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02:26<zifnab>i mean, it's his forum password...
02:26<zifnab>holy shit
02:26<zifnab>is there some place to report these things
02:31<LouWestin>Eh, at this point the best you could do is reply and mention it.
02:33<zifnab>i am far too lazy to make an account for that.
02:37<LouWestin>I better say something.
03:14<dwfreed>zifnab: new community site uses your manager creds
03:16<dwfreed>you could email support@
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09:22<linbot>New news from community: Terminal up arrow in user mode <>
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16:51<kyhwana>Don't forget PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are EOL now!
16:51<Woet>the kind of people that would listen to such a warning in #linode aren't on those versions in the first place
16:52<Peng>They idle in #linode from X-Chat on Windows XP
16:52<Woet>the kind of people that need that warning are also the kind of people that go "hurr durr i can't type my password in putty there are no asterisks"
16:53<LouWestin>This is all true
17:06<DrJ>I refuse to upgrade from PHP 2.0
17:09<Peng>Sounds good to me. Nobody remembers how to exploit it now.
17:09<DrJ>nor is anyone trying
17:10<DrJ>I call it: security through stupidity
17:10<Peng>I hear there's an opening at Equifax
17:12<nate>Peng: Nah, an art major got the position this time
17:16<Peng>She'd worked in IT for ages. Does anyone have a degree in infosec?
17:19<LouWestin>I think I might just go back to HTML
17:27<LouWestin>I also vote to bring back the Abacus into schools
17:31<Peng>maybe you can get an abacus from Texas Instruments for $500
17:32<nate>Peng: Where did that get disclosed at? The most I ever saw documented about her is that it looked like she worked her way up the executive chain of things and largely got thrown into security roles with no actual experience
17:33<Peng>The only detail I know about her career is she was a programmer at HP before I was born or something.
17:33<nate>Never said she needed a degree but I never saw her listing any relevant experience to being remotely a sane pick to secure an entire nations worth of personal information, before or after she started hiding all her business profiles
17:33<nate>Sure that was -before- you were born? I thought I remember her role of 'Auditor' at HP being one of the last things she did before joining equifax. I'll have to poke at it again and see if anything new has come out
17:34<Peng>though if Equifax wanted to be *really* secure, they could hire anyone who knows how to drive a gasoline tanker
17:39<LouWestin>Damn... Abacus’s got expensive
17:45<relidy><grammar>abaci or abacuses</grammar>
17:53<LouWestin>I think my daughter is right, if you go back to school and start with eighth grade
17:57<LouWestin>*i need to
19:06<csnxs>mERRY NEW 2019!!!!!!
19:06<LouWestin>It’s 2019 somewhere in the world
19:07<rsdehart>has been 2019 somewhere in the world for about 13 hours :)
19:07<rsdehart>namely right here
19:08<csnxs>it's 2019 in all of europe and anything east of it
19:09<LouWestin>I pulled up my time buddy app. Yep GMT time 12:00
19:11<LouWestin>It’s a pain in the ass converting CST, MST, etc to GMT in my head. lol
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19:12<Peng>We just have to get everyone to stop using them
19:13<LouWestin>Time zones?
19:15<LouWestin>Works for me! I’d be happy ridding the world of daylight savings times!
19:23<csnxs>timezones are a nessecary annoyance
19:41<Woet>necessary *
19:41<Woet>and they're not necessary
19:41<Woet>it's perfectly fine if 2pm is the middle of the night
19:45<LouWestin>What if we reduced the amount of times zones? Like... in half?
19:47<Peng>good luck getting people to agree on which half to eliminate, Time Zone Thanos
19:48<LouWestin>I think I can get daylight savings time to end at least.
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20:03<Peng>Welcome to #linode
20:03<csnxs>I agree with DST needing to die however
20:04<Peng>so much
20:04<Peng>let's move to Arizona or Hawaii
20:08<redentor>i program in crontab to reboot annualy and it reboot today at 4 pm
20:09<LouWestin>csnxs: good read!
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20:35<@mcintosh>!point csnxs
20:35<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to csnxs. (15)
20:35<@mcintosh>!to csnxs urmom
20:35<linbot>csnxs: Yo mommas so blind, she dated mikegrb and thought it was Ben Affleck! (25:0/0) [ormmu]
20:35<@mcintosh>!upvote 25
20:36<linbot>mcintosh: Upvote added.
20:40<mikegrb>mmm csnxs's mom
20:40<LouWestin>Ha ha... ah mama jokes....
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22:33<Whiskey`Wonka>Hellos. Is there any way at all to get vlans between nodes, or get the private ip's into a sequence of ip's? it would really make my routing much more sane.
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22:40<Peng>...You could get an IPv6 /116
22:59<Whiskey`Wonka>sadly i need v4 as well, however linode does /116's for all your nodes in the same DC ?
22:59<Whiskey`Wonka>well, hmm, i mgiht be able to do 6to4 at my vpn node, ill look into that
23:00<Peng>If you get a /116, all of your nodes can use IPs from within it.
23:00<Peng>Assuming you have fewer than 4097 nodes. :D
23:01<Whiskey`Wonka>i will look into that, thanks. I still need to do something about the 192/17's tho
23:01<Whiskey`Wonka>cause those things are bunging up my ospf like mad
23:04<Peng>What are you trying to do? Why are you doing any routing?
23:04<Whiskey`Wonka>a number of things and reasons
23:04<Whiskey`Wonka>the short version is i want to limit access to the nodes to only my vpn node
23:04<Whiskey`Wonka>which is fairly locked down and can only be accesses via VPN
23:05<dwfreed>firewalls are good for that
23:05<Whiskey`Wonka>yea FW's are good, firewalls and vpns are better
23:05<dwfreed>neither of those require OSPF, though
23:06<Whiskey`Wonka>right, thats the other side of the vpn node. i have a few hundred sites that link together that in time will be directly linked to my vpn node
23:06<Whiskey`Wonka>right now they link in via other sites, i use ospf to bring all the subnets back
23:07<dwfreed>you're not going to want just one VPN node for that purpose
23:07<Whiskey`Wonka>i plan to run a ospf monitor script on one of the nodes that will let me know when ospf changes, thus telling me when some of my other network elements are down, out of loop, backup links, etc
23:08<Whiskey`Wonka>na 1 is fine, as its just for monitoring
23:08<Whiskey`Wonka>its not mission crit, its just convenient
23:08<Whiskey`Wonka>I just would love to have a vlan betoween my nodes so i can put thme all in the same subnet
23:09<Whiskey`Wonka>and we dont have network wide v6, so thats a option but not 100% right now
23:09<dwfreed>I mean, you could run an overlay network
23:09<dwfreed>ip-in-ip will probably shrink the MTU less than the VPN already does
23:10<Whiskey`Wonka>its ipsec over gre, not worried about mtu as its not meant for data
23:11<dwfreed>I hope you mean gre over ipsec
23:11<Whiskey`Wonka>heck, id love to buy a few nodes that dont even have public ip's
23:11<dwfreed>you can just not bring up the public IPs
23:11<Whiskey`Wonka>i know and ive got one i plan to do that with
23:12<Whiskey`Wonka>i just hate burning a public ip needlessly ya know?
23:13<dwfreed>1 IP address doesn't make a significant difference
23:13<Whiskey`Wonka>however, is that /116 thing true? can i get all my nodes into the same 116?
23:14<Whiskey`Wonka>i know im just a nut on some things
23:15<Whiskey`Wonka>sweet ill look into that one
23:15<Whiskey`Wonka>happen to know if there are any plans to offer vlans in the same dc? id even pay a little for it
23:27<zifnab>they tend to not announce things before they exist
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23:45<Whiskey`Wonka>good point zifnab. I guess the crickets answer that well enough =)
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23:50<Whiskey`Wonka>im not worried aobut it really. it would just be nice. I should just add /32's and static route at the DC and not even worry about the 192's.
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