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01:44<SwadeNet>hello anyone in here used to setting up websites?
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01:50<Woet>SwadeNet: what is your actual question?
01:51<SwadeNet>just need someone who knows there way around to help me set one up willing to pay for setup fees
01:51<Woet>SwadeNet: yes, most people who buy an unmanaged Linux VPS know how to set up a website.
01:51<SwadeNet>as im not really familer with the websites
01:53<SwadeNet>you know how to set one up?
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02:14<zifnab>i fucking hate email
02:14<zifnab>i keep getting emails saying or something is sending spam
02:14<zifnab>okay, fine, i'll finally set up an opensmtpd server and force everyone to use it and just dkim reject everything not from that server, that's fine
02:15<zifnab>"hey we spammed your valid email, it passed dkim/spf/dmarc but we just decided it wasn't worth accepting"
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02:45<SwadeNet>HELP SENDPASS
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02:47<SwadeNet>hello all
02:49<SwadeNet>is anyone on that can help me with a website
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05:18<Shailen>hi everyone
05:18<Shailen>i'm having an issue with my sendmail ..
05:22<Shailen>any idea please
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05:28<Shailen>can you please help me? for the sendmail
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05:42<Shailen>No one :(
05:45<Shailen>any idea?
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06:43<dzho>Shailen: has it ever worked? if it has, what did you change? if it hasn't, why in FSM's name are you using sendmail or all things?
06:43<dzho>are you using some sort of installation and configuration instructions from somewhere, if so, what and where?
06:44<dzho>it looks like it could be a permissions problem, but I can't tell from the error messages where
06:44<dzho>and I don't use sendmail as such so I don't have the experience or a good reference system running to check.
06:44<Shailen>i grand all permissions to the mqueue folders
06:45<dzho>there's more than one?
06:45<Shailen>var/mail too
06:45<dzho>can you increase the verbosity level of your logging?
06:46<Shailen>i'm logging as root
06:48<dzho>that's the owner, not the level
06:48<dzho>I mean, maybe that isn't something one can do, I'm just working from general principles here.
06:49<dzho>I'm talking about "how much stuff does it write in the logs: none, a little, a lot, oh please make it stop this will fill up my hard disk soon"
06:50<Shailen>yes .. i'm looking into it ...
06:50<Shailen>sorry i'm not very conversant with linux ... just trying
06:50<dzho>you should probably *not* use root, by the way
06:51<dzho>use some mail-specific user and group
06:51<dzho>your mail program should have the ability to run roughshod over the rest of the system
06:51<dzho>the group sticky bit in these examples is telling:
06:51<dzho>also, the setuid bit
06:52<Shailen>so permission /var/spool is set to 2750 no recursive
06:53<Shailen>and 2770 for mqueue-client
06:53<dzho>is that a directory?
06:54<dzho>/var/spool might be used for more than mail, printing for example, so I'd look for permissions at least another level down
06:54<dzho>/var/spool/mail maybe?
06:55<Shailen>yes .. directory
06:55<Shailen>sendmail -Ac -q -v
06:56<dzho>try running sendmail with strace, maybe, to see what it's trying to write?
06:56<dzho>I'm not certain /var/spool/mqueue-client is your problem
06:57<Shailen>va/mail is set to 0770
06:57<Shailen>running sendmail with strace ... i really dont understand
07:00<dzho>strace sendmail -Ac -q -v
07:02<Shailen>and lot more
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07:06<Shailen>i'm getting an error of (no such file or directory)
07:08<Shailen>lstat var/lib/sendmail/ - file doesn't exist
07:10<dzho>it also tried to unlink it earlier
07:10<dzho>but that can't be everything, where does that filename even come from in the first place?
07:11<Shailen>i think the file doesnt exist coz sendmail mailstats is not enable
07:11<dzho>yeah, sorry, I have no idea
07:14<Shailen>i erally think the issue is there
07:15<Shailen>but i can't really figure out where or what is the issue
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10:21<forgotmyname8>Hello to everybody! I am not sure if this is the right place to ask about help troubleshooting an issue I am having with apache on ubuntu 18.04, but I am a newbie with server setup :(
10:24<forgotmyname8>I am trying to set up a testing server for a Symfony project I am working on. Symfony would provide a REST API backend for a js frontend, but for some reason I am getting a CORS policy error. At this point I am 99 percent sure the error is in the Apache configuration
10:25<forgotmyname8>But I don't know how to troubleshoot that
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12:16<linbot>New news from community: Getting error in Sendmail <>
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15:06<grawity>"That's actually kind of weird because we don't pay for hosting. [...] it might be that we're not 100% sure where we're hosted." -- not the words you want to hear when you're trying to help someone with their website...
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15:07<grawity>"[...] so it looks like somehow the site is still hosted by <company>, even though we stopped paying that years ago"
15:07<relidy>Oh man, I've had clients like that.
15:08<relidy>Dealing with one right now that hasn't paid his email hosting in years. When that host realized and tried to collect for that period, the client threw a fit.
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15:28<dzho>I had an account with a VPS provider and they had some sort of a rough patch, organizationally.
15:28<dzho>they stopped charging me, amongst other problems, so I migrated away, but kept the VPS running just to see what would happen.
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15:29<dzho>like, I expected they'd get on track again and try to reach out to bill me or something, but they never did.
15:29<dzho>eventually it stopped working and that was that.
15:29<dzho>the end.
15:30<relidy>Strange. Wonder if they just completely lost track of who to contact regarding that VPS and decided that terminating it would be easier?
15:30<dzho>that was two providers ago: I moved from them to slicehost, and then when slicehost ended their incredible journey by being absorbed by rackspace, I moved here.
15:32<dzho>yeah, no iea
15:32<dzho>they seemed to get better, eventually, and are still a thing. I have a friend who used them since then (maybe still does, I don't know?)
15:33<relidy>On the flip side, we've had clients order multi-thousand dollar projects only to go dark and abandon it. Occasionally they reappear years later wanting a refund or to pick the project up again (but of course prices have changed dramatically in that time).
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17:50<zifnab>going to say this again
17:50<zifnab>i hate email
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20:08<linbot>New news from community: I cannot get my test page to load. <>
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20:12<Shailen>Hi again guys
20:13<Shailen>im still having issues with sendmail ...
20:13<Shailen>smtp + port 25 are well configured in UFW
20:14<Shailen>chmod 0755 var/mail + var/spool/mqeue
20:15<Shailen>but all mails are stucked in var/spool/mqueue-client/
20:15<Shailen>any idea please
20:16<millisa>not sure sendmail like the mqueue permissions being 755.
20:16<Shailen>I like modify it for testing
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20:18<Shailen>@millisa check the output sample
20:18<millisa>I did... and I don't think sendmail likes the permissions on the mqueue dir to be that broad.
20:18<millisa>you've set it so any user on the system can read it
20:19<Shailen>there is only one user "root"
20:21<Shailen>any idea why i'm getting an I/O error please?
20:21<millisa>other than what I've said twice already? that your permissions on the mqueue dir are too broad?
20:22<millisa>do not set it to 755
20:23<Shailen>ok. to which level should i set it please?
20:25<millisa>haven't found the reference; probably either 750 or 700
20:25<millisa>there used to be a dontblamesendmail option if you really wanted to use permissions that didn't make sense for those dirs.
20:27<Shailen>restart sendmail ... still getting this I/O error
20:29<Shailen>the error seems to be like a permission since it is mentioned "Cannot Write ./ ...."
20:29<millisa>what is the output of: ls -l /var/spool/mqueue
20:29<Shailen>total 0
20:29<Shailen>ls -l /var/spool/mqueue-client
20:30<Shailen>total 4964
20:30<dwfreed>(you need -d to view the permissions on the directory itself, unless you use -a to look at the permissions of .)
20:30<dwfreed>so presumably millisa wanted 'ls -ld /var/spool/mqueue'
20:30<millisa>yeah, sorry
20:31<dwfreed>alternately, use namei :)
20:31<Shailen>drwxr-x--- 2 smmsp smmsp 4096 Jan 22 15:28 /var/spool/mqueue
20:31<millisa>why is your mqueue dir owned by smmsp?
20:31<Shailen>euhhh don't know .. sorry
20:32<Shailen>what does that mean please?
20:34<millisa>i dont have a sendmail install in front of me; but I could swear that was a dir that needed to be owned by root or sendmail would refuse to do stuff with it unless you use a donotblame option
20:34<Shailen>no donotblame option
20:34<Shailen>how can i check this please?
20:35<millisa>which version of linux are you doing this on?
20:36<Shailen>Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
20:36<Shailen>64 bits
20:38<Shailen>I checked on my other linode where sendmail is working and the dir mqueue is owned by smmsp too
20:41<millisa>I just installed sendmail on a relatively fresh install of 16.04. the permissions look like this:
20:42<Shailen>ok let me try it
20:42<Shailen>do you think if i remove sendmail and install it again .. this might solve it
20:43<millisa>maybe. without knowing why the permissions are the way they are or why they were changed I wouldn't say for sure. for all I know your disk is full
20:44<Shailen>how can i check if my disk is full please
20:44<Shailen>sorry again
20:44<Woet>why are you running a mail server if you don't know commands like "df"?
20:45<Woet>it's just asking for daily headaches
20:45<Shailen>sorry Woet ... pls
20:46<Woet>"sorry pls" is not a reason
20:47<Shailen>u r right
20:50<Shailen>so i can't see that my disk is full
20:51<millisa>that'd be how I'd interpret that...
20:53<Shailen>smmta ??
20:53<millisa>On a fresh install system, the mqueue dir is owned by smmta, is that true for both of your systems?
20:55<Shailen>oh no ... the one with the issues is owned by smmsp
20:58<Shailen>let me change this
21:04<Abi12>this process shouldn't be this difficult.
21:04<Woet>I mean, if you're not familiar with basics like "df", running a mail server will be very difficult
21:08<Shailen>Thank you Woet
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