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02:36<Guest1625>I need to know charges for hosting multiple files, what are the charges for maxium storage
02:37<Guest1625> i am from india
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03:31<Guest1625>any one there?
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06:07<Guest1629>hi, i want to host my clients website on your server , there are more than 100 sites which needs to be hosted. suggest me a package which unlimited storage, also it shoudnt have a limit to number of files.
06:07<Guest1629>suggest me a package please
06:10<Peng>Unlimited storage does not exist.
06:12<Guest1629>is there any limit to number of files
06:12<dwfreed>only limited by the filesystem
06:12<Guest1629>any sales support number to speak with?
06:12<dwfreed>there's no arbitrary limit
06:13<Guest1629>sales support to speak in india
06:13<dwfreed>Linode's entire support team is US-based
06:16<Guest1629>if i purchase server from you and host my site, than is there chances of indian website opening slow because it is hosted in US
06:16<dwfreed>you could use singapore, which is a lot closer to indea
06:18<Guest1629>so how will i get singapore ?
06:19<dwfreed>by selecting it when creating the Linode
06:20<dwfreed>you pick which of Linode's facilities you want your server to end up in
06:23<Guest1629>we can host linux and windows based both ?
06:23<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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10:41<rohit>i need details abt linode cloud hosting
10:41<millisa>what would you like to know about?
10:41<rohit>how is the support
10:42<millisa>They are unmanaged vps for the most part, so much of the work is on your end. For things that are in their support boundary though, they are great.
10:42<rohit>will they help in whm panel creation
10:43<millisa>Not generally. They are unmanaged vps. There's a managed product that might cover that, and they have their professional services that would do most anything for a price.
10:44<rohit>i need secured managed servers at economical cost
10:45<millisa>Well, their managed product is talked about here
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13:46<seatrips>i get Internal server error when adding funds with my creditcard
13:46<seatrips>anyone help?
13:48<@mcintosh>seatrips: we're experiencing an issue with our payment processor at the moment - error message isn't very helpful there - our apologies
13:48<@mcintosh>status page post should be up $now-ish
13:49<seatrips>great thks
13:49<seatrips>than i''l stop trying to pay
13:50<LouWestin>Does that mean we get free service while it’s down? Heh heh heh
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13:51*mcintosh is faster than RSS
13:52<dwfreed>.rss status 1
13:52<dwfreed>!rss status 1
13:52<linbot>dwfreed: Scheduled Linode Manager and API Maintenance <>
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14:00<linbot>New news from status: Payment Processor Issues - Linode Manager and API <>
14:01<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
14:01<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
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14:18<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
14:18<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (87)
14:35<@mcintosh>!to csnxs urmom
14:35<linbot>csnxs: Yo mommas so stupid she sold her car for gas money! (5:0/0) [rmomu]
14:35<@mcintosh>not smart!
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14:35<csnxs>uhh, we call it petrol, thanks
14:36<@mcintosh>in contrast - I am, like, really smart
14:36<@mcintosh>I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius....and a very stable genius at that!
14:36<csnxs>mcintosh 2020
14:40<@mcintosh>lol'd at "we call it petrol" - fair point
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14:51<Peng>Why couldn't this have happened 2 days ago :<
14:51<LouWestin>I know right!?
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14:53<@mcintosh>yes that would've been really fun
14:53<@mcintosh>thanks :p
14:54<millisa>we know you miss the excitement over the holidays.
15:05<millisa>that dropbox image they used to give info reads funny.
15:06<millisa>they shutdown the network . .like 911 for the airports. they couldn't come up with a better way to put that?
15:06<linbot>New news from community: Error stackscript when using su to the user. <>
15:07<LouWestin>Were these windows servers?
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16:42<tempNick>Hey guys quick question, I have a project that has to be installed in multiple regions so I was wondering if you can provide me with the available regions if possible
16:43<LouWestin>It’s on the website
16:45<tempNick>Very helpful relidy much appreciated
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16:46<tempNick>is it possible to choose the regions while signing up ? or its automatic
16:47<LouWestin>You choose
16:47<LouWestin>You can have each Linode wherever you want
16:48<tempNick>Thank you so much! this should definitely work after I get a confirmation
16:50<LouWestin>You’re welcome. I think you can switch data centers too, but that requires a support ticket
16:50<tempNick>That's actually a gorgeous service
16:50<tempNick>thanks again
16:50<LouWestin>Let me clarify that. If you create a server in say Tokyo, but want to be in Frankfort
16:51<LouWestin>But otherwise upgrades are easy and quick, usually
16:52<LouWestin>he hourly rate it great because you can throw up a test server and delete it when you’re done for pocket change.
16:53<tempNick>ah.. now this actually is starting to take on my personal interest... this project is for a company.. my personal servers are somewhere else... 1 last question.. is prepaid credit card (debt card) accepted?
16:53<tempNick>Indeed it certainly is
16:54<LouWestin>Otherwise I hardly ever had any issues over the years I’ve been with them.
16:57<tempNick>Understood, was just wondering if debt card payments are allowed
16:58<LouWestin>I use my debit card as a credit card
16:59<tempNick>thing is.. i dont have a bank account (for many reasons) and where I'm currently hosting (suddenly) stopped allowing debit payments which kinda made me feel insecure about staying there
17:00<tempNick>so I definitely need to move to linode in this case
17:01<LouWestin>They take PayPal too After your first payment I believe
17:02<tempNick>I don't have paypal that's my main problem
17:04<tempNick>thanks Lou! very helpful
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17:05<LouWestin>Maybe he has a credit card. Eh, who’s knows.
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17:09<LouWestin>Maybe he deals in bitcoins.
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22:31<buzzageek>Hi, does anybody know how to recover login details for a linode where I have forgotten the USERNAME and EMAIL address associated)
22:35<buzzageek>Yes.. I do have the card in front of me..
22:35<buzzageek>Ultimately i'd like the linode to placed under my primary account (buzzageek)
22:35<buzzageek>So I don't have to worry about two logins
22:37<buzzageek>Ok. I've done that.
22:37<buzzageek>Are support availalbe at the moment>
22:39<buzzageek>Also how possible is it to downgrade a Linode to a lower plan but keep the disk space?
22:41<Peng>It's not possible. You could try Block Storage, though.
22:59<buzzageek>Ok thank you
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