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05:54<bigpitara>my disk space consumption is too high, don't know the reason, tried clearing cache files but still its same, can somebody help
05:55<grawity>install ncdu, run `sudo ncdu -x /`, and once it's done browse through the top directories
05:55<bigpitara>how to do it
05:56<grawity>which part of 'it'?
05:56<dwfreed>here's a simple one: sudo du -hxd 1 / | sort -h
05:56<dwfreed>then pastebin that result
05:56<bigpitara>ok doing
05:57<dwfreed>ncdu is nice, but it's hard to show us what you have without running it in save mode and pastebinning that file
05:57<dwfreed>(and the save file is usually huge)
05:58<grawity>dwfreed: there's always the "screenshot it and put it on imgur" method
06:00<dwfreed>not quite as accessible, unfortunately
06:00<bigpitara>dwfreed I tried your command and it listed all, calculated and it came around 10GB, but in linode its showing 50GB. How come?
06:01<dwfreed>because the Linode Manager can't see into your disk images, so it reports the size of your disk images relative to your storage allocation, not how much space you're using inside them
06:03<grawity>in other words, the Linode Manager shows how much disk space you've *given* to the whole server – not how much the server uses internally
06:03<bigpitara>I have allocated 50GB
06:04<bigpitara>and all consumed
06:04<bigpitara>we are running magento
06:04<grawity>how do you know it's all consumed?
06:04<grawity>i.e. where did you check
06:04<bigpitara>Linode dashboard
06:05<bigpitara>otal: 51200 MB Used: 50720 MB Free: 480 MB
06:05<bigpitara>Storage Total: 51200 MB Used: 50720 MB Free: 480 MB
06:05<dwfreed>as we said, that's not how much space you're using inside your disk images
06:05<dwfreed>that's how big your disk images are
06:05<grawity>didn't we just say the Linode dashboard *does not* show how much space is consumed
06:06<grawity>(although Longview can show that)
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06:06<bigpitara>site goes down frequently
06:06<dwfreed>if the du command I gave you says something like "10G /" then you're using 10 GB inside your disks, and thus would have about 40 GB free
06:07<bigpitara>earlier it was 30GB consumptio, now 50GB
06:07<grawity>bigpitara: what does `df -h /` show on the server?
06:07<dwfreed>was just going to say that
06:07<bigpitara>ok, but why it is showing Used: 50720 MB
06:07<dwfreed>2019-01-04 11:05:38 < dwfreed> that's how big your disk images are
06:07<grawity>because it really means "Allocated to the server: 50720 MB"
06:08<dwfreed>think of it this way: you have a notebook; some pages have been written on, some pages are blank, and there might be room to add more pages to the notebook
06:08<dwfreed>the linode manager knows how many pages are in the notebook, and how many pages can be added to the notebook, but not how many pages have been written on
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06:09<dwfreed>so the number it's telling you is how many pages are in the book
06:10<bigpitara>then why site goes down
06:10<dwfreed>no idea, you'd have to look at your logs for clues
06:10<bigpitara>after clearing cache it starts
06:11<grawity>maybe the cache grows massive and fills your entire disk
06:11<bigpitara>how to prevent it?
06:12<grawity>just saying that it's *not* a problem related to the Linode Dashboard
06:12<grawity>the correct disk usage is shown by `df -h /`
06:13<grawity>so, does magento have a cache limit? or some automatic cache cleaning?
06:13<bigpitara>yes, only 4GB taken
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06:15<bigpitara>yes, cronejob set for cache folder
06:16<bigpitara>if limit set to cache, will site go down?
06:17<bigpitara>pls check site down again
06:19<grawity>maybe your cronjob doesn't run when it's scheduled to run
06:19<grawity>is it a system cron job or something magento-internal?
06:21<bigpitara>it runs once in 24 hrs
06:22<grawity>if you think the problem is cache size, make it run more often
06:22<grawity>although the pasted log shows your MySQL server is crashing
06:22<grawity>is that really because of disk space?
06:23<dwfreed>i'm betting it's due to OOM
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06:25<bigpitara>how to prevent it
06:26<bigpitara>now I dont think its because of disk size
06:26<bigpitara>as even site is down, the used space is 4GB
06:27<bigpitara>41GB available
06:27<grawity>well, your website says: "SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"
06:27<grawity>if it can't connect to MySQL server, then *look into why the MySQL server is dead*
06:27<grawity>check the mysqld logs, etc
06:29<bigpitara>it says so but when I clear all cache it starts
06:29<grawity>as in, if you clear all cache and reboot?
06:29<grawity>or just clear all cache and do nothing else?
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06:32<bigpitara>clear cache and reboot and it starts
06:32<grawity>then you're doing two separate things
06:32<grawity>you don't know for sure which action actually fixed the problem
06:33<bigpitara>mostly clearing cache, I tried without rebooting, and it worked
06:33<grawity>not that it matters really
06:34<bigpitara>hmmm... only reboot does not help at all
06:34<grawity>imho this is still going to be a waste of time if you don't actually go and check what the service is saying
06:35<grawity>also, by the way, which folder does magento store its cache in?
06:37<bigpitara>the session folder files count reach 19K
06:37<grawity>run `df -i /` when it fills up
06:37<grawity>note the -i
06:39<bigpitara>what it will do
06:40<Woet>bigpitara: you know Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes right?
06:40<Woet>bigpitara: did you check syslog for OOM killer?
06:40<grawity>it'll show the "inode" usage for the disk
06:40<grawity>instead of space usage
06:40<grawity>because if you have millions of files total on the server, could very well be that you're running out of those
06:41<bigpitara> syslog for OOM killer, how to check
06:41<grawity>why do you listen to Woet but not me
06:41<bigpitara>listening you grawity
06:41<Woet>bigpitara: again, you know Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes right?
06:41<Woet>bigpitara: those kind of questions are weird for someone who is in charge of an unmanaged Linux VPS.
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06:45<bigpitara>grawity you there?
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06:48<Woet>bigpitara: why don't you hire a sysadmin, managed VPS or shared hosting?
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06:50<Woet>bigpitara: or, at the very least, a willingness to Google, read documentation, try things yourself
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11:46<Woet>[16:04:30] <linbot> New news from community: SQLSTATE [HY000] [2002] No such file or directory error <>
11:46<Woet>i bet that was bigpitara
11:46<Woet>opening a ticket about his issue
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15:39<csnxs>woo i gave linode $135 last year
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15:45<Fernando_Brazil>hi my friend
15:45<Fernando_Brazil>my name is Fernando, from Brazil
15:45<Fernando_Brazil>I have a problem on my server
15:45<Fernando_Brazil>Can someone from the support help me?
15:46<millisa>You'd need to be more specific about the problem before we could tell?
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15:49<Fernando_Brazil>my ip is blacklist
15:50<Fernando_Brazil>the IP is black list
15:51<Fernando_Brazil>How to change the IP?
15:51<waltman>Fernando_Brazil: I assume you've tried these instructions first?
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16:53<Woet>Fernando_Brazil: use a service like mailgun/sendgrid/amazon ses if you care about the deliverability of your emails.
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18:55<GSWeekly>Anyone here able to answer a question about how bandwidth is charged?
18:56<GSWeekly>the Transfer amount is for both upload and download to and from the machine, correct?
18:57<millisa>Down at the bottom of - "Please note that all inbound traffic is free and will not count against your quota."
18:57<GSWeekly>so the Transfer is only for outbound then?
18:57<millisa>From the perspective of the linode, yes
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18:58<millisa>Transfer is pooled in the account, too. So if you've got a pair of 1gb linodes, you'd have 2tb transfer total. doesn't matter which one uses it up
18:59<GSWeekly>right...I appreciate the information, thank you.
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