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04:04<linbot>New news from community: How do I create a private network to have multiple web servers connect to a single backend database server? <>
04:14<linbot>New news from community: Server log spammed with blocked requests <>
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05:34<Sagar>any tech team available here ? i need some help pls
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08:41<SaaS>Hi :) Doing some malware analysis and one of your hosts did pop up as c & c node
08:41<SaaS>where i can report this ?
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08:48<Woet>someone who does malware analysis that doesn't know the basics of reporting abuse
08:48<Woet>that's definitely a :thinking_face: right there
09:03<grawity>otoh, how many providers actually read abuse@ and how many route it to \Device\Null
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09:41<krasen>i'm newbie and little confused with linode configuration, can you help me please?
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12:14<jack>i need help
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12:16<linbot>jack: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:17<jack>How can install inode server wordpress
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13:26<nugget>Is anyone having issues with the domain manager?
13:26<dwfreed>be more specific?
13:27<nugget>Its really weird
13:27<nugget>I have been using linode domain manager for years
13:27<millisa>You mean the dns manager?
13:27<nugget>Yeah haha sorry
13:28<millisa>What is it doing that is weird?
13:28<nugget>I am unable to access the site from the domain
13:28<nugget>But I can through the ip
13:28<nugget>And this is on my staging server
13:28<dwfreed>what domain?
13:29<Peng_>What happens when you try to access it?
13:29<dwfreed>your registration is expired
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13:29<nugget>In chrome
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13:30<dwfreed>Domain Status: clientHold
13:30<dwfreed>usually indicative of being expired
13:31<millisa>updated today, too:
13:31<Peng_>The dates suggest it's not expired.
13:31<dwfreed>the dates lie
13:31<dwfreed>they're offset so that the registry doesn't delete it
13:32<millisa>on the plus side, dns lookup against looks fine. so once you fix the registration, it'd probably be fine
13:32<nugget>So my domain is expired?
13:32<dwfreed>probably, Hover would be able to tell you for sure
13:32<Peng_>dwfreed: the creation date is in May, though
13:32<millisa>or there's something up with it at the registrar that made them put it into a clienthold
13:33<dwfreed>Peng_: synchronized expirations afterward?
13:33<nugget>I bought the domain until 2023 last year..l.
13:34<Peng_>nugget: are you doing crimes?
13:34<dwfreed>nugget: you'll have to ask Hover what's going on, then
13:35<nugget>No crimes!!!!
13:35<Peng_>That's good, but makes it more of a mystery
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13:35<Peng_>If you were the world's most obvious criminal, that would be a simple explanation. :P
13:35<millisa>i have a vague recollection of tucows required some policy agreement or some extra info collection that had to happen in the past year or they'd suspend your domain
13:37<dwfreed>GPDR? :D
13:37<csnxs>general protection data regulation!
13:37<nugget>Not GDPR, we added that when it came out
13:37<grawity>wouldn't that be literally the opposite of GDPR
13:37<millisa>it might have been, I could swear it was something to do with the admin contact info. can't seem to find the mails about it.
13:39<nugget>They just put some hold on my account...
13:39<nugget>Said I need to verify info
13:39<millisa>Sounds right.
13:39<nugget>I just did
13:39<nugget>But its weird since I've been playing around in the account all morning without an issue
13:40<millisa>the hold status removed
13:41<nugget>Where do you look to see the hold status?
13:41<dwfreed>run 'whois' (you might need to install the whois package)
13:41<dwfreed>AlexMax: either of the former work
13:42<millisa>nugget: looked like this before - looks like this now:
13:43<nugget>The transfer and update prohibited is fine, right?
13:43<dwfreed>those are normal
13:44<nugget>I still dont get why isnt working though
13:45<millisa>works for me. i see a welcome back login page.
13:45<nugget>Oh, great
13:45<nugget>Just had to clear the cache
13:46<Peng_>AlexMax: If you don't mind, just curious, what's the badly behaved client doing?
13:47<millisa>(and which DC? )
13:49<AlexMax>Peng_: Repeatedly trying to get root access via SSH.
13:50<Peng_>The real abuse is that it's a cliche
13:50<AlexMax>And Atlanta
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13:52<Peng_>Nice. Nothing fun ever happens in Atlanta.
13:53<AlexMax>Hey, the saints were one game away from the super bowl
13:53<AlexMax>That would've been real fun
13:53<AlexMax>having a bunch....of saints atlanta.....during the super bowl.....
13:54<AlexMax>actually that probably dodged a bullet
13:54<AlexMax>go panthers
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16:40<nuevu>I have a Linode that started acting up over the weekend. The system froze (couldn't even log in via lish) and rebooting via the Manager seemed to almost not work (the shutdown task took several minutes). After rebooting I'm getting some kernel traces that I was hoping someone might have some insight into:
16:45<@scrane>nuevu Which kernel are you using?
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16:46<nuevu>Looks like 4.18.16-x86_64-linode118
16:49<@scrane>When was the last time you rebooted before this weekend?
16:49<nuevu>I did for a migration about 10 days ago.
16:50<@scrane>Hmm okay, so it's not likely the Linode landing on a new kernel after a reboot, then.
16:50<@scrane>Try booting the Linode into Rescue Mode
16:51<@scrane>Then try a filesystem check. e2fsck -f /dev/sda
16:51<@scrane>After that, reboot the Linode again
16:51<nuevu>Seems reasonable. I'll give it a shot.
17:00<nuevu>Well, I don't think the fsck found anything (I commented on that gist), and I've rebooted. I guess the only thing to do is wait and see if it reoccurs.
17:01<Peng_>don't suppose it has painfully high steal?
17:02<nuevu>4 - 5%, with spikes in the 15-20% range, yeah.
17:03<Peng_>still, that shouldn't freeze logind for 2 minutes
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17:50<i-make-robots>hi all. I'm trying to optimize my site. I've tried linodge suggestions of query performance analysis, and I've removed at least one offending plugin. so thanks for that :)
17:51<i-make-robots>i'm in the US and my linode setup is in the UK. when i use firefox to time the network the very first 200 GET has a ~5s wait. is that because it's overseas?
17:51<i-make-robots>I'd like to try moving my node to texas to see if it improves.
17:53<Peng_>A couple hundred ms would be one thing.
17:53<Peng_>5 seconds isn't reasonable unless you're on the moon
17:54<i-make-robots>coz i'm running out of ideas why it's happening. load on the server isn't crazy. i barely get 1000 visitors a day.
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17:54<millisa>what's the site?
17:54<i-make-robots>i don't know how to proceed.
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17:55<i-make-robots>when i try to time curl [the site] &> /dev/null from the server itself? 0.5s. very quick
17:55<i-make-robots>and i don't see any JS render bottlenecks in the perfomance analysis.
17:57<millisa>When you test with curl are you still going through cloudflare?
18:00<i-make-robots>idk. When I installed CF I didn't see a big change.
18:00<i-make-robots>I *hope* I configured it right, but I don't have much confidence in my network management abilities.
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18:13<millisa>Doesn't help much, but it looks like you've got lots of css (probably dynamic?) happening before the initial render:
18:15<millisa>have you tried one of the wordpress cache plugins? w3 total cache maybe?
18:16<millisa>(I dont remember which one is preferred at this point or if any are more suggestable than others)
18:16<i-make-robots>i tried a few.
18:16<i-make-robots>none seemed to make a difference.
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18:25<i-make-robots>millisa thank you for taking the time to help me. 15 years of running a server and I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I appreciate your time and help a great deal.
18:27<millisa>i did look at another cloudflare fronted linode wordpress setup (linode is in dallas) and it's not seeing that big delay, so i doubt it is there
18:28<millisa>and then I got distracted by the assorted cutting and etching services on your site...
18:29<millisa>(and there's no delay at all if I directly request one of the images like your logo)
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18:41<millisa>what about php opcache? which os/php version are you running?
18:42<i-make-robots>idk about opcache
18:42<millisa>if you look at a phpinfo, you'll see a whole section for it. if you don't see an opcache section, then it's not enabled
18:43<millisa>(of you could have the section and it could be disabled)
18:44<i-make-robots>one sec
18:45<millisa>not sure which distributions have it in the default php. some of the more recent centos packages has it in a separate rpm.
18:47<i-make-robots>i have zend opcache and memcache. query monitor told me WP is ignoring both of them.
18:47<i-make-robots>calling my dummy page with the phpinfo() was very fast. like... they way I expect things to be fast.
18:48<i-make-robots>600ms load time.
18:50<millisa>query monitor might have a bug with being able to tell if the zend stuff is there (I see a thread on it). does the phpinfo show the opcache up and running? looks something like this:
18:51<millisa>(Thread about the query monitor message:
18:53<i-make-robots>i saw that thread, too.
18:54<i-make-robots>yes, opcache is up and running
18:55<millisa>(running out of ideas; guessing you are trying some db things since it's throwing a db error)
19:04<i-make-robots>i was running apt-get update
19:05<i-make-robots>forced cloudflare to use 30 minute timeout, homepage 200 GET / still takes 4s. ?_?
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22:08<linbot>New news from community: NodeBalancer with MySQL <>
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22:44<Woet>[06:55:03] <i-make-robots> when i try to time curl [the site] &> /dev/null from the server itself? 0.5s. very quick
22:44<Woet>0.5 seconds is a loooong time
22:44<Woet>[08:05:15] <i-make-robots> forced cloudflare to use 30 minute timeout, homepage 200 GET / still takes 4s. ?_?
22:44<Woet>cloudflare doesn't cache unless you tell it to
22:44<Woet>Wouters-MacBook-Pro:~ woet$ curl -I ''
22:44<Woet>pragma: no-cache
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