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02:11<linbot>New news from community: Installing Longview on Arch Linux <>
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02:15<cjay>is there a way to recover a mysql database after i accidentally overwrite it?
02:16<Woet>sure, restore from your backups
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02:17<Woet>i'm not into kissing on IRC
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02:19<Yaj>We are in need of great assistance pls
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02:29<Woet>thats not very great
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02:40<suraj>Hi Please tell me after how many days i will get my money back to my account after canceling the linode account..
02:43<mark>how to retrieve accidentally overwrite mysql database? I accidentally import old database. i haven't backup latest database yet. is there anyway to recover it? thank you so much.
02:45<mark>how to retrieve accidentally overwrite mysql database? I accidentally import old database. i haven't backup latest database yet. is there a way to recover it? thank you so much.
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03:00<ravio>Hi, what is the refund policy?
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03:06<grawity>mark: probably not
03:06<grawity>mark: do you use Linode's backup service? for the entire server, that is
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03:07<Woet>mark: no, no backups means nothing to recover from.
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05:31<gergely>Hi all, anyone here from Linode Support?
05:44<rsdehart>gergely: !ask
05:44<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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05:44<rsdehart>well, that was easy
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06:55<Hey_It_s_me>Hello, some's hosting malwares on
06:55<Hey_It_s_me>file in question is "download.exe"
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07:01<Woet>seems like a great thing to e-mail abuse about
07:01<Woet>too bad he had less than 34 seconds of patience
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07:49<dimdim>yo ppl
07:49<dimdim>any mod here?
07:49<dimdim>i fucking hate mods
07:50<dimdim>dead chat
07:51<dimdim>finally got someone
07:51<dimdim>u use reddit bro?
07:51<dimdim>or sis?
07:52<dimdim>u bro or sis? bro
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07:52<dimdim>hey thi
07:53<Woet>what is your Linode question?
07:54<dimdim>lionode allow porn site?
07:55<dimdim>ohh i got another question
07:55<dimdim>do u have any promocode?
07:57<Woet> for the porn
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07:57<Woet>plenty of promo codes if you google
07:59<dimdim>the word porn, sex and adult dont exist in there tos
07:59<Woet>then theres your answer.
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08:01<dimdim>so i can host fuck the jew website too
08:03<linbot>New news from community: How to set up GoDaddy MX records in Linode DNS Manager <>
08:04<dzho>are you in Germany?
08:04<dzho>are you in France?
08:06<dzho>can you do the legal I-did-not-mean-it-that-way dance?
08:23<dimdim>do i need card for using lionod?
08:27<akerl>Derp. @mcintosh , is there API for the events system?
08:28<akerl>Such that I can check if my events are done happening?
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10:13<linbot>New news from community: Re-use my current Linode's IP address? <>
10:28<@jackley>akerl: for APIv4? yes
10:33<akerl>Ah, perfect. Thanks!
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10:43<@jackley>you're welcome!
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13:04*csnxs hums
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14:28<frailtyy>A wild @jackley appears.
14:28<frailtyy>Oh wait, this isn't twitter.
14:28<frailtyy>Doesn't need the at symbol.
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15:50<dzho>the confusing thing is that now given the presence of bridges in some channels to certain systems, you sometimes *do* need to use it.
15:52<frailtyy>Yeah. I don't think that there's any Telegram or Riot bridge in effect here though
15:53*dzho nods
15:53<dzho>no there is a Matrix bridge, after a fashion. It's the one between and freenode, so not channel specific, but network wide.
15:54<dzho>you'll notice some nicks in /names that have a [m] at the end
15:54<dwfreed>the matrix bridge handles the conversion
15:54<dzho>it does
15:55<dzho>but then again Matrix isn't one of the services in which @ addressing is native anyway, I guess?
15:56<dzho>I see it with Telegram and Slack bridges mostly.
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16:14<user_>i need help with SSH
16:14<millisa>what about ssh do you need help with
16:14<user_>Connection refused
16:14<user_>No work
16:15<millisa>When trying to connect to your linode?
16:15<user_>i can login in my linode
16:16<user_>I and restart the server but nothing
16:17<user_>after restarting the server the problem continues
16:17<user_>it's as if ssh was not installed
16:17<millisa>How are you logging into your linode?
16:18<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
16:19<millisa>If you login via lish, you can check if ssh is running, if there's a firewall issue, or if ssh isn't installed for some reason.
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18:12<Mou>when I do registration you do not accept .. even if the bank card and vpn are all new
18:13<Mou>Wht is the prob
18:17<dwfreed>Linode likes to make sure they're not getting defrauded
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21:58<NickA_55>I have a question about the hourly billing. If I pick the $10 a month plan, and don't use the full amount of billing usage hours, am I still charged $10?
21:58<NickA_55>Ok, thanks
21:58<Peng_>You mean if you delete the Linode in the middle of the month?
21:59<NickA_55>No, I guess I don't understand the hourly billing. Is it when it's only being used? If it's $10 a month, then why not just say $10 a month and leave the hourly rate out of it.
22:00<Peng_>It costs money if it exists.
22:00<Peng_>Or you could say that "used" is defined as "existing".
22:00<NickA_55>Oh ok, got it. That makes sense.
22:00<Peng_>Hourly billing is useful if you have Linodes that exist for less than a month.
22:00<NickA_55>So if I have a small website running it's going to be $10 a month regardless if anyone visits it or not
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23:04<ic>hello i need some help
23:07<ic>are you here?
23:10<ic>i want to purchase your vps server
23:10<ic>but i don't know how to manage it can you provide tutorial for managing server?
23:13<dzho>linode has copious documentation and online text tutorials for many tasks
23:14<dzho>even with those, managing your own can be a daunting task
23:14<dzho>if you are willing to learn, and willing to fail, it can be rewarding.
23:14<ic>please share link
23:15<Peng_>Click on "Resources" at the top of Linode's website
23:16<dzho>Guides & Tutorials under that
23:16<ic>should i watch all tutorials or someone?
23:19<dzho>look for documents related to what you want to do, and try to decide whether you think they make sense to you, and whether they might be enough for you to learn from
23:20<dzho>you may be better off learning some of the things on your own computer, rather than paying to use someone elses
23:20<ic>your chat support can manage server for me?
23:20<Peng_>No. This is a community channel.
23:22<ic>is there any trial for managing?
23:25<ic>can i practice?
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