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01:17<shri>linode providing AES-NI encryption on VPS
01:17<grawity>if that was a question, yes
01:19<shri>thank you :)
01:20<grawity># Algorithm | Key | Encryption | Decryption
01:20<grawity> aes-cbc 128b 498.4 MiB/s 1700.2 MiB/s
01:20<grawity>not the best results I guess
01:21<grawity>I have no idea how to test stuff that's not in cryptsetup lol
01:21<Peng_>Ah. I always do "openssl speed".
01:21<Peng_>I don't know how to test stuff that is in cryptsetup :D
01:22<grawity>I just run `cryptsetup benchmark` to get a rough idea of how potato the thing is
01:22<grawity>oh well, it's good enough anyway
01:22<grawity>better than my other server $elsewhere with no aes-ni at all
01:22<Peng_>Have you tried one of Amazon's ARM instances :D
01:25<grawity>no and I get a feeling I probably shouldn't
01:26<Peng_>Potatoes are delicious
01:27<grawity>oh, did you mean 'tried' or 'fried'?
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05:43<foofy>anyone else having trouble loggin in ?
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06:21<linbot>New news from community: How do I promote my business? <>
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15:32<linbot>New news from community: I get a 'Permission Denied' error when configuring my block storage volume to mount automatically -- what gives? <>
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16:18<millisa>anything odd networkwise happening in newark? (just had a node stop talking to it's gateway. can't ping the gw from lish, can't reach the linode from outside)
16:21<millisa>ticket it is
16:22<linbot>New news from community: My backups aren't working because the Backups system can't mount my images -- why is that? <>
16:23<CompWizrd>yup, two of mine just went down
16:23<millisa>ah ok. not just me then
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16:24<millisa>I had just finished creating ticket# 11386825 about it
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16:26<CompWizrd>one of mine just came back
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16:26<millisa>mine is back too
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16:26<CompWizrd>just came back
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16:26<CompWizrd>no reboots or anything, so probably just network related
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19:51<Wsmay>Hello, I need help with my WP site
19:51<Wsmay>Please help
19:54<millisa>What do you need help with?
19:55<Wsmay>With my wordpress website
19:56<millisa>You'll need to be a little more specific.
19:57<Wsmay>Okay, I created a forum website and I want the students to earn by answering questions and solving peoples problem how can I do that boss
19:59<millisa>Your questions so far have been very broad. Outside of answering 'Hire a developer that can do that' I'm not sure how anyone here would be able to answer
19:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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19:59<Woet>Wsmay: you know Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSs right? this is not some website builder.
20:00<Wsmay>Okay thanks boss, but do you know any website that offers Wordpress Support that can help me out
20:01<Woet>ok, so that's a very odd question to ask.
20:02<Wsmay>Please can you help me out @woet
20:02<Woet>yes, hire a web developer to write you a website.
20:02<millisa>I'm not sure wordpress is even what you are looking for if you want people to do upvoting of content
20:03<Wsmay>I have created the site is just for me to create how the students can earn
20:05<Woet>Wsmay: okay, go ahead and create that as well then.
20:06<Wsmay>I have some plugins for that but I don't know how to make it works the way I want it
20:06<Woet>Wsmay: then, as mentioned, hire a web developer
20:06<Wsmay>OK, but I'm short of cash
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20:07<Woet>Wsmay: then find a volunteer or learn web development yourself
20:07<Wsmay>Thanks boss Good day
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21:02<rsdehart>Woet: you were that guy's employer?
21:03<rsdehart>apparently millisa was too
21:03<rsdehart>are/is, I guess
21:03<millisa>Takin' it off boss
21:03<rsdehart>I didn't realize it was that kind of party
21:08<millisa>like a boss.
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21:14<arch>hello to all
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21:17<shivamgupta>whois erik
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23:23<SwadeNet>is there anyway to gain accessback to my ts3 server i lost access
23:23<millisa>ts3? as in teamspeak?
23:23<SwadeNet>i dont have query access either
23:24<linbot>New news from community: I can't connect to MariaDB via php remotely, can connect via mysql <>
23:24<Woet>SwadeNet: what is your Linode question?
23:24<millisa>I haven't touched teamspeak in a very long time, but there used to be a shell script you could run to reset the admin password.
23:25<SwadeNet>so my teamspeak is hosted on vps is there any way the files i can add myself back to admin?
23:25<millisa>login to your linode and change it
23:26<SwadeNet>or am i screwed?
23:27<SwadeNet>so i just go to root and pput that in or?
23:27<millisa>you goto whereever you put your teamspeak stuff back in July
23:28<SwadeNet>ok so its in root/downloads
23:30<SwadeNet>so i login and put that command or? sorry havent had to use this in awhile
23:30<millisa>this was a different set of instructions. i dont know which one is correct or if both are:
23:32<SwadeNet>hmm it was alreayd seet to that maybe re save it?
23:32<Woet>i.. what?
23:33<Woet>why don't you read the entire instructions SwadeNet
23:33<SwadeNet>it already had COMMANDLINE_PARAMETERS=$2
23:33<millisa>proceed to step4, then step 5.
23:33<Woet>okay, so move on to the next step
23:33<Woet>why don't you just buy a teamspeak server from a host? you don't seem very interested in putting effort in to get familiar with sysadmin.
23:34<SwadeNet>its cheaper to run it myself and i am just busy alot
23:35<Woet>it's cheaper for a reason
23:35<Woet>because you need to put more effort in.
23:35<Woet>you're trying to get it cheaper without putting any effort in
23:35<SwadeNet>actually im not.
23:36<Woet>ok, so read the instructions you've been linked, use Google, read the documentation, try some things
23:36<Woet>no need to ask what to do every 30 seconds
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23:47<bumbleVole>dwfreed: thanks :)
23:48<Woet>that's a severely delayed "thanks"
23:48<Woet>thats like.. 36 hours delayed
23:48<bumbleVole>better late than never!
23:48<bumbleVole>dwfreed: what considerations do i need to think about regarding offering a VPN service if i decide to authenticate via openVPN for my DNS service?
23:49<bumbleVole>i want to keep as little logs as possible
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23:50<Woet>lawyer up
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