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00:00<frailtyy>How goddamn long does it take for ipv6 dns listings to finally pull globally? I know I should expect up to 24hours but I'm impatient lol
00:06<Dreamer3>i always assume 24-48 for worst case DNS
00:07<Dreamer3>new listing?
00:11<frailtyy>Nah. Just updating an ipv6 record. It's not a pressing issue so I might just go to sleep and see where its at in the morning
00:13<frailtyy>I'm just spoiled by Linode nameservers sometimes typically refreshing super quickly on ipv4
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00:18<Dreamer3>well there is that and then propogating
00:19<Dreamer3>you can always just ask the origin server if it's been updated or not
00:19<Dreamer3>dig, etc
00:28<frailtyy>It's just propogation and it's hard to track that from more than one place since my internet provider doesn't run ipv6
00:28<frailtyy>already tested at the nameservers and see the right response
00:33<Dreamer3>yeah then you just wait
00:33<Dreamer3>shorter TTLS help if you plan it in advance
00:44<frailtyy>Planning in advance is too easy to say after the fact XD
00:44<frailtyy>It's nothing serious. I just migrated my znc box and it's freaking out on a couple servers due to bind host not matching up.
00:45<frailtyy>Doesn't like the ipv4 record when those servers want to be ipv6
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02:07<pst>are you there ?
02:28<nate>Depends entirely what you need :P
02:28<pst>Extra IP address ?
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02:29<nate>You would need to contact support by ticket for that, though keep in mind it usually takes a REALLY good reason for a new IPv4 address to be granted
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04:12<Rudy>I can't find a Web hosting control panel that runs on Arch :(
04:13<Rudy>I have a small Web host that currently runs Ubuntu w/ Plesk. They're going to start charging $275/yr and my colleague suggests replacing it with Arch Linux but then my friends who have sites on the server won't be able to administer them
04:13<Rudy>(it's a Linode in Fremont, CA)
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07:30<DrJ>Rudy, look into webmin/virtualmin
07:31<nate>A mild note though that webmin at least, is an admin interface more catered towards technical-saavy folk with at least general sysop knowledge. But yeah if you're doing sub-hosting of some sort, virtualmin is likely what you want to take a look at if you want free options
07:32<DrJ>generally you don't really give much, if any, webmin access to hosting users... they stay on the virtualmin side
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08:25<Steven666>i just paid some money into my account and i was wondering if my balance would cover the full year so i don't need to topup anymore
08:28<Steven666>i have 2 $5 server 1 with 2 ips and one with one ip
08:28<Steven666>and my balance is $126.42
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09:04<nate>DrJ: webmin and virtualmin can work separate from each other as far as I recall, or does virtualmin come with webmin these days?
09:05<DrJ>virtualmin is a module for webmin
09:05<DrJ>so webmin can work without virtualmin, but virtualmin requires webmin
09:05<DrJ>webmin is for server management, virtualmin is for hosting accounts
09:06<DrJ>even though I do 99% of things over ssh, I have both installed as it makes it easy to set up new websites
09:06<DrJ>which is about all I use it for
09:07<nate>I thought I remember virtualmin being largely standalone, though it's been absolute ages since I last used it
09:08<DrJ>afaik it requires webmin
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10:22<Ste>how much downtime will i have if i upgrade my server and is there anyway to upgrade ram only?
10:25<LouWestin>Depends. Usually less than a few minutes.
10:25<LouWestin>Ram only upgrades happen if they increase the amount for the plans.
10:31<jaskal>Or if you upgrade the size of your Linode...
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10:47<linbot>New news from community: How do I make my Apache2 server work? <>
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11:19<Guest355>i have issue with SSL
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11:21<amit_>I have isssue with SSL
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13:27<Peng>!dns6 2600:3c00::
13:27<linbot>Peng: The DNS query name does not exist:
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14:15<Dreamer3>what company is the linode for BSD users? i know you can technically run BSD on linode (and i have a box) but i also know it's weird and unsupported
14:19<millisa>DO offers freebsd. not that I'm saying they are the same as linode. (Also, BSD says *you* are weird.)
14:19<@mcintosh>BSD support will come
14:21<Dreamer3>BSD feels very very light and agile
14:22<Dreamer3>no extra fat
14:22<Dreamer3>running FreeBSD
14:39<@mcintosh>debian feels very very light and agile
14:41<LouWestin>Debian has been a trusted distro for many years.
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14:47<Dreamer3>oh sure
14:47<Dreamer3>but i just mean looking at top after booting
14:47<Dreamer3>on BSD i understand immediately what every process is
14:47<Dreamer3>maybe ubuntu is a lot busier than Debian
14:47<Dreamer3>and systemd doesn't really help IMHO :)
14:48<Dreamer3>my system only has like 20 proceses, and i i take away ssh and dhcpd and getty it'd be <10 prolly
14:48<Dreamer3>i know linux can be that small but i feel like lately it isn't (typically)
14:48<Dreamer3>could just be my choice of distros :)
14:52<Dreamer3>alpine linux has a similar feel though i've only run it locally in VMs
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15:10<Guest374>do you sale only VPS?
15:11<Guest374>I can see in the home page that you sale Cloud Hosting for developers, what is this product?
15:12<Guest374>Is a VPS? or like a share hosting?
15:12<millisa>they are vps
15:12<grawity>Linode is a Linux VPS provider
15:13<Guest374>Only VPS?
15:13<millisa>well, they have add-ons like backups, block storage, balancers
15:14<Peng_>Linode doesn't offer shared hosting
15:16<Guest374>do you sale SSL?
15:17<nate>Certificates you mean? They do not, however you can get free certificates from let's encrypt so long as you aren't trying to support like IE8 era stuff
15:18<dwfreed>nate: LE certs work on IE8
15:20<nate>dwfreed: It was mostly the consideration of SNI and no real TLS 1.0 (at least on IE8 XP)
15:24<grawity>as in "off by default" or as in "lacking some mandatory features"?
15:24<grawity>Iirc just the former
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15:25<nate>grawity: Crypto libs on XP have no concept of SNI and the TLS implementation on it was limited to 3DES and RC4 I believe
15:27<nate>IE8 on Vista+ were the first to get SNI and better TLS support. That said, I actually wonder now if XP cryptolib's even had a functional implementation of SAN extension
15:27<nate>Ah surprising, IE has supported SAN since Win98
15:27<dwfreed>SAN is *really* old
15:28<nate>Yes but we -are- talking about microsoft/IE here
15:28<nate>the company that finally gave up trying to implement HTML5 themselves and just decided to fork from chromium
15:37<Dreamer3>well some say that's cause google kept fucking with them
15:37<Dreamer3>which seems easy enough to believe
15:38<grawity>nate: yes but is SNI even a standard part of 1.0? I thought it only became mandatory in 1.2 or so
15:38<Dreamer3>but i can believe it's not easy to have your own web renderer :)
15:54<nate>grawity: Technically I think it only became mandatory in 1.2, however considering we're sitting in a channel of a VPS provider thats hasn't given out extra IP's for SSL reasons for like what, better part of a decade, I'd say it's been unofficially mandatory for ages :P
15:54<nate>er *1.3
15:55<nate>(but 1.3 also comes with ESNI now too, though implementation of that is still mixed I think)
15:57<LouWestin>I just switched to Let’s encrypt so I don’t have to worry too much about SNI anymore. lol
15:58<nate>LouWestin: I'm not really sure why you think that
15:58<nate>LouWestin: Unless you're hosting each domain on a dedicated IP, yes, you are because you'
15:58<nate>*you're using SNI
15:58<LouWestin>Because I use certbot.
15:58<LouWestin>Right right
15:58<nate>That's not really relevant to whether or not you use SNI :P
15:59<LouWestin>I know. It just makes me have to think less. lol
16:02<LouWestin>Ok in all seriousness, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about browsers like ie6 and 7.
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16:18<linbot>New news from community: How do I upload an old img file? <>
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17:33<Ste>would needing more ips for customers be enough to get me more ips?
17:33<millisa>you'd need to go into a bit more technical justification
17:41<Peng_>Ste: What technical reason do your customers have to need more IPs?
17:41<Peng_>You can get lots of IPv6 IPs without justification, though.
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20:51<dieskim>Hi, when adding a new IP address to my Linode, with Network Helper Enabled, it seems like Network Helper creates the config files in such a way that the IP address that is first in the IP range is assigned as the first IP in the config files and thus in some systems comes up as the Default IP for the system.
20:51<dieskim>When having a system already set up with a IP address and then adding a new IP address and that is lower in the range it creates some problems, is there a way around this?
20:53<dieskim>I guess requesting that the new IP address be changed to one higher / later in the IP range is an option - but is there any other option?
20:58<relidy>I'm kinda curious what situations are sensitive to this "default ip" change.
20:59<relidy>(Speaking strictly as a someone that does not work for Linode)
21:01<dieskim>in my case running something like Webmin / Virtualmin, it grabs the first IP in the IP config as the default IP, and then will try to use that as default when creating new servers etc, I am sure I would be able to change some stuff around so it does not do this but I was just wondering if it would not be better for Network Helper to not set the config files according to IP RANGE ORDER but rather ORDER ADDED to the server?
21:02*relidy shudders at the mention of Virtualmin
21:04<dieskim>Virtualmin has served me extremely well
21:05<relidy>Your suggestion makes sense to me (presenting the IPs in the order they were added), but unfortunately, I'm not the one that needs convincing :)
21:05<dieskim>yeah I know
21:06<dieskim>whats the best way to present this as a suggestion to Linode?
21:10<relidy>It probably wouldn't hurt to open a ticket about it. That'll give you some positive feedback when it's addressed, particularly if it's affecting you negatively. Someone should notice here as well, but this time of day, it'll probably be a while before an op sees and/or responds.
21:19<linbot>New news from community: Feature Request: Present IP addresses in Order added, not IP Range Order <>
21:22<millisa>I don't have but a couple linodes that have multiple ips anymore, but the one I just checked is in the order they were added, not in a ranged order
21:23<millisa>though I guess these both have the network helper disabled
21:26<dieskim>yes with network helper disabled I can just manually set the order
21:27<dieskim>Network Helper is great in my opinion for most simple cases, it would be good if we could keep it enabled and still set the order of IPs
21:28<dieskim>Personally I have also not needed an extra IP on a linode in many years
21:35<dieskim>linode support has really become much slower over the years - I guess its because of more customers, but it is a little frustrating, loved how fast you would get support in the past
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22:11<Quang>please assist to double check on this account: quangphamvan
22:12<Quang>i have done registration process and paid
22:12<millisa>This is a community channel; most of us are customers.
22:12<Quang>but can't access right now
22:12<millisa>If you just signed up, it can take a little bit for them to verify your account
22:12<Quang>appreciate your assist
22:12<millisa>You'll usually receive a couple mails regarding your signup; if they need more info to verify you, they'll ask for it there.
22:13<Quang>Thanks @millisa for reply
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22:22<Ayou>This Promotion Code: can podcastinit2019 be used?
22:22<Ayou>I invite a user to give him this coupon code for $20.
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22:23<Ayou>But he told me that the registration reminder code is wrong.
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22:26<millisa>The only coupon code that I know about is the one at the top of most of the documentation pages and it's only $10. I'm sure they have bigger promo codes
22:28<ayou>oh.., tks
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