't
03:10<LouWestin>Beat me to it
03:10<zifnab>they have block storage though
03:11<LouWestin>Or you can compromise
03:11<zifnab>so you could probably attach a 200gb ssd to a box with that ram/cpu
03:11<zifnab>...or whatever block storage is, i'm assuming they're ssd over isci or something
03:11<zifnab>!learn blockstorage echo
03:12<Hiep>super cool!
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03:17<Peng>zifnab: Block Storage uses some combination of spinning and non-spinning disks.
03:25<zifnab>Peng: are they vegan disks
03:36<Woet>i also put a few drips of milk in mine
03:36<Woet>for good luck
03:37<Woet>i think i got super unlucky though, all of them broke like a day later
03:38<LouWestin>You can hot swap the ones that stopped working. ;-)
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05:06<Narayan>Dear team, Test and Verification is unable to access through IP. We are suspecting our IP is blocked on server. We are unable to ping also. We are reachable up to 1 hop before Kindly unblock the same on high priority.
05:07<rsdehart>Narayan: you'll probably want to submit a ticket
05:08<Narayan>Please help us
05:08<rsdehart>this is community chat. no guarantees staff will see and respond
05:08<rsdehart>I'm just a customer. There's nothing I can do
05:08<Narayan>no issue I will contact support team.
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05:09<rsdehart>staff members are in here but they aren't guaranteed to be active
05:09<rsdehart>ticket will be the way to go :)
05:09<nate>That doesn't even sound like a linode issue unless the account in question has managed/professional
05:10<Peng>Are they even a Linode customer?
05:18<rsdehart>I leave the due diligence to you guys
07:46<deathspawn>do we have to worry about hard drive failure?
07:46<deathspawn>im assuming not but i've never really looked into the answer
07:47<Cromulent>deathspawn: if you are worried you can always pay for the backup service
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09:14<Abi12>deathspawn: Isn't it sort of implied that they have internal backups they use when the disks fail?
09:14<Abi12>and I'm sure they're using some type of RAID setup, so one disk failing won't cause any loss.
09:23<ericoc>they're not backing up literally every customers data for free, but they do use RAID
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09:53<gparent>Abi12: if you do not have your own data safely stored elsewhere there is 0 guarantee Linode can get it for you.
09:55<DrJ>if you don't have your data safely stored elsewhere that also means you don't care about such data
10:13<grawity>similarly, if your hosting provider doesn't have your data safely stored, it means they don't care about your data and probably aren't worth paying for
10:22<AlexMax>Good morning.
10:23<AlexMax>If I want to resize my disk to downgrade to an 8GB linode, what's the number I should put in
10:23<AlexMax>It says I need to resize my disk before I downgrade to an 8GB
10:23<LouWestin>Right right
10:23<AlexMax>> • Linode has allocated more disk than new plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller.
10:24<AlexMax>My disk is currently 196352 MB
10:24<LouWestin>Gotta do some math here
10:24<AlexMax>with a 256 MB
10:24<AlexMax>swap image
10:24<AlexMax>Well, I'm afraid that if I'm like....1 off or something, I'll be blocked from downgrading
10:25<LouWestin>No you wouldn’t blocked
10:25<LouWestin>Well it might complain
10:25<AlexMax>Well yeah, I'm trying to avoid the case of resizing, then "Whoops, it's not small enough"
10:26<scrane2>AlexMax If you have a 256MB swap disk, I believe the number you are looking for is 163584 (or 163840 - 256).
10:27<AlexMax>yep, I basically created a new server just to see what the number would work out to
10:27<AlexMax>and it dead-reckoned to the same size
10:27<LouWestin>8192 I believe is the number. But the swap should be a separate partition
10:28<LouWestin>Meaning that you’re resizing a disk that’s whatever that size is
10:28<LouWestin>Oh wait I’d just divide the disk size by two and that was my answer
10:29<LouWestin>I haven’t had coffee yet, so I’m running slower than normal
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11:19<linbot>New news from community: IP-address issues during restore <>
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11:49<deathspawn>grawity: lets start a riot
11:49<deathspawn>im kidding
11:50<deathspawn>$5 is dirt cheap for that kind of backup service. who wouldn't pay for it just for redundancy
11:51<deathspawn>and linode is going to be the fastest to catch those kinds of backups.
11:51<deathspawn>so if you hose your system, there is less data loss
11:53<deathspawn>well... hmm.. there's still the running services that don't save.
11:54<deathspawn>ah best to not turn this into a rambling channel.
11:55<LouWestin>There are those who think $5 a month is too much money.
11:55<deathspawn>yea that is true. i was one of those people for a while.
11:56<LouWestin>I mean $5 for a 1GB server and $2 for that’s pretty good.
11:59<deathspawn>i could go on about the horrors of free hosting sites...
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12:02<LouWestin>I was with Inmotion when I first started in web stuff. Which ran about $7 - $9 a month
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12:15<LouWestin>Their unmanaged VPS will run about $31 a month with 1.5GB of RAM and 75GB of HDD
12:15<LouWestin>and you can run either Ubuntu or CentOS
12:18<LouWestin>They'll give you up to 4GB and more than one core temporarily... but why not just go for Linode's $20 plan instead.
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14:22<LouWestin>Happy Birthday to Linus!
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21:01<linbot>New news from community: How to paste in glish <>
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21:27<@mcintosh>!point dwfreed
21:27<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to dwfreed. (71) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 17)
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