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00:02<Abi12>hmm does linode bill in advance?
00:02<Abi12>ex: I have services which I cut off in the middle of a billing cycle. Are those services already paid for?
00:03<Peng>No, unless you're on legacy billing.
00:03<Abi12>so that means I owe linode for half a month of usage?
00:05<Abi12>What happens if the account is under my name but I purchased it for my company? Who has to pay the bill if I suddenly quit?
00:05<Abi12>Like.. which contact information does linode use to collect payments?
00:06<Abi12>yeah. My companies name is specified under the 'Contact' section, but my address/name is there.
00:07<Abi12>I guess I'll be held responsible..?
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00:17<Abi12>Seems like I am responsible. I guess I need to update that info.
00:19<Peng>Flee the country
00:20<Abi12>rip. Seems like there's going to be another uncomfortable conversation tomorrow.
00:21<Abi12>no money Peng :(
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03:14<jarvis1988>am i in ?
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03:40<santhosh>do you have trial periode?
03:41<santhosh>for cloud server
03:41<santhosh>i want to try without it possible?
03:42<jining1988>well i think so ,but sorry dude can't help
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03:48<shogun>do linode vps installed already control panel?
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05:48<Massimo>i need a quotation for VPS
05:48<Massimo>someone can help me here in Italy ?
05:48<Massimo>my customer ask for quotation
05:48<Massimo>is not a correct place to ask ?
05:50<Peng>What's your question?
05:52<Massimo>My italian customer want to buy q.ty 20 of Virtual Private Server with some characteristics
05:52<Massimo>I'm a system integrator
05:53<Massimo>I didn't find sales contact
05:54<Peng>The prices are public
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07:02<linbot>New news from community: How do I backup a copy of my website files to my local environment? <>
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07:43<rapidmind>recently we moved to linode
07:44<rapidmind>our mail fuctions are not working
07:44<rapidmind>i.e contact form and other scripts which work from the web application are not working
07:44<rapidmind>can anybody help ?
07:45<DrJ>rapidmind: have you made sure there is a functioning mail server installed?
07:45<rapidmind>how to do that? earlier we were on cpanel baesd server
07:45<rapidmind>we dint have to do that
07:46<grawity>earlier you were buying a managed server, with the provider installing things to some extent
07:46<grawity>standard linode plans do not offer that
07:46<grawity>you need mail, you install mail software such as postfix or exim or opensmtpd
07:47<grawity>(well, unless you're paying for the "professional services" thing, in which case you should be contacting linode directly, not the community chat...)
07:49<rapidmind>we have installed postfix and sendmail is working from terminal but not php mail functionality
07:51<grawity>take a look at postfix's logs; do they show any reaction at all when php calls mail()?
07:52<DrJ>you installed both postfix and sendmail?
07:52<grawity>I assume they meant the /usr/sbin/sendmail api that postfix provides
07:52<rapidmind>no we have installed only postfix
07:52<grawity>(as does any mail server)
07:53<rapidmind>I assume they meant the /usr/sbin/sendmail yes
07:53<DrJ>but yea, check logs... they should give you clues
07:54<rapidmind>where can we check the logs ? can yous pls help us with that ?
07:54<rapidmind>in Centos
07:55<grawity>depending on how old it is, either `journalctl -u postfix -n 500 -f` or `tail -n 100 -f /var/log/mail.log` or something
07:56<rapidmind>ok checking give us a min
07:57<rapidmind>its CEntOS 7
08:05<rapidmind>ok am tryiny i will be back, thank you for yout support
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08:14<s_>Today my host's Internet is very slow.
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09:02<linbot>New news from community: latest kernel has gone from 4.19.8-x86-... to 4.18.16-x86_64-... <> || Is there a $20 gift for the new user registration system? <>
09:05<Peng>Folks are observant
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10:08<tomkruk>Hello, I just spun up a Linode box yesterday for the purposes of Mail In a Box installation. I am trying to follow the guide but cannot get the IP to point to it
10:08<tomkruk>Can anyone help?
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10:40<dzho>"can anyone help within 4 minutes" is more like it
10:49<DrJ>hey, got to hand it to him
10:50<DrJ>many wait less than that
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12:56<shawnbliss>How to update MX
12:56<shawnbliss>for google
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13:02<shawnbliss>I have updated MX records but no effect applied
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13:03<relidy>You're going to have to be more specific. Where did you update the records? If it's the Linode DNS manager, keep in mind that those changes are only pushed out every ~15 minutes.
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13:05<shawnbliss>I have updated record in DNS Manager MX section
13:06<relidy>"... keep in mind that those changes are only pushed out every ~15 minutes."
13:07<relidy>What's the domain?
13:08<shawnbliss>MX record pushed
13:09<shawnbliss>what will be the default SPF for linode
13:09<Peng>What do you mean?
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13:13<relidy>shawnbliss: Linode does not add an SPF record by default. You have to specify any records you want in the zone.
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16:23<linbot>New news from community: My phpmyadmin stopped working after I switched to SSH public key <>
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18:20<bdube>does the cloud manager interface have UI to manage the IP addresses of masters for slaved domains? can't find it
18:29<relidy>bdube: When you create a new slave zone, it asks for address(es) to the masters.
18:30<bdube>relidy: and with existing zones? no UI for that?
18:30<relidy>Yep, there's a UI for that as well.
18:30<relidy>In the zone list, click on the "Edit" link to the right on a slave zone. It'll open something akin to:
18:31<millisa>he's talking about the new UI I'm assuming
18:31<relidy>Ah, good point.
18:31<relidy> /shrug
18:31<millisa>(I haven't found it either)
18:31<bdube>I'm thinking it doesn't exist
18:33<relidy>millisa++ (I can't find it there either)
18:34<relidy>I hate that it doesn't remember my pagination settings as well (how many zones to show in the list).
18:34<dwfreed>it seems to be broken
18:34<dwfreed>like, if I edit a slave zone, it pretends it's a master zone
18:34<millisa>that's what I see
18:35<bdube>exactly, dwfreed, the things on the page make no sense for a slave
18:35<dwfreed>but since it's a slave zone, you *can* just delete and re-create it
18:36<dwfreed>I still prefer the old manager
18:36<dwfreed>it's less dumbed down
18:36<dwfreed>stuff isn't hidden away
18:36<bdube>I'm only skimming, but it looks like the API doesn't handle it either
18:36<millisa>api does
18:37<bdube>ah, master_ips
18:37<bdube>thanks, millisa
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21:35<Dreamer3>what company is the linode for BSD users? i know you can technically run BSD on linode (and i have a box) but i also know it's weird and unsupported
21:35<Dreamer3>does linode plan to get more BSD friendly?
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